Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on CBS
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When a Petty Officer's dog tags are found in a national forest by a group of teens, the NCIS team is called in to investigate. While searching for the campsite of the sailor, the team finds out that there was another person, possibly a woman, with him. The investigation takes them to an even more higher discovery -- there could be a serial killer killing women in the national forest.moreless

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  • The Team Investigates The Death Of A Marine Who Was Eaten By A Bear And They May Be Looking For A Serial Killer.

    "Ravenous" is a strong episode and an improvement over a few last episodes. The opening scene was great and it had just the right amount of suspense. The case is also quite interesting, the beginning was slow but then it became a really fast paced episode filled with action. Of course, humour played a big role in this episode. The last scene was terrific. The best part in this episode was Abby's birthday! One thing I did not like in this episode was that we never learned the killer's motive. Despite this flaw, "Ravenous" is well worth your time and I recommend this one!moreless
  • Ravenous

    Loved Gibb's smile when Abby discovered the present from him!!
  • Funny and interesting - a good combination for NCIS

    I totally loved this episode. The case was interesting enough, but the best thing about it was Abby. How everyone gave her the same present (which was very sweet but also amusing) and how she moped like a wife or girlfriend because Gibbs seemed to have forgotten her birthday only to be rewarded with something special...just wonderful. Also really good was the scene between Ziva and the antisemitic suspect. On the whole a very entertaining episode the only thing that would have made this even better, would have been a final scene with the murderer to find out what his motivation had been.moreless
  • Ravenous

    Thanks to the great people at USA Network we got an NCIS marathon on what would have been nothing more than a boring Sunday. Unfortunately the theme (Dear Abby marathon) focused on my least favorite character on the show (although Lauren Holly is knocking at the door for that one.)

    The episode was good though as her performance was not as over the top as it usually is and her scenes during the commercial breaks, taped specifically for this, were actually pretty funny. Abby can be a good character when the writers know what they are doing, but such is rarely the case.

    This was a routine NCIS episode, not a blowaway installment by any means, but for sure a fun episode.moreless
  • In the wild

    That was great episode. I loved the whole wild nature thing and the way, Tony, knowing nothing about what he is saying, tried to impress that ranger and what kind of stupid thing he said.

    Also the case.. the whole idea of hunter and they hunting that hunter.. or hunter hunting them.. Playing that dangerous game and that shot.. it just looked like.. for a minute.

    I also like the whole outcome. Ziva totally randomly finding that woman what then meant that one of the rangers (if not both) were involved. I was quite sure both of them but.. that was quite logical explanation to the case.moreless
Mark Harmon

Mark Harmon

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Michael Weatherly

Michael Weatherly

Special Agent Tony DiNozzo

Cote de Pablo

Cote de Pablo

Mossad Agent Ziva David

Pauley Perrette

Pauley Perrette

Forensics Specialist Abby Sciuto

Sean Murray (I)

Sean Murray (I)

Special Agent Tim McGee

David McCallum

David McCallum

Chief M.E. Ducky Mallard

Todd Allen

Todd Allen

Park Ranger James Landis

Guest Star

Michelle Harrison

Michelle Harrison

Park Ranger Bobby Hendricks

Guest Star

Chris Payne Gilbert

Chris Payne Gilbert

Wesley Rowan

Guest Star

Brian Dietzen

Brian Dietzen

Asst. M.E. Jimmy Palmer

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • GOOF: Just before Abby opens Gibbs' birthday present when they are looking at evidence. Abby is holding a bag with gloves on then when Gibbs turns to leave we see her hands without glove. When they are back to talking we briefly see Abby's hand and she has the gloves back on in seconds then she puts her hands together with no gloves.Then suddenly she puts finger up with gloves on and they stay on. There is no way she change them in that amount of time.

    • TRIVIA: Apparently, Director Shepard did not 'pass' the autopsy-test: Gibbs walks in when Ziva asks what happens if you get nauseous from it, and he says: 'Some of us become director...'

