Season 2 Episode 20

Red Cell

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2005 on CBS

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  • One of the more fun episodes.

    Tony and Kate are like children – they prowl the apartment and ransack is a good word. For all their teasing, obviously some girls like geeks. Kate calling Tony 'Dodo-head', that's mature.

    Gibbs demonstrating the killing technique on Tony was hilarious… and kinda scary. Very cool when Gibbs goes all marine on the killer, I don't remember him ever getting that physical before.

    "Do you think I keep him around for his personality?" This is one of the times that Tony actually shows why Gibbs hired him. Tony is always unorthodox but he is a good cop.

    I enjoy this episode, despite the somewhat overused theme of hazing, it's a fun episode.
  • Fun but..

    This episode had quite some fun. I loved Kate and Tony intruding McGee's home and having a look of his "outer work" side.. all those things telling us more about his char.

    So.. that was great and the whole "I can do anything" to "I am not sure if I can do that" was also great on char level and I think that was probably the best part of this episode for me.

    I did not liked the case thought. There were great moments like when they were trying to catch the hacker and that run trough campus but.. The case felt little weird..
  • A really interesting episode!

    This episode was another extremely interesting one, and it provided a rather unusual case. The storyline was interesting and rather unpredictable, which made it a very exciting episode, and that is one of the reasons why I enjoyed it.

    The episode did have some funny moments, which also added another great element to it, and this made the episode awesome.

    I really enjoyed the ending to the episode, and this one had one of the most exciting conclusions.

    I wouldn't call this episode one of the best, but it is still an extremely interesting one, in my opinion, and I recommend it very highly.

    Great job, NCIS!
  • Another great episode

    This episode opens with a sorority prank. It is then that a body is found. The victim turns out to be a marine who has returned form Iraq to go to college. His name was Turner. When the team try to track down one of his friends (Blake), he has also been missing for a few days. So Tony & McGee search his room and find bloody towels hidden under the bed. The team learn that the missing marine and the victim were part of a paint ball team which played one on one. When McGee does some checking, he informs the team that he has found Blake through his hand held computer.
    When they follow his connect, hey discover the body of Blake, with his hand held computer. Ducky reveals that he died around the same time as the other officer, and that his neck was also snapped. The team discover that the person sending the emails and most likely the killer is a tech geek, whose room was next to Blake's. Were learn that the gunny was forcing a young woman on the campus to sleep with him and so the two now dead marines went to talk to him about it and he ended up killing them.
  • Another fantastic episode.

    This episode just got it all. I like it, cause to me it was a bit unpredictable who exactly did it. I only had a someone in my like seconds before it got obvious who did it. Looking back at this episode, or watching this episode again it is more obvious. But to me it still isn't one of those episode where you just know who did it. So yeah you could defiantly say that this episode was cleverly plotted.

    The characters were all their fabulous self's again, which always creates into hilarious scenes, and great chemistry between the team members.
  • An illegal paintball team and a murder lead the NCIS team back to college

    "Red Cell" is absolutely one of my favorite NCIS episodes! I love the team interaction and the humour, first of all with Kate and Tony "breaking" into McGee's apartment and betting on his choice of underwear (Tony won) plus to 'watch him in his natural environment'. It's hilarious and according to Tony, not even George Clooney could get laid in his place. There are in general a lot of good Tate scenes ("Turn that frown upside down sweetie, we're going back to college!"). Tony interrogating "Urkel" is also a classic, as well as the fight between Gibbs and the perp in the end.
  • "Turn that frown upside-down sweetie! We're going back to college!"

    One of the most hilarious episodes of all time. Seriously. What was the best bit? There are so many, but I'd have to say the beginning when Tony and Kate started snooping around McGee's apartment. Best line from that bit: "George Clooney could not get laid in this place."

    Tony is hilarious (as always), Kate rocks, like she always does, McGee is in trouble (again) and Gibbs, literally, kicks ass! This episode is a pure classic.

    The best line of the whole episode, however, is in this review summary. Spoken by Tony. To Kate of course. Geez, who else would he call "sweetie"? McGee?

  • NCIS investigate a death on a college campus...

    This is a very funny episode, I loved the start with Kate and Tony in McGee's apartement. "We wanted to observe you in your natural habitat, kind of like National Geographic" LOL

    Also, who was that girl that came out of McGee's bedroom??? She's like McGee's version of the mysterious red head!

    All the banter between Tony and Kate was great, especially when Tony realised he was going back to college :-P The ending was good, but foreseable... still i love the figth between Gibbs and the bad guy. Gibbs kicks a**!

    Very fun episode, Abby was great with the paintball gun, and i loved Tony's interrogation technique, very amusing!
  • excellent episode.

    wow ! yet another episode... this one quite possibly, scrap that. absolutely! one of the funniest episodes of NCIS ever.. right up there with Conspiracy Theory and all the other funny ones that i cant think of at the moment.

    My favourite parts would definitely have to be... Gibbs beating up the murderer at the end of the episode, Tony and Kate talking to the peace guy, Tony and Kate walking around the college.. (both times), Tony and McGee at the dorms, Tony and the nerd guy ("You never told me you had a brother"), Tony in interrogation and Tony, Kate, Abby and McGee in Abby's lab. ("and What is the first rule of fight club?")

    Brillant ep as always!
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