Season 2 Episode 16

Pop Life

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 01, 2005 on CBS

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  • Bit torn about this episode – some bits I liked, some bits I didn't.

    The case stinks from the first – despite the drugs, he had sex with her, supposedly killed her and went to sleep, after remembering to clean the knife?!

    Asking Ducky to counsel Tony and Kate is a good idea, Ducky's quite the people-person and he's worked with them for almost two years. 'Latent brother-sister rivalry' – not so latent but I'm not so sure about the sexual tension but Ducky's on the nose about the 'need to please a father figure'.

    Samantha's got a great routine and a great voice. Pity she's such a cow, she plotted the murder of her own sister and framed an innocent man, then killed Hitch to get out of her contract. Gibbs was right – her father should die in peace, not having to know that one of his daughters killed the other.
  • Someone's nightmare..

    One man wakes up and his nightmare starts: beside her is a dead body of not the girl he went to bed with. And that is just a start of the puzzle. Soon a man who everyone fear start to be main suspect but noone talks and those who they question, starts to get killed: so the victim's sister looks like possible next victim and they have to help her. And Kate gets into some dangerous moments.. and she really starts to worry about that girl.. and even more shocking the end therefore is.. You did not expect that.. But those cases where the end is unexpected, better they are..
  • Not an interesting episode, but it was unpredictable.

    This episode did not really entertain me too much, and I found the storyline to be weak and relatively boring. However, it still had an interesting element to it, and it was rather unpredictable with the ending, which was a plus.

    I thought that the episode was quite funny, especially the 'Call Me Jimmy' quote by Palmer.

    I felt that the storyline wasn't the best and it wasn't too well written either, but I did enjoy the ending. However, I do not recommend this episode and it is one of my least favorite ones from the Second Season.

    Not a good episode and I wouldn't recommend this one at all.
  • Another good one!

    A man wakes up to find his girlfriend next to him, dead. As he runs out of the apartment to get help, he opens the door to 2 police officers. NCIS are called in when they earn that the female victim was a petty officer. They find used condoms in the bin near the bed and when Abby runs tests on them, they discover that they do not match their suspect. He was in fact set up. He claims that the woman he went to bed with was not the woman he woke up with. And with the new evidence, that seems to be the case. Tony & Kate go undercover where the man picked up the girl he went home with. So they go and manage to get photos of all of the girls. And whilst there they discover that the petty officer's sister works there as a singer. The team believe that Bulldog the owner of the club where the petty officer's sister works, is involved in her murder although they have no evidence. In the end the team discover that her own sister killed her in rage, and framed the man she herself had slept with that night.
  • Evil Sister!

    This episode was slightly disturbing, but still very entertaining to watch. I didn't see the ending coming at all, and I completely mean that. It's just not right. I mean killing your own sister, and then also framing somebody else for her murder, just so she could inherit some money. Wow talk about being greedy. I mean who does that, and just so she could use the money to be famous, cause yeah being famous is more important than your own Sister, who practically raised her. There are no words for how disturbing I find this and how evil evil this sister was.
  • The team investigates a seedy sister.

    Pop Life

    Well a twisted web was weaved in this episode of NCIS. Todd, DiNozzo and Gibbs are sent to investigate the murder of female naval officer. At first blush the murder looks like an open and shut case. Willie was found covered in the victims blood, and in bed with her, but on further examination the team learns that the cause of death was a drug overdose and not a stabbing, and Willie's farfetched claims of going to bed with one woman and waking up with another are true.

    This premise seemed a little more intricately weaved than most investigative stories on NCIS. I enjoyed the interplay of the team, and the comical moments throughout the episode. Kate and Tony's relationship throughout brought laughter and amusement. I wonder if Ducky continued to counsil them behind the scenes. I also enjoyed the scene where McGee announces that he used to work at a bank, and Abby states his tattoo is real and he never disappoints her. I'm not sure if at this juncture the two are still romantically linked. The statement and the reaction of Todd and DiNozzo make me wonder. If so, I wonder when the shift comes and the two actually break up.

    The sister is the story was evil. She framed Willie for her sister's death, and had her sister murdered in a cruel fashion so she could inherit money to be famous. I was very happy she was hauled off in the end. It couldn't have happened to a more deserving person.
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