    • TRIVIA: In the episode it is Abby's birthday. Pauley Perrette's actual birthday is twenty days after the episode first aired.

    • TRIVIA: In the interrogation room, Ziva brings Jason Edom a bottled water. The water is Dasani bottled water with one letter obscured to reduce the possibility of product recognition.

    • TRIVIA: When Ziva gives Abby black roses, she says, "Yom Huledet Same'ach." It means "Happy Birthday" in Hebrew.

    • GOOF: Just before Abby puts the black roses in the fridge, you can see the refelection of a crew member in the glass sliding door behind her and Ziva. After that, you can see that same crew member walk across the room in the reflection.

    • TRIVIA: It's Abby's birthday in this episode. She loves black roses.

  • QUOTES (18)

    • McGee: (After Gibbs shoots Landis in the butt) Boss didn't--?
      Tony: No. He wouldn't do a thing like that. (McGee and Tony share a look)

    • Tony: Trust me, you gotta see this. (pulls Ziva out of the elevator)
      Ziva: I'd rather be taking a shower Tony...
      Tony: It's every newbie's worst nightmare.

    • Ziva: Not a big fan of nature huh?
      Tony: Oh.. I'm a big fan of nature as long as it's on tv.

    • Ziva: (outside interrogation room, watching Edom) This man makes my skin crawl.
      Gibbs: Can you interrogate him without breaking bones?
      Ziva: Truthfully? No.
      Gibbs: I agree. That's why I'm doing it. You're going to spend the next few hours studying everything we know about him and the evidence.
      Ziva: And supply the answers to you?
      Gibbs: No, nope, I got DiNozzo doing that. You're on Edom's side.
      Ziva: Meaning?
      Gibbs: Meaning you're going to defend him. I want you to assume that he's innocent.
      Ziva: The man's a serial-killing racist, Gibbs!
      Gibbs: Mm-hmm, he probably is. But you're still going to do it.
      Ziva: Why?
      Gibbs: Because you can't walk in there and interrogate him. Yet.

    • McGee: They drinking cappuccinos?
      Tony: Probably fueling up for the banjo dueling contest later.
      Ziva: What's that?
      McGee: Those are, uh, scones. Sort of like an English-coffee-pastry-
      Tony: I think, Probie, that Ziva was referring to the jar next to the scones. Those are pickled pigs' feet, Ziva. I think you'd enjoy them.
      Ziva: I'll pass on that. They're not exactly kosher.

    • Ziva: Mind if I take a bat nap?
      Female Park Ranger: No, just, um, hang from the rafters.

    • Gibbs: You two finished playing grabassey or do I need to transfer McGee to a weather station in Antarctica?

    • Tony: (freaks out at the Park Ranger's hairy pits and legs, starts pretending to cry) I'm married.
      Female Park Ranger: Then why did you ask for my phone number?
      Tony: She's dead. It was a pottery accident. Kiln overheated or something. Very unexpected. Very unexpected! I thought I was ready to move on.
      Female Park Ranger: (hugging a horrified Tony) Oh you poor, poor man.

    • Gibbs: I've had a few wives Abby.
      Abby: And yet you know so little about women.

    • Tony: Slam dunk. We're going out next weekend. Booya.
      Ziva: Hah, that's not bad Tony, Landec asked me out tonight. I said no. I don't want him to think I'm sleazy.
      Tony: The term is easy.
      Ziva: What's the difference?
      Tony: Mostly the makeup.

    • McGee: According to Petty Officer Reilly's C.O. he's been on leave the last six days.
      Tony: Nice vacation. A little camping. A knife to the heart. A little trip inside a bear's digestive tract.
      McGee: Yeah, I'd fire my travel agent.

    • Jason Edom: You're wastin' your time, sweetheart. I don't date your kind. (Edom points to Ziva's Star of David necklace)
      Ziva: (forced laugh) What is your kind, Mr. Edom? Breathing?

    • Park Ranger Hendricks: I hate it when men try to protect you because you're a female.
      Ziva: He's not trying to protect me. He's afraid I'll kill Rowan before he tells us where the girl is.

