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  • Getting used to it

    Been watching the new season haven't been too bad, with ziva leaving thought no way can anyone live up to her with all the great story lines she brings. Bishop seems to fit in well but taking long to get used to her, when watching previous seasons makes you realise how much the show misses ziva. Not looking forward to the next episode like normal rather watch ncis la
  • Shallow?

    It is great NCIS this season is showing depth to the characters we have come to know and love. For all of you who think Bishop is a loser, I say give it time. Her introduction was great in an action sequence and it is necessary for the success of the show to have Bishop demonstrate some action in the form of gun play, fights, etc. However, for all the fans who think this season is boring and Bishop should go, your thinking is indicative of all that is wrong with America today. Form without substance. Glitter without the metal. Entertainment without depth. Clowns, bang-bang shoot em' up, back slaps. Kids stuff. Grow up.

  • kill off bishop PLEASE!

    Please get rid of Bishop! She is a dud. Who is writing these weak shows this season? Gibbs is now a doddering old fool the way he treats Bishop--he would have NEVER put files on the floor for anyone before. How come he did for Bishop? And she SITS on the table! How unprofessional and immature! Not sure what Tony's character is doing and McGee acts like he's in a soap opera with his hang-dog face and sappy music. Bting back the cocky Tony and naive but lovable McGee. The show has gotten so bad I don't see how it can last much longer. What in the world happened?! NCIS used to be the best show on TV and I couldn't wait for the next week's show. Not anymore. I'm embarrassed and sickened by Bishop. Oh well, happy that there are still reruns.
  • Sadly losing interest

    I loved NCIS used to watch it faithfully, not so much anymore and when I do watch it it doesn't keep my full attention. Ziva was one of my favorite characters and now that she's gone I find it hard to watch the show. What makes it harder to watch is Bishop. I don't like her and she doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. I don't like how she's always in her own little world and not apart of the team and Gibbs is lenient with I am losing interest in watching the show, something is missing (Ziva obviously) but something else is missing. Find a better replacement for Ziva if she's never coming back, because Bishop isn't doing it. Better yet, do whatever you can to get Ziva back!
  • Good Grief

    Can't believe what my favorite show as come to. I was so bored the with the last couple of episodes. Everything feels off and disjointed. Can't stand Bishop. Can't stand the way Gibbs and the team are made to look like idiots. Seriously they aren't needed if Bishop is so smart and can solve everything. I thought the year with Jamie Lee Curtis was bad but this show is unwatchable right now. Thank goodness for reruns on USA.
  • Bishop is too much to endure.....

    There are several discussion lines going regarding this season of NCIS. We had all waited anxiously for the Farewell to Ziva story line but we were double-crossed and received about 10 minutes of Ziva at the end of the second episode. Not at all what was expected.

    At the beginning of the season people seemed to accept the new characters each week as we attempted to recover from the loss of Ziva. We were promised there would be no rush to find a new female agent but then discovered that Bishop had been hired as the new permanent replacement before a single episode with her in it aired.

    BIG MISTAKE! She is annoying, does not fit in with the team, has made every character seem incredibly stupid and has turned GIBBS into gibbs. There are so many other issues related to the Bishop character they are too numerous to list.

    From what I've read on this thread there were only 3 people who had a positive reaction to the Bishop character and I did loose count of the ones who did not like her. What has been said so many times - eliminate the new character, bring the team back together as they were and find a new strong female lead if CDP cannot be brought back.

    I too was a viewer from the very beginning and I just cannot bear to watch another episode where the entire team defers to Bishop.

    I really enjoy the reruns and will be happy watching those from now on.


  • Bishop

    I don't like her. She doesn't fit in. I don't buy into her awkwardness at all. There is no longer any chemistry among the team members. The show has lost it's intrigue. My husband thinks Bishop is a waste of space. Get rid of her. We no longer enjoy watching the show.
  • Bishop....

    Absolutely Dislike the new girl, Bishop! NCIS is not the same. Bishop does not fit in with the team. I can honestly say I've lost interest in show.
  • What were the producers thinking????

