Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Not fit for a finale.

    While the episode was okay, it just wasn't up to finale standards. There were too many inconsistencies (like Cobb's miraculous healing from the gunshot wound in his leg and Ziva not being at Mike's funeral). A lot of it didn't make sense-why would Cobb let EJ go, only to kidnap Ziva to get EJ back? Stupid. And there is no way Ziva would make up with Ray so easily. And the end for the killer was so lame. Suicide by cop. Really? And I love how GG thought we wouldn't notice Ziva wasn't at Mike's funeral. I was obvious that a mistake was made and Cote wasn't available for shooting. But couldn't they have least CGIed her somewhere. And then GG came up with lame reasons for her not being there, like Ziva didn't go to funerals and that she was with her boyfriend, both of which made no sense (Ziva went to Jenny's funeral and Ray had to leave asap to take care of Kort-so he wasn't even in DC at the time of the funeral)!
  • The 8th Season Ends With The Agents On The Trail Of Jonas Cobbs. They Must Bring Him Down Following The Murder Of Mike Franks.

    What I've learned during the run of this show is that "NCIS" doesn't do well in season finales. However, I think this is one of the better finales we have seen. "Pyramid" was a very good way of ending the season but it does not mean it is without its flaws. I found it absurd that a serial killer who murdered dozens of people has only one guard escorting him in the headquarters. It was obvious he was up to no good. Another negative thing is how Cobbs was killed. Yes, he was about to shoot Vance and Gibbs but it could have been better if they would have arrested him. The funeral was a proper tribute to Mike. The high point is the end. It was suspenseful and I'm looking forward to find out who leaked classified information. Overall, this season of "NCIS" had its ups and downs, but in general it was a great season. Look forward to season nine.
  • I'm a big NCIS fan so was engrossed in the finale, though it was anticlimactic and rushed.

    The last several episodes of this NCIS season are as good an example of "anticlimactic" as you will ever see: "an event, period, or outcome that is strikingly less important or dramatic than expected." After the big build-up about how resourceful, meticulous and determined the unidentifed P2P Serial Killer is and expecting a big showdown between EJ and Gibbs, we get this rushed, lame ending -- Kort mentions in an off-hand way that the P2P is Cobb; and Cobb captures Kort, EJ and Ziva, then releases them and gives himself up; then we learn that he gave himself up so he could break out with two of them as hostages again; and then reveals where he is so the heads of NCIS and the Navy Department will kill him via "suicide by cop"! Not every day that two department heads strap on guns to face the super serial killer man to man!

    I am a big NCIS fan and was engrossed in the finale just to see how things would wrap up. I wonder, though, what new viewers would think. Although I didn't mind as much as others, it was clearly out of character for Ziva to cry over Franks death, to rush into Ray's hotel room so carelessly under the circumstances, and not attend Frank's funeral. Cobb was wounded in "Swan Song" and a big point was made of the few number of bullets he had left, but in "Pyramid" it was like neither had happened. There was a lengthy embarrassing (to me) scene about McGee and Abby bickering over romantic longing and Cade that was inappropriate for the time and went on torturously long; even when McGee said goodbye to Cade, this issue cropped up. When Ziva and Tony were trying to warn Ray and couldn't reach him because he was on a classified mission, you'd think they could have his boss phone Ray with the warning or have a hotel employee knock on his door. EJ kept saying her partner Levin died because she screwed up, but I don't see how -- she and her two partners merely went to interview a witness, no big deal. It was typically foolish of Cobb to tell kidnapped Ziva that he was kidnapping her as a diversion! I don't see how kidnapping EJ, Palmer and Kort should make the Secretary of the Navy come up to face Cobb (though in NCIS world it did). The one really good touch was the way we learned that Gibbs, through all these recent episodes, was working on Frank's coffin, and the funeral itself.

    Miscellaneous observations of recent eps: ridiculous of Ziva to breakup with Ray because he didn't tell her the classified info that he was working on the P2P case; the short period Ziva was kidnapped, the team didn't seem that upset -- for example, Gibbs didn't seemed worried that Cobbs had Ziva's blood on his hands; I'm surprised that Ray wasn't used that much, maybe season #9; I have to laugh at the way Ducky and the others changed their pop psychology profile of P2P as he changed tactics and targets; and I wonder why EJ would think that "the eye" would open up MTAC's door.
  • If it were a season's normale episode, I would probably give it a 10/10, but for a season finale, this was well below par. (Spoileres!)

