Season 8 Episode 12


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 18, 2011 on CBS

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  • So-So What

    The gay theme is one that has been done to death on both NCIS and its prececessor, JAG. However, that does not bother me as much as the fact that the episode perpetuates the myth that Alzheimer's is basically about elderly people losing their memory. It is much worst than that - a person who has it begins to act inappropriately, and ultimately loses his or her identity. Do a little research, please!
  • The NCIS Team Must Chase Down Alibis As They Investigate The Death Of A Navy Recruiter. Meanwhile, Ducky's Predecessor Shows Up.

    WOW!!! There has never been a more powerful and emotional episode of "NCIS". The show brought us two storylines: a case which was interesting and heart-breaking and an emotional side-story about Ducky's predecessor. Veteran actor Bob Newhart is fantastic as a doctor who may have something something to confess for Ducky. Their confrontations are realistic and extremely well done. Another good aspect is the story which involves gay men. It is a current topic in this cruel world. The only reason why I won't give it a ten is the case. It was too predictable. "Recruited" is still one of the best episodes ever. Check it out.
  • An emotional episode interwined with some light-hearted humour.

    If you're looking for an action-packed episode then this certainly isn't for you. The A-story revolves around a petty officer who is found murdered in a school stairwell which takes a brilliantly crafted and unexpected twist. However, for me, it was the B-plot that made this episode special.

    We get to meet Ducky's predecessor, Dr Magnus, and from the get go it's apparent that something isn't quite right. Bob Newhart's performance is excellent and entirely convincing, conveying Dr Magnus' struggle with his condition with a wonderful balance of emotion and frustration.

    I also love how the A-plot of the gay petty officer is dealt with in a careful and respectful way, tieing in nicely with current events (the repeal of "Don't ask, don't tell").

    The title of this episode is aptly thought out, since we knew that Paul Simmons would eventually make the choice to join the Navy after the death of the only person in the world who truly understood him. And I like how Gibbs takes on the father figure role by going with him to the recruiter's office and providing him with that moral support that had been absent all his life. A very nicely done moment.

    Overall, a very sombre and touching episode with some nice character moments brilliantly placed throughout. And of course, we all knew it would only be a matter of time before Gibbs started to build something else in his basement. I just wonder how he got the last boat out of there?
  • CBS, drop the political rhetoric.

    I think this is the first episode I've not finished. If I wanted a political opinion I would have turned on CNN or Fox News. What's next, Al Franken or maybe Rosie O'dennell? I love this show, but if it turns into some kind of soapbox for writers or directors to air their ideological views, I'll find something else. Its really too bad, because I was excited to see Bob Newhart. I do kind of miss Jimmy though. Does anyone else get the feeling that Ziva's 'boyfriend' is not what it seems? When she mentioned Ray being 'experienced', my first thought was he's either much older or not a boyfriend. I guess we'll find out.
  • A great show! Some unexpected draws and some nice catches as well.

    I loved this show! How different do we in Europe respond to both issues. The Alzheimer issue was to sweet to be true in my imagination. Would a refresh of old memories help here for a longer time? But it gave the people with beginning Alzheimer a face. Nice catch!

    The issue of Paul with his father is one of all times. Especially if it is the only son and the mother, who can sweeten up things is no longer there to put things in perspective.

    And I liked how they handled the "Don't ask, don't tell" approach. How different from what happens over here. In Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands there is a canal parade every year on pink-Saturday. The principal discussion whether gay marines, soldiers and police should show themselves as they are during these parades is long past.
    I loved Gibbs standing in the back when Paul Simmons enlisted.
  • An unexpected present.

    That is what this episode was to me. I was touched by the way they handled the very heavy subject of Alzheimer's, and the struggle of someone who realizes that everything he knows and cares about is slipping away from him. I usually do not like the sweet endings where the team goes a bit out of their way to help someone ( f.i. the boy whom they had making contact with his mother on Christmas I think), but this was done very well. The case itself was dealing with a rather heavy subject too, being gay in the navy and a father who does everything to defend his son, but doesn't know how and makes all the wrong decisions. Maybe a bit too much for one episode, but I think the really made it work. I even could stand Tony with his fishing about Ziva's mystery man. He shut up just in time before getting annoying. As for what is going on with Vance, I haven't got a clue, but I am sure this is leading somewhere. As I wasn't expecting anything (I didn't have time for the pre-episode buzz) I was really surprised and enjoyed this episode very much.
  • An interesting episode. Case wasn't as interesting as the last few. The emotional aspect was good, though.

    This sweek;s episode of NCIS was not a very good one. I thought the case was pretty weak and lacked any real substance. What's more is that I guessed the killer right from an early point in the episode, so I thought this episode lacked any suspense.

    The part of this episode that I enjoyed was the ending, where Ducky helps give his predecessor some of his memories back, by showing him a video of those he helped. I thought that this was a asweet moment in the episode. They dealt well with the topic of Alzheimer's which is just very awful, and I have experiences with the disease with a relative.

