Season 10 Episode 3


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2012 on CBS

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  • In "Phoenix", Ducky Takes The Leading Role In The Team When Two Old Cases Are Connected To Each Other.

    "Phoenix" is a very good episode. It has only been two episodes since Ducky's suffered a heart attack, but I'm glad to see him back so soon. After nine seasons, if you think that the writers can't come up with new ideas, you are wrong. They had an excellently plotted case in which Ducky took the lead and he was better than ever! The twists seemed to work well mainly because they were plausible. Great to see Ziva talk french, I liked it because I'm half french. The most touching scene was the last one. I totally loved it. Overall, this episode is Ducky's best one and it looks like that the tenth season of "NCIS" is going to be good. I can hardly wait for the next episode!
  • Go duck man!

    It was nice to see something new, I never expected the ducky to take lead, the episode was fantastic I'm glad to have ducky back! <3
  • Very interesting!

    This was another very entertaining episode of NCIS, with a very well-constructed and thoroughly interesting case. I was really enjoying it, and I enjoyed Ducky playing a rather different kind of role. It was a breath of fresh air.

    'Don't know why, but I really loved the comment by the guy exhuming the body - 'unless you've taken up graverobbery as a hobby', or something like that! Lots of other funny moments right throughou, siuch as McGee testing that weird life-camera thing, or lackthereof.

    I really enjoyed this one, and if the three episodes so far of Season 10 are eanything to go by, I sure think the good ones are coming back, because Season 10 has been brilliant so far! Keep it up!
  • worst episode ever

    i love this show but i did not enjoy this episode at all. i do not believe that anyone would let Ducky lead an investigation especially when thinking it could be abouts WMD's.

    too unbelievable even for a fiction show.

    Still love the show and the characters interactions but i think maybe Ducky has run his course.
  • Fantastic

    This was a really good show. I greatly enjoyed their having Ducky 'in charge' as well as the usual joking aroun here and there.

    Very good subject, sensibility, humorous, entertaining, enjoyable!
  • Super

    An extra ordinary episode. Cleverly written a brilliantly executed. The combination of ucky's wisdom and the Palmer brushed but clever interaction is endearing and cleverway of concluding and finding the bad guy is very interesring. It appears that season 10 is headed to a great season-leep it up!
  • The Duckman flies!

    Nicely done to make it clear that 3 months had passed since the bombing, ensuring that Ducky's recovery clearly wasn't an instant event.

    A step back in time with one of the finest head slaps EVER. Tony's hair blasted all over the place plus one of the best horrified looks in any of the series to date. Truly a classic!

    Rule 38, allowing Ducky to lead the investigation might have been pushing it a bit as he isn't an agent as such but still made for an interesting case.

    My only gripe with episode and it's an ongoing one, is that Palmer needs to grow a pair and stand up for himself.

    He is/was in a position of real responsibility and as such, should have more backbone when talking to Gibbs/Vance, etc.

    The piece in Gibb's basement was pitiful and IMHO, he should have got stuck into Ducky about his issues.

    I would have liked a "Call me Ducky" moment at the end, with the two of them in the morgue.

    Overall, a very good episode and keeps me in the mood for the next one.
  • Good old NCIS is back

    Great episode - it was time for coming back...

    "Phoenix" was the first episode in a very long time - pre season 9 - that I think I have seen a glimmer of the original show. It was so nice to see mostly the main characters and not a ton of high end guest stars. Ducky was the lead investigator and had a blast - so did we! The old head slapping was back, lots of bickering between Tony and McGee, lots of McGee, some really funny lines and finally Ziva declaring in the end that everything was back to normal. I think she was right - not just back to normal from the bombing - but back to normal NCIS as it was intended to be from day one? Here's hoping!
  • Awesome

    I thought it was a great episode of crime drama and i loved ducky wirh rule 38, and ducky and palmer at the end a great episode
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