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  • Rut-Row

    Bishop's character just sucks the ever loving life out of this once great series. And the rest of the cast are mere menions to Bishop and her eyebrows. The new writers have shoved this woman down our throats. I agree, admit you made a mistake. Also, the new writers must have been former writers for The Scooby Doo cartoon. Really, predictable, and just bad unbelievable plot lines. The Bishop character is forced bad acting ta'boot! And give me a break with her "quirks". Get her arse off the floor and at a desk. She is now Wonder Woman of NCIS. I wish she would just go away in the Mystery Machine Van!
  • Emily Wickersham is a terrible actress- which producer is she linked to??

    We were totally shocked to learn that the network would hire such a weak actress for a leading role! EW is probably one of the worst choices out there, and it's hard to imagine there weren't tons of available actresses that auditioned for this role. So who is Emily linked to? Gary, Mark?? Someone else?? This girl can't seem to play the part of anything, and she comes off as very uncomfortable in every scene she's in. Not to mention there's nothing about her that looks convincing as an agent either. She may have wrinkles already at her age, but she is very immature acting and totally throws the entire team off. She doesn't fit in with this show at all. Maybe she was super cheap, but hey producers, you get what you pay for! We used to love this show, but it has nose dived with the addition of EW/Bishop Kill her off and move on!!
  • Who's the writer these days???

    Emily Wickersham is one problem but how can any writer create such a dull character for that spot? This type of show requires a forceful character in each field agent not a brainiac from some military office. If her character's speciality is computers, but her in McGee's spot and bring him into the field. Still need to toughen him up a bit but would be better than Emily. Light a fire under everyone on the show, especially the writers!!! Please let Wickersham go. She just doesn't fit the show!

  • New ncis girl

    Hate her eyebrows too skinny terrible actress! She's gotta go!
  • I am still having a hard time liking Bishop

    Either sparkle her up a little or get rid of her. She's too Blah! Something happened to the whole show this season and it wasn't just ziva leaving.
  • Why are they not paying attention?

    How long are they going to continue to push Ziva's replacement on us. She is a lousy actress who cannot achieve the part assigned to her. She plays the part the same no matter the situation. What I want to know is why Gibbs has not made her work to attain her status as an agent and it is very apparent she has no formal training. She knows more than Gibbs solving every case. The show is now her, very boring. We thought the lady who played the part of the Coast Guard agent would be considered. At least she added to the program. Hope they make a change soon. I like the show and want to continue watching but will not if she stays. A very sad ending for a very good show.
  • Boring Boring NCIS

    Myself and my wife watched the show last night and turned it off before it finished, we could not believe its the same show we have been watching with all the good interaction between the cast, it was very very enjoyable to watch, now BORING BORING just another cop show SHAME on you for doing this to a great show, get zeba back ASAP please, and get rid of her replacement NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wickersham a disaster

    The producer or writer glasberg needs to get rid of this disaster of an actress. the show now lacks any cohesion. the characters now don't mesh. they make wickersham "the professional" putting her in interrogations and have mcgee witness her doing them. this show needs to REPLACE HER. i've been watching this show since its inception and now i can't stand it. can't stand to see how ineffective she or her acting is. GET RID OF HER. she doesn't fit in.
  • They added a genius and the whole show turned stupid

    How did you manage that? I guess everyone else had to be made stupid in order for Bishop to look smart. It doesn't work. She looks like a production assistant who accidentally wandered onto the set while looking for her cheetos. Now you're asking us to believe that tough guy Gibbs would hire this dipshit as an agent. Who's supposed to have Tony and Tim's back in the field? Not her, she can't cross the street without a babysitter.

    I feel bad for the writers, who have to invent some implausible function for Bishop every week. They seem to have totally given up on making her connect with the other personalities. This character is a BOMB.
  • Worst actress on TV

    can't remember her name, but she can't act, can't fight, can't hold a gun, supposed to be smart but comes across as an airhead. My household can't stand her, fans for ten years. We will love Ziva forever and hope she comes back, but if not, they still need to get rid of the teenager. She is dragging down the whole team and all of the characters with her. My granddaughters idolized Ziva and they hate the new girl. Ziva was a hero, this girl is a joke.
  • If she is supposed to be such a great brain, why won't she shut her mouth?

    The weird genius as been done to death for the last ten years. Way to be cutting edge! too bad everyone else did it better. This girl is supposed to be an intellectual, but she seems to have zero interests at all. What is her thing? Math? Chaos theory? Econometrics? Psychology? After 16 episodes I don't have the foggiest idea. All we know is she eats garbage all day long and weighs 100 pounds soaking wet.

