Season 10 Episode 17

Prime Suspect

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2013 on CBS

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  • Gibbs looks into a serial killer case and Dinozzo goes to the Bahamas.

    I really enjoyed this episode with Gibbs helping his barber by looking into the possibility that his son could be a serial killer known as the Slasher and even in tough situations Gibbs gets the answers and when he proved that his son wasn't the slasher he was able to persuade the son to talk to his dad even though the father thought he could have been the Slasher I also enjoyed it when Dinozzo went to the Bahamas with Dorneget and pulled all the probie pranks on him but he regretted it in the end.
  • Fantastic!

    This was an interesting and unconventional episode with interesting developments and a very good case that was quite hard to predict.

    There were great scenes trhgouhout, with many different characters. Lots of inteersting dynamics between the team members.

    I really enjoyed the episode and Season 10 continues to impress!
  • Great Tony got caught

    I thought this was a good episode. These two writers usually do better. I think my biggest complaint is that I can't stand that idiot Dornegut person and he usually ruins the episodes for me to some degree. Loved the jealous McGee with Abby's friend. Loved Vance teaching Tony a lesson - it's about time he got a little of his own medicine. He is always making fun of others - now he some back. Looking forward to the next episode since Michael Weatherly is directing again. Should be fun. Love NCIS.
  • Great Episode

    Great episode with several stories at once.

    Touching ending, father & son plus Gibbs calling his Dad!

    The song being played at the end as the barber and son hug is "Better Off Now" by Trent Dabbs and is available on iTunes.

  • always good

    This season is the best ever