Season 5 Episode 16


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM May 06, 2008 on CBS

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  • An alright one.

    While I can respect it wasn't the killing that shook Ziva but that feeling of somehow someone as skilled and smart as her could feel so helpless and perhaps scared... (although part of me still feels it was a bit over the top!). I still strongly dislike how she handled it. The whole going back to the bar constantly and drinking? That's not signs of someone just a bit shaken in their confidence, thats a whole lot bigger. Sleeping with a potential suspect?! That was sloppy...

    Her reasoning for actions was explained in her conversation with GIbbs at the elevator - "I left it too late" "bad judgement" etc etc.. but yeah her general behaviour was just annoying and felt over the top.

    Alright episode though, I like when they start straight in the action sometimes. Definitely throws up the 'procedure'. I so wished Michael was guilty though, and the whole "just like now" about her gun was creepy! Just to shove it in Ziva's face a bit that she can't be rude to her partners and tell them they're wrong just because she's in a grumpy mood.

    Oh look she screams at Tony for never answering his phone.. doesn't answer hers when he calls when YOU'RE IN A CASE. Just wanted to slap her a bit.
  • Great episode, which apparently many fans didn't get!

    I loved this episode! Many fans didn't seem to get it though. I understood why Ziva acted the way she did, but that might be because I minored in psychology! They explained it in the commentary on the DVD, for those who still don't get it. One of the few times we got to see the vunerable side of Ziva and I thought it was done brilliantly!
  • A clever title goes here!

  • Ziva was not "out of character"

    A fellow NCIS fan wrote:

    "But come on, are we supposed to believe that killing this guy who they knew was a serial killer was hard for her?"

    This represents a gross misunderstanding. Ziva had no problem at all with blowing away the serial killer.

    Ziva is supremely confident Mossad field agent.

    But slipping up and letting the killer get the drop on her shook that confidence. Ziva was unnerved by the fact that she, who is normally the predator, almost became the prey.
  • Finally! Ziva David has arrived.

    With the character of Ziva David being on the show for about fifty episodes now and having convinced everybody that she's a mossad assassin, this is turned around. After watching this episode, I finally believe that she's a full-time member of the series and not just some near-east super-killer asset of the NCIS team around Gibbs. With previous episodes centering more around all of the other characters of the squad, this was a joy to watch and see that she has not been forgotten. I cherish those kind of episodes, getting in touch with the feelings and emotional life of the stars of the series.
    Very well done!
  • I enjoyed the episode even though, in my opinion, Ziva was completely out of character.

    I agree with some of the other people on the site. I enjoyed the episode because it was meant to be character driven; however, Ziva was completely out of character. Ziva is a Mossad trained assassin. She's stated on several occasions that she's killed people; that is what she was trained to do. But come on, are we supposed to believe that killing this guy who they knew was a serial killer was hard for her? She wasn't this upset when she killed her brother. Other than that I enjoyed the episode. I love the chemistry between Tony and Ziva. Maybe one day they will get together, however, I don't count on it.
  • Recoil

    Very good Ziva-centric episode of NCIS tonight that followed one of my favorite characters as she navigated through the struggles of shooting someone.

    The episode opened with a high-octane thrill-ride that gave us a bird's eye view of the NCIS team in action as they attempted to reel in a murderer. I wish more episodes would start with a case already at hand, something Psych does occasionally to immediately generate interest in the night's event.

    The installment was good for the action and suspense, but it also provided a much welcome change of pace and a bit of character growth as Ziva went from being an insane killer in everybody's minds to a regular person with real emotions.
  • Would've been better to keep her hostage for the whole episode.

    After seeing this episode's beginning, I thought we were going to have a great episode of Ziva being held hostage, but I was severly disappointed.

    I felt that they should've carried the concept of her hostage throughout the episode, instead of using that to start off, and I thought that the episode became very weak after that point.

    The dragging on of Ziva and her boyfriend was very nice to see and a good addition, but they dragged it on for way too long, and that took a lot away from the episode, for me.

