Season 9 Episode 22

Playing With Fire

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 01, 2012 on CBS

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  • NCIS How do you watch the shows?

    I could not get.shows to play. Wonderin how to play episodes?
  • Continues to enthral!

    This storyline is getting better and better! I think this storyline is one of the most interesting they've ever come up with - not quite the best, but pretty close - which is seriously saying something, given how much I disliked a majority of this season.

    The storyline was just brilliant today! Nothing short of breathtaking! I loved having Agent Burley back! Over eight years since we met him! I loved that! As soon as I saw him, I just remembered a scene with Kate in it, and then I checked here and confirmed that it was indeed him! :)

    I really don't want to spaoil everything and anything about this episode because it is too good! But I absolutely loved the endingk, with Gibbs pasting the man's image right on top of Osama Bin Laden on the Most Wanted wall! That was executed to perfection, that scene!

    A brilliant episode of NCIS! Ic can't wait to see waht's next!
  • Really Great

    The only bad thing I could find with this show - was that I have to Wait for the next show - to be continued....

    - Having more personal about Ziva (or the mystery of her weekend) and how Stan reacted to her (as most men do) was interesting. - Being on ship, the tensions on and off was really good. As usually the 'Team' worked very well together. Enjoyed immensely.
  • Playing With Fire

    The past few seasons NCIS has made a committment to these lengthy story arcs and not just one-off episodes every week, and while some have not panned out, this current one has been well done. An intense episode, and while the comedy was there with Ziva's "mysterious" weekend, it was the action-packed episode we fans want more of. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it all unravels.
  • Awesome Episode

    Such a great episode, This will be a correct answer for those who have bad reviews about NCIS current season.
  • Great episode

    Loved the bit with Tony and Ziva going to Italy :) would have perfered a bit more Tiva, but the Tiva bits they had were good- Tony being grumpy about Stan talking to Ziva was good.

    I liked Tony trying to find out Ziva's plan on the weekend as well.

    Terroism plotline was interesting.

    Getting worried about Ducky, making his will and everything.
  • Oh dear......

    it looks like the writing has slipped again ! They had too many story lines in this episode, unlike

    the previous episode (Rekindled) that focused on the plot and did'nt go off into other storylines. I

    knew it that nothing would come of the TIVA trip to Italy.... Like I'm always saying CBS know that

    they've hit gold with this TIVA interest....

    By the way TIVA13,Gibbs put that picture over 1 of Bin Laden not Sadamm Hussain
  • Loved it!

    Last night was like being back in the good old days of NCIS. Couldn't have asked for a better set up.

    Now all I have to do is worry about Ducky.

    Oh, and the *itch is back next week. I am praying that Gibbs won't be taking her to the wedding. UGH.
  • Superb Episode

    I rate this episode perfect since it is as perfect as it can be. The tension level is high and the movement is fast and well executed. The trap in Napoli was very ingenious and the tracking down of the elusive terrorist has been very interesting We all wait to see the conclusion which might take us to next season as typical NCIS tradition, and I believe it will be well worth waiting for it.

    My compliments to the cast, writers and producers.

    Well Done!
  • Great Episode

    I thought this episode was great. I actually thought they played the TIVA thing really well with Stan and Ziva and Tony as the 3rd wheel type. I also liked the Mcgee-Gibbs thing that was happening. Oh, and also, the way Gibbs slapped the new NCIS most wanted guy over Sadamm Hussain was funny and showed an air of urgency...

    Anyway, overall, great episode.
  • awesome

    I loved the show tonight it was a great naval crime drama, kept you on the edge of your seat, great use of all characters