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  • I thought it was just me.

    I used to really look forward to Tuesday night tv with NCIS. But I have found lately, I cant even pay attention long enough to make it through the show! I am so sad. It is not just that Ziva is gone, but the energy of the show is gone also. I do like that they are finally trying to develope the character of Jimmy. Unfortunately it may be too late.

    Can we just have everyone wake up and find it was a dream? That would be original huh? =)
  • Kill the Bishop

    First of all, once Ziva left, they never mentioned her again. It was like nothing happened. I mean Abby had no reaction. Then, the character they decide to replace her, doesnt fit in well with the others. I miss the moments betwen Tony and Ziva. Also, Ziva had another story line, with her dad and Mossad. Overall, the episodes are no longer entertaining, and i hope the writers and producers learn from this.
  • Watching the Oldies

    Have given the new character a chance--however she doesn't measure up! Therefore, the oldies still remain the best seasons no matter what the new shows show. The shows with Bishop don't have that "PAH" that Tony says makes a relationship work. The characters don't connect like in the old shows and I am sure everyone on the cast as well as the writers know and see that. Too Bad. The oldies are still the best shows.
  • Had an excellent run, but it's time to call it a day

    Ok, I really am not trying to drag anything political into this situation, but one thing that has killed the show as of late for me is that the writers (or maybe the producers) are trying to slip subtle ideological themes into the show now. Like the episode when Gibbs and McGee help the women's shelter in Afghanistan. Immigration is a big debate in our country right now, and Mike Franks tells Gibbs that with current immigration laws, he can't help the desperate refugees. It paints immigration laws in a bad light in favor of the views of the writers. Another would be the episode with the faulty ballistic vests being donated to deployed Marines. Abby specifically says "I don't like guns. In fact, I hate them. Ad she holds an M4 rifle. The most blisteringly obvious example would be the recent real-life NSA data mining scandal. The NSA is/was taking some major heat from all sides, so what does NCIS, arguably the most popular show on television do? They bring on an NSA analyst who is naive but at the same time perfect at virtually everything from marksmanship to fugitive hunting, computing, critical thinking, you name it, to paint the NSA in a good light. Ironically, she is the one who is by and large killing the show right now. Like I said, I don't want this to turn political, but I'm very unhappy that it seems if you read between the lines that the writers are trying to make the show support a certain ideology, when most of us watch it to get away from all of that garbage. It's an escape from reality and it's supposed to be fun.

    Another fault I have is that the creativity is gone. The show used to be fun and carefree with action and excitement; 2005-2008 were in my humble opinion the best years they had. We actually used to play a game where we would count the number of sexual innuendos per episode. Now the episodes are so dry, and the humor is painful to sit through. The most recent episode with the has-been rocker calling everyone "man", DiNozzo's voice cracking when he yelled, Bishop being Sherlock Holmes as was agonizing. There's no mystery anymore, they're out of jokes, puns and innuendos, and all the fun is gone.

    It sucks to watch my old favorite show pull the pin and put a grenade in their pocket, which is effectively what they're doing. The only way to save the show is to bring on a couple new writers with fresh ideas, get the political subscript out, can Bishop, and bring back the politically incorrect humor. That was everything that made NCIS so great and without it they may as well call it a day.

    I love the show and Hubby and I have never missed one episode because of DVR, but I cannot stand the new KNOWS " EVERYTHING BETTER THAN ANYONE INCLUDING MARK HARMON, BISHOP!!!!

    Please delete her character. So many countless others beside myself feel the same way.

  • Lay off the new girl

    I have read so many comments on here about how terrible Bishop is. I agree Ziva was awesome. But she left and i think if ncis had tried to replace her like for like it would have been impossible. therefore they have replaced with someone very different. Alot of you are also saying your not gonna be watching anymore, well, it is your loss. This show is still as good as it has always been. That episode with gibbs/fornells ex wife was great, more humour than usual. But it measures the humour against serious action and once again they balance it perfectly. Ziva will undoubtedly come back one day so for now give Bishop and the show a chance. Like me, you may just embrace the change.

    The only day this show will fail is when gibbs leaves, every other character can be replaced. he is the show
  • Bishop

    how about we just call the show bishop sincemajortom30 has so remarkably stated the truth, this woman who has no discernible investigative skills but does for some reason have the upper hand over even Gibbs get rid of this character she is not good for the show. The show already has geeks it needs another shooter
  • A clever title would be for Bishop

    Because obviously according the writers she can do anything and everything the rest of the team is a compliment to her. They would have been so much better off bring NO one or just having someone different every week
  • I'm so sorry.

    I hate not watching the new episodes but I just can't. I can watch without Cote and it just being the guys but having a different female on the team is something I can't watch. When I first started watching Kate was already gone so forgive me if after 8 years I can't bring myself to watch somebody else try to mesh with the team. I even hate watching old episodes with Ziva feeling guilty I don't watch the new ones. I'll always love NCIS but after nearly a season I still can't bring myself to watch.
  • love Abby to pieces, one is enough.