    If you are going to base her entire character around her brain, don't make it about her mouth. When she's not running her yap about complete nonsense, she's cramming it full of cheetos. She has no intellectual interest in anything. Even her Parsa expertise was shown to be primarily romantic.

    On the team, her analysis is next to useless. When the writers do manage to concoct a story that taps her "skill", we aren't shown her thought process. She frowns and scowls and then POOF magic answer. It's not engaging on any level.

    When we heard about the character, I was SO looking forward to a sharp brainy woman. Wow, what a complete disappointment. She would have an easier time selling sand to a Bedouin than convincing me she's a genius.

    So, I've been in school and I just recently had time to sit down and watch Season 11. NCIS is my all time favourite show, and I've seen every episode at least twice.

    OH MY GOD. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW?!?! I couldn't even force myself to watch the episodes in one sitting!! I realize that CDP isn't coming back. I get it, and that's fine. But seriously, this Bishop character has got to go. (Let me step into the shallow pool for just a sec... HER EYEBROWS MAKE ME WANT TO RIP MY EYEBALLS OUT. I mean, did she draw them on with a Sharpie marker?!)

    Not only does her acting SUCK, I feel like she drags down the rest of the team! It feels like the rest of the cast aren't even into it anymore. Even the light has gone out of Mark Harmon's eyes :(

    The characters don't feel the same. There's no development. I feel bad that everyone is hating on Bishop, but honestly. GG is trying way too hard to make her fit in, and it's clearly not working. There's just no depth to her character!

    Plus they're doing another ridiculous spin-off... NCIS: New Orleans... Is that actually a joke? Can GG please focus on his NUMBER ONE SHOW instead of running off to create another damn spin-off?

    I'm sorry, CBS... I don't think I'm gonna watch Season 12. It's too depressing. I thought I could stand Bishop, but I really can't. It has nothing to do with the fact that I'm bitter about CDP.

    It's the fact that she's ruining the show. It's sad really.
  • Created an account just so I could complain about Bishop

    She is just terrible. My entire family, fans from the beginning, can't stand her and refuses to watch any more. Please listen to fans and get rid of her. Whatever personal feud happened with Cote de Pablo, please do whatever it takes to fix it. We will be back to the show next fall.
  • Three Musketeers are now Two and a Half

    Loyal fan from the start. Rolled with all of the character changes. Bishop is an embarrassment to the show and the franchise. She doesn't sell being a genius OR a federal agent. The show became Take Your Daughter To Work Day. A new ruler has to be invented to include how bad she is as a character. She is bringing down an entire cast of incredible actors.
  • Breath of fresh air? More like a stinky fart in a strong wind

    For a character who is supposed to be so fresh and energizing, Bishop is is more like general anesthesia. She comes across as a daft. flaky, rude idiot with poor social skills and no payoff.

    If you are going to put a genius on the show, you need to put a lot of effort into crafting how their brain works and allowing the viewers to follow their logic. There are so many shows that have done it well. House, Monk, Bones, The Closer, Criminal Minds, Elementary, Hannibal, Sherlock, just off the top of my head. All of those shows let us in on the genius' thought process.

    With Bishop, we got Cheetos. She is seriously the worst conceived "genius" I have ever seen on TV. We gain NO insight into her mental function except her moronic food obsession, stuffing her mouth all day long while staying skinny as a rail, and sitting on floors and desks. That's it. That's her brain. Then she scowls for 30 minutes and magically gets an answer while everyone gapes.

    This actress doesn't sell being smart. She is just a stereotype from central casting.

    On a personal level, Bishop hasn't the foggiest interest in anybody at all. At first I thought she was poised to make friends with Ducky and Abby, and that would be cool, but as the season went on, there was nothing at all. They were strangers to her. Her interactions with Abby are only put in to prove she's smarter than Abby. She has zero connection with Tony and Tim. They're not a team.

    Any other character would have been off the show months ago. There must be some huge egos behind this debacle.

  • Bishop makes me want to stick a finger down my throat. I'm done watching.

    I can't stand the character Bishop, and the actress who plays her is just plain bad. Plus the actress/character is so very unlikeable. So we have an unlikeable and annoying character, a bad actress with annoying black eyebrows to play her, and no chemistry whatsoever between her and the rest of the cast. So why should I keep watching this show? Goodby NCIS; it was a nice run but I can't watch Bishop any longer.
  • I don't even care anymore ...

