Season 5 Episode 7


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on CBS

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  • Kelly's friend shows up.

    The episode starts with Tony running out of the light, hurtling toward bad guys, then he starts firing his gun, killing them. He is breathing heavily, and then dives in the water off the dock. He swims down to a car, where Gibbs and a woman are trapped. He smashes the windshield and carries the woman up to the dock, while Gibbs is trying to get out from under the steering wheel, where he is trapped. He finally gets unstuck as Tony carries him to the dock, where he pounds on him, performing CPR.
    Neither seems to be coming to.

    The episode was wild and very revealing when you discover that the woman was actually Gibbs' daughter's best friend. You learn a lot about her relationship with Kelly, and Gibbs digs up some old memories when he finds a Time Capsule that his daughter buried.

    But the action really heats up when Maddie, Kelly's friend, reveals that she has a stalker. Gibbs twists his arm around and starts screaming at him. Then, he later receives a phone call from Maddie that the stalker came back. He goes to Maddie's apartment to discover that it had been ransacked. He peers out the window to find that Maddie is being kidnapped. Then the race to find her begins, to lead back to the dock, where DiNozzo performs CPR.

    This episode was action packed. It was full of plot twists and surpises. It was also very revealing, because you got to see some of Gibbs' memories of his daughter and wife. This episode is a great episode, and could be one of the best ever.
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