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  • Ellie is not Ziva!

    Unfortunately we will probably have to live without Ziva in the show. Every actor has his/her carreer to follow and decisions to make. Many of us mourn Ziva's leaving. BUT> Ellie Bishop is absolutely not an interesting charachter in the team. The first few episodes looked promising, she playing a little genius performing helpful tricks, but with the time, she became a faint shadow. Of course, a second McGeek is not needed, so she has to fill in another special role, that she has not until now. Before she appeared, there was an episode with Jackie Geary playing Susan Polygraph Grady, and for some moments I thought: "This can become funny". But no, she left for another NCIS-Office. I am quite sure she could be better fit to the team than Bishop... What do you think?
  • Borin, love her

    Keep her as much as you can. After missing Zeva, we need a strong woman again. She is so fun being like Gibs, Love her. More of her please.
  • replace bishop NOW!

    Look I died when Ziva left the show, but I thought well let the new person show us her best, well time is up! She just doesn't fit. I think Diane Neal would be PERFECT, and she's already on the show, in the Navy anyone agree? STEVE
  • Checkmate

    Get rid of Bishop. If I have to see her "scrunched" up face I will scream. her character is coming off like she's smarter than everyone, even Gibbs seems to be stepping aside for her. PR can hype her all they want, it's not working. I would rather have no one, even another man would be better

  • I Would Rather Watch Reruns!

    Nobody and nothing got in my way of viewing Tuesday night Bishop girl. Gosh, she is awful.
  • Bishop is as dry as stale biscuits

    Get her off before I stop watching this show permanently! Watching reruns are better than watching this lame character.
  • Whats happened to this show???

    I have been a fan of this show from the beginning. Every season got better and better until Ziva left. For whatever reason she left, unfortunately the new girl Bishop doe's nothing for the show. I would have thought the obvious choice would have been Agent Abigail Borin, and if I remember, in one of the episodes, Gibbs asked her if she ever felt like a change in direction, but said she still had some more work to do before she would move on. In any of the episodes she was in, she held her own with the team and the banter between them was good and lively especially with tony. So I think it's about time someone took a serious look at where this show is going because if it continues on it's present course, the fans will just leave and the show will just die which would be a big shame as up until this point, it could still hold it's own compared with other top shows.
  • Please drop Bishop

    Bishop just does not fit in on NCIS. Even a good husband character can't help her. She can't act even if the character was good, which it is not. I can't stand to watch her on the program, so I don't.
  • mourning for the old ncis

    do whatever it takes, whatever it costs - GET ZIVA BACK or just show the old reruns. those are the only shows we watch now. thank goodness for the USA channel airing the old programs where the characters had personality and there was chemistry between them. what a shame that's all gone now.
  • All Dried Up

    NCIS had a good thing but even before Ziva left, it was starting to dry up. The main problem I have with the show is that they have always concentrated too much on the same three characters. Tony, Ziva and Gibbs. When Ziva left, it left too big of a gaping hole in the character development. The story lines were too often weak. And the characters (middle aged) were too silly - Tony and Abby.

    Gibbs barely did anything except grunt. Jimmy and McGee were under used. So when Ziva left, there was no reason to continue.
  • Bishop a no go

    The new character of Bishop adds nothing to NCIS. All the other lead women in the show have had added significant contribution to the NCIS TEAM. Bishop is to young of a character to match strong characters of Gibbs, Tony, Tim, Ducky and Abby. In the most recent episode with Ducky in London, England, Bishop tagged along but was a distraction to a very moving relationship between Ducky and his almost young lover of many years ago. The strength of NCIS have been the relationships of the characters. (Tony and Ziva or Gibbs and Mike Franks for example). If a stronger character cannot be found right now then Bishop should go until that person is found.
  • The Blonde...

