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Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • What was the "time capsule"?

    It looks to me that the "time capsule" is a G1 My Little Pony lunch box with a picture of Cherries Jubilee on the lid. Can anyone confirm this?

    Great episode that delves farther into Agent Gibbs' backstory.
  • a good one.

    Why did Gibbs keep driving back? He could see the water coming, all he had to do was a turn and drive in another direction.

    And I dislike again the lack of respect for other authorities. Gibbs going off on his own for no reason when this all would've gone down better if he had backup.

    BUT good episode. I liked the young girl being Kelly's friend and I liked how she was involved in the case. I thought it was smart of Haas to use her just to send a letter. Although honestly he could've just told her the 'truth' and said he sent her a letter because he didn't have an address hope she doesn't mind. Still comes off stalkerish but he has a reason to be there.
  • 2nd worst episode of the season!

    I don't understand the high reviews for this episode. I was bored out of my skull. This episode is one of the few I've only watched once, even though I have the DVD set it was that bad. Chimera was much better, yet has a lower score.
  • Gibbs Finds Himself At The Center Of An Emotional Journey Into His Past After He Agrees To Help The Childhood Friend Of His Late Daughter.

    When I first read the synopsis of this episode, I knew it would be special. I'm glad to say that it was. This episode even has the material to be a season finale. "Requiem" starts with heavily breathing Tony killing two suspects and then dives in the water in the order to save Gibbs and a woman, who are trapped in a car. This opening scene was just epic. Gibbs is the only character who has a dark past so that is the main reason why this episode worked well. His family has stayed as a mystery to the viewers so I was glad to see more of them. The case was very entertaining with an interesting side story. The flashbacks were well done. Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly were at top form here. I really loved their acting. The ending scene was very good and heart-breaking. Overall, a very good Gibbs-episode that you can't just simply miss. Excellent.
  • Best nail biter yet!

    Oh my Goodness!! I don't really know what to say about this one except WOW. I really liked this one. It was definately a definative one for Gibbs. I am sooo glad that they are digging into his past. This episode finally marks the beginning, I think of a new direction with the series. I loved the photo shot at the very end where they put kelly gibbs and maddie, kind of a symbol for what would have happened. There were still funny moments though, but not too many to offset the drama filled episode. Tony's part was really good too. He always tries to play off his worry or serious side, but when you need him, he's there. Overall I am putting this up there with one of my favorites. (I still haven't seen them top SWAK or UNDER COVERS yet, but this one I think is on par)
  • Gibbs become's attached to the one living thing connected to his late daughter.

    I believe this episode in particular was a major one in the history of NCIS. Undoubtedly it had most people in tears as they watched Jethro Gibbs fight for something connected to his daughter.

    Normally, I wouldn't revel in an episode mostly based on one particular character but the writers, directors and dare I say it, even the actors performed at their peak to ensure that whilst Gibbs was in no haste the main character, the team dynamics were still spot on. For that I congratulate them.

    This episode demonstrates why this program is a favourite of so many. Laughter and real heart tugging emotion was delivered perfectly and effectively and succeeded where so many other shows have failed.

    I also thought it was quite fitting to have Tony DiNozzo save them. Whether or not, one agrees with the statement,Tony could be seen a makeshift son to Gibbs and with Maddy present, the closest person connected to her daughter, it just seemed right.

    It just shows that shows can develop the right way as the series move on. If this is the standard of this season, I can hardly wait for the next.
  • This is exactly why I like NCIS and the character that is Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Spoilers are included in this review.

    This episode was powerful from the get-go, with Gibbs' appearing to drown.

    After the credits, the scene is set 24 hour earlier, and Gibbs is faced with reaquainting himself with his daughter, Kelly's best friend, Maddie, who has fast grown up, approaching Gibbs with a personal problem - a recently returned-from-service Marine Sergeant is stalking her, and had assaulted her.

    In true Gibbs fashion, he dealt with the problem, letting the Sergeant know exactly where he stands and where he shouldn't go in life, and Maddie is grateful for Gibb's effort, and invites him in for a coffee, where he looks at a photo of Kelly and Maddie in the Gibbs family backyard sandbox. Gibbs comments that he never found out why they were laughing when he took the photo of them both, and Maddie divulges that Kelly and her placed a "time capsule" in the sandbox and buried it.

