Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • Excellent, humorous, fast-faced, good story

    Excellent, well-done episode. It is a good example of why the earlier seasons are better than the recent ones. Besides a good plot, it didn't stop with that but added good extras like character development, humor, good acting and delightful little details and dialog. The quips, surprises and clues flew by rapidly. There were a number of cliche-type things that could have been botched, but were not.

    For example, references to Gibbs and the Directors' past romance could have been trite, but avoided much of that. I liked the way Jenny said "don't treat me like a junior agent," and Gibbs replied, "I'm treating you like a junior Director!"

    I doubt that anyone got a letter that his sperm bank contribution of 15 or so years ago was unwanted, but it was funny, not overdone, and Ziva's acting was letter perfect.

    Ducky's conversation with Abby about her growing interest in autopsies was cute.

    A nice story touch was that no one could know if McGee fired the fatal shot, so no completely happy ending.

    The plot was good. Some of you might have missed some stuff about the bullets, so I'll quickly go through it here. ***Spoilers.*** There was a gunshot flash near the cop, and McGee --thinking he was fired on-- fired 3 shots at the cop, killing him. The cop was found with 3 bullets (two damaged) in him, so they naturally all thought they were from McGee's gun. The big problems were (1) they couldn't find the cop's gun anywhere, and (2) he was supposed to have fired at McGee (and missed, of course), but they couldn't find any bullets and bullet holes anywhere near where McGee was standing. As usual in many NCIS episodes, Abby, given enough time, solved the case -- she noticed gunpowder on the cop, indicating that at least one of the 3 bullets in the cop didn't come from McGee, rather from someone near the cop. So if McGee fired 3 bullets, one or more had to have missed the cop, and, surely enough, one bullet was found in the wall near where the cop died. Abby also deduced that the dying cop spun around and flipped his gun into the car, thus explaining its absence at the crime scene.
  • Could have done without the sperm bank storyline.

    I liked how McGee kept rethinking his story. I knew at the beginning the gun had fallen into the car. And after meeting the dead cop's partner you knew he was the killer. I'm warming up to Ziva and Abby was her same cute self. Palmer needs to go away, he's very annoying.
  • Goodbye NCIS, you gave it a good run, but I'm tired of these bad writers and the unexpected jump of the shark season your on.

    Goodbye NCIS, though really at this point it’s not a big deal. The scripts are ruined; the characters are basically fodder for no reason at all. Not that it matters I wont watch the show any more, apparently according to neilson NCIS is doing well, so they wont miss my viewership. Ziva has to big a role for a newbie, but more importantly, Tony and Gibbs are all but written out of the show. Ziva slapped Tony’s head, whatever the excuse, probie hasn’t even thought about, as he shouldn’t, neither should Ziva. The pecking order that they got us used to is gone, Ziva a new character that replaced an old character is now the beat all end all of, well everything, that’s not why I used to watch the show. Tony and Gibbs are now morons, not their fault, is obvious lack of writing talent. So.. Goodbye NCIS, and good riddance. Have fun with it, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll write out Tony and Gibbs soon, so they can go to new projects where they can get better writers, and some that know how to keep a character true to themselves, the storyline, and progression.
  • McGee's shot

    McGee is put on situation when he has to kill a man and it comes out that the man was police working undercover and if the shooting did not shake McGee enough, what is coming later, sure does. He starts to doubt himself and gets into bigger mess.. But others do great job and manage to figure out what is going on.. even thought it seems not to be easy and Ziva is again doubting and thinking if things look like someone is guilty, he is.. And the last scene.. Gibbs and McGee going after the dead man's partner.. and he freezing. I think it showed really well the effect it had on McGee but I hope he will be ok.
  • Solid episode

    McGee was at the forefront of tonight's episode. While he is not my favorite character on the show, this was a nice little look into his make-up and to see how he behaves and what makes him tick. While this experience will probably not have too much of an effect on the show in the long-run, it is necessary for a show that plans to be on the air for a decade to build a background like this for the cast.

    Plus, there was some great stuff with Ziva and Tony about donating sperm, so the comedy was there as well tonight.
  • Good at first, but it isn't an episode that I like watching over again.

