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  • So glad they got rid of Abby

    Now lets get rid of the director next. The man can't act. The new Abby (Casey) is funny and likable and not some weird half man, half woman creature. Gibbs is showing his age. Hope Mark can keep it up. Director is probably the next step for Gibbs. He can only keep up the action for so long. Love Bishop and that little romance developing. Hope we get to see a little more of it then we got to see of Dinozo and Ziva's romance.
  • Ziva coming back to life

    So is Ziva alive now after tonight's episode?
  • Still love NCIS

    I think NCIS is a great show. You need to be open-minded and watch the new episodes without having a preconceived opinion that you don't like the new characters or story lines. I have been playing catch-up with the current season and I think the new characters and story lines combined with the on-going characters from before are interesting, engaging and at times very moving. I just watched the "Fragments" episode and ended up in tears at the end. I was not pleased when the old characters retired from the show and the new characters were introduced. However, I have realized that the old characters were stale and the new ones are refreshing the show. Please give the new characters a chance.
  • NCIS stinks

    The last 2 years of NCIS are the worse shows on TV. Bring back some of the older actors and get rid of Bishop, the lame duck lab girl and the idiot former undercover jerk. The only ones holding the show together are Gibbs, the computer geek and the director.
  • The last link

    Whats up with Bishops hair. It looks like crap
  • Replacement

    Don't like Abbie's replacement at all. She dose NOT fill the character

    I like NCIS and wares all the time up to the time Abbie left.

    This replacement is not good

    Rated on new replacement
  • NCIS has lost it

    The story lines have gone down hill. Now it appears to be a love fest instead of a action/crime show. Only one full time original cast member left now. The new cast members pale in comparison to the former cast members that left or that were run off. Weak stories to boost up weak characters. It is proving to be very hard to stay a fan.
  • NCIS has gone down the toilet

    Abby's replacement is pathetic! They would have been better off to not to replace her. This may be my last season.
  • Give Casey A Chance....

    I agree with "Mischka1" that the Casey character is a welcome addition to this show. I was so so so over the Abby character (the character, not the person). After so many years the uniqueness of that character was growing a little old. Casey is quirky, but not too much and I like the interactions she has with Gibbs. Any show that has been on as long as NCIS has needs a shot in the arm occasionally, and while I miss "Tony" and "Ziva", I really like the entire cast that they have assembled. I do agree with some comments that the 'action' part of this show is few and far between, but let's give it a chance to get back to that after the new cast members get settled in. I think this is the only reboot/retooled series I actually like.
  • Is NCIS getting to be a comic show

    I will be the lone voice of dissension... I like Casey. For some reason the computer guru has to be cooky and geeky and Abby's " Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs Gibbs , got got got got to be old. She is just another one trying to fit the mold and says the lines that are given.

    It is entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.

    Is it becoming a comic show now ? Whereas NCIS LA and NO still blow up things and shoot themselves out of harm's way, NCIS is getting cuddly and cute ?
  • I'm in mourning

    Although Abby wasn't the only cast character I loved since they were all great, her replacement is an embarrassing joke Replacing Abby with this caricature does the show a great disservice--unless the producers want to trash the show!
  • Downhill in the worst way

    Abby was definitely due for replacement. Mutton dressed as lamb just doesn't work well, but to replace her with a stereo-typical caricature instead of a realistic person? Scenes with military personnel are atrocious! These extras can't keep in step when marching, coffin details all saluting at different times and different speeds - no rehearsal? or just the cheapest extras they could find? Expect more from Mark Harmon. Used to look forward to every week's episode, but the cringe factor is creeping in earlier and earlier with each episode.

    If there is going to be a next season (which I'm beginning to doubt) it will need improvement, and a lot of it.
  • Where is NCIS and what have you done with it ??

    I have every episode on DVD and edited out the commercials. I even have the JAG lead in episodes. Sadly, I may be passing on the show and handing the DVDs off to someone. Bellisario has a great track record but something happened the past several years in terms of character development. Lately, the characters and actors are less believable NCIS more like bumbling comedians. Playing the role of an agent has gone down the toilet. At this rate, NCS will last as long as the new Magnum more season.

    The only reason I watch the show is for the actors/characters Leon, Gibbs, and Ducky.

    When Fezz appears and overacts in every scene, reminds us week after week that he was a (shhhh,

    wink wink) undercover agent, my brain and dinner explodes. He can't act, some writer seems to think it's cute to portray him as a narcissistic, can't run, fight, or speak intelligently.