    Gibbs returns home, where he discovers the time capsule. He is torn between opening it and finding more of Kelly's trinkets, and leaving it alone, to return to the former sandbox. It is ever so evident that Gibbs misses his family so much by the raw emotion that Mark Harmon portrays in his character, and the flashbacks that are played in this episode.

    Maddie calls Gibbs again to inform him that the good Sergeant has returned, and she was under threat in her own home. Gibbs rushes to her house in his Chrysler 300C in again, true Gibbs fashion, only to find the house ransacked and looking out the window and hearing Maddie scream, Gibbs headed to get her, but failed to get to the vehicle to stop it in time, and not risking the shot and potentially injuring or killing Maddie.

    After tracking down the whereabouts of the Marine Sergeant, he was found brutally tortured and murdered, and being dead before the abduction of Maddie took place, removing him from suspicion. The hunt was on to find the real perps, and locating a GPS Tracking device, it was easy to expand that lead, evidently ending up in providing two very real suspects.

    Gibbs, again, in true fashion, disappears out of sight with his weapon, but without his badge and identification, and sets up a deal with the abductors to free Maddie. A fight ensures, shots are fired, Maddie and Gibbs make it to the abductor's car, and Gibbs reverses it off a dock, and it cuts to the entrance scene, where DiNozo, using his detective skills to track Gibbs, sees and hears Gibbs roll off the dock and into the harbour, and runs to save him and Maddie. On racing towards the rapidly sinking car, DiNozo shoots both abductors and races full-force and jumps into the harbour.

    The doors were jammed, and so DiNozo began ripping at the windscreen successfully. He helped Maddie out and raced her to the surface, while Gibbs tried to fend for himself, only to be caught by the steering column of the car, and preventing his escape. DiNozo went back down to rescue his boss, finding him appearing to be drowned. DiNozo got him out, swam him to shore and began CPR on him, only to appear to fail. DiNozo then went to work on Maddie, and she came through. Another flashback scene of Kelly telling her dad that it was okay to go back appears, and Maddie reaches over to clutch Jethro's hand, and it appears tha Gibbs is alive, turning his head to look at Maddie.

    On return home, Gibbs takes the "time capsule", contemplates one last time in opening it, but dismisses it, returning it to its resting place.

    Throughout the episode, it is noteworthy that Gibbs shows a family-like attachment to Maddie, as he is deeply reminded of Kelly by her. When Maddie has Jethro for coffee, Maddie tells Gibbs that she often wonders what Kelly would have been like now. Twice during the episode, Gibbs says that, "She'd be a lot like you." He now brandishes the photo of Kelly and Maddie together, and in the final cut-scene, you can see that Gibbs leaves the photo of him, Kelly and Maddie intricately placed to show them in a family-like pose.

    I will as always, continue to be a proud and loyal fan of NCIS, simply because the episodes keep getting better and better.
  • Kelly's friend shows up.

    The episode starts with Tony running out of the light, hurtling toward bad guys, then he starts firing his gun, killing them. He is breathing heavily, and then dives in the water off the dock. He swims down to a car, where Gibbs and a woman are trapped. He smashes the windshield and carries the woman up to the dock, while Gibbs is trying to get out from under the steering wheel, where he is trapped. He finally gets unstuck as Tony carries him to the dock, where he pounds on him, performing CPR.
    Neither seems to be coming to.

    The episode was wild and very revealing when you discover that the woman was actually Gibbs' daughter's best friend. You learn a lot about her relationship with Kelly, and Gibbs digs up some old memories when he finds a Time Capsule that his daughter buried.

    But the action really heats up when Maddie, Kelly's friend, reveals that she has a stalker. Gibbs twists his arm around and starts screaming at him. Then, he later receives a phone call from Maddie that the stalker came back. He goes to Maddie's apartment to discover that it had been ransacked. He peers out the window to find that Maddie is being kidnapped. Then the race to find her begins, to lead back to the dock, where DiNozzo performs CPR.

    This episode was action packed. It was full of plot twists and surpises. It was also very revealing, because you got to see some of Gibbs' memories of his daughter and wife. This episode is a great episode, and could be one of the best ever.
  • A Friend of Gibbs Daughter Shows Up in Need of Help

    This has to be one of the best episodes of Season 5 Gibbs being connected to a past that he is trying to forget is a tough one for him. Uncovering the hidden lunch box was a perfect touch until he puts it back with an updated photo that Abby (Ahhh Abby) took on her camera phone. Only thing that I found weird was that Gibbs hid the case from Director Jenny until she finally and should have sooner figured it out. I am just glad they did not drown and nice touch on having a part of the ending in the beginning
  • Just as amazing as the last one!