    This episode starts off as a very interesting one, and I thought we were in store for another great episode, but I was wrong this time.

    I found the storyline to be weak at some points and the episode had lost my attention once as well. However, the idea of McGee's first kill was nice, and in that respect, the episode was good.

    There were some funny moments from the episode, which added another element of excitement, and the last few scenes were pretty interesting, but this isn't an episode that I can see myself watching over and over, because it did lack something.

    However, for McGee fans, I highly recommend this episode, but it is not one of my personal favorites.
  • aw McGee's first Kill!

    McGee is shocked when he kills a man who he thinks is shooting at him. This was a big mistake for him as the man was a undercover cop. When he finds out he is so sad that he can't work properly. At this time Abby trys to help him by doing aroma theropy, and she handcuffs McGee to a chair in her lab. Although DiNozzo has a better way of making him feel better by trying to take him out to clubs. This doesn't work as McGee feels the pressure! Soon after when he is interigated he addmits that the cop didn't even fire at him. But of course the is always an explainable reason for things and Gibbs Gets to the bottom of it!

    (With most of the help form Abby)
  • McGee makes a terrible mistake.

    This episode opens with Tony & Ziva talking about Tony donating sperm when he was in collage and a letter he got from the sperm bank earlier that morning. We then see the team transporting the CNO of the Navy, out of a building (kind of like how they transport the President) and a gun going off, everyone panics and Gibbs runs to the rescue. Outside he discovers McGee and a dead body. When Abby runs the fingerprints of the John Doe, they learn that he was an undercover cop. McGee killed a cop. McGee swears that the cop pulled a gun on him, but the team are unable to find it or the case from the bullet which McGee says the cop shoot at him. When McGee is questioned by Metro cops he tells them that the undercover cop didn't have a gun. Abby discovers that one of the shots that hit the cop didn't come from McGee's gun, but another person who was only a few feet away. It is then that McGee remembers that there was a passenger in the car and that the driver was on the opposite side as it was an imported car. We learn that the sperm bank wanted to get in touch with Tony only to inform him that no one has used any of his sperm. Tony & Ziva discover where McGee's third bullet went. Abby believes that the gun that the undercover cop had fell back into the car, before it was driven off. When the team go to see the undercover cops partner (who they learn was involved in the drug ring due to his phone calls), he punches Gibbs and then pulls a gun of McGee. Luckily Gibbs manages to hot him before McGee is hit. McGee goes to see Abby and she tells him that there is no way to find out who fired the kill shot.
  • Yay more McGee time!

    The team escorts a navel officer out of a building. But then McGee ends up in a shooting, in which he kills a man. That's hard on McGee already but when they find out that he killed an undercover agent things seem even harder for him, poor McGee.
    The team must now prove what really happened in that ally that night and have to see if McGee shooting was justified. The team support McGee and even Gibbs tells him that he would have done the same as McGee was he in that situation. But even then McGee still feels very bad. We also don't really get closer in this episode. Cause when the episode ended we still weren't sure if McGee actually was the one who fired the kill shot. But even then a very good episode with a lot of character development for Timothy 'Probie' McGee.
  • great episode

    This is perhaps one of the best episodes for season 3. The story begins with the NCIS team escorting a naval officer. McGee shoots dead someone on a dark alley. It turns out that the man he shot was an undercover police officer. NCIS investigates what exactly happens on that night. It's an interesting story. McGee's shooting of a cop raises the stakes for the team when it's possible that he might have panicked and shot someone by mistake. The investigation doesn't quite close the case at the end, but it's still a good episode. We get to see stuff in it.
  • McGee kills an undercover cop who he thinks is firing on him. He didn't realize that the shots were coming from inside the car, because it was too dark outside.

    Probie, as the title may suggest, is a Tim McGee focused episode. McGee kills an undercover cop who he thinks is firing on him. He didn't realize that the shots were coming from inside the car, because it was too dark outside.

    The episode follows the investigation into the shooting of the undercover cop. McGee is beside himself with regret for shooting the cop, even after Gibbs tells him he would have made the same decision given the information that McGee had at the time.

    I both disliked and liked the ending of the episode when they could not determine who fired the kill shot. I liked it because it wasn't easily swept under the rug, but I disliked it because I emphasized with McGee. I wanted everything to be wrapped up neatly to save him from the turmoil he was facing.

