Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • I'm a big NCIS fan so was engrossed in the finale, though it was anticlimactic and rushed.

    The last several episodes of this NCIS season are as good an example of "anticlimactic" as you will ever see: "an event, period, or outcome that is strikingly less important or dramatic than expected." After the big build-up about how resourceful, meticulous and determined the unidentifed P2P Serial Killer is and expecting a big showdown between EJ and Gibbs, we get this rushed, lame ending -- Kort mentions in an off-hand way that the P2P is Cobb; and Cobb captures Kort, EJ and Ziva, then releases them and gives himself up; then we learn that he gave himself up so he could break out with two of them as hostages again; and then reveals where he is so the heads of NCIS and the Navy Department will kill him via "suicide by cop"! Not every day that two department heads strap on guns to face the super serial killer man to man!

    I am a big NCIS fan and was engrossed in the finale just to see how things would wrap up. I wonder, though, what new viewers would think. Although I didn't mind as much as others, it was clearly out of character for Ziva to cry over Franks death, to rush into Ray's hotel room so carelessly under the circumstances, and not attend Frank's funeral. Cobb was wounded in "Swan Song" and a big point was made of the few number of bullets he had left, but in "Pyramid" it was like neither had happened. There was a lengthy embarrassing (to me) scene about McGee and Abby bickering over romantic longing and Cade that was inappropriate for the time and went on torturously long; even when McGee said goodbye to Cade, this issue cropped up. When Ziva and Tony were trying to warn Ray and couldn't reach him because he was on a classified mission, you'd think they could have his boss phone Ray with the warning or have a hotel employee knock on his door. EJ kept saying her partner Levin died because she screwed up, but I don't see how -- she and her two partners merely went to interview a witness, no big deal. It was typically foolish of Cobb to tell kidnapped Ziva that he was kidnapping her as a diversion! I don't see how kidnapping EJ, Palmer and Kort should make the Secretary of the Navy come up to face Cobb (though in NCIS world it did). The one really good touch was the way we learned that Gibbs, through all these recent episodes, was working on Frank's coffin, and the funeral itself.

    Miscellaneous observations of recent eps: ridiculous of Ziva to breakup with Ray because he didn't tell her the classified info that he was working on the P2P case; the short period Ziva was kidnapped, the team didn't seem that upset -- for example, Gibbs didn't seemed worried that Cobbs had Ziva's blood on his hands; I'm surprised that Ray wasn't used that much, maybe season #9; I have to laugh at the way Ducky and the others changed their pop psychology profile of P2P as he changed tactics and targets; and I wonder why EJ would think that "the eye" would open up MTAC's door.