    • Ziva: Great, it'll be like trying to find a pin in the haystack.
      Tony: Needle in a haystack.
      Ziva: Well, aren't pins just as hard to find?
      Tony/McGee: No.

    • Abby: I was just about to call Tony and McGee. I think they were having sex.
      Ziva (surprised): Tony and McGee?
      Abby: No!

    • Tony: Maybe she drove out here on her own. That's why nobody saw her with Riley. Registration could give us a name.
      Ziva: I assume Gibbs would have checked that out last night.
      Tony: Rule #8: Never assume anything.
      Ziva: To be precise - it's, "Never take anything for granted."
      Tony: To be precise, what would you do if I started head-slapping you?
      Ziva: I'd most likely kill you. It's, uh, a reflex thing.

    • Abby: I swabbed what's left of Petty Officer Riley's clothes. It's mostly his blood and what I now know to be bear saliva.
      Gibbs: He was eaten by a bear, Abby. Tell me something I don't know.
      Abby: About the case or perhaps something more personal?

    • Ranger: Bear scat. Fresh. Any brave soul want to investigate this particular bear's diet?
      Jerry: Sure. My old man always said I was full of stuff anyway.
      Ranger: Now. Bears are omnivores. They'll basically eat anything. It's not unusual to find digested berries, deer sinew, even bones in a single scat specimen. So, Jerry - tell us - what's this one been eating?
      Jerry (lifts dog tags on a neck chain from "scat" into the air using point of his stick): I think maybe people.

  • NOTES (4)

    • The song playing in Abby's lab after she calls Gibbs to her lab and ends up getting her present is "Evil Night Together" by Jill Tracy; the song playing the first time Ziva, Tony, and McGee enter the JackRabbit is "Your Man" by Josh Turner.

    • Todd Allen (guest star Park Ranger James Landis) played the brother of Mark Harmon's character on Chicago Hope.

    • Original International Airdates:
      Denmark: March 7, 2006 on TV3
      Australia: July 19, 2006 on Channel 10
      Sweden: October 8, 2006 on TV3
      Germany: October 22, 2006 on SAT 1
      Italy: December 17, 2006 on RAI 2
      Croatia: January 11, 2007 on NOVA TV
      Finland: January 19, 2007 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: January 7, 2009 on TV Nova
      Slovakia: May 14, 2009 on Markiza

    • Lauren Holly is credited but doesn't appear.


    • Abby: Now I know how Molly Ringwald felt in Sixteen Candles.

      Abby has had her birthday forgotten by someone very important to her, just as Molly Ringwald's character did in the 1984 John Hughes film Sixteen Candles.

    • McGee: They're drinking Cappuchino?
      DiNozzo: Probably fueling up for the banjo duelling contest later.

      Yet another reference and allusion to the movie Deliverance, which had not only very scary forest dwellers, but whose theme tune was "Duelling Banjos."

    • Tony: We may have a Black Widow on our hands.

      A Black Widow is a typology of female serial killer. According to folklore, female black widow spiders kill and eat the males after mating. A black widow killer is a woman who lures her male victims with affection, sex and/or marriage, establishing a relationship before killing. When the autopsy finds that the dead marine was murdered and not killed by the bear, DiNozzo and McGee are speculating that the missing woman may have been a killer of this type. However, black widow killers, like their arachnid counterparts, typically use poison, not hunting knives. Black widows (of the human variety) have been a popular film subject, with at least 25 movies with those words in the title having been made in the last fifty years.

    • Tony tells McGee not to be friendly with the towns people. He refers to a movie Deliverance, and tells McGee that DiNozzo is Burt Reynolds and that McGee is Ned Beatty. In the movie Deliverance, Beatty's character was attacked by the natives.

    • Gibbs' birthday gift to Abby echoed the scenes in Pulp Fiction, the Quentin Tarrantino movie, where there was a briefcase with a golden light that emanated from inside, but the audience never saw what caused the light, nor did any character explain clearly to the audience what was inside.