    I would like to start by mentioning the start of the episode, which was sensational. We haven't had that sort of start before, and it was executed to perfection in this episode.

    I loved the deeper look into Gibbs' past in this episode, and seeing Kelly's friend, Maddie Tyler, was really nice.

    I also thought that this was one of the best 'Gibbs' episodes and I think production did superbly with the underwater scene! Honestly, they are mind-boggling!

    A majority of the storyline was brilliant, but there were a few less interesting moments, but I still consider this as one of the best.

    I would highly recommend this episode, but not as highly as the last one. It was extremely suspenseful and absolutely thrilling!
  • If you looked up 'on the edge of your seat suspence' you would find this opening sequence

    The opening sequence was just amazing, nail biting and so intense.

    even though we all know Gibbs cant die, it wouldnt be ncis without him. its still an intense scene.

    I originally thought that girl would just be playing gibbs favour and be a baddie after the money, i was glad to be wrong.

    It was really nice to have a gibbs centric episode. and not one where hes dead set on killing someone. i dont think the flashbacks were overdone although i though the girl who played kelly was a tad annoying. it was great to see a different side of gibbs.

    while i usually dont like the typical 'show us the end scene first and then tell the story' story i quite liked this one.

    what really really dissapointed me though was the ending. for a few reasons. 1 they should have shown the same scene as the start, the cut down version was not nearly as dramatic. 2 gibbs should have come back by tonys hand, not kellys. that really ticked me off because we had all the sespence in the starting sequence and then nothing. it was just gone. very unsatisfying ending, no relief that tonys efforts worked. CRAP
  • It might have been a fluffy filler but it gave us a little insight to the Dark and brooding Gibbs...

    Ah to know more about the daughter he lost and life he lived...not to mention nail a Navy Com. Sergent to the floor. Good times.

    A look into Gibbs past showes that he still lives in the same house that he did at the time his first wife and daughter were still around. Makes you think don't it? Did Gibbs live and marry his other wives in that same house? Was he trying to regain what he had lost? Yeah.

    Oh Tony and your little quips. Nothing really impacting of this episode... at least non that I can see at the moment. Maybe next week will be better?
  • Although I find most episodes in this series are horribly written, and even more horribly directed and acted. This episode was the exact opposite. Probably the best NCIS episode ever.

    Although I find most episodes in this series are horribly written, and even more horribly directed and acted. This episode was the exact opposite.

    I found myself enjoying this episode immensely. For the first time in this series, the storyline was personal, and I did not want to change the channel due to really bad acting from the supporting cast(Particularly DiNozzo). In fact this episode was very well acted and directed. And since this episode was all about Gibbs and his relationship with his daughter, I was also able to see him in a different light. I actually cared about his character. Unfortunately this show will probably go back to its old ways, like the previous weeks Halloween episode, which was complete garbage, the plot was outrageous and the dialogue was absolutely unbearable, especially when they tried to explain the plot to the viewers. Anyway this episode was awesome, if the acting and directing weren't so bad in most of the other episodes, this one may have been able to snag an Emmy nomination.
  • Requiem

    The last 10 minutes made this worth watching. They were exciting, kept you on the edge of your seat and were just the kind of great television you know that NCIS can give you. The last 10 minutes of this episode saved things for me, but the preceding hour was just not very good.

    I feel bad writing that, because the premise was strong here (a friend of Kelly's needs help from Gibbs) but the execution just was not there. They tried to take things too seriously, and NCIS is just not great at doing the "very special" episode. It's one of the few areas they don't excel at.
  • One of Gibbs's daughters friends turns up.....

