Season 11 Episode 2

Past, Present, and Future

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 01, 2013 on CBS

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  • Expected more

    I expected more. Let's be honest it was announced Cote would return for two episodes, she only returned for one. She didn't appear in the first episode of the season except in a photograph and as an instant message on Tony's computer. I thought Tony and Ziva would have this wonderful goodbye, in the end it was just a kiss. It was a great kiss, but just a kiss. They've kissed before and they both know they love one another so nothing happened that we haven't seen before.

    Just as a reply to Briana8995 who say they made Ziva a wimp I disagree. It took great strength for her to realise and then admit that she never got a choice in her career, she kind of fell into it, and then to want to start again. Great strength. Lastly to Hollyfine Ziva isn't going to wander around until the coast is clear, they cleared it. She left because she wants to start something new, move on.