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  • The New beginning of NCIS

    Sadly Bishop, her hubby and Jimmy were taken hostage. No one knows and maybe never know where they are. Another great episode is the resignation of Bishop, and that Jimmy is a traitor and has disappeared back to his homeland. Better yet, Bishop is the true traitor and Jimmy is shot, in a coma, trying to expose Bishop. Hopefully someone will catch on how terrible the characters of Bishop and Jimmy are. Jimmy is irritating and Bishop dull and drab. Take 2 Bishop at night and you will sleep, take 2 Jimmys,( wait don't punish yourself you get the picture. We need Ziva or someone like Kate to life back into the show. Let's fix the problems..
  • ncis how long will it last?

    This is my favorite show. It has been so long, but I still love it. In fact, it is getting better (my opinion, I know). I guess it continues forever (sorry, that is another show that I love). I am a guy so I guess I should say I really like the show instead of 'love' since that is a 'girl' thing? Am I wrong?
  • No Bishop

    I do not enjoy watching Bishop on the show. I think the chemistry between the actors and characters is no longer there. I would have preferred that they didn't add Bishop to the show. It would have been better. I have been watching this show since it spin off JAG. Now I don't want to watch it anymore... I liked Kate and Ziva but I do not like Bishop. Bishop doesn't fit in. I'm sorry but this character doesn't do it

  • has it govt sponsorship?

    the shows reeks cheap patriotism!! am i the only one to feel it?

    i dont know if Gibbs would woohaa his army in real life ;)
  • Season 6 was the last really great season

    Season 6 was the last really great 'season' in my personal opinion. When I re-watch my S6 DVD, the mysteries still seem fresh and new each and every time I view them. I don't know what on earth happened with Season 7 and onward, it just got flat out horrid . I stopped watching after S7 Ep2 Reunion, tried again for a few episodes during S8 and then again during S10. I hated that they killed off Mike Franks- I liked him. Laura Macy, too. Don't get me wrong, I adore NCIS Los Angeles but NCIS has been off- for both a few seasons now and my TV screen.
  • I should not listen to this?

    Disappointed in last show! There has always been a charge that hollywierd is influenced by government operatives. And now,,,,,,,,, where is the morality or legality of bombing foreigners in foreign countries without trial or declared war? By whose authority could the state department choose to kill someone in Colombia, a sovereign nation? We are asked to become accustomed to this un American, immorality displayed on our TV screens and not question it? Yes,,, I realize that it is only TV,,, it is still dangerous president.
  • BISHOP?? What were they thinking??

    I have read all through the posts below and I totally agree with all the comments made about the fall of NCIS this season.

    What were they thinking when they chose Emily Wickersham to join NCIS, as Ellie Bishop???

    I have watched this show since the first episode, and even enjoy watching them again in the reruns. I have tried watching a few times this season but no more.... I QUIT! I just can't stand to watch an hour of the dizzy blonde stumbling through the show, with her stupid looks, dead personality and once again proving she has no talent. Emily Wickersham, as Ellie Bishop, needs to be fired. She has ruined the show, destroyed the previously top ratings, and is a total embarrassment to all concerned.
  • NCIS I agree with last post the show needs Ziva back

    I have faithfully watched the first 11 seasons but now I won't watch another episode until the character Bishop is gone ! The show needs Ziva back quick ! I can't and won't sit through another episode with the blonde ding bat Bishop I'm sure the rating have to be down no matter what they say . I just deleted the entire season 12 that I had stored on my dvr to watch later I have no desire to watch any longer Were as before I couldn't wait for the next episode .
  • NCIS needs a change-FAST!

    I am assuming that Ziva is gone; though, she recently said in an interview about her upcoming " Dovekeepers," "It is up to them" (meaning, Ziva's return was in CBS hands). I don't know if that is the truth, but I do know something needs to be done with this show.

    I have faithfully watched for 11 years - not missing an episode. Not so this season. I can hardly take what they have done to this show. Without Ziva to play off of, Tony is blah; McGee has always been a non-factor; Abby has become silly; Vance an irritation (even Jenny was better than this pain in the rear); Gibbs is totally predictable; and Bishop (OMG) is a ten year old sitting on the floor eating junk food. CBS, you replaced Ziva with a cardboard cutout!

