Season 11 Episode 2

Past, Present, and Future

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Dreadful storyline

    The storyline of Tiva had been exciting, sparkling and promising - until the beginning of season 7. From this point onwards it has started to go wrong. It's a writers' / producers' mistake. I mean, Tony travelled into the desert to take revenge for her possible death / to save her life. What more can a man do? (One of my favourite episodes by the way).

    The writers had two possibilities after 7/1 - 1) A romance 2) No romance. They chose something in between and unfortunately, it wasn't the best choice but neither fish nor fowl. Version 1 might have been not the luckiest choice because it wouldn't have left much room for other storylines, but it would have been much better than "something in between". Version 2 might have made some fans unhappy, but there would have been a lot of room for other storylines, and it wouldn't have been so unsatisfying than the chosen alternative - EJ Barrett, Wendy, CIRay and a halfhearted be or not be romance or "friendship" in the background. They could have given both characters nice, SUITABLE partners, not a boring guy with jug ears or a little girl who looks like Tony's daughter. (We all know that relationships can break, so that there had always been a possibility to get back to a romance between Ziva and Tony). Explanation for this version could have been Ziva's words she said to Dr. Cranston, that she wanted something stable, something nobody could take away from her. It ruled out Tony, simply because of his job. But it also ruled out CIRay! They could have given her a nice partner who likes the opera, a good book, a cosy home and doesn't do anything exciting. Maybe a college lecturer or something like that. (She simply could have gotten bored of that "stable" life. It could have been so easy ... ) Someone completely opposite to Tony, not another agent! That's why that story with CIRay never made much sense. Why should she choose an agent with a volatile, instable life when she already had one? One who saved her life and was ready to give his own life for hers. While CIRay, in fact, never did anything for her.

    However, the damage was done - in multiple ways. 1) Not to have a real (or at least a good) Tiva-storyline 2) Not to keep Cote de Pablo. Whatever she wants, hell, give to her! Losing one of your main characters after eight seasons is much worse! But again - the damage was done.

    So, how to write her off the show? What to do with the Tiva-storyline? Again, there would have been different possibilities. 1) Let the two get married, Ziva wants to be a mother and stays at home. She wouldn't have had to turn up in person (like the famous Mrs Colombo), but it would have given Tony's character a possibilty to develop. No tears, no broken hearts, simple, romantic, with the possibility of an easy return - as a recurring role, or even as an agent. (Would have been my favourite version). 2) Let the two have a romance / get married ( + have a child), then someone from her past turns up, and she disappears (to keep her family save). Less realistic, but at least a little romantic and more dramatic than version 1. (My second best - if Tony was left behind with a child he had to look after). 3) Kill her. (Wouldn't have liked that)! 4) Let her get married to someone else, she wants to be a mother and quits. Could have been a possible ending IF they had given BOTH characters suitable partners some seasons before, would have been strange if suddenly someone new had turned up.

    What did they do? They rip the team apart (again), Ziva travels back to Israel (why? she is an American citizen now), gets into danger there, meets the mad girlfriend of her brother Ari who tells her that she wasn't allowed to be happy when she couldn't be happy (what a stupid argument), so she turns Tony's proposal down (although she loves him) and decides to stay in Israel to "sort things out". What a lousy storyline! Is that the best you could make from it, writers? It could have been only worse if you had killed her. But it's comes close to it. I often read that they should bring her back. Honestly, with THAT storyline it's almost impossible to bring her back. They didn't kill her but wrote her off in a way that makes a return not believable - what a shame!

    However, de Pablo and Weatherly made the best from it. The scenes with them were great. (By the way, I liked Tony's proposal because I'm not into cheesy stuff, it was simple and classy). But still it's disappointing because it could have been so much better. I never was a huge fan of the Tiva-storyline after 7/1 because they missed the opportunity to make something really good from it, but I know how many fans would have liked to see a wedding, at least a night of passion (me too) - it must be so unsatisfying for them because it IS unsatisfying. They had made people enthusiastic about that storyline for EIGHT YEARS, and then it ends up in kiss and say goodbye. They couldn't have made a worse move, especially because it doesn't leave anything for the remaining character - Tony. I don't understand how experienced writers can make such a huge mistake. You need something to develop a character further on. When the character is simply heartbroken there isn't much you can do with it. With a storyline like this you lose TWO main characters at one blow - one is gone, the other is depressed and needs a long time to recover. (I know they are planning a new love interest for Tony in season 12. But it won't work - because of this awful storyline. There's no suitable link. Why should he be interested in anyone else when he left - as indicated in this episode - his heart in Israel)?