    This episode of NCIS opens with Tony diving in the water and trying to save Gibbs who is trapped in a car with a young lady. We see the young girl being pulled from the car and Tony trying to bring her round. We then see him diving back in, in order to save Gibbs. He manages to get him out and tries to revive him, but it doesn't seem to be working. We then flash back to hours before (24 hours).
    A young lady comes in to NCIS to see Gibbs. We learn that her name is Mattie Taylor and that she was best friends with Gibbs'; daughter Kelly before she was murdered. She has come to Gibbs as she is in trouble, her ex-boyfriend who is a marine, he's stalking her and he has threatened her. She does Gibbs her bruises. Gibbs is then seen going out of the building with Maddie. McGee looks her up on MySpace page. They learn that she was the best of Kelly's Gibbs daughter. Gibbs takes Maddie back to her house, where they are greeted by her boyfriends. Gibbs is quick to put him in his place. They go back to her house and she shows him a picture of her and Kelly together. She tells Gibbs that they buried a time capsule in his garden. She gives him the picture and he leaves s she thanks him again. As he leaves he sees him outside and the team run a search on him. When he goes home he digs up the time capsule but can't bear to open it. He gets a cal from Maddie and he races over there. She isn't in her apartment, it has been trashed. He then hears her outside and sees her being forced into a car and driven off. They track down somewhere he used to work and head there. They discover his car there and further inspection of the building discover his dead body in a lift. They discover that he was shipping money out of Baghdad and had it shipped to Maddie apartment. That is why he was stalking her. Gibbs head off in search of Maddie, after learning that she may be kept in the old dock district. The team then see that Gibbs only took his gun with him and left behind his badge and ID. We then se him in the lift making a phone call and saying if you want your money ring me back. Gibbs learns where the money is being kept and goes to pick it up, he then arranges to meet with them to trade, the money for Maddie. We see him arriving and the trade taking place. And Gibbs and Maddie made a ride for it. They get into a car and Gibbs reverses a little too far and they end up in the water. Tony sees it happening and runs to rescue them. Gibbs is trapped and can see no way out. We then see both Maddie & Gibbs out of the water and both of them coming round. We then see Gibbs in his basement, staring at the time capsule. He looks at his photo of Kelly and Maddie and buries the box back in the garden. We then see that he has put the photo of him and Maddie and the one of Kelly all together so it looks as though he is hugging both of them.
  • Excellent episode, as usual

    I really enjoyed this episode. It evoked emotion repeatedly, and it still kept me guessing as to what was really going on. I love this show for many reasons, and some of them I haven't even figured out yet, but one is definitely the combination of keeping me guessing and having moments that tug the heartstrings and stay with me after it's over.

    I took off .5 because I felt the show was missing something by skipping straight to Gibbs with the time capsule without some sort of conversation between Tony and anyone about the rescue. When it first started I wondered if Tony was dreaming, but I was also completely invested in the episode and it was because of Michael Weatherly's performance in racing to save them. I realize the focus of the episode was Gibbs and his daughter's best friend, but I felt a lack of closure and some disappointment that nothing was said by anyone about his efforts, and the fact that he was alone, etc. Maybe it's just me and my partiality for Tony!
  • great episode

    but it was really sad as well. all the flashabcks gibbs had to kelly maddie and shannon. i did like how tony saved gibbs and maddie. i thought he was dead and that def. had me in tears. even then tony had his humor ( dont do this to me boss, dont make me kiss you haha) the ending was great but again really sad (tears included) when he put the picture of him and maddie on top of the one of kelly and maddie s it looked liek he was hugging them both. i wish we got to see whut was in the time capsule so i went to and found whut was inside. SAD! there was a letter from kelly to gibbs and dog tags and pictures it made me cry jus looking at them! if you want to see what was in the time capsule go to and find the link to NCIS.
  • This is my First 10/10 review

    This is one of the best episodes of any show that i have ever seen. This episode is most deserving of a 10/10 as it works on so many levels. Emotional this is a strong episode and Mark Harmon really portrays the grieving father well, in fact i could not imagine the show with Mark Harmon who fits the role like hotdogs fit baseball. The mix of humour and the emotional dialogues makes the episode even more interesting without selling it self short, which is an important thing i look for, nothing disappoints me more than and episode or show failing to reach it's potential when it is within grasp. This episode goes along one in confirming my theory that it is the emotional tear jerking episodes that just have the extra oomph to reach those 5/5's and 10/10's. This review is short brief and too the point, i don't want to give too much away... if you haven't already i urge you to watch this episode.
  • great episode

    A young girl visits Gibbs at the NCIS center asking for him personally. Gibbs is unaware is that the girl used to be the best friend of his daughter Kelly. This girl is having trouble with a boyfriend who is with the marines. Gibbs pay a visit to the marine and threatens him not to come back to her again. He thought all is fine. When the girl gets kidnapped, the small favor turns into a full NCIS investigation. It's an awesome episode, it's action and adventure. It's a nice touching moment as well. the flashbacks to gibbs past looked really emotional. this is an awesome episode.
  • Past comes back asking for help, Gibbs as usual won't miss the call.