    The new girl Bishop does not fit in. We are quickly losing interest in our favorite show.

  • bring Ziva back!!!

    The cast with Cote/Ziva worked so well were the show. They were the Success! It Just doesn't have it anymore.
  • Oh dear

    Just watched the first Bishop episode and couldn't believe it was so bad. I'm not sure which was worse, the script or the god awful character. 'The NSA doesn't bug Americans without a warrant. Really we don't. ' Seriously? Cos actually the NSA do and there's bags of evidence to prove it, everyone knows it, so why such a cornball statement? . Who on earth wrote this? Why is the SecNav consoling an NSA agent who just stuffed up and got another NSA agent killed in a parking lot? Where's a credible script? As for the character herself firstly she's the chaotic but incredibly brilliant NSA analyst, then miraculously she's a lawyer in the interrogation room, then she's the mom and apple pie girl with a concerned mom and 3 brothers, then she's figured the whole thing out, then she's wrestled the bad guy to the ground and put a gun to his back, then she's an NCIS agent and she's managed it with no help from NCIS at all. All in one episode. Wow, everything but the bracelets that deflect bullets .Sorry but this was just cringeworthy. And to be honest, thoroughly poorly acted as well. No idea who the actress is and no interest in finding out. Instead of a Michelle Rodriguez they've served up a Hillary Duff. For a show that purports to be the number one drama in the states why not a/ get some writers who can write and b/ get an actress who can act. Won't be watching again. Loved Stargate SG1 but never watched the last couple of seasons after they butchered it with the godawful Claudia Black and won't be watching this tripe again. Was entertaining in it's day but not anymore.
  • Show lost it's magic

    The show lost everything as soon as Cote de Pablo left. It's clear now that she was the glue to keep the puzzle pieces together.

    None of the characters act the same. Poor Weatherly's character gets boned with bath beads because he publicly admits he misses de Pablo. The fans have been all over social media (FB, Twitter, Instagram) saying how much they want Cote back and CBS refuses to listen. Not sure if they just want the show to fail so, NOLA will be in the spotlight or what their problem is.

    Gibbs now acts like a puppet. He bends over for anything the newest character, Bishop, does or says. Bishop could've been wrote a lot different. She's too forced and all the characters have changed to make her be the shining spotlight. For god sakes, get the girl off the floor. Not to mention, she's too quirky. Abby is quirky enough, we don't need more quirky. Terrible! McGee just sits there like a statue and him and Delilah's relationship has been wrote further than Tony and Ziva's ever went. Weird, right? Seems like someone's out to punish de Pablo and even Weatherly. VANCE? WHERE HAS VANCE BEEN? He must have said something positive about de Pablo because he hasn't had any air time. Show has jumped the shark. Plain and simple. No matter how much they want to deny it, Cote de Pablo brought something to the show that is now gone. Starting to wonder if they axed the good show writers at the same time as her.

    No way to fix this unless the slightest of chance is that CBS gets their head out of the water and ditch Bishop, bring back Cote. Even then, don't know if that is enough, especially since it looks like Weatherly is going to walk away from all the bull.
  • episode 250

    What a let down season 11 has been. This poem I wrote says it all:

    Eeney Meeny Miney Moe,

    Bishop has just got to go.

    No more zing; no more zap,

    Please !Please! Please!

    Bring Ziva back! !!!


    M. L. Huey

  • Bishop bringing NCIS down...

    If you are from the network and reading these blogs please remove Bishop before she brings the whole show down. No replacement would be better than Bishop.
  • First there was NCIS then NCIS LA now NCIS Bishop

    How can this happen? the best show on TV reduced to the Bishop Dog and Pony show!! she has been forced down our throats, Gibs has been neutered (he should just tell her where to get off) she is not a good fit, can't act, she has the charisma of a wet sponge, are TPTB hoping that we will just accept poor quality (I suppose if Obama can get away with fooling the nation they think she can be forced on us).

    I just hope they start to listen to the devoted fans! = "the people who make this show worth the advertising fee's they can charge" or do they actually want this show to fail? seems we have seen this before with so many good shows where TPTB think we don't matter and can just produce crap and we will to continue to watch, well think again "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" , I just pray that WE THE PEOPLE still have some power ? but then again!!!

  • Let's say BYE BYE BISHOP

    The show is spiraling downward. The newcomer Bishop has lowered my expectations of the show. I have watched the show since it started but I don't know how much more I can go on watching it. Why have the producers given her a big role? I guess I will have to look at the networks.

  • A forthcoming episode, maybe

    Gibbs is in his basement, alone as usual. The basement is empty, he hasn't started a project in many months. Sitting on a sawhorse, sipping bourbon, he thinks to himself, "What's wrong with me," Then he hears the floorboards creak upstairs. He grabs his handgun and trains it on the visitor coming down.

    "What's the matter probie, you so down on yourself you don't want to see me?"

