Season 10 Episode 22


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Apr 30, 2013 on CBS

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  • Finally!

    Loved that Ziva finally got her revenge. And the look on her face in Vance's office at the end-she didn't look happy or relieved, more like shocked. I think this is the first time Vance seemed concerned for one of the team's well being (which in this case, he should be, as he kind of hinted for Ziva to go after Bodnar despite being ordered by Homeland security not to). The only thing I didn't like had more to do with what some people complained about in forums-while they seemed to be okay with Gibbs killing his family's killer, they seem to think it was wrong for her to do so. But her killing of Bodnar wasn't as clear cut-to me it looked as if he went over the side during the fight. That Ziva went to the ship intending to kill Bodnar, but couldn't do it (after all, she could have just shot him in the back and dumped him overboard).
  • Disappointing resolution to the cliffhanger

    I love NCIS and all of the characters. I watch the show, not for the crime storylines, but for the characterizations, which are for the most part, brilliant. After the superb episode "Berlin," the week before that left me shocked and in awe, I was anxiously awaiting an exciting and angst resolution to the cliffhanger - perhaps that Tony had been hurt in the accident, fueling Ziva's desire for revenge even more. It was unrealistic to believe that both Ziva and Tony had escaped the accident virtually unscathed. The wonderful teaser, having a bloodied Tony reaching for Ziva's still hand, was wasted in I thought the Bodnar storyline came to an end too soon for the end of the season, but, of course, I didn't know what was in store for the last two episodes. Yes, I was disappointed, but I quickly adjusted and accepted the fact that we had no scenes with Gibbs worrying about his baby chicks. Disappointment in NCIS never lasts long, because the writers always give us more suspense, turns and twists to intrigue us. It was a good episode, even if it wasn't what I envisioned.

    I am looking forward to the beginning of the new season.
  • Vengeance to be had!

    This was a sublime episode of NCIS as the manhunt continues and there is revenge to be had, as the title suggests!

    There were some truly intense moments right throughout the episode, and some interesting twissts such as the faux New York background which made things really interesting!

    It was a superb continuation to what has been a phenomenal storyline and things are wrapepd up nicely at the end!

    I was looking forward to some sort of cliffhanger at the end of the season involving Ziva and Bodnar, but the story has ended early and I am really curious to see what awaits us in the last two episodes of the season1

    Looking forward to it!
  • very good

    Tense, action, danger, distress, very interesting & good clues and good acting as always with Gibbs' Team...

    and prepares you for the future shows.................... and what is going to happen....

    even though this appears to be the end.............. which may be for this part - but much much more is coming up.........

  • Revenge.

    After the cliffhanger from Berlin I couldn't wait for this episode The promo for this episode made it look like Ziva and Tony was seriously hurt but they was fine and ready to get back on the hunt for Bodnar I never expected the ending where Ziva used the team to get to Bodnar on her own and in the best part of the episode Ziva kills Bodnar in front of everybody I was expecting the Bodnar storyline to go the finale but I am wondering what will happen with another two episodes left.
  • Cote de Pablo excellent again

    Cote de Pablo has been excellent this year. Another stellar performance,
  • Ziva whippin' Bodner

    Best scene of all is Bodner flying down onto the deck, and Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee looking up in amazement at what Ziva did. One thing they will never want to do is make Ziva MAD!!!
  • another great episodet

    While I agree that the injuries from the accident were not as severe as I expected, I understand that they had a certain time frame to work with and I will say they did that well. I thought the Central Park so called clue was good but the big clue about the ship was brilliant. Another well thought out way to through us off. We all knew all along that Ziva would not give up until she had her form of justice and she got it in spades. Her determination to get in shape in spite of a very sore arm was amazing. The fight between Ilan and Ziva was the highlight of the whole episode. I know it is all very well choreographed ahead of time but boy was it fun to watch. Another job well done by NCIS. Look forward to next week.
  • shocker

    i cant believe they both made it out alright. yeah big fan of Ziva she got what she wanted and lived to tell the tale. Bodner got what he deserved
  • Anticlimatic

    I agree that the episode was disappointing and anticlimatic. It almost made the ending scene from the last episode superfluous. One of my biggest beefs with ncis has always been that there is no continuity in character development or character relationship. It's always one step forward, one step back, or 1 forward, 2 back in the relationships between characters. If someone were to drop in and watch this episode, he wouldn't be able to see any difference in the Tony now, compared to the Tony from 3 or 4 or 5 seasons ago. It's the same goofball class clown behaviour. It's time they start to develope a more serious and matured Tony, and advance the Tiva relationship a little more.
  • omg-tiva

    i have not seen yet but i am dissapointed with this will and wiil not -tiva.
  • GREAT!