    Overall, the rest of the episode focussed way too much on Ducky's predecessor, Dr Walter Magnus, and I wasn't too happy to see Ziva missing for a fair chunk of the episode. Although Walter was an interesting character, I think the episode could've spent slightly less time on him and more time of developing the case and making it less predictable.

    I wouldn't recommend this episode too highly, but I hope NCIS ups its game next week, and in all future episodes.
  • 812

    Bob Newhart guest starred here so you might think that the episode would end up being funny. You might think that, but such is not the case in the episode. He trotted along the set at .05 miles per hour and really did not add anything to the broadcast. They went for a serious ending too, and these rarely work on NCIS. Not really a feel good moment in my eyes,

    Not a horrible NCIS, the series has been good for the most part this season, but this was a disappointment given all of the hype put behind it by CBS.
  • good episode

    This was a good episode. Not full of action or anything but a good case.

    I liked how they adressed in a light way the change of politics about the "don't ask don't tell".
    For the case, they had several good suspects even if it wasn't too hard to guess who commited the crime.

    As for the team dynamic, it was a bit weird at the beginning with Ziva missing, but I liked when she comes back and finally tells the guys her boyfriend's name and the talk they have. I hope it won't be as complicated a story as it was with Michael. But don't make it too long either I want some Tiva too :)

    As for the ducky/magnus plot, it wasn't very entertaining but I guess it was nice in the way Abby played it and what Magnus said about technological enhancement since his time. And I liked the guy who plays Magnus, I had seen him in several ER episodes where he was good too.

    As for the Vance story, I'm just waiting to see where it goes and I like the way Gibbs worries about him.

    Finally, I loved the last scenes, first with the team in the MTAC showing Magnus his "work story" and especially Mc Gee, Ziva and Tony' reactions too it, quite emotional here.
    And of course, I liked how Gibbs plays the father figure for Paul when he goes to enlist and I am curious of what he is going to build in his basement, another boat?

    As I said before, on the whole a good episode.
  • Good episode but...

    This episode was a good on. I liked the emotionnal part and I found that thay had really did a great job about the Alzheimer subject, Doctor Magnus was kind of funny at tthe beginning and then we start understanding his problem, I actually fully got when he was in the lab, staring at Burt. The subject of the case was quite good in itself but there wasn't all the jokes and interaction we all like in NCIS and I was quite disapointed ! But My biggest disapointment of the episode was the lack of Tiva, I love the couple and the teases between them in the episodes but in Recruited there were barely few interactions and a a little bit of jealous Tony and that's all.

    Definetely not my favourite episode!
  • 'NCIS' Recruited A Wonderful Episode.

    Okay, okay, okay... I have a lot to talk about this episode and I'm a bit speechless but here I go. ^_^

    + The addition of Bob Newhart, a famous face who I had no idea about before NCIS, was wonderful to watch on the episode but I found he was rather stuffed into the episode until the audience finds out the main reason to his visit. A brilliant performance by Bob Newhart with his humour + emotions and a decent storyline towards the end of the episode. I don't want to sound mean but the episode felt a tad weighed down by it.

    + As a Tiva fan, I tend observe all their little moments and I guess I was semi-satisfied. All those times where Tony would wonder or talk about Ziva + everything seemed extremely cute to me, even if it's a coworker or crush sort of way - whatever you would like to put it. I was happy that Ziva FINALLY told who the hell 'R' was and I'm hoping it doesn't go in a whole Michael Rivkin situation again. Other moments were cute too but not totally squealworthy.

    + The strange disappearance: I missed Ziva when she was away for like half episode. I wondered where Ducky during the beginning and wished Palmer was there... just seemed strange. I really don't know what was happening with some being AWOL but it just distracted me a bit, I'm probably the one.

    + VANCE! Oh Vance, I was actually really glad to see him again. I felt for him and really wish it gets better, I found the scenes pertaining him were entertaining. Loved the scene when he was by the window and with Gibbs in his office asking if he was okay.

    + The case? Oh yeah, it was pretty entertaining I guess I could say [besides the beginning - seemed a bit fake IMO]. It didn't seem to play such a vital role in my mind but what I found intriguing was the boy was seeking advice from the man about joining the army and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell". I liked the case but I could predict the killer the moment he walked through the door after the boy talking.

    + The ending seemed really good to me, the highlight of the episode with it all. Dr Walter Magnus having his memory jogged by Ducky with all those heartwarming photos/phrases with the agents being their with him, it really made me smile... especially the emotions the agents displayed. Gibbs being with the boy while he enlisted made me smile, such a Gibbs thing - showing what a hero and father figure he is. The last scene were Gibbs was working on his boat, seemed odd, but I liked it.

    To summarise my rambling review in one sentence: it was a decent episode, despite the minor flaws that distracted me just a bit. Not one of NCIS' finest but I would recommend watching it anyway.
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