    "Oh boss," Gibbs says, "First Shannon and Kelly, and

    "Can't say her name, can you probie?" "No," says Gibbs, "They won't let "Who won't let you, the trolls?" "Yes, the trolls. I miss her, Mike" "Of course you miss her," Mike Franks says, "She was like a second daughter to you. Remember what DiNozzo said in the Truth or Consequences episode. He said, 'It's just not natural not to hear from And Jethro, it's just not natural the way you're acting. You don't wonder how she's doing, and you never even mention her

    "I do wonder how she's doing," Gibbs says, "But the

    "Jethro, listen to me. Once a marine always a marine. You are not the puppet of the trolls. Say her name, say it.

    Gibbs: "Ziva-----Ziva-----Ziva, Ziva, Ziva,

    "Now" says Franks, "The next step is you go find her, help her if she needs it. You never even said a proper goodbye. And get your team back from the trolls. What's with this Bishop character? You know she doesn't fit in. Ship her back to NSA, or kill her off. Do something, because she and the trolls are killing the show. The trolls don't care; they'll pocket the money and move on to kill another show. That's what they do. It's up to you, probie, otherwise it's all over. You're already bleeding viewers. Man up,
  • Do a Kate exit on Bishop

    Between trying to make Gibbs into a more sensitive, caring puke, Dinutzo back into the juvenile twit he used to be in earlier years, Bishop is like an ice water en_ma, does nothing but leave me cold.

  • NCIS is losing ground !

    Looks like the writers are running amok ! Bishop DOES NOT FIT IN, and the other team members don't seem to be operating as a "unit" any more. I hate this ! Where's our old NCIS team spirit, fun, unity ! I won't be watching much longer if this keeps up. ( Miss Ziva SO much !)
  • NCIS needs new leading lady!

    Bishop is pretty and sweet, but NOT an NCIS agent. I wish Cote de Pablo would come back as Ziva, but if she can't, I think Agent Borin from CGIS would be a great choice. NCIS doesn't seem with watching without Ziva.
  • Cote de Pablo made NCIS

    The current season of NCIS is terrible. Now we see what a bad actor Mark Harmon really is. The cast is terrible. Ziva brought it all together. This new Bishop really sucks. You need a character like Ziva or you will lose the ratings.
  • Bishop not mature enough!

    Bishop just does not work. No chemistry. She is not mature enough. Where is Cote?
  • dump the blonde

    Time to rid NCIS of the frail blond and get a real woman to replace her! The show is going down the tube quickly. I will not watch another ridiculous show with her in it!

    Please bring back Cote de Pablo. Sorry, the new girl just doesn't cut it. Seems too young and just doesn't jell with the rest of the cast members. Please, please, please bring back Cote. I don't know if I can handle one more episode with the new girl.
  • NO chemistry with BISHOP --

    My daughter got me hooked on NCIS and I would sit and hang on every scene and wait for next episode the chemistry was awesome. I AM SORRY but the NEW BEE just doesn't cut it for me at all.

    There is NO chemistry and she looks like a kid out of high school I HATE that her role is soooo

    disrespectful to superiors. Send the NEW BEE -- she is illing the show

    off and running SHOW lost me with her character. REALLY does anyone think the real NCIS would put that kid in a real NCIS writers that cast her should go packing too.
  • My Last Try At Liking Bishop

    I've watched NCIS since it's inception and have been a loyal follower but last Tuesday was my last attempt at trying to like Emily Wickersham. Bishop and the story lines that surround her character just don't cut it. I've really enjoyed past episodes of NCIS and will continue to watch reruns but my intelligence and I just can't stomach the new story line. I hate to see such a good series die this way.
  • getting the sharktank ready

    one of the worst ncis shows i have ever seen dull boring trying to force this new person on us . gibbs looked liked he had been neutered letting this person walk all over him
  • NCIS--Circling the Bowl

    Good grief, people. Could this show (which started out GREAT) get any worse??? They really need to fire their writers before the final flush. I watched Ziva's last show and last night's "the show everyone will be tweeting about" and they BOTH sucked.

    I used to love NCIS, but last season--and now this new one--are TERRIBLE.
  • something has gone very wrong at the Navy Yard ..

    Seriously. It is not just that Cote de Pablo and her character Ziva David have left the show. As devastating as that is ... It is even worse. The writing has gone down the tubes, the directing has gone down the tubes ... The acting ensemble, one of the best in TV history, is visibly despondent not only over the loss of the chemistry with Ziva, but over the sub-par scripts and lowbrow direction on a show hitherto distinguished by brilliant scripts and crisp direction. Yikes. After over a decade of excellence, I would rather see NCIS go away (Seinfeld knew when to end, JJ Abrams (Fringe, Alias) always knows when to end it. Don't poison the well. Either her bring her back, and with her writers who understand the heritage of this show, and directors who are not so schlocky ... This is one of the great shows in the history of TV. What in the world have you done with it? Bishop is a joke. I agree with Amrita, she's a Nancy Drew character for Heaven's Sake. Give us NCIS back or end it. We will at least have ten seasons of excellence to watch. This year has been a total wash. And those great actors, Harmon and the rest, they know it, you can see it in their faces.
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