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  • Never get tired

    My wife and I love the shows and crew Tony always makes me laugh even when Gibbs smacks him in the back of the head, Abby and McGee the team work that you two do is awesome, I like listening to Duckies history stories when Gibbs doesn't have time but you keep it going by talking to the victoms, Ziva love how nomatter big or small the guy is always on the ground and you haven't broke a sweat, And the best for last Leroy Jethro Gibbs you are my favorite you were a marine before but you keep that with you. I wanted to join the marines to do sniping but i couldn't past the test I really hope they never stop this show cause I don't like NCIS LA keep it going.
  • NCIS Nov 27, 2012

    Bad writing,,, 1. started out in the middle of the night, am,, , NCIS showed up mid morning, day light.

    2. should have called 911, gut shot...3. shot in the liver, would have survived a while. 4. the ending was terrible, problem is i really like this show, just hate bad writing,

  • Overated.

    Good but not that good.
  • New Crime is Solved

    I've been watching this show for almost ten years now. It has everything... Crime Show, Cop Show, Doctor Show, Action Show, Military Show, Character Show. It has it all and I love Abby and Ziva. I hope it continues for aleast another 3 to 5 years.
  • N.C.I.S

    this is the best T.V show on Monday nights it should be on every night

    I absolutly luv Gibbs, Abby, Ziva, Tony, and of couse MCGEE! I luv him. My bro introduced me to NCIS and I AM NOW OBSESSED WITH IT. I noticed that USA: Characters Welcome plays it every other day. Who thinks that Mcgee is ADORABLE?!?!?!?!? I luved the episode: Murder 2.0

    Best show, NEVER GETS OLD.
  • I love all the characters

    I love this show because i am a fan of Abby,Gibbs,Tony,McGee, Ziva ,Jimmy,Ducky because they have all different Personality's. Abby is a badass women with a Gothic attitude. Tony is a Playboy because he love to chase women. Ziva is badass with a weapon's degree, McGee is a computer genius like me, Jimmy is a married man which might end in divorce because Gibbs warned him that some women like a guy for money, Ducky is a master's degree medical examiner that knows the in's and outs and Leon is a leader to keep everyone in check.
  • NCIS is the BEST!!!!!!!!

    NCIS is the best show I have ever watched. I love all the characters and i really want to meet them!!!!!
  • Steve Valentine-New Psychiatrist

    Therapists, even chaplains, have come and gone on NCIS, but none have fit in so well with this great ensemble cast as Steve Valentine. His elegant, British, psychiatrist, who stand up to and (a big first) in the way of Gibbs, was, finally, the perfect choice. Hope to see Mr. Valentine reprise his role in other episodes.
  • jvjdcvhjsxfhvjfhgjmdhf

    Don't get me wrong, I love Ziva, but I miss Kate so much. Why can't they both be on the show?!
  • Characature Rather than Character

    I too love all the characters on NCIS. But last night it seemed that Abby's character was being played more as a characature rather than the Abby I'm used to seeing.
  • Recovery for only one

    I'm a big fan of the Abby character as the caring , goth forensics tech but I found this show a bit over the top. The lovey dovey stuff was a bit bizarre. I do think that we haven't seen much of her family so that's great as long as it's not a major arc. I do wish they had chosen a different actor for Abby's brother. ALso they made it appear as if the show was about recovery of the team. Actually it was about one character. The other's seemed perfectly fine.
  • I always look forward to Tuesdays

    Thanks CBS. We all love this show and all of its characters. I always look forward to my Tuesday night on CBS!
  • Too much Abbyness

    Dont get me wrong I love Abby I absolutely adore her, but this episode was kind of too much. Love the parts with Palmer n Ducky.
  • Can't Miss!

    I have been addicted to NCIS since the very first episode and I do not miss ANY episodes! There are only three shows I watch and don't miss, NCIS being at the top of the list! I love the chemistry between all the characters, perfect picks for the 'team'!! Keep those fabulous episodes coming!!!
  • Ncis a great big international thank you, plus a few questions

    I love NCIS, the shows comedic outline it's quirks and its attention to science is a breath of fresh air, compared to other shows of its type, I like its sister show based in L.A and the fact that it provides realistic overseas back drops, even though it probably never leaves its studios and the surrounding geographical area "the U.S". I think that it what might be a good thing for it to do being that it is in its tenth year, is to go back to the beginning and have the core cast of JAG, "Catherine Bell & David James Elliot" make a guest appearance to;

    a) answer the question of what happened after the last ever JAG episode

    b) also to celebrate the great work that has gone into producing this great U.S series

    I would also like the producers and the writers' to focus at least for a few episodes on non-U.S story lines as a way of thanking the loyal viewers' that made the program a success. After all, the program took ages to gain traction and numbers in the U.S, relying on the non-domestic markets to support it. Personally I would like there to be some kind of tie up with the British Royal Navy's NCIS counter parts. Although please if you do use this idea, please, please, please do not stick with Mary Poppins accented people, in other words there is more to the UK than London, and our armed forces have many different UK regions represented, in fact the highest number's come from Wales, which by the way is not England or Scotland, anyway you get the Idea.

