Season 3 Episode 17


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 07, 2006 on CBS

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  • The Team Investigates The Death Of A Marine Who Was Eaten By A Bear And They May Be Looking For A Serial Killer.

    "Ravenous" is a strong episode and an improvement over a few last episodes. The opening scene was great and it had just the right amount of suspense. The case is also quite interesting, the beginning was slow but then it became a really fast paced episode filled with action. Of course, humour played a big role in this episode. The last scene was terrific. The best part in this episode was Abby's birthday! One thing I did not like in this episode was that we never learned the killer's motive. Despite this flaw, "Ravenous" is well worth your time and I recommend this one!
  • Ravenous

    Loved Gibb's smile when Abby discovered the present from him!!
  • Funny and interesting - a good combination for NCIS

    I totally loved this episode. The case was interesting enough, but the best thing about it was Abby. How everyone gave her the same present (which was very sweet but also amusing) and how she moped like a wife or girlfriend because Gibbs seemed to have forgotten her birthday only to be rewarded with something special...just wonderful. Also really good was the scene between Ziva and the antisemitic suspect. On the whole a very entertaining episode the only thing that would have made this even better, would have been a final scene with the murderer to find out what his motivation had been.
  • Ravenous

    Thanks to the great people at USA Network we got an NCIS marathon on what would have been nothing more than a boring Sunday. Unfortunately the theme (Dear Abby marathon) focused on my least favorite character on the show (although Lauren Holly is knocking at the door for that one.)

    The episode was good though as her performance was not as over the top as it usually is and her scenes during the commercial breaks, taped specifically for this, were actually pretty funny. Abby can be a good character when the writers know what they are doing, but such is rarely the case.

    This was a routine NCIS episode, not a blowaway installment by any means, but for sure a fun episode.
  • In the wild

    That was great episode. I loved the whole wild nature thing and the way, Tony, knowing nothing about what he is saying, tried to impress that ranger and what kind of stupid thing he said.

    Also the case.. the whole idea of hunter and they hunting that hunter.. or hunter hunting them.. Playing that dangerous game and that shot.. it just looked like.. for a minute.

    I also like the whole outcome. Ziva totally randomly finding that woman what then meant that one of the rangers (if not both) were involved. I was quite sure both of them but.. that was quite logical explanation to the case.
  • What look like accidental death turns into a series of serial killings.

    Tony's childish glee at the new agents observing an autopsy is so Tony.

    I've always loved the bond between Abby and Gibbs and it's obvious how upset Abby was when Gibbs apparently forgot. The way he sneaks the present onto her desk was adorable. Everyone getting black roses, snickering when the next person comes along with the roses.

    Tony manages to get a date and seems Tony doesn't like 'natural' women.

    It's been a while since we've seen Gibbs do the 'marine' thing.

    Very cool – a serial killer using his job as a park ranger to provide himself with a dumping ground for a spectacular 26 body count and if the bodies were found, making sure it looked like accidental deaths. Now that's very smart. It was just bad luck that Jessica's boyfriend was a marine.
  • A really interesting and funny one!

    This case took NCIS into the 'Great Outdoors', and they tracked a missing female, who was with a male when he was killed by a bear.

    The case was a really interesting one, which I felt that the last two episodes lacked a bit, and this episode was also rich with laughs. There were loads of funny scenes, which I also hadn't seen for a few episodes, so for me, this episode contained the perfect blend.

    The ending is really great and somewhat unexpected as well, so that also adds to the excitement level.

    I highly recommend this one, because it had the great combination of comedy and the great case. A truly marvellous episode, NCIS!
  • Another great one