    I think that the case is interesting, but it doesn't stand out from other episodes, and for that reason, I do not recommend this episode too highly, even though it is enjoyable.
  • Ziva goes undercover to catch a serial killer

    This episode opens with a man washing blood off of his hands after murdering a girl. We then see him receiving a phone call and going outside of the house. His victim is still lying on the floor. We see him getting into a car with Ziva. Luckily she is undercover and not actually going out with a murderer. Tony enters his house and discovers the victim, whilst McGee and Gibbs follow them in a different car. Ziva is given the distress call, and the killer then pulls a gun on her. McGee and Gibbs follow them but by the time, they get to the car it is empty. We then see Ziva being held and a gun pointed at her head. As he pulls the trigger she goes for him. She tries to get his gun, but isn't able too. HE pulls a knife on her and she manages to grab the gun and shoot him. Just then McGee and Gibbs enter the building. Ducky checks her over and Gibbs sends her home and tells her to go to the hospital. But when the rest of the team return to the office, Ziva is sitting there. Andrew Hoffman the killer is a marine officer himself who was killing the wives of military men who were touring.
    Abby reveals that due to evidence she does not believe that he was working alone. Ziva keeps heading back to the bar where she was working undercover, and falls for one of the customers. They back to his place and well you know.
    After Abby runs tests we learn of a 6th victim who hasn't been found yet. She has the same blood type as the missing girl friend of Locke (Ziva's new man). The man on the CCTV surveillance matches Locke's measurements. Tony tells Ziva that he knows that she left with hi the night before (Due to CCTV). We learn that the third victim had an affair with one of the Metro investigating police officer, Chris. Whilst searching the car of Hoffman they discover 4 of the women fingers. Ziva is back at the scene where she killed Hoffman, with Locke. He walks away and she's left there all alone.
    The 4th victim was not killed by Hoffman and so the 4th victim we discover, was killed by her Husband. When Ziva goes back to the bar that night, Locke is there. She tells him she found Devon and hands him a phone number. As she walks away he thanks her.
  • great episode

    while ziva goes undercover to stop a serial killer, she finds herself in deep trouble when the serial killer almost kills her. Ziva's mossad training comes in handy when she overpowers the serial killer and kills him. Ziva finds herself dealing with post traumatic syndrome when she contemplates her near death experience. the ncis team also tries to figure out the serial killers did in the past few days. the more and more they look into the case, they find out that there's another killer who might have killed other women. it's an exciting episode, i enjoyed watching this, the detective drama worked just fine.
  • Ahhh! What happened, this episode was terrible! Actually, the last two weeks have been pretty bad.

    Wow, last week I said that "In the Zone" was the worst episode of NCIS that I had ever seen, well, this week out did that one. I was so bored while watching this episode. "Recoil" was about Ziva dating a serial killer while under cover. He found out she was a cop and tried to kill her. She moves, too late, the bullet grazes her head and she scrambles to pick up the gun. Eventually, after a couple minutes of struggling, she is forced to shoot him. This all happened in the first five minutes of the episode, after that it was all about her feelings; I seriously thought she was going crazy. I don't know what was so special about this target, maybe it was the fact that she knew him or maybe it didn't have anything to do with him, maybe it was because she almost died, I don't know, but she was totally torn apart after killing this guy. He was a serial killer and had brutally murdered 4 women; people were thanking her for killing him! She was so upset about it though and she was taking prescription medication. That bit, the bit about the medicine, was kind of weird, unexplained, and unnecessary. She always says she is okay and doesn't need to go the doctor or anything, then, all of a sudden, she is on prescription drugs? It was confusing. This whole episode, I was asking myself, "What kind of assassin is she?" I mean seriously, it was ridiculous! She wasn't this upset after killing her brother! I defiantly felt bad for Tony in this episode though. He was so jealous, but it was kind of sweet, he was concerned about Ziva. It was kind of ironic that Ziva went to autopsy and looked at the guy she had killed. Kate did the same thing when she killed someone in a previous episode. The thing is, that was normal for Kate, she was a touchy feely kind of girl, well not really, but defiantly more than Ziva is anyway. One thing I don't know though is whether sleeping with Michael was to get his fingerprint, or if she just planned on going home with him and getting his fingerprint was just a bonus. The whole episode they were playing up the fact that they didn't know who the second killer was or even if there was a second killer. It worked really well in "Internal Affairs" but in this episode it was just annoying.
  • Oh thank God! I thought the writers had completely forgot her this season. Hallelujah!

