Season 9 Episode 21


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 17, 2012 on CBS

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  • Rekindled

    Finally, a good episode of NCIS this season! Okay, it has not been fair to say that, but I really enjoyed tonight's show. They had a well-done backstory with DiNozzo and the characters came off as humans tonight, not just NCIS agents. The actual fire explosion at the end, that was very Dexter-ish too, not like your standard procedural ending.
  • Overture for the season finale?

    I liked the show and I liked the Jason character and I liked the plot, despite the fact that McGee and Abby are supporting roles again. When this is the overture for the seasons's finale, I sincerely hope the finale doesn't screw up Jimmy's wedding. I am really looking forward to seeing Jimmy and Breena in a (what I picture for myself) rediculously over-the-top wedding show!
  • One of the few good episodes this season.

    Loved this episode. One of the few this season that looked as if it were written by a professional writer rather than grade schooler. Loved Tony's interaction with the "boy" he saved and Ziva and McGee's support when they found out what happened.
  • The Team Joins With The Baltimore P.D. When A Warehouse Fire Unearths Classified Navy Documents And Puts National Security At Stake.

    This is definitely one of the best episodes ever! The opening scene was terrific. It added just the right amount of suspense and mystery to keep the viewer interested. Michael Weatherly continues the excellent job he has been doing in the show for nine years. This episode, in my opinion, marks one of his greatest performances ever. Tony's and Jason's storyline is the high point of this episode. It was emotional when we saw why Jason said to Tony that he will never forget his sister. A well done scene with great amount of drama. The main plot was great too and I can't wait to see how it concludes. "Rekindled" ends with a cliffhanger as U.S.S Brewer falls under an arson attack. Hopefully "NCIS" will continue its winning streak for many episodes to come!
  • NCIS rises like a phoenix out of the fires in Rekindled!

    This episodde was sublime in every way! Large parts of this season have been sub-par, and there have been a couple of episodes that have been downright disgraceful - none moreso thna the Saeson 9 premiere.

    But this one was flawless and brilliant! A huge hit! It was captivating from the very first moment and had an interesting back-story into DiNozzo's life! It was executed to perfection!

    And what a cliffhanger! Just reading the names of the episode titles of the remaining episodes this season has me convinced that we're in for some more awesome action, even though I am yet to see them! I can't wait and in fact, this episode has me craving for more! Time to watch the rest fo the season!

    Brilliant episode of NCIS! Please keep this up! More of this kind of episode and NCIS will truly be reborn out of the flames!
  • Run Away Hit

    This episode has Rekindled my passion for NCIS. Other shows need to to use this as a master class on how to get it right! Awesome cast, tight storyline. Major props to the two Jasons for on-point, focused performances. Biggest surprise- Young Jason (Dani Dare) who not only holds his own in the flashback scene with DiNozzo but breaks our hearts and practically steals the show in an unforgettable performance. Didn't expect to use up all our tissue during an NCIS episode- wow! If the show builds on the momentum set by this episode, NCIS will remain at the top of the class!
  • Rekindled

    I found the backstory on Jason and Tony was interesting. I actually really liked this case, the arson part of it was really interesting. Also like the terrorism plot. Looks like the next few episodes leading up to the season finale (and the season finale of course) are going to be really interesting. Can't wait for the next episode, I hate cliff-hangers.
  • Superb - Wonderful

    This show was very exciting, compelling, flowing, marvelous! With the personal side of Tony and why he became a cop. I have always loved watching this group of NCIS - some good, some not as good BUT I still enjoy watching this team and how well they work together. This show was no exception or maybe I should say it was the exception because it was Great!

    - But i do believe one reason this show was so great is because it will continue to another show. When you have more time to write a story - Wonders Begin! Just make certain the next is just as great as this one.

    and Jason was wonderful - he would be a good character to add to the show!

    - My only regret - is that I have to wait for the sequel.... so I will continue to sit on the edge of my chair until then...
  • It Took 21 Episodes!

    Finally a great NCIS episode. The story was compelling and it flowed - wasn't like previous episodes that just wrapped up without explaining how the team reached their conclusion. The back story with Dinozzo was great and I hope we see King again in future episodes - he would be a great returning character. It is just a pity we had to sit through 20 mediocre episodes to finally get a great one! Hopefully the writers can keep up this momentum. Huh...I said "great" a lot in this review. :)
  • Great

    I loved Tues night's episode. I like how it gave some background into Tony. The way he became a cop, "wanting to make a difference" and how the night he saved Jason, led him down the path to become an arson investigator. It also showed how Jason held a grudge on Tony for not being able to save his sister that night in the fire. It wasn't until Tony had a Gibbs' style meeting with Jason, did he seem to finally realize the decision Tony had to make and live with. Great episode. Perfect 10.
  • NCIS is Rekindled

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This episode is fantastic! Heartbreaking backstory for Tony and Jason. Strong performances from one and all. A solid plot and a terrific conclusion setting us up for what I pray is a fantastic season finale.

    Also very happy to see no sign of Ryan.
  • Fantastic

    I think this was a terrific episode, and easily one of the best from the last couple of years; 'Rekindled' reminded me of earlier seasons. Well written, well developed plot, and great performances from the cast. And I agree with another reviewer that a lot of thought seems to have gone into the terrorism story line - it seemed fresh and interesting. So a very enjoyable episode, which I am very happy to give a 10.
  • NCIS is back

    Pretty much all of season nine has been kinda lame, but this episode was like how it used to be, awesome. Maybe it was because of no Dr Ryan, but NCIS is finally getting good, after this episode i am really looking forward to the season finale.
  • The beginning of the end...

    C'mon, by now you should know this episode starts the plotline culminating in what will be the season finale. It's just a few episodes away...

    Hands down, NCIS delivered tonight, no doubt about it. Even though the "terrorism" story line has been used before, the writers definitely put a lot of thought into how they developed it, and there was a surprising amount of emotion behind this episode. This was found mainly in the fantastic (and somewhat sad) backstory of how and why Tony joined the Baltimore PD. On a side note, there were explosions and fires a-plenty throughout, and the special effects guys did a fantastic job making them happen. All in all, this can be added to the ever growing canon of near-perfect NCIS episodes. Fantastic job!
  • awesome

    Rekindled was an awesome show, kept you on the edge of your seats, Jason character would be a great addition to the show, it was totally awesome
  • Back to Baltimore....

    Again Tony has to deal with some possible 'Demons' from his past as a Baltimore Detective...!!!