    This episode opens with a bunch of teenagers being taken through the woods with a ranger. They stumble across a bear's faeces, and on further inspection, discover dog tags in it. NCIS are called in when the Ranger also discovers what is left of the body. The body belongs to Petty Officer Riley. When Gibbs inspects the site with the team, he discovers that Riley was with a woman, due to her underwear being there and her footprints. So a search is started for her. Ducky discovers that the Petty Officer was killed with a knife and died instantly, long before the bear attacked him. Its Abby's birthday in this episode and everyone gets her black roses. Abby runs tests on hair found in Riley's car and at the camp site. They are a match. As they go though deaths at the park, they discover three women who all died there, all look almost identical. Abby discovers that the missing woman is called Jessica. She matches the descriptions of the other three women who died within the pack. Gibbs discovers that she was carried out of the camp site, due to no foot prints being found. Tony tries to as out the female ranger. It doesn't go well, but after a while he agrees to go out on a date with him. He then sees her unshaved armpits and legs and tells her that he is a widow and it's too soon for him to be dating. Abby discovers that the petty officer's body was hosed in chemicals which are used to attract bears.
    They discover prints at the camp site of Jason, one of the men that worked in the shop near the camp site. Gibbs questions him and he tells him that he isn't a murderer and never attacked anyone. Ziva learns that he has an alibi as he was at his daughter's dance recital, and many people saw him there. Ziva goes in to question Jason and learns that the shop owner Rowan is his ex-girlfriend, had a restringing order against him. She is the latest missing victim. He took his anger out on women that looked like her. Abby reminds Gibbs about her birthday and asks w when she does she finds a gift from him there. Ducky discovers that all three of the previous victims, were killed 7-10 days after they were taken. The team go back to the camp in order to find the girl and her kidnapper. Tony, McGee & Gibbs go off together, whilst Ziva and the female ranger go searching together. They go back to one of the cabins and Ziva grabs as she called it, a bat nap. When she wakes she finds one of the clothes jewels inside of the cabin, the same as the one found in the woods. Ziva finds Jessica in one of the rooms inside of the cabin. Rowan is shot by Jim, the male ranger. Jim gets radioed that Ziva found Jessica in his cabin and he pulls his gun on the NCIS team. We learn that he kills 26 people. As he fights with Gibbs he manages to run, but Gibbs shots him in the ass with a hunting gun.
  • When a group of teenagers on a hiking trip discover evidence of a human devouring by a bear in his waste. Abby's Birthday is a big thing also, did Gibbs actually forget her birthday?

    While investigating the disapearance of a young woman believed to be with the dead naval man that no one can seem to find or identify, they find out that there have been other killings of women in the park. They believe that there could be a serial killer out there. Jason Edom becomes a number one believed to be suspect, he is a harsh and racist man that seems to have a problem with women or maybe even people. He does not like Ziva at all and vise-a-versa. He had been recently banned permently from the park. They find his prints on the food contents from the campsite. Ziva finds out that he was at a dance recital for his daughter. So now Gibbs wants her to talk to him and find out if he knows who did do the killing. Ziva is actually the one who got him to talk even if he didn't know what they wanted to know. He thought that wes (the store owner) had done it because the woman missing used to date him and she had left him. But Jason was wrong. It turns out that The park ranger had issues women for some reason. As Ziva gets her bat the search continues. When she awakens she discovers something in the floor, a rinestone stud like one that Gibbs found while hunting her. She discovers the girls in the cellar. Park ranger Lanis got his just disserts in the end......
    very good
  • Intresting case.

    I really liked the plot of this episode, the storyline was amazing in my opinion. It really was well written. At some point in the episode, I did had my suspicion on who actually was the serial killer, and I was right, which I found a little disappointing. I always seem to have a thing for serial killers in episodes, I think it just adds something to the case. Usually the team works even harder to find a serial killer, cause they have to catch them before he or she kills again. So it puts in extra drive which I can always appreciate. And I really liked the whole Tony and female park ranger scenes, those brought some humor into this episode.
  • good episode....

    I actually like this episode. I read the summary and I thought it would be stupid, but I was surprised. I really liked how Tony and Ziva both got girl / boy friends when they met the park rangers. I also liked the story : women were being murdered and made to seem like it was just a park accident. I knew who was the killer the whole time. It was obvious to me. However, I still liked the story and the suspects. Overall, this episode was good with a good story, good guest characters, and great character development and humor.
  • great episode

    A group of teens go trekking in a national forest with a trail guide. They accidentally stumble upon human remains. The NCIS team investigates the remains of a dead marine and they find out that there are actually more bodies out there. The investigation leads them to believe that the bear killings were in fact a work of a serial killer. The writers came up with a really good story. There were interesting characters in the story. the serial killer story was itself very interesting with twist and turns along the way. I really enjoyed watching this episode. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • When Marine dog tags are found in a national forest While searching , the team finds out that there was another person, possibly a woman, with him. The investigation takes them to discovery -- there could be a serial killer killing women