    Don't care for the new agent - specifically how the writers are developing her character. It's incredibly unrealistic that one person can come in and do the job of all of the other agents (it doesn't matter how "brilliant" she's supposed to be. An analogous approach would be what Criminal Minds has done with Dr. Spencer Reid). The rest of the team might as well grab a coffee or join Ziva.
  • NCIS Fans Say it all

    Upon reading all the reviews, it seems mostly all say the same. The show is no longer interesting, or captivating. Though Ziva played a great roll, the show still had a chance without her there. As one person wrote, why not just have the 3 musketeers continue without any other female star. Occasionally bringing in one to assist as from another agency rather then sink the ship with the wrong person the play the role. I've not see the show since Ziva left and refuse to even see it from what I've read. I truly hope the ratings go down from lack of viewers so they can get the hint and read the reviews in order to fix there mistake.
  • Up The Ratings!

    Come on Guys, Just up the ratings from 8.9 to 9 or more! The Writer's story is so good even though Bishop is boring and replacing Gibbs and his team! Best Show on TV!

    . Bishop isn't a good replacement for Ziva.
  • #1 show

    How can CBS keep claiming this is the number one show on TV? it was great but now its horrible, it is not even watchable I have taken it out of my playlist.
  • Not liking the Bishop Character

    I stopped watching NCIS once Ziva was excited to see that a replacement was found, but I still wasn't ready to watch the new girl. So tonight being bored out of my mind I decided to watch an episode with the new character. I decided I would like her before the show started and then she opened her mouth and I find that her character is rather boring and she seems out of place with the team . I can't put my finger on it but I don't see her as a lasting cast member at least I hope she's not going to be. To be fair I watched 4 more episodes hoping I would like the bishop character and the more I see of her the less I like the new NCIS agent. Don't get me wrong I love the cast of NCIS and it is a great show but the Bishop Character just does'n't fit in with everyone else there's got to be a better fit.
  • The Magic is Gone

    How sad to see our beloved, well developed NCIS characters reduced to flat and boring. The new Bishop character is just awful. I finally removed NCIS from my series recording list. At least there are the old reruns to cherish. The current season is in desperate need of new writing, new directing and elimination of Bishop.
  • Disappointed

    I just wanted to say NCIS used to be my favorite show .I'm highly disappointed with NCIS new character Ellen. I only watched one episode with her and then I stopped watching. She is pretty and cute , definitely not the right character for the show. Very disappointed , I hope NCIS will bring Ziva back or somebody more like her. At this moment NCIS is off the list of my shows.

  • Ellie Ellie Oxen Free

    I'm going to have to agree with the "Mary Sue" comments. They are making this girl too much of a wunderkind and expecting her little "beautiful mind" quirks to offset that and endear her to viewers. Might be working with some but not with me. She's changing the feel of the show and at this point I'm not feeling like it's a change for the better. The rest of the team is getting lost in the writers' need to prop Ellie up and cram her into the team dynamic. The show has gotten pretty boring and seems to have no direction. They keep bringing past characters in don't know what. Try to get a sense of familiarity that has been lost with the addition of Ellie, maybe? Next, I'm expecting gimmicky guest appearances by any "it" person of the moment to try to liven things up. Ok, not really. I certainly hope they don't stoop to that.

    BOY do I agree with BillyRay and all the others that want our Dynamite Team back, ALL OF THEM MOST OF ALL ZIVA! Gibbs has been bland, looks out of character, he is just there gusto is gone, TONY feels lost, and McGee is totally lost in the midst of "the beautiful mind" character BIshop. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ENTIRE TEAM --- THE TEAM WE LOVE TO LOVE TONY, ZIVA, GIBBS, MCGEE, GABBY, I think I will have to stop watching the show if it gets much worse.
  • NCIS - Phoning in their Lines

    Oh my - what has happened to NCIS this yea??. Every episode is bland and boring. I think that Michael Weatherly is lost without Cote- he doesn't seem to have anything to do - and is not enjoying doing I can not figure him out ! Gibbs would NEVER allow a Probie to speak to him that way. All the characters have been change and NOT FOR THE BETTER. I think Season 12 is the very last !!!!
  • NCIS