    I enjoyed Kate and Ziva but for the first time I saw Bishops acting and its horrible. She has no connection with the other cast, heck she doesnt fit in the surroundings I am so sad.. shes very dull and theres no real humor. She comes off as an unexperienced actress. I am all for female this point I am willing to go all males so I dont have to see take more Detective Palmer over her (I love him and Ducky together though). Anyways ncis can do better. This chick has no substance


    and the boredom wonder if the harmon/glasberg team is actually cognizant of the fan base drying up? i know i read the polls. pretty sure you guys do also. do they? perhaps the h/g team is busy and over worked creating, empty,no action,boring story lines and plots. i don't know about you far in this season's baseball game, 2 strikes and 1 to go. what really scares me is the forthcoming 3rd episode (10/7). when i read it would be a ducky episode, i was elated! visions of the great acting david mccallum can achieve, came to mind. the heart attack scene on the beach (2012 season closing cliff hanger) comes to mind. this has potential! WOW! perhaps,finally, an episode with possibly some of the late and great ncis? please harmon/glassberg, don't screw this up.
  • worst casting decision ever! bishop has lowered fan watching!

    worst casting decision ever! bishop has lowered fan watching! she has no chemistry w/staff. at least kate & ziva had depth to their characters. bishop is just a twit! u can post an article a day about why she is great! she is NOT great! she is horrible. her hideous dark eyebrows do more acting than a doorknob. i don't care for her quirks and i know it all attitude. even gibbs seems to step around her. get rid of her before she brings the show down. i still tape it but i don't sit and watch the tapes for weeks now and before i couldn't wait for the new episodes. even if ziva doesn't come back this idiot needs to be replaced. REPLACE BISHOP W/ ANNA BELKNAP WHO PLAYED LINDSAY ON CSI/NY. SHE WOULD BE A PERFECT FIT!

  • Keeps on being great!

    Such a great show with very good actors.
  • Director Vances cancer scare was BS!

    NCIS is one of my favorite shows. I try to watch it every week, and will even sometimes watch re-runs. But I hate and object to side-tracks in the story line like the directors cancer in this weekS episode? Thank God it ended within the episode and it didn't drag it on for weeks or months.

    I don't tune in to NCIS or shows like it for a medical drama. There are plenty of doctor shows out there if that's what I want. I don't tune in for a love story. I watch NCIS because I want to see crime solving, and I wish the writers and producer would focus on that.

    I think that if Vance's cancer story line had gone on the show would have lost this viewer.
  • Nothing Has Changed

    I can't believe they still have that ditzy Emily on the show. I agree it has gotten boring. I like the new one set in New Orleans though. I guess I will have to continue watch reruns of Law and Order.

    Don't they check what is posted here!
  • seabees

    With all three show locations close to real seabee locations why havent they done a show involving them?
  • Poorer show and a bad season premiere

    NCIS just hasn't been the same since Ziva's departure. I don't like the new gal. The old chemistry between McGee, DiNozzo, and Gibbs just isn't there anymore. The show's become plain dull as the result. Really bad plots make everything so much worse, such as this season's premiere.

    First off, we have a genius in weapons development working for the US defense industry going off to Russia without being watched/escorted. He gets into trouble with terrorists there and obtains refuge at the US embassy. He requests an escort to leave the country safely, and who did the Dept. of State pick for the job: why, Gibbs, of course! Reason? The story doesn't give any. Local CIA? Nah. . . Naval intelligence? Nah. . . Genius-guy has nothing to do with the Navy per se, but who cares, right?

    Next, we have Gibbs and McGee flying into Moscow with a Blackhawk helicopter (IIRC). "How did you get past the Russians?" asks the genius. "Professional courtesy" is the answer. Yeah, right. Professional courtesy my *** (insert appropriate three-letter synonym for caboose). Like that would ever happen.