    Yes, as usual it makes one wonder, if its not a good idea to join the Marines or even any other service. They seem to die in mysterious circumstances. But then we would not have NCIS and the team. The Team bounce off each other in true form , and its good to see Ziva finally take on a better role than what she has had. ( Bad English but you know what I mean).So sad that Gibbs forgotten Abby’s birthday but then again He hadn’t. Love the bit where:
    Gibbs: I've had a few wives Abby
    Abby: And yet you know so little about women.
    Which is probably true, will we ever find out why(He knows so little about the female sex)? I doubt it.
    Anyway going back to the story, Tone as usually says the wrong things, but manages to squirm his way out. It was at one point pretty obvious that the female park ranger was so similar to the missing women, but there you go. The final scene made you realise that despite the fact Gibbs eyesight is supposed to be getting worse, he can still see distance, and the shot in the butt of the park ranger was great. Then He swung the gun over his shoulder and smiled that smile. Ahh bliss.
  • A intense story line with a funny character background storyline.

    In this episode, the story line is serious and somewhat disturbing but you can't help but find laugh at how upset Abby is at Gibbs for thinking he forgot her birthday. I like how she references Molly Ringwald's character in Sixteen Candles because she was feeling mad that her family forgot her birthday. The thing is everyone else (Tony, Mcgee, Ducky, and even Ziva) acknowledged Abby's bithday and gave her her favorite flower, black roses, as a present but it still wasn't enough to keep her from feeling hurt. I think she see's Gibbs as a sexy father figure and has such strong feeling for him that if he does anything that seems negative towards her, Abby feels hurt. The great thing is he did give her a present and all was well in the end. He also took care of the bad guy in a totally Gibbs way.
  • If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise

    Lions and Spiders and Bears… Oh my!!
    A marine is eaten by a bear… Is this an accident or is it murder?

    This episode had intrigue, mystery, great humor and Abby’s birthday. I thought in terms of character development this episode showed the closeness of Gibbs and Abby when we find out that he normally takes her out for dinner the night before her birthday. It also demonstrates his skills with a rifle (which we knew he had but was great to see)… For Tony we see that he seems to have a real problem with women that do not shave. That scene was totally hilarious… “The kiln overheated or something”.
    Even Ziva shows a softer side, when she is talking to Edom in the interrogation room she makes a connection with him about his daughter. While this could have just been a tactic it still shows that she has a potential to be a softer person.

    I love Abby’s treatment of Gibbs when she thinks he forgot her birthday. It shows how much she cares about him and what he thinks. I really want to know what her present was… Having never seen pulp fiction I have no idea what the whole pulp fiction connection was…

    Anyways… a great episode!

  • While on a trail hike, a ranger finds Bear scat. She asks someone to check what the bear has been eating. They find out that the bear may have been eating people.

    While on a trail hike, a ranger finds Bear scat. She asks someone to check what the bear has been eating. They find out that the bear may have been eating people. The NCIS team comes to investigate. The guy who got mauled by the bear was actually killed first. But he came with a girlfriend who is missing. They find a picture of her and a few other women who have gone missing in the park. They look like they could be sisters! So now someone maybe getting back at a woman who looked like them, by killing the girls.
  • Rednecks, federal agents, and bear scat. Oh my!

    This was a solid episode. Great writing, nice plot twists, but I just wasn’t into it. Maybe it was the lady ranger with all the body hair. Who knows? Despite my apathy there were several very appealing things going on. First, it was the only time in recent memory that I’ve seen Abby well and truly ticked off at Gibbs. She was so hurt thinking that he forgot her birthday. I particularly liked when she gave his surly attitude right back to him even echoing his sarcastic, “Ya think?” right to his face. Bert the farting hippo makes another guest appearance. And while I haven’t yet completely warmed up to Ziva, the episode went a long way toward developing her character. Remembering Abby’s birthday establishes her as one of the team and shows she has actual human emotions-even if she wasn’t quite ready for the ensuing hug. The most poignant moment, however, was watching the class with which Ziva handled discrimination. Early in the episode she was treated badly by some ignorant backwoods men who dislike that she is Jewish. Showing restraint not common to her character, she lets them live. :) Later on, while interrogating one of the men she forges a bond with him showing true interest in his little girl. You can see his attitude change and the bigotry melt away. Pretty powerful. It’s the reason we keep coming back for more.
  • NCIS is called in when a bear mauled body is found at a state park

