Season 10 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2012 on CBS

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  • Good episode

    A good episode, it's been a long time since I have been surprised by the killer. At first, I thought that was the daughter, then, when they talked about colone I thought "Ha! The guy!" and then I thought "Or maybe the Asian woman?" But I got surprised at the end and that's what I like in this king of tv show.

    I wish they would develop Abby's character and make it "grow up" a little, I love her style but she acts the same way than in season 1 so it would be great to make her gain in maturity.

  • ncis/ncis los angeles (?) criminal minds.....

    I thought this was a site where i could watch full episodes. I'm getting nothing but pictures. could someone let me know if this is the right site or not. thank you :)
  • Brilliant one!

    This was a great episode in two ways - firstly the case was very interesting. I wouldn't say it was amazing, but it was definitely entertaining and fun to watch, which wasn't the case with many episodes last season. So a good start!

    I also liked the episode because of the continuation of Abby's storyline with her brother. I have been hoping for this story to develop ever since it came about last season, and it finally actually happened today - I think it is great that they waited until after the events of the Harper Dearing saga to introduce the pair, and it is definitely a great way to work it into the storyline.

    My favourite thing was Abby's comment about hugging being in her blood and family! That was gold! Kep it up, NCIS!
  • Mediocre episode

    There were some things I liked, some things I didn't. The episode wasn't "bottom-of-the-barrel" bad, but I just thought it was "meh"... nothing to write home about.

    Here's my blog entry about it...
  • Just loved it

    Abby's always been one of my favourite characters - but then again, I love of all of them. It was good to watch the father-daughter thing going on between Abs and Gibbs, especially in the end when she brought her brother Kyle to meet Gibbs. Within the case itself, I actually found the killer to be surprising. Also enjoyed the addition of the English therapist, kind of shook the seriousness of everything going on. An endearing episode.
  • Endearing

    The recovery of Abbie through long lost biological brother was really touching. The after-bombing shoch, similar to war trauma has been exhibited in a very realistic manner and the attempt to mentally heal the wounds has been equally realistic. The idea that an old bullet fired from an old gun was very original and the killer was somewhat of a surprise. This is one of the best episodes ever!
  • Recovery

    I thought that almost every NCIS episode last season was pretty lame, but this episode has really given me hope for this season. I was really happy that we finally got to see Abby's brother again. The only thing I didn't like about this episode is that they didn't change the colour of the walls....
  • Great

    I thought the episode was great, i love the english accent on the therapist and i thought abby and her brother was a sweet thing. Connecting dots of the family to the team
  • Still don't like Abbey

    She is too old to be acting like a 6 year old all the time! From the first few seconds of this episode I knew I wasn't going to like this show. Abbey's little girl routine is tiresome and downright irritating to the point that this episode literally put me to sleep. The actual case was interesting but just not worth putting up with baby Abbey to watch.