    I could go on but this topic just causes my blood pressure to think that such a splendid show has deteriorated to such a dismal level. I'm okay with character changes. This isn't life but a TV show. I will always miss Abby and Tony and ... but at least replace them with AGENT quality characters who are competent actors and (again) believable in their roles. Good lord, the interchanges and banter between characters are sooooo predictable and it, old. You need creative writers to salvage this treasure of a show. You need characters who can at least appear that they passed a background check in skill and experience and can portray NCIS competency.

    Anyone want 375+ episodes to watch and reminisce the good times and arresting plots?
  • i loved it in the beginning

    i have been a fan of your programming for many yrs,when i was young and an only kid growing up in the north midwest long nights and week ends the tv was to some degree my best friend and i have been an ncis fan from the beginning but i have to tell you and all of tv and journalism that i have no idea whats going on with all these movements and hate groups but i am sick to death of having nose rubbed in other peoples problem because they can't do grotesque things in public with out being not doing it maybe i don't know but every time i turn my tv on whether its a program or commercial i'm being forced to watch crap i have no interest in seeing and all the networks are destroying the programs that used to be don't know what the answer is but i've stopped my tv from recording because its no longer watchable,i'm sorry but everyone out there has the same rights as me and as long as i'm not totally stupid i get by fine and how old do you have to be before you learn that life is not our biggest problem now,we all have way to many fricking rights but as long as you're part of a group no sweat.
  • Dislike Abby's Replacement

    I can't help but wonder why they picked this actress as Abby's replacement. She comes across as a totally ignorant with a nerdy script. I don't like her voice and she definitely is hard on the eyes. Undoubtably she knew someone to get the job. If NCIS keeps this up this will be their last season.
  • Dislike

    I absolutely strongly dislike the new replacement for Abby and can barley stand to watch the show now. Only reason I still do is because ducky and Gibbs are still on. But very unhappy they have changed characters so often In the later seasons. Obviously management fell apart. SMH
  • The New Abby is LITERALLY the WORST Thing That Has EVER Happened to NCIS

    I have watched every single episode of this show, and I can say without any pause that this casting choice of the person to replace Abby in the forensics role is the WORST thing that they have ever done to this show it its entire run. Worse than the lost of other actors or additions of anyone else. Her scenes are completely unwatchable. The show can easily continue without Abby, but not with this person. I was shocked on this weeks episode when they announced she was the 'new permanent hire'. Make her go away!!
  • What happens to my NCIS?

    I would rather see this show go off the air than put odd ball actors behind stellar ones. Watching the new forensic actress is torcher
  • Special Agent Bishop.

    I have been an NCIS fan ever since it's inception until Agent Bishop was brought into the fold. Over the last few years NCIS has had so many cast changes it has been hard to remain a loyal fan, but I have managed to hang on despite not having any strong characters except for Gibbs. Agent Bishop however, has not ever fit in as an NCIS special agent. She is almost a joke when in tough situations, such as in tonight's episode (S16 E5) while in interrogation. NCIS LA and NCIS New Orleans have it over NCIS in character department.
  • Abby`s Replacement needs replacing!!

    I used to love NCIS and never missed an episode until Agent Bishop joined the team. Her whole personality and stage presence just doesn`t cut it as a believable NCIS agent. I found the show hard to watch after she joined the team, but I would still tune in occasionally. Until the addition of Diona Reasonover - her character is just too over the top annoying for me to handle. Maybe I could appreciate her in another role on a different show, but definitely not as a forensic specialist on NCIS!!! I do still watch the show sometimes, depending on the content/story line of an upcoming episode, but I find myself muting the volume everytime Casey is on the screen. She really ruined the show for me. I hear Ducky will be back this season though and I love his character so I may just have to mute my way, where necessary, through the rest of the season to see how it plays out, since I believe the series is coming to an end.
  • Steve Urkel's sister

    Steve Urkel's sister has replaces Abby. I used to love this show, but I am disappointed in the show now.
  • Do the producers really watch these shows??

    Having my fill of Emily Wickersham and the poor writing I stopped watching the show last season. But I decided I would turn in this season in hopes that the NCIS of old would have returned. Alas, not to be! But It is not without hope! Adding Maria Bello to the show has brought back an actor who can act! Who would have believed it!! Now if the producers would reduce McGee's role to that of only a supporting tech character and have Bishop in a recurring role you would be back on track to return to the NCIS we all loved. Oh, please don't kill off every actor who leaves the show. You might want them back for guest appearances. I will turn back in next season, if it has been renewed.
  • What happened?