    Am I the only one that likes Bishop. I don't think she can ever replace Ziva but she is a new and fresh character that I find interesting. NCIS has gotten better every episode this season. I hope that Tony would find a girl that he likes that is not connected to his job
  • Ziva should have called

    Sorry- I found this episode disjointed, Tony doesn't know what to do with himself-McGee seemed uncomfortable, Abbey was not focused and lecturing Jimmy- Ducky hardly was around. There was no cohesiveness to the team. I am amazed that Gibbs lets Bishop get away with her lack of professionalism ( Kate and Ziva were always professional and adults; Bishop acts immature, insensitive to people, does not recognizing the importance of the team and that Gibbs is the leader. The ending was flat- would have been a better "to be continued"-its like the writers didn't know how to end it and tried to tie it up and make everyone happy- really Gibbs eating cake-alone- too bad Ziva didn't call to wish him happy holidays- too bad there was never a scene in Gibbs basement where everyone is having a drink and toasting Ziva "good wishes". There was never real closure. I think the writers have lost the essence of the show, the story and the people involved. There is no replacement for Ziva or Kate, but so far, Bishop is starting to become annoying-and i think the writers need to limit her role- let her develop- if she can- too much of her will lose viewers. Sad- because this has been one of my most favorite shows. Gibbs looked bored/lonely. What about having Catherine Bell guest star- she would be a great "love interest for Gibbs.
  • hopfully gone and forgotten blondie

    wow what a let down ziva to this person i no longer watch neither does my daughter and all of our friends even gibbs lookes weak this wont survive she will never be ziva and tony will not be tony without ziva
  • RIP Ziva, RIP Kate. Show going downhill.

    I've been a huge fan of NCIS, watching since its pilot episode on JAG but now it seems I can't be bothered to watch anymore after Cote left the show. Writing has been minimal to say the least, and now that one of my favorite characters is gone as well it really killed the mood entirely to still watch. Maybe when I'm bored I'll watch an episode again, but I really can't enjoy the show like I used to, even with Gibbs still in it.

    I hope Cote will somehow decide to come back in the future and then the show can maybe up its game again.
  • Ellen is no Ziva--and no Kate

    Seriously? This Ellen character. Not working. This show has been successful because of good writing and a great cast of different characters. Tim is the smart guy and Abbey is the quirky one. what Ellen adds I cannot see. Losing Ziva was HUGE. Not sure how to get past that--especially because no one even mentions her and Tony seems to have gotten over his "great Bringing Ziva back is probably everyone's first choice. If that can't happen, then find a strong interesting character who is worthy of the role. The blonde sitting on the floor like a kid is not it.
  • do I start?

    The Gibbs we all know (or knew) and loved wouldn't put up with 5 minutes of this chicks crap! She sits back at her computer working on something. When Gibbs asked what she was working on, she said, "I'll fill you in when I have more information". Then Tony and Tim "jump to" and tell every thing they have so far.

    She is the new to the team, and yet not at all a part of anybody's team. She has her own game going over there in the corner. Has anybody yet even heard her referred to as "proby"?

    From the number one show on TV to this? It won't be number one long now if the writing dosen't improve soon!
  • Harmon and the team deserve better

    I have watched every episode of NCIS many times over (thanks to USA) and love, love, love Gibbs but also love the show and the actors because everything clicks. All the actors are well cast and play their parts perfectly. The plots are believable. Then along come new writers (???) and for the entire season, the actors don't seem to have their hearts in the show any more. There is no spirit and spunk. As if the writing isn't bad enough, they throw in this new actress to replace Ziva and everything bombs. I'll watch anything with Mark Harmon in it but feel sorry for him and the other professionals on the show because it's NOT the same quality show it used to be. This new girl unrealistically makes everybody else look stupid. Give her a show of her own but get her off NCIS!! Also, enough with ex-wife #2. She's annoying. Her fast talking shrill voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard! And no more precocious 13 year old kids who show up at somebody's house while her parents think she's at the mall. Does she take a cab? She isn't old enough to drive. Come on. Sober up the worthless writers and give these great actors some respect and give us fans our quality entertainment again!!!!! Also, where the heck is Director Vance? Haven't seen him this season. The rating I'm giving is for the old shows. Oh, I also do not like the new SECNAV. We know why these writers wrote her in but it's stupid in so many ways. Please don't mess around and fail these great actors! They deserve better!
  • Writer team should do their homework

