Season 11 Episode 2

Past, Present, and Future

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • For a farewell to Ziva, there was very little Ziva

    Better than last week, but not by much. Again toted as a farewell to Ziva, but she was only there about 15 minutes. Reason for her staying in Israel not believable-apparantly GG forgot they already had Ziva show she didn't like what she had become and wanted to change back in season 7 (T or C and GCBC). Remember Gibbs saying that person died out there? She changed back then, joining NCIS, becoming an American citizen, etc. Having her suffer PTSD would have made more sense, as would her going back to her "family" in DC, even if she didn't go back to work at NCIS. CDP and MW were great in the scenes, but the whole story just didn't make sense, nor did the lack of Ziva through most of the episode. I swear, it almost looks as if TPTB were punishing Cote for standing her ground by featuring her as little as possible. And the whole terrorist storyline was even worse. I figured out who the bad guy was last episode, way too predictable. The new secnav was boring. And who would hire someone for that position with no military experience? That would be like hiring someone to investigate plane crashes that doesn't know anything about planes! Stupid. The only interesting (and somewhat enjoyable) part of this episode is when Fornell gets shot in the ass! I think this episode was a disgrace to Cote and will no longer watch NCIS. At least not until TPTB realize their mistake and bring her back!