    This was a disappointing episode, considering the fact that it was a season finale. I definitely had expcted a lot more for hthis one, and I had hoped for a much better cliffhanger.

    The P2P case has been developing nicely for a good few weeks now, and I really enjoyed many of the scenes throughout this episode as well! However, I was dsiappointed that the P2P was killed in this episode, as they could really have created a very suspenseful ending to the season with thies episode.

    The cliffhanger was mediocre, and it won't keep me hooked at all, unlike every other year. If they had shown us the photograph of who the leak was, then perhaps it would've been a huge revelation and a great culmination to the season, but right now, meh, nothing odoing for me.

    Also, another "leak" seems sort of like "been there, done that" to me. I am very disappointed with the ending to the season, but hopefully Season #9 will have a more interesting beginning.
  • Finale good, but not up to show's high standards

    I've always maintained that the two best series that I've ever seen when it came to season finales was the former NBC political drama "The West Wing" and the CBS smash crime drama "NCIS."

    I remember every single season finale throughout the previous seven seasons of "NCIS" as vividly today as the day I first saw them. I doubt I'll feel the same about the season eight finale down the road, or even really right now a little more than a week after viewing the finale. The interesting thing about the season eight finale about "NCIS" was that the penultimate episode "Swan Song" the week before it was actually better. In "Swan Song" we lost one of our fan favorite guests in Mike Franks (played by Muse Watson), the guy who was basically Gibbs' mentor. Franks, dying of cancer, sacrificed himself in a valiant attempt to rid Gibbs' team of the Port-to-Port killer that had been the focal point of the series for the final few episodes of the season. In the finale the team finale takes down the P2P killer, as we all knew they would. In a minor twist during the finale the serial killer (played by Kerr Smith) actually turned himself in. This was merely a ploy though to kidnap Agent Barrett (played by Sarah Jane Morris), who we learn is the Secretary of the Navy's niece. P2P is looking for a way to punish the SecNav for turning him into a monster. In the end, Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and the team rescue Barrett, and Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen), who had been taken with Barrett.

    The plotline was decent, if not exciting/interesting, but wasn't up to the normal high standards of a "NCIS" finale. At the very end of the finale we get a start to a new storyline that will take place next season as the new SecNav (the aforementioned one resigns in this episode) assigns Tony (played by Michael Weatherly) to an undercover case to find out who in NCIS is selling undercover intelligence. It will be interesting to see what comes of this, but I can't help but think that they've been done this road before, after all Tony has been undercover in a huge storyline before.
  • Disappointing though intriguing (spoilers)

    I can say without a doubt that this was NCIS weakest finale but was it a bad episode? Not at all. The episode began strong with a dead agent and EJ saved. At that time it seemed as though the episode was going to avoid all cliches in what could have been another kidnapped agent story. However as the story progressed it fell dead at some points and became riddled with illogical events.

    I feel that the writers "blew their load" in Swan Song's strong episode and didn't know where to go in Pyramid. They kept making turns and twists up to the point where it became annoying and completely unbelievable. Also mentioned in a review below me the dialogue was horrible. It sounded flat, cliche and lacked any emotional impact. They actually did a "oh this all seems like a dream". I'm not even going to waste my time ranting on the ending.

    So what was good? Well the episode raised a lot of questions, something I can appreciate since it keeps the NCIS universe layered. Palmer had a great scene and the funeral was beautiful. Big thumbs up for recognizing The Boxer Rebellion's excellent latest album. There was a small but beautiful detail here that us loyal NCIS followers can appreciate. A worthy departure for Special Agent Franks.

    In short the episode felt like a rush job and was dissapointing because it was a season finale. But since this is NCIS there is still enough to be enjoyed. One thing Pyramid definitly achieved is that I'm really looking forward to the season 9 premiere and I suppose that counts for something.
  • A so-so plot delivers a medium finale with Kerr Smith as the only plus point.

