Season 7 Episode 8

Power Down

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on CBS

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  • Dopleganger!

    Great episode notice one of the guards at the start??? He could be Burt Lancaster's double or son!!
  • NCIS use old school methods when the city has a blackout.

    This episode was just brilliant I loved the idea of the blackout and how it was shown on the opening credits This episode was very funny, especially Gibbs who was everywhere in this episode showing the blackout won't stop the investigation as he had the team covered with his cameras I also loved the end when the power came back on and everyone was happy to start working on the computers but not Gibbs who just turns off his computer because he doesn't need it.
  • Power Down

    The power is out at NCIS and in Washington D.C. in general, and some great comedy scenes emerged. I loved when Ziva, Tony and McGee failed to figure out how to use the old copy machine only for Gibbs to walk right up and do it without hesitation. I also liked the guy playing video games in his parent's basement, well into his adulthood. Hopefully that doesn't happen to me!

    And then DiNozzo making all those TV and movie references (Who loves ya baby?). Very enjoyable episode of NCIS. My only concern is that it was a bit all over the place at times. The case seemed to shift between subjects too quickly and it was a little too much for the viewer to handle.
  • A Navy Lieutenant is killed while trying to infiltrate a high security ISP server farm and NCIS is called in. A simultaneous power failure for the whole Washington DC area happens in sync and the team has to use old tried and true methods for detection.

    Very entertaining episode with both a good suspenseful case and some great machinations with the crew needing to do things without power. It really makes you think of where we would be without the current tools we are so use too.

    I especially loved Abby and her gyrations around not being able to use her baby's to get the information she usually uncovers so quickly. I mean it was going to take a hour to find the info on the car tires!?! She went out of her way to explain that to Gibbs. Gibbs little bag of older equipment was great. All the Polaroids and hand torches. Great stuff.

    Everything seemed pretty cut and dried until they met Navy Commander Sarah Resnik played by Cara Buono on scene at one of the investigations. Things did start to fall into place.

    The semi-surprising ending was pretty clever and not necessarily expected until right before they sprung it. Nice work by the writers in keeping things suspenseful.

    All in all an entertaining and well written example of NCIS. The acting was good and all the references to Kojak, Hawaii Five-O, etc. were great. Book'em Donozzo! Thanks for reading...
  • A classic, very memorable!

    If you love variety and innovative episodes, then this is the one for you. I thought the entire concept was fresh and interesting and I couldn't wait to see how everything worked itself out.

    I loved the start. Ziva and McGee trapped in an elevator was a very innovative touch and it was extremely well executed.

    I also thought that the case was extremely interesting, and having the blackout only amplified that, in my opinion.

    I thought there were quite a few humorous moments from the episode, which was an added bonus.

    Overall, I highly recommend this one as it is extremely well planned. It is unprecedented and unique, and that really is amazing!
  • Filler episode that hit all the right notes and gave us a sweet treat I had come to forget

    Episodes that don't involve character development usually rank a little lower for me, so when the show began and the elevator scene proved to be anything momentous, I was prepared for just a regular episode. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

    This was just an all around FUN episode. This season has had other "fillers," but they just lacked that "team" feeling for me. In my opinion, this is the first episode where it seems like everyone is finally geling and getting back to the togtherness and comraderie we have come to associate with this show. So maybe we got a little character development after all ...

    Gibbs was in his element and it showed in his lack of dialog -- it seems when Gibbs is at his best and feeling good, he just does not have a lot to say. The end shot of a smug Gibbs was classic.

    I also liked that much of this episode involved Gibbs and McGee working together, a McGee - might I add - who seems to be taking a stand against Tony more and more. Hmmm

    I loved the trip down memory lane with Dinozzo and his classic cop references. It is true though, they never showed the cops sitting around digging through heaps of files and finger print cards. Interesting that it takes a black out in current day for us to see what classic cop shows never showed.
  • "Book 'em, Dan-ozzo"...

    ...and I harken back to my other forever favourite crime drama. Gibbs and McGarrett share the same uber cool factor too, but I digress...

    So, I guess Gibbs always hauls around relics from the past, some of which I remember a little too vividly for my own comfort, making him the perpetual boy scout I guess!

    Huge entertainment value in watching the team try to manage without the comforts of home and work place. Thankfully their strong suit is perseverance and so a young naval officer's sacrifice does not go unnoticed and national security remains intact. For now.

    Thank goodness Abby excelled at basic chemistry...
  • Ahh the young and their machines. What happens when they fail?

    Finally a worthy episode. I know many may disagree but this season is boring. I mean I love NCIS but its gotten boring

    this one made me laugh. I especially love when my favorite character McGee stands up for himself his little smile when Tony sauntered off made me grin.

    Thats the best part of the show for me is to watch those two go at it to me. I knew Tony would walk off when the paperwork came in so classic DiNozzo but I grinned at the revenge.

    Even Abby with the lemons was hilarious. it was a good episode but they need new characters to add spice to it now
  • It was either you or the watch!

    The team is forced to go back to the old style investigation techniques when a shooting at a power supply station leaves the whole Washington DC area without electricity.
    But things get more complicated when a plan to sell important government data is revealed. A Navy Lieutenant who never been to combat turns out to be more than a spec ops operative.
    Good episode, the storyline was not one of my favourite, but it still worked. some good moments between the characters, it was nice to see Gibbs unfazed by the sudden lack of electricity, and Abby resorting to old high school memories to help with the case.
  • Didn't you hear? They never left!

    Haha good way to start out an episode. McGee and Ziva stuck in a elevator together while Tonys harassing them from the other side. I thought the episode was pretty good. I kinda knew from the begging it was one of the security guards. Did like the chick from the top secret agency thing though. I'd like to see her again! McGee and Tony with paper cuts. Gibbs and all the old supplies . At the end he looks almost bitter sweet (not sad but ya) putting all the old electronics away. Poor Abby, i felt so bad with her, without her Caff-Pow, but of coarse she pulled it off anyways. Using autopsey for a fridge was a good add in also:)