Season 10 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 02, 2012 on CBS



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    • McGee: Good news. I'm mentally stable.
      Wolf: Almost disturbingly so.

    • Gibbs: Go home, Ducky.
      Ducky: I am bored to tears at home.
      Gibbs: Well, then read a book. Hell, write a book. You need medical clearance.
      Ducky: I'm clearly well enough to work.
      Gibbs: Until I hear that from a doctor not named Mallard, I want you resting. Doc, look, if something comes up and the kid gets stuck, I'll call you. You know I will.
      Ducky: All right, I'll leave, but not happily, I assure you.
      Gibbs: I don't need you happy. I need you healthy.

    • Tony: How does one get to be a Navy Facilities Manager anyway?
      Judy: Oh, same way one gets to be a very special agent, I imagine.
      Tony: So, uh, good looks, a nice smile, and a little luck?
      Judy: Uh, hard work, determination, and as for the luck, I prefer to make my own.
      Tony: Amen to that, sister.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 2, 2012 on Global
      Finland: October 30, 2012 on Nelonen
      Sweden: November 4, 2012 on TV3
      Germany: January 13, 2013 on Sat.1
      United Kingdom: January 18, 2013 on Fox

  • Allusions

    • Miles Wolf: As laboratories go, this one's rather cosy.

      This (and other parts of this scene) is a reference to Steve Valentine's role as Forensic Technician Dr. Nigel Townsend on Crossing Jordan.