Season 9 Episode 16

Psych Out

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 21, 2012 on CBS

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  • Does no one else have a problem with this?

    The project that guest stars in this episode is completely and utterly evil. Seriously. This is about as dirty as it gets. Yet no one on the NCIS team has any problems with drugging people, torturing them, or poisoning them. No one says a thing. No one expresses any moral outrage. It is one thing to be duped into the US Imperialist Adventure, with sanctioned mass-murder of civilians, but this Psych-ops program as depicted? And the woman running it is supposed to be a recurring character?
  • Horrible new character ruining show!

    New character sucks. JLC is only supposed to be a guest star, yet her character had more screen time than most of the team! GG needs to stop creating characters-almost every character he creates he over enthuses about and most fans detest (like EJ Barrett and Ray Cruz). Or maybe GG really isn't up to the job-didn't he write the horrible 200th episode?!
  • JLC's character is horrible!

    Don't like JLC's character. It seemed most of the focus was on her, not the team. Yuck!
  • Case wasn't bad. New 'romance' seems a bit boring.

    Well the case today wasn't too bad. Not one of the best by any means. But not one of the worst either. Th e story had some interesting moments and some slightly confusing and/or boring moments, but overall it wasn't too bad to watch.

    Meanwhiel, I sure hope this Ryan woman doesn't return again. She was so frustrating to watch in this episode and I most definitely don't want to see a romance developing between her and Gibbs. They couldn't find anyone else... seriously? She's an interesting enough characters, but I don't really want to see her again.

    Anyway, time will tell there, but a good case today, and I hope it continues to get better nest week! :)
  • Oh no

    Oh no, the start of miss J L Curtis in NCIS, another totaly idiot twist to the script where no viewer is waiting about. But it seems that she needs a job, so join the party and destroy NCIS.
  • Liked it

    maybe not the best but still really good. of course I can't see Gibbs with curtis. I am not a typical 'detective' at heart so did not really figure out the guilty until the end - but was not surprised!

    I think of Gibbs like an ASS KICKIN' DUDE like James Bond ... maybe.... I think he deserves a HOT CHICK I just don't think Dr. Ryan is his gal to be IDk SHOOT ME but I didn't see anything there if I was his bud I'd tell him "PSST, Gibbs.... you can do better" LMFAO NO JLC for MH please its already done!!! So come on writers give him a gal that will even make Tony say I DIDN"T SEE THAT COMING!!!
  • GFibbs rocks

    I thought it was great. having Gibbs make Mcgee go old-school with the paperwork instead of computers reminded me of the black-out episode, and a week after mcGee turned down a huge opportunity it showed that he is a computer guy, not necessarily a natural investigator.

    Also, nice to see Kate's sister again, a shrink who didnt try to get into Gibbs' head using his dead wife and child, and gibbs using and old transistor radio to find a top of the line monitoring device. i also love Gibbs never giving a hint as to how he found her at her kid's school. cool as a cucumber.

    not every episode has to move evry one personal story forward. This was a nice break from that.

  • McGee's Pay

    I worked for the Army as a civilian for nearly 30 years. The whole sub plot about McGee's pay had a lot of errors. Being a bit anal, here are some of them. LES are no longer delivered to the employees' desk but accessed through the web at the MYPAY site. All pay issues are handled through there. If there are problems, you have to go through the Defense Finance and Accounting Services Office in Kansas City. There is no guy in accounting you can go to. When there are overpayments, I have had several, repayment is usually in the form a deduction in payment over a period of time (as long as six months). Where I worked (at many Army bases) it was well known what everyone made, since it was based on your GS grade. I seem to recall a line several years ago that Tony said he was GS-11. Since he has been in the slot for many years He would probably be a step 10. His base salary (including locality pay) would be $81,204, or $38.91/hour. Since feds get paid on a two week basis (not weekly as the show indicates). His basic pay would be $3,112 per pay period. I could probably come very close to guessing what each of the NCIS team gets on a bi-weekly basis.
  • It was alright

    Being a Tiva fan, I would have prefered some more interaction between them. Tony trying to decrease McGee's pay-check and ending up having to pay five thousand dollars was funny. I didn't really like Kate's sister and felt she didn't add anything to the episode.
  • Missing Something

    I agree with some of the previous reviews. NCIS is missing some of the finesse it had in the previous seasons. I was expecting a little more "psych out" from the episode. It was one of those that you were able to figure out pretty quickly. Jamie Lee Curtis was good, but her character was poorly written. Just like the previous review said.

    It was kinda cool to see Kate's sister pop back in. That was unexpected but a nice thing to see. I like her character. All in all, if you are a die hard fan of NCIS (which I am thanks to my wife), I recommend watching it. But if you miss it, you're not missing out. I hate to say that.
  • Psych Out

    Hmmm... Just scanned some of the comments here. Much as it pains me, we're losing the NCIS I have loved all these years. Too many of the S9 episodes lack the humorous and touching character moments. The only ones I can think of that I have really enjoyed are Newborn King, Devil's Triangle (just for the opportunity to see another of Gibbs' wives and Diane's sad admission that Gibbs was her "Shannon"), and Life Before His Eyes. Engaged I and II was also pretty good.

    So, now to the episode at hand.

    I liked seeing Jamie Lee Curtis on the show. Unfortunately, the way her character was written, she clearly wasn't the "bad guy," so to speak. It wasn't very effective as misdirection.

    Here's hoping the producers pick up some new blood for the writing staff next season, to get fresh ideas going again.

  • Missed The End

    I agree with all the other reviews - NCIS just isn't as good as it once was. Jamie Lee Curtis was a good guest star and I really didn't mind the Gibbs/Ryan thing. There was a time when I use to purchase the NCIS season box set but haven't done so for the last 2 or 3 seasons cause I didn't want to waste my money. The actual investigations are just lacking and in some cases it doesn't make sense for some storylines to be neatly wrapped up in an hour. If it is interesting do a 2-part episode - expand on the story or characters and make it more thought provoking but sadly the shows of late have been almost simplified. Even the background music during supposedly "funny" scenes is aggravating and sounds cartoonish. It is not a children's show!

    Still love Gibbs and Ducky, I preferred when Ziva was more kick-ass but it makes sense for her character to adapt and become more americanized. McGee has changed but doesn't make him a more interesting character, Tony is alright...sometimes too childish for a senior agent. My mind turned from Abbey the episode I saw her doing a turkey dance - totally ridiculous.

    I know many won't agree with me but I am just upset that my favourite show is going down hill fast :(
  • distracts

    the love interest for gibbs really distracts from the show, i didn;t like it at all, an its prime time too, oh her comment what do you think i want at 4 a.m ok writers kids watch this, not a good match at all, gibbs needs to be the investigator the love thing with him and ryan was disgusting to me
  • Psych Out

    Again this show feels the need and try to tease a love interest for Gibbs. For the other characters, fine, but he does not need that and it distracts from the show. Tonight's premise needed that distraction because it was poorly thrown together, and had no payoff in the end.

    Disappointing from the comedy standpoint with Tony and the LSE issue as well. Just a mediocre episode all around.
  • Pretty Good

    Liked Gibbs and Ryan a lot. Their relationship was fun to watch. The only problem with the episode was that the investigative side of the story was average. Great side plot though. Overall it was a very good episode.