    The cleverly crafted plot with the head-stromg Ziva promising "we will meet again" to her father's killer was a suspence thriller. The show, climaxed with the fight with Ilan was great and what appears to be "the end" might surprise us during the next episode.
  • A total loss of momentum!

    After such a fantastic lead-up, this episode was a real let down. The crash had little impact on Tony and Ziva, and it was very odd that there was no emotional connection between them. It was as though the scene in the car never happened! I am a huge fan of NCIS but this was very poor writing. I also find it annoying that the writers start to give Tony some depth and then go right back to square one. I love Tony but why the weak jokes in what should be a dramatic episode? This character deserves better. A cranky fan!
  • disappointing start

    At first, I thought I had missed the beginning of the episode but no, we had NO follow up from last week ending scene! none of what we saw in the promo actually was in there.

    As in the first episode this season, we get a dramatic situation where we expect some kind of serious visible injuries, then NOTHING!

    Really? Are they like supeman/woman or something? I was very disappointed by all that.

    Now, Bodner trap with the video was obvious but I get that it made a better plot if McGee didn't get it.

    I like Tony going to Gibb's but like he said why would he need an excuse after all this time.

    I really hope that something comes up from last week and last night episode as far as the Tony/Ziva relationship is concerned. I know they are afraid that if they finally get them together they will lose viewers, but this is becoming ridiculous and not realistic that they'd still be apart by now.

    I really liked the fight scene between Ziva and Bodner, I like kick a** Ziva even if I feel it's weird that she still goes rogue instead of trusting her team! Don't get me wrong I love Ziva's character but the writers have her stuck in the past: just get her to move on, get with Dinozzo and make babies ^^

    The last scene in Vance's office was powerful and I hope this will enable both characters to move on.

    I'm curious to see what's next, with the homeland investigation.

    Overall, a consistent episode but with maddening discrepencies as far as injuries and Tiva are concerned.
  • awesome ending

    The shiw was great i liked the ending where vance asked ziva was it over. a great episode
  • Revenge

    What the heck is wrong with the NCIS writers when it comes to serious injuries that keep us on edge with worry abo9ut o9ur fave agetns?!!! They write some of the best climatic buildup scenes such as the bomb last year at NCIS headquarters, then this car accident with the dramatic ending of last weeks epi - then they completely drop the ball and give us some of THE most ANTI-CLIMATIC scenes and disappointing LACK of injuries. Every dangerous situation the past 5-6 years, the agent(s) in jeopardy end up with one of same 3 repeatedly overused injuries: #1 most overused lame injury = the boring black SLING (used in at least 6 epis in past 6 years) #2 most overused injury = a barely visible cut (used in approx 5 epis in past 3 yrs) #3 = mild concussion or being knocked out and then fine.

    Tiva's accident is prime example; Tony ends up with #1 (barely visible cut )while Ziva is lucky recipient of #1 (Sling) did not see deflated airbags. How is it they are in this terrible accident yet Ineither end up with airbag injuries (I had bad injuries from an airbag in real life) - I did not see deflated airbags??? Niether one of them has whiplash (almost inevitible in that type of crash) Half of Tony's face and hand were covered in blood yet he walks away nearly unscathed w nary a bruise and Zivas window explodes rt next to her face yet she has no cuts. Tony was unconscious for long enough to have some kind of head trauma. My point is - where are the nerve wracking, emotionally charged injuries that were BELIEVABLE which is what made them so exciting - like SWAK, Hiatus, Twilight? Sorry I didn't mean to rant - but had to vent!

    happened to the airbags. How is it that
  • Jet Lag deja vu

    Well, that didn't pan out as expected. Anyone else get the deja vu feeling about Ziva and Tony a la Jet Lag? They tease a connection then nothing happens... Again. Nada. This is getting ridiculous. I have to be honest, I'm over it. Now with Ziva off the rails again I can't help but want her gone. There's no progress of characters to me, just going backwards. I truly enjoy Tony's character, but he's been portrayed as too much of a clown and it would be great if he actually showed some of the character growth in the past.

    Now I suppose the drama begins surrounding Ziva and the team once again, now looking at everything the team has done wrong in the investigations, blah blah, how they went about it the wrong way, blah blah, should have trusted whoever. It's getting repetitive and boring. Maybe a shakeup is needed and Ziva should just go away. Then maybe some progress could be made.
  • ncis series

    The best
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