    Gibbs past comes back to him when an old friend of his daughter Kelly shows up at NCIS looking for him. She's been stalked by a Marine, Rudy Haas.
    Gibbs efforts to help Maddie quickly become a team effort to stop a group of villains who are trying to steal a large amount of money while in the meantime saving Maddie who gets caught in the middle thanks to her former relationship with Rudy Haas.
    The emotional bonds with the girl prevent Gibbs from involving his team in the whole situation; but luckily when both he and Maddie are in danger, DiNozzo jumps in and save them.
    A special episode and a great combination between the usual drama-action and deep-hidden emotions.
  • Gibbs is contacted by a young woman named Maddie who was a friend of his daughter Kelly when they were little. She is being stalked and has turned to Gibbs for help.

    This is one of the show's best episodes. It opens very dramatically with Tony firing on the run, killing two men and then jumping into the water to rescue Gibbs and Maddie who are trapped underwater in a car. The episode resumes after the credits 24 hrs before and the story unfolds. Maddie has come to Gibbs because she is being stalked by a guy, a Marine, who she dated briefly before he was sent to Irag. Now that he is back, he has been attempting to resume their relationship; or so it seems.
    There is more to the situation then Gibbs and Maddie realize. Gibbs wants very much to help Maddie so that, in some way, he can makeup for the fact that he was not able to help his wife and daughter.
    Tony's rescue attempt to save both Maddie and Gibbs is dramatic. The very poignant scene where Gibbs has apparently drowned and sees Shannon and Kelly and Kelly tells him to go back really touched me.

    To reiterate other reviewers: this is why I watch this show.
  • Maddie Tyler, Gibbs' daughters best friend, sought for the help of her best friends father on the topic of stalking. Her less-than boyfriend has been hanging outside her house for about a week.

    This is one of the best episodes I have seen in NCIS. I almost cried during the flashbacks and when Gibbs was about to open the time capsule. The storyline was AMAZING! This episode has shown a side of Gibbs not seen before. I like how he acts as a parent to Maddie and takes a risk taking his gun without his badge in order to save his daughter's best friend. The ending was dramatic- the whole car going into water. However, I thought that the vision of Gibbs seeing his daughter was a bit OTT (over the top). I must admit, I liked the part on the deck with Maddie and Gibbs lying down holding hands and DiNozzo just sitting there. I thought that the whole picture thing was really sweet and sad at the same time. A new family.
  • I spent the whole episode in tears.

    The above statement is true from the first moment of DiNozzio racing to save Gibbs to last scene of Gibbs reburying his daughter's time capsule. The show had me in tears from get go.

    CBS did a wonderful job of weaving in flashbacks of Gibb's daughter and wife with the current story. The scenes played very well into the emotional frame of mind of Gibbs as he tried to save the life of his dead daughter's best friend.

    The scene with Gibbs and Maddie looking at the picture of her and Kelly was wonderful and the actress playing Maddie had great chemistry with Mark Harmon. It was so nice to also see that again the Director trusts DiNozzio when it comes to assignments and when it came time to save Gibbs. It was also great to see DiNozzio is cop mode versue his usual comedic relief mode. Overall one of the best episodes to date.
  • Almost had me in tears... A Filler episode, but a great one at that.

    The first thing that hits you about the episode is that it shows you the end before it even starts the beginning, and initially I thought it was a dream that Dinozzo was having ("I'm going to save Boss!!!!" Kinda fantasy... Could be, no?), But when he doesn't get woken up, I was intrigued as to how it was going to pan out.

    The episode gave a much needed look into Gibbs' history, even if it focuses on his relationship with his daughter. But still, us fans of the show would take any scraps we can take :D.

    What's great about the show is that it manages to be funny, and action-packed even when it's emotional, too. Honestly, I was close to tears at the flashback scene (should I even be admitting to that?!), but laughed out loud at the Dinozzo's line at the beginning of the show.

    In conclusion, it's another sterling performance from the actors, brilliant writing and it's has all the reasons why I watch the show week after week... Humour, action and character depth!
  • One of my 3 favorites

    You'll see that I rated this a 9.9 out of 10.0. I took of a 10th of a point for the not so great graphics of the car going into the water. That is the only thing I can come up with that I didn't care for during this episode.