    These brilliant minds have gotten rid of almost all the INTERESTING ... Jenney... Ziva....... This show no longer has a spark. It needs to get one quick.
  • Why can't they hire a decent actress?? Is she cheap??

    Still don't get why out of ALL the great actresses in Hollywood, NCIS had to hire Emily Wickersham??? She's horrible!! All she does is read the lines with no acting ability whatsoever, and she also can't speak clearly. I guess she was a cheap hire?? I heard they won't replace her, so ok, fine! I guess I'm going to throw in the towel after this season. I'm tired of that idiotic dumb blonde distraction!!

    NCIS has become completely boring - The only saving grace is when Robert Wagner (Mr. DiNozzo) and Diane Neal (Agent Borin) are on the show!! - Please do something!!!!!
  • Bishop

    Get rid Bishop horrible. Really horrible Are you not listening. Just turned you off Watching Charlie's Angels. And that 100% better than watching the new NCIS . bishop can't act just a pretty face
  • Love NCIS but

    Writing was a little better tonight. When other cast members have to prop one up like bishop then it's time to regroup. When McGee joined the team yes he was a nerd but believable and interactions he had with others worked. Emily (bishop) is not a good actress and can't pull off improvisation as that's somtimes used on the show. Her lines are limited which leads me to believe the writers do realize her limitations as an actress. It's not that I want Ziva back but simply a character portrayal as a convincing investiagor that works right
  • All Episodes

    Writers should be boiled in oil for the asinine banter from jimmy palmer.
  • NCIS: Like someone let the air out of their tires

    Been limping along, lacking its old spark, chemIstry, writing quality, and fun, since Cote left. The Bishop agent adds less than zero, detracts from the team, and her useless, incompetent presence is distraction. Tony's character has been pathtically changed, from the smart hero SFA to babysitting an excuse of an agent, to fretting about cats and colonics, to vulgar easy hook ups with an obvious Ziva clone. Suddenly McGee is treated as the de facto SFA, and the show has become the Another Bad Guy After Gibbs show. So sad to see the quality limping along on its past laurels, reusing old plots and dialoque sometimes, other times completely and illogically ignoring aspecys of show history to pretend an absent character was irrelevant. Utterly disqusted with what has been done yo this show, and how disdainful the SR are about the hearts and past support of fans.
  • Boot Bishop

    The character of Bishop is an embarrassment, and that's putting it mildly. I've said this before and I'll say it again - the writers screwed with the character so many times that it has more personalities than Sybil. I can't believe the actress that plays Bishop got the part, I know she comes from money, did she buy the part? Or is her father friends with GG? It's got to be something, I can't believe she would have been the "best choice" - in comparison to what????? She needs to be gone, and soon!
  • The San Dominick

    The whole bomb thing where Gibbs pulled the wire before the dramatic showdown? To the writers; that was MEAN!! Gibbs is stern, never MEAN. Not one of your best scenes I must say.

    Another thing, Bishop needs to go! NOT a fan. If she stays, fix her damn eyebrows!!!! WTF, total bleached blond with BLACK caterpillar eyebrows?

    What's up with the makeup department on the set??? No one noticed but me? Come on!


    Long time NCIS fan
  • Still a very good show!

    I have watched every single episode of this show. I like every episode. I was so shocked when they killed off Kate. Took me a while to warm up to Ziva but I liked her and was sad to see her leave. I was alo glad to see her leave because of the Tiva thing. It was taking up too much of the show.

    I liked Bishop sraight away. She was very different and I love the relasionship she has with Tony and McGee. She looks up to them and is eager to learn. I think she'll make a great agent after a while. Just remember how hopeless McGee was in the beginning.

    The problem now is that no matter waht Bishop does, the haters complain. If she is smart she is "a know it all" and it is "not beliveable". If the screws up, "Gibbs should fire her". She can't win.

    Every character has changed a lot since the beginning. Gibbs was more fun in the first seasons, Abby was cooler and not so childish. Tony is more or less the same. Funloving but I have never dobted his skills as an agent. I would like to see Tony featured more and McGee a little less.

