Season 7 Episode 23

Patriot Down

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 18, 2010 on CBS

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  • WOW What an Episode

    I don't usually review NCIS episodes because as good as some of them are in essence they are more or less replicas of the "procedural cop show" problem - Something bad like murder happens they investigate and catch the bad guy, But Patriot Down was different.

    The feeling surrounding this episode was that the season long subplot of a Col. Bell\Gibbs showdown was about to come to a head since it was a logical conclusion to assume Col. Bell was behind the events of the last couple of episodes to drag up Gibbs' past.

    With the surprising death of Agent Macy (Always wondered where she went) This episode continued last week's story of Abby battling with her conscience over whether or not to turn Gibbs in about the murder he committed so many years ago and the Gibbs\Abby scenes were tremendous as you would expect.

    Perhaps the biggest shock of the episode was the revelation that Mike Franks was NOT the dead body on the beach near his hut but rather Colonel Bell apparently betrayed by his own man. What the hell is going on, Who is really pulling the strings if not Col Bell, Where is Franks and how will Gibbs escape his current predicament and Will Abby turn him in - Those are just some of the questions raised by this great episode hopefully we get answers next week.

    Well done to the producers\writers for bringing this show back to it's best.