    I'm from Denmark, and I used to long for the day when the new NCIS episode was online, and now .. now I don't even remember when I last saw an episode. It's not that I want Cote back (offcause I will, but I no it's not gonna happen) but I really don't like Bishop. The fun and chemistry has gone from the show, and that was what made it great. Hopefully the writes will get there heads back on and will find a new person to come on board that has more chemistry with the rest of the cast so we can get the great show back!
  • Bishop has to go

    I record NCIS but skip all the shows with Bishop. The character is just plain boring. The teasing, racy humor is gone from the show, the team dynamics are gone. I predict this may be the show's downfall.
  • No Bishop

    I'm from portugal, so I only got to see the latest season this week. i hate Bishop. Hate Hate Hate. It brings nothing new when it comes to the team - really, no one like her could be an investigator. Someone would LOL on her face. She's ri-di-cu-lous and does not bring any good contribution to the show. Cut her off. PLEASE!
  • Bishop???

    Character doesn't add anything to the show, in fact, it detracts from it. She seems to rule Gibbs and the rest of the cast is in the background. Writers please create a stronger character that is part of the team. This was my favorite show and now I don't care if I miss it.
  • Jaqui PG

    Will never watch it again Ziva has gone not disappeared Continuity totally lost

    She would have kept in contact with Tony she loved him and McGee was her friend They were all together for years

    Plus she would have gone to Gibbs fathers funeral and kept in contact with Gibbs he was her second dad She is now alone (Story line )

    Shame on you all bad rubbish writing You have ruined it

    No story line No nothing I so loved the programme

    Bishop is fine no complaints but they have dumped the show on her very silly for the producers and directors for NCIS it WAS a team and a great programme It is now lost Over and out Jaqui
  • Season 12 - back to basics?

    Season 11 hasn't been awesome. Mostly because Bishop has had to be shoved down our throats so violently. I wish they wouldn't act as though she knows everything all the time.

    Season 12 could be great though. There are other characters in NCIS besides Bishop. McGee's character desperately needs some character development. He can't be the probie who never gets a scratch and makes lots of mistakes anymore. Honestly his character has been seriously neglected as has some of the others. Denozzo can't be the forty something frat boy anymore either - he needs to grow up as does Abby. Pigtails on a twenty something is one thing but on a forty something? She hasn't changed at all from season 1.

    Gibbs has mellowed a little after losing Jenny, Franks and now his dad. He needs someone in his life.

    I would like some awesome plots for season 12. I'd like some real character development. I can see room for another addition to the team to partner Denozzo and bring back the banter and fun to the room and I can see a lot of training and character development. I can see Gibbs working on training up DeNozzo as his future replacement as well as a new probie character. I'd love to see Tim get more than a scratch or two for once and be away for a couple of episodes. I'd love to see how the psych damage of a serious injury would affect him. But above all - get the team back to solving interesting crimes.

    Anyways that's my wish list for season 12 - has anyone got something else to add?

  • Show sinking like the Titanic!

    I used to love this show. At least until CDP left. First of all, her departure, even now seems very suspicious to me. It was quite obvious from her last interview that she didn't want to go. The rest of the cast seemed very surprised. And CBS's behavior torwards Cote and her character since then have been downright childish. Seriously, long dead characters at least get mentioned occasionally and the characters on NCIS are acting like Ziva never existed! Not one mention since CDP left. I find this behavior appalling! It's almost as if CBS has a vendetta against CDP for standing her ground in negotiations (seriously, what is the big deal about wanting a one year contract). Both MH and MW got everything they wanted and CBS got their panties in a knot over the length of her contract!? Then hiring a pathetically bad actress to play an equally bad character and not getting rid of her even after tons of fans saying how much they hate the character. Just who is EW related to!? On most other networks, she would have been long gone. The other characters' behavior was changed to make her fit. Sorry, CBS, but nothing you do is going to make her fit. Frankly, both the actress and the character sucks! And pretending there is no problem when there are numerous complaints on social media and a huge drop in ratings from the premiere and the finale (20.02 down to 16.8 with a big drop in the coveted demo), which has only happened 2 other times-seasons 2 and 7 is just plain stupid. Unless CBS wises up, swallows their pride, and asks CDP to come back and gets rid of EW, NCIS is doomed to end up like the Titanic-sinking into the deep. They also owe a big apology to CDP for treating her like crap and to fans for lying about what happened. Fans aren't stupid and the whole thing just seems fishy. I, for one, will no longer watch unless CDP comes back and EW is gone. CBS has struck out at bat. Strike one- letting Cote go. Strike two-treating Cote and her character as persona non grata. Strike three-hiring an inept actress (EW) to play a ridiculous character that just doesn't fit in and keeping her despite fans hatred of the character. You're out!
  • Wake Me After Bishop Leaves

    I can't even...
  • pawn - or any man - take bishop please

    her first appearance thought she might fit - smart, but ditzy. that soon ended and she is now either a bith or someone with NO personality at all - she grates on my nerves and am about to quit watching the new episodes and just watcch the reruns on USA!

    either change her character DRASTICALLY or transfer her somewhere else permanently - but think its too late for a character change. puke. disappointed because i had high hopes for her after her very first intro whe n she was sitting on the floor surrounded by paperwork and so engrossed she wasnt paying attention to anyone then downhill from there.
  • NCIS, where are you?

