Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 17, 2011 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: Agent Barrett is seen scrubbing her neck furiously to remove the marker line. Later you can barely see it, but her neck isn't red at all from all the scrubbing.

    • TRIVIA: The casket Mike is buried in was made by Gibbs. In several episodes this season, the latest being "Dead Reflection," Gibbs was seen carving flowers out of wood.

    • TRIVIA: Ziva is the only team member not present at the funeral of Mike Franks.

    • TRIVIA: Jimmy Palmer is engaged to marry Breena.

    • TRIVIA: Director Vance made some modifications to his office, including installing a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) mode to secure the room against eavesdropping.

    • TRIVIA: Phillip Davenport resigns from his position as Secretary of the Navy. The President appoints Clayton Jarvis as his successor.

    • TRIVIA: Former Secretary of the Navy Phillip Davenport is Special Agent Barrett's uncle.

  • Quotes

    • Barrett: This isn't right. It's too easy.
      Tony: He knows where Ziva is. There's nothing easy about it.
      Barrett: Cobb's playing us.
      Tony: Playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Guy must have a death wish.
      Barrett: What does he want?
      Tony: Rule 16: If someone thinks they have the upper hand, break it.

    • SecNav: You need time, Leon? For God's sake, take all the time you need.
      Vance: I'm not talking about time, sir, I'm talking about mistakes. Now you learn to accept a lot with this job. Resolutions that I knew were wrong. And now we're facing the consequences.
      SecNav: We can't talk about this here. You know that. We need a SCIF. It's a black op.
      Vance: Right this way, sir. Modifications were made, sir. We can talk all we want. The room's tight as a drum.

    • Vance: Good morning, Mr. Secretary.
      SecNav: (nods) Like hell it is, Leon. This better be damn important.
      Gibbs: Agent's dead, Mr. Secretary. Another critical. I don't know how much more important it could get.
      Vance: (nods) Right this way, sir.

    • Abby: McGee, what are you doing here?
      McGee: (nods) Waiting for you. How's Cade?
      Abby: Stable, sort of. I mean, he's lost a lot of blood.
      McGee: (nods again) Well, he's a big guy. He's got a lot of blood to lose. Did you stay with him all night?
      Abby: He's a friend, McGee. I would do that for any friend. For you or for Tony, for Gibbs.
      McGee: (nods) I know you would. And listen, it's okay if you two are more than friends. I understand, seriously. I really like Cade, and I can understand how a man of his stature could be intriguing to a woman...
      Abby: Are you for real right now, McGee?

    • Agent Cruz: I have to work outside of the country.
      Ziva: For how long?
      Agent Cruz: It could take a while.
      Ziva: Then don't go. Stay.
      Agent Cruz: I can't.
      Ziva: Well, tell them that I threatened to divorce you.
      Agent Cruz: They know I'm not married.
      Ziva: Well, if you keep doing this, you'll never be.

    • Agent Barrett: You can have Rota, if you want.
      Tony: I think I'll stay put. No sense walking away from a good thing.
      Gibbs: That a compliment, DiNozzo?
      Tony: No, boss. Sorry. Never.

    • Cobb: Now, what kind of lesson would you learn if my actions were humane?
      Gibbs: You failed as a Navy officer. You were an embarrassment to the CIA. A disappointment to your dad. And you want to teach me a lesson?

    • Agent Barrett: We're all worried about Ziva.
      Tony: I know. It's just different for some of us.

    • Gibbs: Ziva went to meet Ray Cruz at his hotel, and he wasn't there yet. And now she's missing.
      Kort: Gibbs, all I did was provide your team with Cruz's location.
      Gibbs: Well, we think Cobb got her.
      Kort: You think I sent her in there on purpose? To gain what, exactly?
      Gibbs: If she gets hurt, you answer to me.
      Kort: Is he threatening me, Director?
      Vance: If he wasn't, I am.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 18, 2011 on Global
      : May 31, 2011 on Channel Ten
      United Kingdom
      : June 10, 2011 on FX/FX HD
      Sweden: October 10, 2011 on TV3
      Finland: November 1, 2011 on Nelonen
      Spain: November 4, 2011 on LaSexta
      Germany: November 13, 2011 on SAT 1
      Slovakia: February 3, 2012 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: July 9, 2012 on TV Nova

    • "Caught by the Light" by The Boxer Rebellion plays during the funeral.

    • Muse Watson (Mike Franks) is credited but only appears in flashbacks of previous episodes. In addition, he provides a voice over while Gibbs' reads his letter.

    • Matt Craven who plays the new SecNav worked with Rocky Carroll in the movie Crimson Tide wherein the play members of a sub crew.

  • Allusions

    • Davenport: We can't talk about this here. You know that. We need a SCIF. It's a black op.

      A Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or "SCIF" for short, is an enclosed area within a building that is used to process "Sensitive Compartmented Information" (SCI) level classified information without fear of interception by eavesdropping devices.

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