    I still love this show after nearly 12 seasons.
  • Blond needs to go and quick

    I know Ziva is not coming back but the writers need to have her grow a set of balls and man up or kill her off and quick. I have watched this show for 12 years and have never been disappointed but I certainly am now. Please kill her off and move on.
  • Show going downhill fast

    Show was already suffering after GG took over due to his incompetence. Got very boring once Cote left and unwatchable once Emily W. joined the cast. Please give Cote what she wants to come back and get rid of Emily W. AND GG!
  • Emily Wickersham/Ellie Bishop MUST GO!!!

    Please get rid of Emily Wickersham on NCIS! Her character adds no Spark to the a matter of fact Ellie Bishop is boring! But it isnt just that the "character, Ellie" is boring and adds no spark to the rest of the NCIS also because, jPleaser get rid of Emily Wickersham on NCIS! Her character adds no Spark to the a matter of fact Ellie Bishop is boring! But it isnt just that the "character, Ellie" is boring and adds no spark to the rest of the NCIS also because, just cant act!

    I heard that CBS admitted that it was they who let Ziva go because they refused to work something out with the Much-In-Demand & tremendously loved Actress(Obviously she needed some personal time away)! So, CBS, let me get this let a great actress, who added such spark to our NCIS family-Gibbs, Dinozo, Mcgee, Ziva, lets mot forget Director Vance & our mefical examiners, Doc & Palmer !

    I heard that CBS admitted that it was they who let Ziva go because they refused to work something out with the Much-In-Demand & tremendously loved Actress(Obviously she needed some personal time away)!

    So, CBS, let me get this let a great actress, who added such spark to our NCIS family-Gibbs, Dinozo, Mcgee, Ziva, Abby, Director lets not forget our mefical examiners, Ducky & Palmer-get awy only to hire a wesk link to join the team???

    if you're too stubborn to work out a deal with Ziva and never hire Cot De Pablo back-HUGE Mistake!-PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find another strong actress who brings back our spark(Ziva is a tough act to follow, she'd have to be beautiful); and, more importantly get rid of Bishop!!!

    Also, a note to is with those awful black eyebrows and your yellow hair???
  • Bring ziva or Kate back anything

    Totally agree a fake blonde that can't act has ruined this show I love all the characters but this bimbo blonde crap has totally ruined it

    NCIS is not the same without Ziva! The chemistry worked with her, now it seems of! Maybe someone else will work but Bishop playing cutesy doesn't work for the show. Please bring Ziva back!!!

    The best relatable storylines with interactions between Israel, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Homeland Security had to be squelched because Cote left the show??? Now we're left with boring mundane episodes that don't relate to currant events!!! Has the administration pressured Hollywood regarding NCIS storylines. It is peculiar that a script that made this program so interesting and popular suddenly takes a 180*.

    And to make matters worse instead of the writers growing the characters that are already on the show they hire a bimbo and put her in a character named "Bishop" that sits on the floor like a dog to go through papers (because that's what she does best, says Gibbs!!!). She really doesn't fit in with that group. Acts and looks like she is 20 years their junior. No experience and no special talents. At least make her character interesting. We don't need another McGee on the show.

    All the characters are disconnected with one another and with the audience. The writers haven't made us care about any of the characters this season. It's like watching people go to work everyday. You have to make the audience care about the characters and it hasn't happened this year!!!

    Now they killed off another strong female character: Diane (Melinda McGraw).

    Extremely disappointing. Won't be buying Season 12 on DVD.


    Please bring in a different character - like another STRONG female like Kate and Ziva. How about bringing Borin in as a regular and she went thru the NCIS training she mentioned in the New Orleans episode and now she is joining and taking over for Bishop who leaves cuz she is preggers
  • Nothing wrong with the Bishop character except....

    The role of Bishop would be just fine if the network had hired a reasonable actress, and our family can only hope it happen for next season. Emily Wickersham has no real acting ability for this type of role. We have given it from the introduction of the character and up to the entire season so far, and it's not working. In fact nobody we talk to likes this woman or has anything positive to say other than to say she seems like a terrific lady. Sadly, nice terrific person doesn't fulfill the job requirements as far as being a prime time actress goes, so it's time for NCIS to make a change and hire a good actress that can solidly portray a strong and convincing probie agent character!