    So, 10 points for de Pablo and Weatherly who did a terrific job and for the scenes as such. 0 points for the not thought-out storyline and killing off these wonderful characters! Average: 5 points.
  • Only decent episode this season!

    This was the only decent episode this season. CBS really blew it when they played hardball with Cote's contract. Most of the episode was boring, but the last 15 minutes were great. But the reason for Ziva leaving made absolutely no sense (as she had already dealt with being an assassin several seasons past and had already changed). MW and CDP were great, but the story was sorely lacking. I would have preferred more scenes with CDP, as this was toted as a farewell episode for her character. But at least she was actually IN this episode, unlike the premiere!
  • For a farewell to Ziva, there was very little Ziva

    Better than last week, but not by much. Again toted as a farewell to Ziva, but she was only there about 15 minutes. Reason for her staying in Israel not believable-apparantly GG forgot they already had Ziva show she didn't like what she had become and wanted to change back in season 7 (T or C and GCBC). Remember Gibbs saying that person died out there? She changed back then, joining NCIS, becoming an American citizen, etc. Having her suffer PTSD would have made more sense, as would her going back to her "family" in DC, even if she didn't go back to work at NCIS. CDP and MW were great in the scenes, but the whole story just didn't make sense, nor did the lack of Ziva through most of the episode. I swear, it almost looks as if TPTB were punishing Cote for standing her ground by featuring her as little as possible. And the whole terrorist storyline was even worse. I figured out who the bad guy was last episode, way too predictable. The new secnav was boring. And who would hire someone for that position with no military experience? That would be like hiring someone to investigate plane crashes that doesn't know anything about planes! Stupid. The only interesting (and somewhat enjoyable) part of this episode is when Fornell gets shot in the ass! I think this episode was a disgrace to Cote and will no longer watch NCIS. At least not until TPTB realize their mistake and bring her back!
  • Enjoyed seeing Ziva

    But not enough with her. Sad saying bye to Tony - thought would be more but...

    not the best show but I think they are trying to say bye to Ziva - I guess getting us used to her not being there.

    As for a replacement - No one can replace Ziva.
  • Expected more

    I expected more. Let's be honest it was announced Cote would return for two episodes, she only returned for one. She didn't appear in the first episode of the season except in a photograph and as an instant message on Tony's computer. I thought Tony and Ziva would have this wonderful goodbye, in the end it was just a kiss. It was a great kiss, but just a kiss. They've kissed before and they both know they love one another so nothing happened that we haven't seen before.

    Just as a reply to Briana8995 who say they made Ziva a wimp I disagree. It took great strength for her to realise and then admit that she never got a choice in her career, she kind of fell into it, and then to want to start again. Great strength. Lastly to Hollyfine Ziva isn't going to wander around until the coast is clear, they cleared it. She left because she wants to start something new, move on.
  • buh bye TIVA

    i was getting tired of the Tiva thing too - got in the way of more interesting character and plot developments. It may just be that CdP is tired of 22 hour-long eps every year - that's a tough workload. that also was a difficult ep to write because of the tight time frame that CdP forced with her late exit. I liked her character, but I'm not going to miss her - always felt that she was an outsider - I know, that gave the writers a lot of 'outsider' to work with, but I think it became a crutch. She's gone, now Let Tony be Tony.

  • Disappointing

    I guess Tony and Ziva's farewell had its moments, but this was not at all what we expected. We thought this would be unbelievable, it ended up being very believable and average.

    The rest of the episode was pretty forgettable as well. Just a major letdown.
  • Confused

    Is Ziva suppose to wander in the wilderness until she gets shot. Will the team let her know when the coast is clear. Not enough information for me.
  • Tony and Ziva

    I only gave this episode a 5 because I love NCIS or at least I used too.