    Sean Murray did an excellent job in this episode developing McGee character, and making the character very real to the viewing audience.
  • Did somebody break a mirror? =)

    Very nice episode. Although, I must say... even if the episode is "supposed" to be focused on McGee (Probie), I think that episode would not be good at all if it wasn't for Tony and Ziva. They were so funny in this episode, Ziva tricks Tony to tell her that nobody wants his sperm, he is ashamed to talk about that in front of her... great!

    And, Jenny is really starting to bug me. She is such a boring character... really. The most irritating thing about her is that she calls Gibbs: "Jethro" with that tone... or "Special Agent Gibbs" with the same "that" tone. I don't really like her...
  • While helping a special person out of a building, McGee shoots a guy who shot at him after he announced that he was an NCIS agent.

    While helping a special person out of a building, McGee shoots a guy who shot at him after he announced that he was an NCIS agent. McGee soon finds out that he killed a cop. The agency from where the other guy was from, come and give McGee a hard time. Everytime McGee thinks about the scene, he sees it differently. The NCIS team also does not find the bullet form which the cop fired at McGee.
  • “Probie” is a very pleasant episode focusing on Tim, one of my favourite’s characters. McGee is cornered and has to defend himself. At the end he proves that he is a great professional and that his job is not for cowboys.

    I keep watching NCIS because I find this show very entertaining. This episode was particularly pleasant because it mixes quite a good plot, with good humour but also gives some fine emotions. McGee is a very sympathetic character and represents a true professional who remains a human being. At this point, he should be pretty close of graduating as a full agent and should nor remain a probie for much longer… I am not interested by those flat police stories only showing violence, fighting and strong language. NCIS is pleasant and enjoyable because it is clean, humoristic, tense and well written. But it remains a TV show! Moreover, contrary to some other viewers, I appreciate Palmer who clicks perfectly with the character of Ducky. Finally the role of Ziva is a nice bonus. Kate was fine but after two seasons she was no longer very surprising. At this stage Ziva still has a lot of potential and I don’t regret the swap.

    Some trivia: the metro police should learn to forge a driving license. Even a newbie like me knows that the 31th September does not exist! If someone is questioning this, freeze your picture and look carefully at all dates on RYAN’s license ;-)

    Good job Mr. Bellisario, please continue to cheer us up!
  • McGee finally gets out of the computer and nails someone.

    Finally, McGee's character is developing out of the computer nerd/geek, hopeless in a fight type that he's been since his character was introduced in season 1. Admittedly, shooting (and killing someone) is a pretty harsh thing, so his angst and confusion is normal. Athough isn't the US Federal Service supposed to provide counselling for its agents that shoot someone?

    Even Gibbs has developed a little, he's beginning to realize that Madame Director Jen Shepherd is no longer the probie he once trained. It looks like he's having a hard time adjusting to an underling being promoted above him.

    Tony and Ziva ... I'm not sure, but there's just something ... lacking in their relationship. Perhaps things would turn out better if they keep their relationship in a confrontational/flirting level. But then again, who knows.
  • Tony was really funny in this episode

    We see Tony wondering what is going on with his sperm he donated so long ago. The way Ziva tricked him was good. I really like their chemistry. Dont get me wrong I liked Kate and hated to see her go, but Ziva gives it right back to Tony. The whole slap on the head was great. Poor McGee. I have a feeling this will be with him for awhile.
  • Good episode. Different kind of plot as McGee is whom the episode circulates around.

    Contrary to what that other guy wrote in his review I actually liked the whole sperm bank storyline.
    It made for a nice change from the main storyline and as a comic relief after tensious scenes. It also furthered the relationship between Ziva and Tony which is much better than the relationship Tony had with Kate which always had the same kind of jokes.

    We also see a different side of McGee and for the first time he is really showing some personality.

    Only negative thing? The damn flashbacks of the relationship between Jenny and Gibbs. Enough of Gibbs already, we all know what kind of a person he is and he is not interesting to follow anymore.

    Overall a nice episode that just lacked that extra thing to get a 10 (like the Under Covers episode).