    Gibbs & Co. pick up genius-guy and begin back toward whence they came: an aircraft carrier off the northern cost of the Kola Peninsula, about 1,400 miles from Moscow. Sure! The range of the Blackhawk is about 500 miles, but we don't care about such details, do we? Surely, there's a gas station somewhere along the way. At some point, we see a map with the chopper's flight plan, which involves flying over parts of Finland and Norway. No problemski, right? And north of the Kola Peninsula, on the Russian side, lies Murmansk, one of the most important and heavily secured Russian naval bases. Our good friends from the Russian navy couldn't possibly care less that a US aircraft carrier is sitting just a few hundred miles away, right? I'd like to see US reaction if the Russians sailed a warship of any kind just off of Norfolk or San Diego. Surely professional courtesy would demand kind hospitality and cooperation.

    As everyone would guess, the evil terrorists shoot down the chopper, somewhere along the way on that Kola Peninsula, say at least 700 miles from Moscow. Question #1: how did the terrorists know that genius-guy would be flying that way, rather than having his worthless rear-end dumped on the next Moscow-Washington flight? Question #2: how the heck did the terrorists get ahead of the chopper to exactly the right place to shoot it down?

    The passengers survive the attack, and the chase begins in the woods. "We're getting close to border," worries one of the terrorists. Who cares, at this point? This part of Russia and Finland is deserted. There's little chance of running across border guards and, O Horror, customs and immigration services. Besides, they're terrorists anyway: they'd just shoot anyone asking for a passport.

    Meanwhile stateside, Abby analyzes a recording of the radio chatter from the chopper's pilot. She actually hears the sound of the missile used to shoot down the helicopter, which lasts several long seconds. Suuure! That must an incredibly loud and slow missile for its engine's sound to precede its own flight, which is certainly faster than Mach 1. But yes, we find out exactly what missile type this is, and that terrorists have stolen it in Libya. Yeah, so? I guess we just needed to have sweet Abby show off her (brainy) stuff.

    Next, they get hold of a chip supposedly shipped back to the US by genius-guy, which the terrorists were after (how did it get from Russia to the US so fast?) Anyway, Abby & Co. pop the thing into a "secured" computer, which is, surprise-surprise, hardwired to the rest of the NCIS network -- why not disconnect the thing beforehand? Because it would mess up the writer's plot, but of course! Turns out the chip carries an undefeatable virus. So everything goes haywire, including the phones. Oh, no! We can't call anyone! (What about cell phones?) Later on we see Bishop using her laptop. I guess it had a really good anti-virus. Genius-guy supposedly helps defeat the undefeatable virus while gallivanting in the boreal woods near Finland. Sure, that makes sense. But wait, weren't the phones out of order?

    DiNozzo, Abby, et al eventually figure out Gibbs's location. They somehow spy on the location using real-time satellite infrared imaging. Oh goody, let's go rescue them! The scene pans back to Gibbs & Co. They're running from the nasty terrorists. Gibbs stays back to stop the bad guys while McGee and genius-guy can escape. As a good sniper, he picks off all the terrorists except their leader, whom he confronts with a pistol on a deserted road. A police car shows up: out steps DiNozzo (while the terrorist leader just stands there, waiting patiently with his automatic weapon). Question #3: how did DiNozzo get there, nearly instantly, knowing that he'd need some 8 or 9 hours flight from Washington to that part of Russia? Question #4: where did he land? Not in Murmansk, that's for sure. Question #5: how on Earth could US military personnel run a mission on Russian territory without approval from the Russian government, and instantly obtain local police support/cooperation, knowing that supposedly the Russian secret services were sort of/tacitly at least behind the terrorists all along? Question #6: considering the size of the Kola Peninsula, how long a drive is it from any airport to wherever Gibbs was (and of course DiNozzo shows up just in the nick of time)? Right. Never mind.

    In hindsight, it turns out the terrorist survived Gibbs's shooting him (Gibbs suddenly can't kill off a guy standing 25 yards away from him, brightly lit in the police car's headlights, while he'd been routinely picking off all the other bad guys in the woods, in the dark). We learn that the bad guy will surely seek revenge against NCIS now. Be afraid, be very afraid.