    First of all as I have told NCIS and CBS, they may find an actress to sit at Ziva's desk but she will never fill her shoes.

    I find it very difficult to review this episode as I don't like what the writers did to my Mossad. ninja, kick ass Ziva. She has always been so strong and I don't like that the writers made her look like a wimp. I realize that the writers had so little time to rewrite the season's beginning episodes because Cote gave them such short notice of her leaving. It may have been better to delay the beginning of the season for a week or two and give the writers a chance to send Ziva off in an appropriate way.

    I have always been a TIVA fan and always wanted Tony and Ziva together and enjoyed all the banter between them with the hope that eventually they would definitely be a couple in spite of Rule #12 and at some point have a TIVA wedding. Gary Glasberg waited to long and while their moments in these two episodes (really one) were sweet it is too little, too late for all us true TIVA fans. Glasberg was in charge of the writing of both of these episodes and once again has proven he is not the best writer.

    I do not believe that Cote intended to leave NCIS this year, I watched a Latino photo shoot shot in June sometime and she as looking forward to the new season saying she was hoping for some fun and romance - indicating it was all up to the writers and yet less than a month later she announced she was leaving the show. I don't believe it had anything to do with money. I find it odd.

    There was so much chemistry between the four of them, Gibbs, Tim, Tony and Ziva and now that is all gone. I will find it hard to watch NCIS any longer as Ziva was my favorite character and her not being their just won't be the same.

    As a side note,in the last three years writers, Jesse Stern, David North, Reed Steiner and Nicole Mirante-Matthews just like Cote have all left the Number #1 show on TV. Sounds fishy to me.
  • An okay episode

    I would not say that this is the best episode ever for NCIS, but it was a solid episode none the less. How the show ended this week I just have a feeling we will be seeing Ziva David again. It probably will not be for a couple of seasons, but it left a chance for Cote de Pablo to come back if she ever wanted to. I think it was smart on the writer's part. They could very easily just killed her off.

    This season of NCIS should be a very interesting one, heres to season 11.
  • This was the end of Ziva?

    I found this story line to be absolutely boring! The best part was the shooting at the end (literally and figuratively). If Ziva's character is gone, so be it! I can't help but remember the ending episodes for Kate's character. Now, those were excellent! And, would the writers please "toughen-up" Tony and stop writing Abby's character as such a goon! Tony looks better with the beard and longer hair.
  • Excellent episode despite what I originally thought it would be.

    To Those of us that were not liking the leaving of Ziva Surely her exit with ''unfinished business outwith NCIS'' leaves her open to return at some point in the future. Let's face it the ''media promoted'' 'replacement' hardly has the acting abilities to take her place!! I think that the producers are hoping to bring her back (And that it has been agreed between her and them) in the future! This series for Me has ALWAYS been about Jethro but as time goes by He has to retire sometime! Then Ziva came in and made Tony what He is! Without Her He has a hell, of a job to do to carry the show! I think Ziva will be back in the near future!!
  • Why, oh why

    does Counselor Deanna Troi had that strange accent when she met Tony?
  • Ziva Leaving Corrected

    I dont know where you were getting your info but after Cote de Pablo said she wished to leave the producers have confirmed that they tried to get her to stay WITH A LOT OF MONEY, but Cote didn't want to stay. It was never about the money. She wasnt fired, she quit.
  • A sad waste of time; Ziva ends with a whimper

    What the heck are these writers thinking? I don't know why dePablo left, but they needed to do more than let her walk down memory lane with a shaggy love sick Tony trailing behind and Gibbs with a black eye holding back tears. There's no continuity between the main story and the back story and it's unclear which is which. NCIS had pizzazz -- Ziva was instrumental to that. If she quit suddenly and screwed everyone so they had to scramble and write a junk ending because there was no time, shame on her. If she knew she wanted out, she owed the fans advance notice so the writers had at least a chance to write a zinger ending. 8 years of Ziva and we find out Ari, the terrorist's girlfriend is mad at her -- this whole thing was schizophrenic -- don't replace Ziva -- focus on building the careers of the loyal underused actors -- like Abby and McGee (Palmer, bless his heart is hopeless-he's married; that's as good as it But Fornell, Gibbs and the x-wife are great shows -- there's also another wife we've never seen -- bring her in -- screw Ziva -- she screwed the fans, the staff, and the crew. Let her pick olives and think about whatever washed up assassins think about. And someone give Tony a quick class in maturity before he's 50 -- they'll need ads for Viagra soon and it's becoming embarrassing. This is what's wrong with long-running shows when a newcomer (Ziva 8 years ago) rides on the coattails of success and gets a big head. Good bye Ziva -- please don't come back -- you've been there; done that and you now add nothing but disloyalty.
  • the darkest night before the dawn