    Thank you.

  • Addiction

    The program NCIS is my addiction. I have never watched a program for a whole series let alone bought DVDs of every series so I could watch it over. I would like to see Jamie-lee Curtis become more regular on the show. Gibbs needs some interest apart from his basement. All the characters fit so well together I don't know if I would watch it if any left. I have noticed throughout the series that their personas can become annoying sometimes but you get that in life where people just annoy you for a while before everything gets back on track. The producers really picked great actors when they created NCIS - a credit to all concerned. Just write happy endings when the time has come to end the show. Until then I will be watching with great anticipation for the next instalment.
  • David McCallum

    McCallum's heart attack scene looked quite authentic. kind of felt what it must be like to have one.
  • Character Driven

    The best part of this show are the characters, some of the best on TV in my opinion. The story arcs can be lame at times but currently its great
  • Intriguing

    keep it up NCIS! Wonderful storline and great writers. I love how investigation and exploration and training is dome behind the scenes to keep it real, love the show and characters currently on.
  • NCIS review

    I am still loving this show!
  • ncis review

    I think that ncis is brillient and i have been thinks about it and my idea is that tony gets kidnapped by a terriest and then gibs loses controle and rescues tony from a baskement that has prison ceils in it
  • Good for a Long Time

    For a show that has been on for ten seasons, I must say that it has done an amazing job. Other than soaps, I don't know of many shows that have been on as long and has kept up such a loyal following and been known to produce quality episodes. Because it has been on for so long, I imagine the quality may have slipped a bit, but that is frankly understandable. Writers can only come up with so many murders, kidnappings, and terrorist plots until they all kind of bleed together. Not that I'm saying that happened here. I love this show.

    I love DiNozzo, I wish they would add a little more depth to his character, though. They do every now and again, but sometimes his idiocy becomes tiring. Unlike Abby's character who also has an interesting personality, the difference being she doesn't become slightly annoying. My favorite character has to be Ziva though. I guess I just think Mossad turned Special Agent assassins are pretty b.a.

  • the mysterious redhead

    let's write her back in the script...

  • Always interesting

    The writers keep bringing in new ideas and plots to make you watch. Nice job.
  • Season has been a disappointment

    The show is normally about a 6 or 7, this season with the exception of one episode most have been about a 4. Suggest that the character of Tony either be dumped or he undergo a change. Personally when he starts his rants I go to mute. I cannot imagine any real person not rapping him in the nose after their first fifteen minutes in his company.
  • NCIS Looking Forward To This Season

    I think this will be a great season.

  • i love this show, but

    i did not like this season as much as i did the previous ones... for me this was kinda blah... dont get me wrong there were some great episodes, but as a whole it was not as great as the past... there were some good storylines and that they explored the idea that there are enemies foreign and domestic. i didn't really like jamie lee curtis' character. i dont think she added much for the series... yes she gave gibbs leads and insights... but a character like fornell can do that.. maybe its her acting, i dunno, hope she's gone next season...

    i also notice that ziva is losing her edge... she is getting soft... she was a mossad officer for heaven's sake.. you just dont forget training like that, even if you live in a foreign country... but in a few episodes, like the christmas episode, she almost had her butt kicked by the russians... im not saying she should be a killing machine but dont make her loose her ability to kick ass!!

    i also hope ducky's ok.. coz it wont be ncis without him :)
  • All time favorite show

    DiNozzo is a player and very handsome. A few more years and it might be as sexy as Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Mark Harmon truly makes this show.
  • weatherly over done

    We are so tired of Michael Weatherly's character. It has gotten so bad that we are no longer watching regularly and when we do when he speaks we mute the tv. This character is over done. He is disrespectful, disloyal, annoying and has gotten very tiresome. He has too many lines and his character needs to shut up. A little reality is that nobody would work with this type of person and they would be reported for multiple reasons. We would like to see and hear more from Sean Murray. More of his family life and a real love interest would be great and not the Abbey character.
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