    Finally! A Ziva-centric episode for S5. I was starting to worry she was just going to fade into nothingness from lack of character development. Since the last two seasons have been revolving around Tony, his hoity-toity little french chick, The Frog and Jenny, this episode was a breath of life into the season. I especially loved to see the tables reversed on the whole Tony/Ziva Outside Relationship front. Now Ziva was the one fooling around & Tony was the one sitting in the corner being jealous and worried. Oh Huzzah, I thought this day would never come. I love their whole dynamic and this episode proves that the flirting is BACK! WOOHOO!! But, back to the story...

    I thought this was a great and deep plot. I know this is cliche, but Ziva's flatness has completely dissapeared with this ep. We didn't get a look into her past, like I know sooo many of us want, but we did get a chance to see what goes on inside that pretty little head of hers. How she thinks. How she feels. And now that we've escaped the perpetual Jenny/Tony/Jenny/Tony/Frog/Jenny/Tony tornado, we can start to focus on some of the other characters we nearly forgot existed. Welcome back, Ms. Ziva David! (and possible future Mrs. DiNozzo)
  • ok...I guess...

    I might be biased...because I'm not a big fan of Ziva, but I really didn't like this episode. It wasn't original and I've seen the story done several times. She goes undercover, falls in love with a suspect, but it turns out not to be him, but has the damage been done? Who cares. I hated when Ziva kept seeing the person she killed; it got annoying. Every show does that and I just want something different. It was good development, I guess, I just don't like Ziva, I didn't really like this one. Abby was pretty funny on the skates... Overall, just an ok episode in my opinion.
  • One of the best episodes of S5. I love how for the first time since she arrived on the show, Ziva is mistrusting her judgment and the reactions of people trying to help her vary fantastically. All in all, one of my favorite episodes.

    This is the reason I watch this show. Powerful, character-oriented episodes that make you want to reach out and give somebody a big hug. I think we saw a lot of what goes through Ziva's head in this episode, where she goes to when she's scared (bed), who she takes it out on (Tony), What she finds weak and how she deals with it. While that ONE scene is similar to "Heart Break", it was put there for an entirely different purpose. Ziva didn't care about killing the guy, she was angry that she reacted too slowly and almost died because of it. It was very in-character, very emotional, and super, super cool. Ten stars.
  • Finally! Ziva is human!

    This wasn't a very great episode for NCIS altogether, but it was a very great episode for Ziva - and a bit for Tony.

    Over and over again, Ziva was a person without emotions, cold, hard, talented in her ways. In the end of season 4 and in the whole season 5, she shows more feelings. She is concerned for Tony, she cares about the team. But in this show, she's been vulnerable, small, full emotions, mad at herself. Besides that, I loved to see the development between her and Tony. They are growing toward each other, and this has been a very very good way for building something that maybe, possibly, could be more than a very good friendship.
  • While it was great to see a Ziva centered episode, the whole story line was not my favorite.

    I read other reviews and the trivia and learn something every once in a while. As for translations, they can be literal as well as actual. I know as I speak a few languages and sometimes the words say one thing but mean something entirely when put in that sequence. Enough of that.
    I like Ziva, and it showed her dealing with her gremlins. There is one thing to take out someone in a running gun fight, or with a sniper rifle, but up close and personal is a whole different thing.
    There was a MASH episode where a pilot stops by and he thinks the war is great. He leaves in his plane, drops a few bombs and is home for dinner in Tokyo with the wife. When he sees what he does to people at the scene it is never the same. He complains that Hawkeye ruined his war. While being trained by Mossad, taking a life that way cannot be easy, and her path to find herself was a difficult one.
  • A Ziva-centered episode.