    the show is building up to something...
  • Loved every bit of it.

    The episode was sad, suspenseful, dramatic and executed beautifully. Loved the scenes in the trees with Ziva burying her new promises with Tony. It was done very beautifully.

    Scenes in DC were quite interesting too, with many answers given after the somewhat confusing events of the Season 10 finale.

    So is this the end for Ziva? Part of me wanted Tony to not get on the plane and stay there with her. Most of me wanted them both to get on board.

    I really hope we do see Ziva again. It was a beautifully executed departure, everything done perfectly down to the phonecall at the end now and with Gibbs answering it. Just feels like we could've had more!

    I don't know - it's hard to describe my thoughts of the episode, they're all over the map. But one thing's for sure - I can't wait for more NCIS! :)
  • Ziva leaving

    I haven't seem this episode yet but to answer those who are asking as to why Ziva was written out. The answer is simple, Cote was reported to be demanding alot more money and I assume they didn't give in to her.
  • Till We Meet Again

    NCIS was smart in not killing off Ziva. They already killed two former female characters Kate and Jenny. By having Ziva staying in Israel and deal with her emotional issues give her to return as a guest star. I see the homegrown terrorist cell interesting cause its not the usual jihadist.
  • What did I miss!

    The best 'proposal' Tony could come up with was "Come back to Washington care if you sack groceries". Did I hear that right? After all these tension filled years between "Tony and Ziva" and he doesn't even bring a 'ring'. Call me disappointed. Sure hope at some point the phone call, the letter with the "X" and Ziva's relationship with Gibbs gets some clarification.
  • The best show ever

  • Till then Ziva

    This episode was like an emotional roller coaster for me. When it was announced that Cote was leaving, I was like ok, it's going to be fine. But when watching this episode, I could feel the attachment of Ziva to this show. It was so heart wrenching to see her go (or not go). Producers, writers and cast all did a great job in wrapping it up. I sure hope we get her back as a guest star!

    Apart from that, what I really love about the show is that the humor is still present. Like how Fornell got shot in the ass. That's going to be around for some time I guess.

    Can't wait to see what they are going to bring us next week with a "just-another-day-at-work" kind of episode. But I wish I could know what Ziva told Gibbs in the end...
  • Goodbye Ziva/Cote De Pablo

    What an emotional episode for me since I love Ziva and Cote's job of playing the character.

    I will start off with the only thing I didn't like about the sendoff was how they didn't explain how Ziva became the way she was after leaving NCIS. We know it wasn't that good for nothing friend of hers that caused it. Guess you could say she was still hurting from her dads death and now that all of her family was gone through being killed, reflecting upon it and blaming herself, but that is all speculation. And given how she seemed stronger after getting revenge and determination to protect Gibbs at the end of S10, doesn't quite make sense for her to self-loathe while protecting her new family.

    Ignoring that one issue, I loved the episode. Yeah the guy that I thought was the target ended up being the target, so that was predictable. But, the episode was all about Ziva's goodbye. It was heart wrenching. I'm holding myself back from tears. I'm not a shipper so I am not going to comment on how satisfied I am or not about the whole Tiva situation. But, seeing them embrace in the orchard/field was beautiful. And the ending scene with Tony about to board the plane, you could see Michael's and Cote's real emotions and feelings about Cote's departure leak through. It was genuine and it helped portray the characters feelings for each other really well.

    I will end it with a simple goodbye to Ziva/Cote De Pablo. I loved the character. I will miss Cote on the show.