    This is about as lame and contrived an episode I've ever seen on NCIS. For a season premiere? Ouch. I say, send the writer and the producers off to the Kola Peninsula. Hmmm. But wouldn't that include Mark Harmon as an exec producer?
  • Know I'm not in the age demographic you all care about, BUT....

    There are so few shows I follow on TV anymore. NCIS is one of them, but. guys, what can you do to convince Cote d'Pablo to come back?? The show is just not cutting it with Emily Wickersham. She's cute, but I am getting bored. Come on - this has been one of the few great shows on TV!!! And it's going downhill! No wonder so many people in my age group are finding other ways to get around outrageous cable/satellite bills!! There are so few intelligent shows on anymore that aren't sub-moral standards as well!! Please do what it takes to try to get Cote back!!!
  • I miss Kate, Ziva, Mike, Jenny!!!

    Just watched the season premiere of NCIS.....

    so lame it's embarrassing.

    1) Tony loses rock/paper/scissors so McGee gets to go???

    2) our military chopper takes off from Moscow? Why not just take a passenger

    jet? And the Russians would be on it all the way........

    not believable.

    3) It gets hit by a missile and goes into a 10g(?) spin, and McGee is just looking around

    instead of being pinned to his seat????

    4) The chase, Gibbs picking off the bad guys 1 by 1 weak writing. Poor mystery, suspense, at least compared to

    early NCIS.

    Dumbed down!!!

    Go back to the very first NCIS when a mole gets on AirForce One.....100x better!!!

    So sad to see NCIS decline from what it was. Amazing it still has top ratings. It must

    be because we love the characters.

    The first 6 years were the best, takes were <=3sec, good sound tracks that

    increased the tension, great funny memorable. Very smartly written, acted, . Where's Don? He needs to pop the whip!!!

  • One HATES lies!

    NCIS, as the commenter says, is "WATCHED BY THE WORLD"

    NO IT ISNT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    LYING about something is NOT clever.
  • Trying to be optimistic

    I watched the whole 10 seasons this summer in about 1 months time because the show was fantastic. It wasn't a typical crime solving show, it had a lot of very quick witted lines that made me laugh out loud. The characters were well developed and entertaining to watch. The fact that Ziva's character left the show was disappointing but obviously not their choice. But the way she was written off was horrible, non believable. But worse, what happened to the writing? It is no longer even remotely funny. I thought maybe they were caught off guard and thus the reason season 11 was so bad but based on last night's season premiere, I don't think that is the case. I struggled to get through season 11 and I am tempted to quit watching now.
  • Loved It - Back to the Basics

    I for one loved this season opener. Was it the but it was pretty good. It had everything I look for in a NCIS episode. Action, great dialogue between the characters and Gibbs being a bad as*. Tony was refreshingly serious(not to mention looking hot) , McGee was capable in the field, Vance was for once with the team instead of against them, Jimmy, Ducky and Abby all got screen time and Bishop was minimal. What's not to love?
  • Boring - No character development

    This was the saddest excuse for a season opener I have seen on NCIS. A wasted hour just to introduce another threat to Gibbs and his team. There was no acting involved a few gun battles and what was that missile shootdown. Who is your technical advisor? Most shoulder fired SAM's are heat seekers and would have hit the engines not the tail. Also just because you launch SAM's (Abby's buddy) does not mean you can ID the sound of a SAM coming in for a hit??? This is of course besides the fact you would not hear the missile over the engine noise. That one made no sense. The characters did not even have a chance to act like themselves. Abby was especially jerky and not her normal character.

    Note to Mark Harmon - Executive Producer NCIS - Please get back to the roots of NCIS. Investigate local murders, drug crimes and NAVY! stuff. That gives your actors a chance to shine as a NCIS team and individuals characters. Don't go down the James Bond route having new arch enemies pop up every season for you to battle. Be NCIS agents again.
  • Not a very creative replacement for Ziva... Boring...