    Lately I watched an episode where Tony asks Ziva to explain the name Shmil to him. Ziva said it derived from the name Ishmael (God will listen) which is absolutely ridiculous, No Jew in his right mind will name his kid Ishmael a perfectly good Arabic name. However Shmil( God listens) is the Yiddish nick name for the name Shmuel. Maybe the writers of this great show should consult an Israeli before they film their episodes. I still thing NCIS is the greatest.
  • Get New Writers or a New Director

    NCIS seems to have lost its edge. Since Ziva's departure, the show could be described as NCIS-lite. The scripts are all over the place. The plots just barely hang together. And, although it might not be fashionable for characters to speak correctly, is it really necessary to have the dialog make the characters seem illiterate? If your character is poorly educated, it makes sense. But these writers write the same illiterate dialog for everyone. The most basic middle school grammar teaches that it is wrong to say --there's 3 ways to --- . You don't say there IS 3 ways to do this; you say there ARE 3 ways to do this. And Gibbs' last line in the Alibis episode -- you and ME have a lot in common is laughably. ignorant. It is a sorry business when writers don't know how to write. The writers aren't giving the actors any decent scripts/plots with which to work. As I understand it, Cote's contract was up for renewal in February. Therefore, they had plenty of time to get ready for her departure. The transition from Kate to Ziva was handled wonderfully. We were shocked and unhappy about losing Kate but adding Ziva was done so well that we got on board quickly. Please get some decent writers soon. If the show doesn't improve in the next few episodes, I won't waste my time any longer. Do you really want the show to go off the air? If not, better make some changes soon.
  • Devils Triad - Laughed my butt off, LOVED Bishop AND was intrigued !

    Not sure you could ask for more of a positive response.

    Bishop is capable (not bad on the eyes) and is willing to be human.

    Something I am sorry, but Ziva just never aspired to...

    Her smarts are FANTASTIC yet she recognizes she studies the autopsy guide over the weekend !! ??

    Don't get me wrong, I loved Ziva but Bishop is a three dimensional character, where Ziva BARELY more than one...

    Where did Bishop cross Jethro ???

    I saw him trusting her to make her own moves.

    He knew full well she would come to the "right" answer even it wasn't correct - that has Gibbs all over it !

    And yeah a thirteen year old shouldn't be getting around DC on her own.

    But this is the apple made from Fornel and Gibbs' Ex (and Gibbs' "niece") - she AIN'T a normal thirteen year old !

    I am just so damn glad we didn't have to see that SECNAV business model again.

    Yes she is a redhead - but she AIN'T Jethro's type just because she is a ginger...

    That cheesy animation and her smarmy speech opening the last show almost shut me down.

    I work for a defense contractor - we have MUCH better animations.

    And I certainly don't need the SECNAV pushing my product to a bunch of other contractors.

    That was the lamest opening in eleven seasons...

    PLEASE bring in a new SECNAV - PLEASE !!!

  • Oh Please...............

    Just watched my DVD of Devils Triad. Felt like I'd fallen into a bad Christopher Spark's book/movie. If the producers felt this sort of schmaltzy clap trap was necessary - might as well pull the plug.
  • Get rid of Emily

    Maybe you shouldn't be trying to replace Ziva so fast. Let the team be Gibbs, DiNozzo and McGee for awhile. This new character is awful!!! Try out different people in consulting roles for the team until someone clicks. Maybe Jimmy Palmer could have more to do. Anything but Emily Bishop.
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