    Many people talk about how the chemistry is lacking and the show has lost its spark. Unfortunately, it just goes to show one bad actor can bring the show down to a large extent. The lack of a convincing actor is part of the reason there's no real chemistry with the rest of the cast, and why her character is such a disappointing distraction. We've watched all the episodes, and this woman's interpretation of the role is someone who reads the lines of the script and makes a couple of faces. We definitely KNOW she's acting whereas a good actress could truly get into her role and make us believe in her character. Also, sometimes you can't even understand Emily's soft spoken rapid and garbled speech. Can we say closed caption? We are in our 30s and hear just fine, so this point is pathetic.

    We get she's cute, and she sure shows us often by posting her Twitter and Instagram selfies. We think instead of showing us how cute and pretty she thinks she is by posting constant photos of herself, maybe the time would be better spent taking a class on acting?!

    As far as we are concerned, Cote who??? This isn't about Ziva, and we could care less about that character at this point. We are positive about the Bishop character, but PLEASE NCIS... Remove Emily Wickersham and hire a GOOD solid actress for season 13!!
  • What were TPTB thinking!

    I loved seasons 3-10, mostly because the character of Ziva intrigued me. The show without her just plain stinks! It was quite obvious Cote had no intention of leaving just yet, so I can only conclude she needed time off or just fewer working hours to deal with a personal issue and TPTB said no way! I can bet if one of her male colleagues wanted what she did, he would have gotten it (CBS is known to treat male actors better than female ones-look at the Criminal Minds debacle when 2 female actors were fired to save money to fund the soon to be flopped spinoff even though at least one male costar had less seniority on the show). CBS wake up! Give Cote what she wants and get her back ASAP! I will no longer watch now that her character has gone and many of my friends no longer watch for the same reason. I suspect that even fewer will watch once Ziva's replacement starts, since GG is noted for creating characters fans loathe! Update: I was right-Bishop stinks. Why do TPTB insist on keeping a character (and having her front and center) that the majority (87%) of fans hate? Its almost as if they are trying to sink the show!

    Why won't TPTB listen to the fans?! The fans have stated over and over again that they want EW (Bishop) gone and yet the horrible actress is STILL there. And fans are still asking CBS to get Cote back. CBS needs to grow up, stop acting like a spoiled child and man up to the fact they screwed up playing hardball with Cote's contract (which they finally admitted after months of fan protests) and for hiring a talentless actress to replace her. Unless they rid themselves of the horrid Bishop character and get CDP back (giving her whatever she wants), the show won't last much longer! Hey, CBS, fans are what generates money and the fans are leaving left and right!

    For those who want CBS to know how they feel, you can leave feedback for CBS shows on the CBS feedback page. I believe some addresses to write to can be found on the operationbringbackcote Facebook page, but you may have to search to find them. Of course, the best way to show you aren't happy with the new NCIS is to stop watching.

    Update: Why won't CBS do what the fans want!? Do they WANT the show to fail!? Fans have stated over and over again they want Cote back and Emily W. gone. Yet the incompetent Emily W. is still there and TPTB haven't even approached Cote about coming back (which she said she would consider if CBS made a decent offer). Bring back Cote and ditch Emily W.. And while you are at it, ditch the incompetent, canon destroying, lying GG as well!
  • Shows are going VERY stale...

    Not sure if you guys can right this ship at this point. Viewers wonder why all the better series ride off into the sunset, well the answer is they make a conscious decision to cancel themselves BEFORE they start to loose their edge, in my opinion the writing has gone very stale. My wife and I can usually pick the guilty ones within the first 10 minutes, another pet peeve is when they leave huge holes in the storyline just to bang the show out within the 43 minutes that they have. Very poor compared to 2 or 3 years back.
  • The Ellie Bishop character needs to GO

    I have been a happy, loyal fan of NCIS since it aired. I was sad when Kate was killed I was devastated when Ziva left. I had an open mind for Ellie Bishop for several shows but the show is just not the same for me. It is flat, the ZING is gone. The show didn't need another QUIRKY character. The Bishop character is boooor-ing and to make matters worse, she's married, Tony has no one to flirt with! My opinions are strictly regarding the Bishop character, not Emily Wickersham.
  • NCIS needs someone like Kate and Ziva

    I do not like Bishop. I think there can be a better choice. It doesn't flow.
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