    Why didn't they keep McGees girlfriend in the wheelchair she fit in with the cast and they all had chemistry. I don't like the blond Ziva look alike her hair does not match her face her eyebrows are too dark for that haircolor and that isn't even the point she does Not fit. They should get rid of her. Let it be like real life where she gets fired. Then totally rethink and rewrite. I predict the show has lost a lot of viewers since having this girl take over. So sorry for you. I now find the show dry and boring and too much war stuff. What happened too the mystery. You lost me and I am only one.
  • The writers don't like her, either

    The role of Ellie on NCIS (Emily Wickersham) is forced, amateurish, and a little ridiculous. The character is supposed to be a married woman, but acts like a 15-year-old (a little on the dumb blonde side(but then surprise! she comes up with a "really smart" quip), sitting on the floor cross-legged all the time). The character needs to get a new job elsewhere and either bring in someone who fits or leave it alone with the 3 guys. With all the other characters in and out of episodes, the 3 guys alone would be more than okay. I don't look forward to watching my very favorite show anymore.
  • What a pain

    NCIS had been the perfect mixture of realistic police work + Hollywood action, seriousness + fun, crime stories/drama + everyday life. The relationships between the extraordinary characters and the development each character had taken had been unique. I'd enjoyed it - until that girl turned up ...

    I'm not a Ziva fanatic (although I liked her, not always, but most of the time), and I accepted that Cote de Pablo had to do what she had to do, but I was a bit disappointed by the way she was written out of the series. At least for the remaining character - Tony - the writers should have come up with a different story. So he was simply left behind and couldn't be anything else but depressed and heartbroken. That was a bad choice.

    I was open for something / someone new, although I was sceptic that someone else would suit the team, especially not another woman because it was clear that it would be difficult to fill de Pablo's shoes. I liked the five episodes between Ziva's departure and Ellie's introduction. Just the three men (working and dealing with different persons at each case) would have worked perfectly for me for the rest of the season. I didn't need a fourth member at all, especially not a female member. They could have brought in women from the outside like Agent Borin or Vera Strickland. That was fine because each of them added something different. But I was ready to give the new girl a chance.

    And then ... Wow! It's not a positive "wow", it's a "who on earth had that awful idea?"-wow, a "who casted her and why did they think that actress would suit the rest of the cast?"-wow, a "what a stupid, poorly written character"-wow. It's nothing against the actress. She probably is a nice girl. But ... A scene in 11/9, the first episode with her, told you everything you needed to know: Small, young, blonde girl next to the three big, experienced men, a unit that can communicate with each other without saying a word. - She will never suit them, she will always look ridiculous next to them. That's not the bad of the actress but why choosing someone like her? To "refresh" the cast? But when the whole main cast is 40+ someone who looks like a teenage girl doesn't suit. It just makes the main cast look even older and the young like an alien. (By the way - I don't mind it at all that the cast is "old". Getting older just had made them better!)

    The Mossad-storyline never was realistic, but the great cast was able to make it work. Maybe you didn't buy it completely, but it was enjoyable. Bishop is supposed to be an ordinary analyst, but I'm not buying it. Analysts and profiler don't work alone, sitting on the floor with lots of paper around them, thinking, and then coming up with an amazing result. It's not even quirky or funny, it's just stupid. Counting in school, college, training, working practise and then SIX YEARS of chasing Parsa, she must be 32 at least. Really? She looks and behaves like a 12-year-old. And she really met Parsa in the Middle East? I'm not even buying she has ever been to Europe, speaks a foreign language (has ever left college). And how did she identify him? Sitting as a lotus flower in the desert, the computer on her lap, and he came by, and she thought, "Well, he's going to be a terrorist"??? Oh, come on!

    Now she is turned into a field agent. Really? She is not even able to hold a gun. When I saw it the first time I was hoping she would shoot herself. At least, it wouldn't have surprised me at all. No authority would let her do field work. The old Gibbs would have never ever accepted her in the team. Not even as a so-called analyst because they don't need any. I mean - they have Gibbs' famous gut, haven't they?