    This is just over all a great episode. It is well written and funny, dramatic and sad. This episode was perfectly written, it reminds us why we got hooked into NCIS in the first place! The humor between Tony and Ziva is great to watch, the flirty, is-to is-not, makes watching these to characters interact hilarious and alot of the time the highlights of an episode. Ravenous is a wonderful episode! GO NCIS!
  • A young woman is kidnapped in a national park.

    I figured that it had to be one of the rangers. Especially after the other girls with similar looks were discovered. The guy ranger was flirting with Ziva, who fits that general description. For that matter, so did the lady ranger. Despite the fact that you could guess the killer, it was a pretty good episode.
  • Great episode!

    I really liked this episode. Much better than last week. I especially like the dynamics between Abby and Gibbs. Why did Ziva let the hairy park ranger radio her partner. It was very creepy when Ziva went into the closet. Why did Ziva tell hairy girl that she found the kidnapped girl in HER root cellar when hairy girl said that she lived a mile down the road in a log cabin? Was hairy girl in on the killings? Ah... we will never know. I love this show. It is a fine mix of character development, action, and intrigue. I hope that rumors of it being taken off the air are just rumors. Any show without the director is definately a winner.
  • Abby's Birthday!

    I think Ziva is trying to feel the shoes that Kate has left as like a big sister to Abby
    Glad that they didn't forget Abby's birthday
    Because she felt that she would had been left out
    Anyway another great show as usual and always
    Tony was very funny flirting with the park ranger
    But then again he always is funny
    That will of course change next week
    When he gets or is forced in a compromising situation where he is left in charge
    As Gibbs gets held hostage with a bunch of kids!
  • Exciting!

    This was an informative and & exciting episode. We learn it is Abby' birthday and that Gibbs always takes her out to dinner. Abby believes he has forgotton and appears heartbroken. Tony was funny when he was coming on to the lady park ranger and saw her excessive body hair. Ziva did a godd job and her and Abby seemed really close. I thought the whole butt shot scene was excellent.

    What was in the box that Gibbs gives Abby, we may never know.
  • I love this epp It had just the right amount of the case as well as things about the characters.

    I loved the whole bit with Abby\'s birthday and how she thought that Gibbs had forgotten about it. And of course they leave us hanging as to what she got. The case was really cool, I loved the scenes with Tony and the park ranger, hilarious. It was slightly creepy when Ziva just went and pulled the girl out of the closet. I wasn\'t sure what to think. It\'s also puzzling as to why the perp didn\'t try to \"Accidentally Kill\" his partner. She fit the discription and everything.
  • Knew who the killer was at the beginning

    You knew it had to be one of the park rangers. The woman with the leg hair was so gross. The banjo's reference was so funny and McGee not getting it was great. The autopsy at the beginning was great. Especially the big guy losing his lunch. The serial killer angle was pretty good but not great.
  • Much better than Family Secret... making up for the lack of action previously?

    Much better than Family Secret...much more action. I thought that Ziva's character was well-played in this episode; her little 'word joke' things were cute, and her reactions to Edom's racism seemed real to me. Also, Abby was great, as per usual.. that little scene with her and McGee was adorable, and she did pissed off at Gibbs incredibly well. Not too much of Tony, although his 'close shave' (haha, I made a joke) with the ranger was awesome. My Top Five Important Things That Happened:
    1) Abby recieves an as-yet-unknown b-day present from Gibbs,
    2) who shows off his Marine training by shooting a crooked park ranger
    3) Ziva and Abby seem to be getting along a bit better
    4) We learn that McGEe REALLY sucks at hiking. I mean, come on! That path was, like, horizontal! And,
    5) McGee threw up at his first autopsy with Ducky. Awww.