Season 3 Episode 10


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 29, 2005 on CBS

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  • Goodbye NCIS, you gave it a good run, but I'm tired of these bad writers and the unexpected jump of the shark season your on.

    Goodbye NCIS, though really at this point it’s not a big deal. The scripts are ruined; the characters are basically fodder for no reason at all. Not that it matters I wont watch the show any more, apparently according to neilson NCIS is doing well, so they wont miss my viewership. Ziva has to big a role for a newbie, but more importantly, Tony and Gibbs are all but written out of the show. Ziva slapped Tony’s head, whatever the excuse, probie hasn’t even thought about, as he shouldn’t, neither should Ziva. The pecking order that they got us used to is gone, Ziva a new character that replaced an old character is now the beat all end all of, well everything, that’s not why I used to watch the show. Tony and Gibbs are now morons, not their fault, is obvious lack of writing talent. So.. Goodbye NCIS, and good riddance. Have fun with it, maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll write out Tony and Gibbs soon, so they can go to new projects where they can get better writers, and some that know how to keep a character true to themselves, the storyline, and progression.