Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Disappointing though intriguing (spoilers)

    I can say without a doubt that this was NCIS weakest finale but was it a bad episode? Not at all. The episode began strong with a dead agent and EJ saved. At that time it seemed as though the episode was going to avoid all cliches in what could have been another kidnapped agent story. However as the story progressed it fell dead at some points and became riddled with illogical events.

    I feel that the writers "blew their load" in Swan Song's strong episode and didn't know where to go in Pyramid. They kept making turns and twists up to the point where it became annoying and completely unbelievable. Also mentioned in a review below me the dialogue was horrible. It sounded flat, cliche and lacked any emotional impact. They actually did a "oh this all seems like a dream". I'm not even going to waste my time ranting on the ending.

    So what was good? Well the episode raised a lot of questions, something I can appreciate since it keeps the NCIS universe layered. Palmer had a great scene and the funeral was beautiful. Big thumbs up for recognizing The Boxer Rebellion's excellent latest album. There was a small but beautiful detail here that us loyal NCIS followers can appreciate. A worthy departure for Special Agent Franks.

    In short the episode felt like a rush job and was dissapointing because it was a season finale. But since this is NCIS there is still enough to be enjoyed. One thing Pyramid definitly achieved is that I'm really looking forward to the season 9 premiere and I suppose that counts for something.