Season 9 Episode 2


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2011 on CBS

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  • An attempt to redefine the characters.


    They are struggling to discover how to allow the characters to grow and keep the program at a peak. I say accept lower ratings and keep the show going. Allow growth. Let Tony show some depth. Vance has a wife. Why can't Gibbs have one? It is time to let Shannon go. Quit holding out and get a wife. He is almost 60 years old. How many stupid flirtations does he need? To prove what? And Mcgee should lose the anorexic look. Let Jimmy do something besides say inappropriate things around corpses. Let the characters show an awareness that they are quirky and move to create balance. This new attempt at balance seems imposed on them by the shows authors. Does Gibbs really need to keep slapping Tony? Can David find her true Jewish roots in America in ways she could not in Israel? The show is the top show on TV. If the top show on TV can't reinvent itself, what show can?