    I found "Recoil" to be a very good episode. This episode was really Ziva oriented, and showed a side of her character that we normally don't get to see. After nearly being killed by a serial killer while she was undercover, Ziva's behavior changes drastically. She seems in shock and very vulnerable. She gets into a relationship with a suspect, and everyone is puzzled at her behavior. I think this episode was way overdue because there are very little episode that focus solely on Ziva. Fans of Ziva would enjoy this episode because it shows that Ziva has feelings and emotions just like the rest of the team.
  • Finally a Ziva-centric and she shows us that she is not just that cold killer.

    I totally loved this episode.
    Ziva and her great surviving skills. With no own gun (or what ever) she killed this murderer and after that her facial expression was so damn aweful. I waited all the time that she lays down on Gibbs' shoulder just for a few tears ;) But no member of the team really cared. Okay Gibbs' wanted her to go home ... but no screaming 'Oh my god' Abby? Usually she always comes and hugs the hurt people ... no sign of her sweet love in this episode. But what ever. Back to Ziva. She finally has shown that she isn't just thast cold hearted killer. She's a woman with feelings and she really can be hurt. Some more Tiva moments would have been nice. Best moment: where he tries to touch her hair 'cause it usually makes her smile. So sweet these two.
  • One word: Masterpiece.

    And they say TV-shows can't get better with time...
    Less funny moments and jokes than the last episodes, but I didn't missed it this time. And for a show who is well known for its mix of comedy and drama; that means a lot.
    A Ziva-centric episode in which the writers seem to put all the stuff thousands fans wrote in their fanfiction; Ziva tipsy and mixin' up her many languages, an alter-ego of her who struggles to find the girl he loves who's randomly a movie-freak (what a coincidence!), and Tony finally jealous.
    A thick plot based both on team's efforts to catch the killer and Ziva's reaction to the events; her personality is the perfect mix of the old icy Mossad assassin, and the "new", human Ziva.
    It's all about her struggle to find a point of equilibrium between her emotions and her job, and most of all regain her self confidence.
    Excellent job of the whole cast, really amazing; but this is undoubtedly Cote's masterpiece.
    Give her an OSCAR!
  • Ziva Episode With A hint of Both Tiva And Jealousy, Best Lead Up Ever :D

    I Think The Main Idea of this episode Is to show that ziva isn't always as tough as she looks and seems to be by everyone, and plus she looked as if she couldn't sleep for a week.
    What Also Made me think is when tony was jealous of ziva and the 2 men that she was linked to in the investigation, like turning the tables when tony and jeanne were going out and ziva was jealous we now see the side most tiva shiipers have been waiting for, tony's.
    by the end of this season if ziva or tony don't get killed off, there may be a slight chance of tiva happening, also this may happen next episode.
    This episodes was the best lead up to the season finale.
  • Ziva centric episode.

    This episode was Ziva centric. It was OK, but far from my favorite episode. I like the Ziva centric episode Shalom much better.

    I'm not sure why I didn't connect with this episode. Perhaps I'd rather see Ziva stronger, or it was too focused on angst, and not on solving the case. I also didn't like all the flash backs. I felt they were hitting us over the head with them.

    What I did like about this episode was Tony showing some jealousy about Ziva's new playmate. I liked the concern Gibbs and McGee showed for her well being. I also enjoyed Tony, at first, being unable to pick up the tire and Abby's roller skates.

    On a McAbby note I liked that McGee was finishing Abby's sentences,and Abby's reaction when she thought McGee thought she would give up. He should "especially" know that she wouldn't. Of course, on this topic I may be filtering what I see.