    I haven't liked Abby since the goth was taken from her so I have nothing against her replacement. Watching Bishop has been hard enough. She just isn't a very good actor in my eyes and doesn't really 'fit' with the are WAY too many other shows that hold my interests. Ever since Tony and Ziva left I lost interest. I just can't watch this anymore. So sad because I LOVED the show. Never messed an episode. Now I don't even record them anymore. NCIS New Orleans is much better. Sorry Gibbs and McGee.
  • Bishop

    Her acting is so annoying. I can't believe they let Ziva go and take this wanna be. Why would the boys accept her so readily. The writers seem to be drinking on the job
  • I thought at first they were joking.

    Diona Reasonover is virtually unwatchable. Unquestionably the worst actor ever to have a major part on the show. I never thought about not watching any longer until this incompetent showed up. She needs to go immediately.
  • Just a TV show, or something more??

    With obvious support by government agencies NCIS is a bittersweet production that involves mixing lies and government propaganda/positions with previous excellent acting. The fact that Osama Bin Laden died late December, 2001 is ignored and the lie that a Seal Team took him out for one. The writing is definitely leftist/PC stuff with an obvious formula of anti male bias.

    I think the show was at its peak when the cast was all white and not some forced "inclusion" thing. When the Ellie Bishop character appeared it was beginning of the end of common sense. Compared to Ziva and Kate she is an asexual wimp constantly dressed to hide any sexuality and looks like some UCLA student and not a real agent. I always mute the volume when that cartoon character Abby is onscreen. Disgusting presentation of an honorable profession.

    I discovered this show last year on Netflix where there is no commercials and one can easily re-watch episodes. I doubt I will ever go beyond Season 11 #9 where the Ellie character is introduced.

    Has anyone ever answered the question about how Gibbs gets his boats out of the basement.
  • Atrocious acting with atrocious writing and atrocious filming

    I've been binge watching Season 15 and trying not to throw a lamp into my TV. Who writes this show ?

    In what world will a "special agent" (McGee) while in a standoff with a terrorist in a hospital, lay down his weapon and give up ? In what world will a "special agent" (Torres) blow his and his partner's cover by divulging to some low life scum that they are undercover feds ? Why do we have to keep seeing these close up stills of Gibbs with his short head swivel and pedophile hair cut ? What a bunch of misfit feds huh ?The season finale should have them all being gunned down with some stray bullets hitting the writers and taking them out as well.

    On a slightly more positive note, I'm happy to see all the work place head slapping and kissy face hugging and groping has apparently stopped. In what world would a manager be able to head slap a subordinate, and in front of others to boot, and get away with it ? In today's climate with sexual harassment allegations springing up every half hour what manager would get away with hugging and kissing someone who works in a subordinate position ? Totally atrocious from beginning to guess what be back with more !!

  • No longer a fan, so dislike the show now

    It has been bad enough that so many of the really enjoyable cast members that made the show have gone, I actually like Bishop and Quinn but where is Quinn Abby leaves (while understandable as she is almost 50 playing an almost childlike person) but you take Clayton with her, I really liked Clayton. And what do you give in return?? Torres and Kasie with no love for either. How far down has the quality of the writers gone? They try to replace Tony with another whiney little boy character - it worked with Tony but they should have simply replaced him. Same for Abby - you try to replace her with a ditzy kind of dorky works once but just give us someone to like that is not like those they replaced!! I used to look forward to each episode and find that now if I miss it, it is - ho hum, maybe I will catch it later but with a lack of enthusiasm. Too bad the writers and developers could not do better with cast know I am not alone as I have not really found many of those I have talked to that like Abby's replacement and no one is charmed by Torres as they were by Tony ;-(
  • NCIS character review

    I am a fan of NCIS by watching on Netflix, not by watching it for many years week by week.

    I agree with some other comments that Casey (working as Abbey at end of Season 15) is extremely annoying. If she becomes a regular, she will be worst ever. My thoughts on NCIS characters:

    Best for show:

    -Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ziva, Abby, Ducky, Vance, Vance's wife, Delilah, Reeves, Gibbs mentor who lived in Mexico, Gibb's dad, Tony's dad


    Jimmy, Kate, Bishop, Torres, Kate's sister

    Didn't like so much:

    Lauren Holly's character, Maria Bello's character - she overacts

    Really dislike:

  • Casey is the worst!

    I've been a loyal fan of NCIS since the beginning. I hated Ziva and Tony leaving, the addition of Bishop, and now Abby leaving. However, if you replace Abby with Casey, I will no longer watch the show. She's SO obnoxious to say the least! While I like Jack and Torres, and was sad when Reeves was killed, the magic of the show is just not there anymore. Jimmy and McGee are made to look too stupid anymore. Quite out of character for the way they were! Sigh...
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