    Performances were stellar. Mark and Michael especially were on the top of their game.
    Favorite moments:
    * "C'mon boss." "Don't do this to me, Boss." and "Don't make me kiss you." * Maddie wasn't in cahoots with the bad guys. I had a moment or two there that I wondered.

    * The way Jethro arranged the photos at the very end of the episode - this is when I finally started to cry.

    Other 2 favorites:
    'Grace Period'
    'Call of Silence'

    'SWAK' comes in a close 4th.
  • This was an amazing episode, I recomend it!

    This episode was amazing. Gibbs finds himself investigating the capture of his daughter's best friend, Maddie Tyler. He is emotionally caught between what to do and if he should do it. Everyone is worried about Gibbs, especially when he decides carry out the case on his own! The director heads the rest of the team and figures out that Gibbs figured out the case but didn't tell anyone. Later Gibbs finds out where they have taken Maddie and goes after her. when he finally rescues her he drives backwards off a dock. He and Maddie are trapped inside the car, but luckily, Tony comes to the rescue. He gets Maddie out first and then quickly goes back for Gibbs. Tony really thinks his boss will die, but, of course, he doesn't die and nither does Maddie! Another wonderful episode!!!
  • An old friend of Gibbs' daughter asks Gibbs for help. She's being stalked and the police can't help her. Gibbs helps her, but things take a turn for the worse when Maddie is kidnapped.

    At the beginning it was clear that this wouldn't be just another episode. First of all it all began with the end, not the usual setup. It also was an episode full of Gibbs' flashbacks. That together it made an unusual episode, but good anyhow. It was a very emotional episode with Gibbs and Maddie remembering the good times when Kelly was still alive. Because of this McGee and Ziva didn't get a lot of screentime, which was a shame because they add so much to the show. Abby however did her thing and was hilarious, especially when she thought she was in her lab, while she actually was in autopsy. I also think it was really cute the way she tried to comfort Gibbs, because she knew he was hurting. Also the Director made an appearance, not really as the director, but more as the jealous ex and it really didn't suit her. The episode itself was great, the only thing that was a shame was the ending. The car backing up into the water was kinda fake and the ending was an anti-climax! Gibbs just came to, no coughing up water or something, he just woke up in a blink of an eye: not really credible. And maybe they should have given Tony some more action, a firefight of 3 minutes in stead off 3 seconds. If they'd changed the ending it would have been one of the better episodes this season.
  • Wonderful episode and the fact that we all but knew Gibbs wasn't going to die didn't hurt this one at all. This episode was an excuse to delve into Gibbs past and the death

    Wonderful episode and the fact that we all but knew Gibbs wasn't going to die didn't hurt this one at all. This episode was an excuse to delve into Gibbs past and the death of his family. It was a nice move to bring in his daughters childhood friend as a catalyst and quite different from the girlfriend or Gibbs recovering his memory plots from previous seasons. The plot was good as well with the stolen money for Iraqi rebuilding as the basis of the investigation. The death sequence at the end was well played and wonderful even though we knew Gibbs wouldn't die the tension was still there. Good episode it was fun and revealing and edge of your seat character development.
  • I loved this episode, it gave great depth into Gibb's background. I hope that there is a continuing storyline with the character of Maddi Tyler. This show keeps getting better and better.

    This episode was a great addition to the series, it showed a softer side of Gibb's, the side for close friends and people like Abby. It shows the protection he feels over the people around him. Since Maddi was introduced, I hope that we will see more of her in future episodes. It was like she was on her own, her father is dead, so maybe there will be a close friendship between her and Gibb's. Kind of like the daughter he lost. The last scene, we actually do not get to see whats in the old suit case, I think that it was better that way. I liked the fact that we dont actually know whats in there, I think that it will be revealed in a later episode. and the very last scene when they close in on the picutres, great ending, it looks like it's Gibb's who has his arm around his daughter.

    Overall one of the best episodes in the series.
  • I absolutely have been hitched on this show since season one. Now does anyone know what is in the time capsule? It doesn't open. Thanks!

    I absolutely have been hitched on this show since season one. This episode definately calls for a box of kleenex. From the week previous, where they say, now scenes from next week's episode...I had been very eager to watch this show all week!!!!! I actually, didn't mind going back 24 hours. That was a great opportunity to learn about Gibbs' past. I guess I didn't really care for how the car ended up in the water. That was really the only cheesy part about this weeks show. Now does anyone know what is in the time capsule? It doesn't open.

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