Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

The team are on protection detail for an important member of the Navy who is trying to leave a building. Whilst making sure everything is secure McGee goes to the exit and sees a man argueing with someone in a car. He identifies himself and the man turns to him. McGee see what he thinks is a gun and hears a shot fired and shot the man dead. When the team get to him he is crouching next to the dead man's body and the car has driven off. An investigation is started and the team find no gun and no bullet that the dead man had supposedly shot at McGee. Then they find out that he was an off duty cop and Metro Police come in to talk and they want to interrogate McGee. Gibbs won't allow it. The investigation continues and the Metro Police also start an investigation. The next day McGee goes to the Police station to be questioned and while there he confesses that there was no gun in the man's hands. Gibbs tells McGee that he had let him down and that it was his fault. Tony and Ziva go back to the alley and find the bullet. They also find links to a Drug Lord. This leads them to the dead man's partner and McGee and Gibbs go to talk to him. The partner punches Gibbs and takes his gun out. McGee hesitates and Gibbs shoots the partner. He then tells McGee that if he ever hesitates again he will have his badge.