    But the worst thing is that the show suddenly centres her. Abby, Ducky, Palmer, and Vance are cut short to unimportant side-kicks, Gibbs, Tony and McGee are standing around waiting for her to do something, to solve the case, although she has not a clue about criminal investigations. WTF??? I've read reviews saying, that it had been the same with Ziva, but that's simply not true. Gibbs has always been the strong leader, the team worked as a team, and Ziva was just a part of the team. Never before the entire cast had stepped back in that extreme way to give a new character room to show how clever s/he is.

    And why is everyone so polite and nice? Once it was a joke when Gibbs said "pleeeeaaase". Every new character had to fight her/his way into the team. There were arguments, tensions - and it was good! And now Gibbs tells her she did a great job? When? What did I miss? Why on earth he should want her in his team? Because of what? She disobeys orders, she isn't a team player - just one season ago it would have driven Gibbs nuts. And now he invites her being part of the team???

    Where has the team work gone? The chemistry? The dynamic? The ability to switch from being serious to being funny in a second? Ducky's stories? Gibbs' alpha-man-action? The boat? Tony's pointed remarks? The REAL men's-restroom-conversations? (Oh, come on, did you really have to do that?) Weird team meetings in Abby's lab? (... to be continued endlessly) THAT's why I loved this show! I loved the characters, the dynamic, the mixture of genres from drama to comedy. I'm NOT watching NCIS to see a girl sitting on the floor. Maybe if SHE was a sidekick. Maybe if she was funny - at least a little bit. But she simply isn't. She isn't clever, she isn't funny, she has no ability any other character wouldn't have. She doesn't ADD anything. She is like waterproof material, everything rolls off on her. She is stiff like a board with just three different facial expressions. She doesn't interact with any of the other characters. HER men's-restroom-conversation with Tony was characteristic for the whole figure "Ellie Bishop" - pointless.

    PS. Please, excuse possible syntax and other mistakes. I'm not a native speaker, and my reading/understanding skills are much better than my writing skills. ;)


    Update after surviving ten episodes with Bishop - I've to correct the thing with "it has nothing to do with the actress". It has nothing to do with the PERSON Emily Wickersham, but she is one of the most untalented actresses I've ever seen! Please, free us from her, she's unbearable!


    Update after being finally through season 11 and reading a lot of reviews. I noticed three things. 1) The Ziva-effect. There are a lot of people who keep telling you that you don't like Bishop and the show anymore because of Ziva's departure. To make that clear: THIS IS NOT ABOUT ZIVA. I even agree with some people saying, that the Tiva-storyline and the Mossad-stuff got a bit stale. I would have been fine with someone new, and / or a different style. So - this is all about Bishop and the awful way she's changing the team chemistry. There were a dozen of actresses in this season who would have been a better fit!

    2) The storylines got worse from about season 7 onwards when Glasberg took over but they had never been so bad than in season 11. Maybe it's time to not only get rid of Bishop but also of Glasberg and some of the writers!

    3) "Stop watching when you don't like it anymore"! - When you came a long way with a series like this - and ten years is a very long time -, then it is easier said than done. The characters have grown on you. They are like remote relatives. You want to know what will happen to them. But with that girl and the storylines getting worse and worse I'm ambivalent about watching season 12.
  • Bimbo is a funny name

    Well, I really miss those mind games between Tony & Ziva, where r the caf-pows, where are the slaps on back of the head?!?!?! I can number lots of reasons why NCIS is not what it was, I always came back from school, turn the TV on and watch NCIS, I don't blame Bishop, it's what she has to do, I think we should make a video share it everywhere we can, so we can send a message to them, Without Tiva ,where's the sexual tention, I really liked the episode when Tony was messaging to Ziva on olaptop, it was just exicting to watch! Wow! That's all I can say, or maybe they are making the NCIS bad, and then Ziva comes back with Extreme something, but seriusly, I think if Cote comes back, everything will be ok again! That's my opinion! :)
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