    This is just not the show for me. Even when I get used to seeing a spoilerific picture after every commercial block there's too much to dislike. The plot itself is not too bad and the cliffhanger itself was interesting. But where the show completely falls on its face is the dialogue and the characters. They are all cliche, flat and uninteresting. They all say standard stuff anyone else could say too and bear little to the episode plot. Ziva got kidnapped again and that was a major twist in the episode. Sorry if that makes me yawn. Sarah Jane Morris was a nice contribution but was mostly there to confuse me. Why did she get that gross thing out of that dead guys arm? I don't know. The fright of baddie Comb was somewhat fun but the politics behind it made even the cool tricks he pulled too boring.
    The finale could have gone several ways but it chose for the simple, predictable way. The ending was somewhat interesting but mainly fell completely out of tone with the rest of the episode. It's just not my thing.
  • Pyramid

    The eighth season finale of NCIS here tonight and it was a bit of a letdown. The beginning was intriguing, but the way they found the Port to Port Killer, and then the way he died, it was all very anticlimatic. Maybe this is because Castle just did one in their season finale last night, but the funeral was not a good way to cap the year off in my mind.

    I think what the show should take away from this is that month long arcs are not this show's strong suit. Stick to one and done storylines as the P2P killer was not something that really reinvigorated the show.

    Too political, a little too outrageous, just not a great NCIS finale tonight. Good, not great.
  • NCIS Season 8 Finale

    Well, the port-to-port killer case has been wrapped up. The way it was done was simple and effective, yet it felt more like a mid-season episode than one to close the season with. That aside, lots of loose ends were tied up, EJ Barrett is gone (yesssss!), and an intriguing cliffhanger is left for next season. The look on Tony's face tells me it someone he knows...but we'll have to wait through the next four loooong months to find out for sure. :)

    There was a little tribute to Mike Franks, and we learn why he looked so sick the last episode. 'Spose it was a better way for him to go. Ziva's boyfriend is gone, at least for a while, and well, I guess that's it. Can't wait for next season, and like I said before this episode tied up most of the many loose strands. Done well. 8.5/10
  • NCIS Season 8 Finale - Pyramid (Great Episode!-You should read this!)

    Whoever wants, he can disagree with me, but I think this episode was one of the best during the entire series.

    In the first place, the start of the episode was very interesting, though I think that P2P killer should handle EJ in a different way. Moreover, it can be maintained that the confusing plot with the CIA involved made this episode absolutely intriguing, as there is something weird with Kort. I have to mention that I was on the verge of crying when I saw the funeral in the end with Gibbs' modifications of the coffin. As far as the end is concerned, NCIS fills us with great anticipation of the season premiere because we cannot imagine what will happen, making us think of a lot of theories.

    All things considered, great episode which is kind of different comparing with the most finales which focused on one/two bad guys trying to kill NCIS team and then NCIS managing to kill them. This is something bigger, which focuses on the agencies and their secrets. Therefore, the title Pyramid is absolutely accurate to the content of this plot.
  • Great episode with an unexpected ending.

    Was expecting a typical cliff hanger where we'd be wondering all summer if one of the characters would survive. The writers nicely tied up the P2P killer case and then, just when we thought all was well, they threw in Tony's new assignment to handle an agent suspected of wrong-doing. Now we are wondering who that agent may be ...

    As for Barrett, she may be gone, but she'll be back - let's not forget that capsule(?) that she took out of Levin's arm in autopsy ... And then there's CIRay - guessing that he'll be back too.

    Can't wait for the next season.
  • A nice conclusion to the Port-to-Port Killer plot that also sets up a potentially shocking future storyline.

    I'm going to jump right in here and say this was a brilliant season finale that not only concludes the mini-arc that is the Port-to-Port Killer, but also sets up, what I think, could be a very interesting storyline indeed.

    While I thought the ending of the "P2P" plot was interesting, I do have some nitpicks. First of all, I don't find it very convincing that one of the most dangerous serial killers NCIS has had to deal with recently - one who has managed, in the past, to access classified information - is only escorted in handcuffs by two agents. I would have thought that more security would be in order, or at least more solid restraints? Secondly, I can't help but feel the ending was rushed. Though I do like how it all ties in together - Barrett being the SecNav's niece, the first murder in Rota, and Vance's involvement in Operation Frankenstein - this episode does kind of feel like an anti-climax, especially after the several episodes it took to build up the story of P2P. I can't put my finger on it, but I was execting a little more.