    Where are the head slaps? Where is Abby's Caf Pow!!, where are DiNozzo's movie references, where is Ducky? - what happened to Gibb's dark side? - Where is the interaction (not always favorable) between Gibbs and Leon? - Why didn't DiNozzo's father acknowledge Ziva's absence - why doesn't anyone acknowledge Ziva's absence for that matter - seems like she never existed!! - we can't blame the new agent for all of this mess - she's only an actress playing the part that was written for her!! - the blame is on the writers (do they really know the cast members?) - and producers and casting directors! Please come back, NCIS, we miss you!!!!
  • This show is becoming the Great Depression

    My husband and I are 78 years old, him a veteran. We have watched this show since it began and we cannot believe how terrible it has become!

    The story arc is horrendous! Bishop is always the hero, Bishop never fails, Bishop, Bishop, Bishop! For the love of God, she is not the only one on the team! What happened to Gibbs? They brought a new silver fox in to stand in his place. Miss the blue-eyed handsome man who wouldn't let a little blonde girl stomp on him.

    The whole show was better with Ziva. Ever since she left, it has become the Great Depression! People can't afford to watch the show anymore because it's not worth it. Why waste an hour when there's shows on TV with actual story arcs? Ziva could give the boys on the team a run for their money! My husband would've liked to see her in the army with him!

    I do not know where people are getting that she wanted to leave because I purchased the TV Guide article at Walgreens for her departure where she spoke and she said "leaving was not planned"! To me, there seems to be more bitter fans against those who appreciated Ziva and what she brought to the beloved show.

    Season twelve will not work out if they keep forcing the blonde on everyone because of CBS and their resentment towards Ziva. Mark better work on Gibbs too! The plastic blow up doll that is now being walked on is not tasteful! Grow a pair, Gibbs!

    This show is not the show I once adored.

    xMary Rose
  • Would rather shave my eyeballs than watch another minute of bishop...

    NCIS used to be my favourite show ever. I always looked forward to getting the DVD packages as a christmas present from my parents and I love all the characters and the writing. But as far as Bishop goes I hate her. It's not about her replacing Ziva. It's about how poorly she is written, and how poorly Emily Wickersham plays her. It's awful! I loved Kate and I loved Ziva aswell but this new character does my head in. I loved kate and ziva because teenage girls need more badass assassin women on TV to look up to and admire. Bishop is just a know it all and I can't stand it along with the childish faces and the 'food association' crap and the sitting on the desk... like what are you. Cote de Pablo may have left the show for her own reasons but still even after Sasha Alexander left for HER own reasons, she was still talked about and not avoided as a topic like Ziva is. Not Even Dinozzo Snr. (Robert Wagner) mentioned her when her came to visit. Why are you still continuing with one actresses storyline and mentioning her name whilst you aren't for someone who was with the show a lot longer?

    I miss the old NCIS so much. I miss the banter between McGee and Tony. I miss Gibbs walking into the squadroom at the wrong moment. I MISS THE TIVA. I miss the fun Abby. I miss the inappropriate Palmer. I miss the lovely, adorable Ducky. I miss Ziva messing up sayings. And most of all I just missed my abosolute favourite show. Whilst my life had some ups and downs, my favourite shows, NCIS included, all had things that lit up my life.

    I haven't watched an episode since the Episode 250 (Dressed to Kill) and I don't think i will bother buying season 11, if Bishop is comes for Season 12 or any ongoing seasons. I can't stand her. What happened to this show? How does one show get ruined by one actress? Just ask Emily Wickersham. How does one show get ruined by one executive producer? Just ask Gary Glasberg.


    In Summary: I don't expect Cote to return but I would love for her too. Just please get rid of Wickersham. She doesn't fit in and she needs to be dealt with ASAP before anymore ratings drop.
  • The Last Season

    I don't expect NCIS to last more than one more season. With the introduction of Bishop, the show has become dull. And, it's not just the character, bu the poor writing and directing. The cast seems to be the walking dead - no life, everyone out of character. The "Ah-Ha" moments are mostly Bishops and the rest are just string into emptiness. I would watch pst episodes over and over, but watching commercials are betting than the current episodes.
  • Needs help

    I would rather watch reruns with Ziva in them than watch new episodes with the black eyebrows and blonde bimbo. She might do ok in another show but not this one.
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