    My final point of criticism lies with the decision to kill Agent Levin. I can understand why the writers and producers did this - to make the viewers feel that P2P was a real threat to the team - but with the string of deaths lately, not to mention Mike Franks, Agent Levin seems, in my opinion, to be a bit overkill (if you'll pardon the pun!). It is for these reasons that the episode isn't getting a 10.

    Having aired my criticisms, I have to praise the episode on the writing, acting by all cast members and the fact that it does do an adequate job of not only ending the P2P story, but a lot of plot threads that have been running throughout season 8. And of course, I can't complete my review without mentioning the fantastic little snippets of character information that NCIS does so well. I'm talking, of course, about Palmer's upcoming marriage to Breena and the revelation that Barrett is in fact Davenport's niece. Very nicely done.

    Moving on, I was not expecting this one to end the way it did. There is obviously something in store for the team through season 9 and I cannot wait to see what it is. I wonder how Tony will cope with conducting another covert mission for a superior behind Gibbs' back (see season 4). It should provide for some very interesting character development.

    Last but not least - Mike Franks. His killing in the previous episode was very sad and I'm glad it was revisited in this one to provide a good sendoff for a character that has been a part of NCIS for years. Overall, a very nice episode that rounds off some ongoing storylines and sets up some new ones for next season, a season I don't think I can wait four months to see! This one gets a 9/10 from me.
  • A nice finish to the p2p arc but had some problems

    I was happy to see the p2p story arc wrapped up and overall thought it was done well and included a cliff hanger with Tony getting a(nother) covert assignment behind Gibbs' back...this time for (yet another) internal leak within the agency. My willing suspension of disbelief, however, was stretched too far to believe that the head of a federal agency *AND* the freaking Secretary of the Navy would be allowed to go in personally, guns blazing, to stop a serial killer. Beyond that, having this highly trained killer left w/ only 2 guards and an assistant ME in an elevator also pushed the boundaries of reason. I am curious as to why the writers and producers are going back to story crutches they have used before w/ the covert assignment and internal leak arcs that have both already been used but that is an issue to be taken up in the fall. Overall, a well done, albeit less than perfect, episode. Farewell Mike Franks...
  • After a few seasons of "Oh my god how can I get thru these months without knowing what happens next!" season enders everything they throw at us starts to fall prey to comparisons and/or becomes repetitive or predictable.

    For me two things stood out like sore thumbs. Sorry about the caps but, WHAT'S WITH THIS NEW, WATERED DOWN ZIVA? What happened to the hard edge, strong, independent woman who used to be able to tell when anything was wrong because she was just THAT good? Please don't tell me its because she's fallen in love, because I'm not buying it. Okay, I get it, people change but her evolution has soften her too much, even more than Kate used to be.

    And the other thing… Tony is going under again and given a new target. Upon seeing the picture he seemed shocked. Okay, if it's that EJ gal or her former SECNav Uncle it'll be La Grenouille all over again… SAY WHAT, COME ON!

    Can't be Kort because that's too obvious therefore not remotely a shocking cliffhanger since no one trusts him to begin with.

    My gut tells me it could be Ray, he seems secretive enough… But come on, what new angle will Tony either killing or arresting Ziva's boyfriend will bring to the Show? We've seen it before.. then again we don't know how things will be with this new Ziva. *yawns*
  • Farewell Mike

    It was a good episode, somewhat full of politics and a little bit of action. We got to see 2 SecNavs, learned that EJ is SecNav's niece. But apparently, she was just trying to do her job. The killings started in Rota, Spain, because p2p killer made sure that she is involved, so she would lead him to her uncle. A nice storyline.

    Only thing that bugged me was the way they were transporting the p2p killer. A vicious killer, a trained assassin, is being transported by 2 agents, and just by handcuffs by an elevator, where there is also M.E.'s assistant. Is this for real?

    Besides this, a wonderful episode and a good season finale. We have 4 months to speculate, what will happen to Kort, Ray, and whom DiNozzo will hunt for the new SecNav. Another plus, was to see the real Vance again. All in all, a solid 10.
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