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  • Boring

    Really these two new boys are full of themselves,their characters don't convincente anyone.

    I liked Bishop's personality at the begining but now se can not ser how inteligente she she is cute and eficient and independent but still has lost his passion as the resto of The crew.
  • 3 NCIS shows

    1. NCIS Los Angeles 2. NCIS 3, NCIS New Orleans.

    The NCIS show is ridiculous, the character Gibbs doesnt stand any nonsense, yet the character DiNozzo is a thief (he steals from friends) a bully, self centred, he lies to show he is better, vary rarely does he have an original thought, there are flashes of a good character but vary rarely. He winds up Mcgee about his love life, yet he has a better track record that THE BOSO. As for Abbey he character is briliant scientist, but a total nutter. Most of the time NCIS is a comedy. NCIS Los Angeles, i s by far a much better well rounded show. Unfortunately the New Orleans show its so weak in story line and its characters.
  • too many people no plot

    I have watched nearly every episode over the years but there are now too many agents. they get in each others way. Jenny E is there to appeal to men viewers as Emily is just cute. the new feller does nothing but bitch. Now they get a fake englishman to help out. No plots at all they deduce things very quickly while continuing their soap opera. Before long it will turn into a comedy and then the END
  • NCIS Fake English Accents

    NCIS is one of my favourite programmes. But the fake British accents in season 14 are irritating. No one in the UK speaks like that. I think it is based on how they think we spoke in the 1940s. Thank God you have Ducky, at least he is the real thing.
  • Die-hard fan since 2005 loses interest entirely

    NCIS is one of those examples where you wish it had ended years ago when it was still going strong. Ending a show at its peak is painful, but you will always remember it as something that was extraordinary. In 2005 the first episode of NCIS aired in Germany. I was 14 years old and fell in love with it. The characters and their banter were superb and the stories told felt fresh and fun. When Kate died I was fundamentally shaken up being a dramatic teenager. I tried to hate Ziva, but she grew on me and the show was stellar. I joined message boards and started watching episodes when they aired. My English improved and episode titles and characters names were all over my exercise books. After losing Buffy as my favourite show, NCIS filled that void. I was highly attached to the characters and also made some amazing friends through the show. When S10 started I felt like this should somehow be the final season. I had this feeling that should be the case. Little did I know that this show would slowly fall apart til it is only a shell. And yes Cote's departure kind of started it, but it wasn't just that. The writers couldn't find that magic anymore. Stories felt redundant. Something was extremely off. And I feel like Michael felt that,too. But it was still watchable with Tony, the heart of the show, being present. Bishop was okay but she didn't add something extraordinary to the show. Then Tony I have to say season 14 looked promising in the first episode but slowly turned into a bad spin-off. Nobody capitalised on Torres and the intrigue he brought to the show. Suddenly the show was swammed with characters you barely knew and didn't care about. And somehow the show looks like a mock-up. It lost its soul, its spark and its amazing energy. It pains me to see that. I stopped watching halfway through the season. A show that was my daily companion during my entire adolescence. I am almost 26 now and just shocked how much my love for this show has died inside of me. There is no passion for it left. It is the biggest let down to me when it comes to TV and I am a TV addict. One example of how little regard there is when it comes to the essence of the show is actually McGee's wedding. Tony and McGee have been best friends for almost 13 there is no nod to him. No letter, no phone call, no mention. Instead we have 3-4 characters present acting like they are part of this family. It is forced. His sister wasn't even present but Torres, Clayton and Quinn were. Considering the fact that Michael stays in touch with the show, it is shocking how it never crossed their mind. That was the nail to the coffin for me. I am only going to watch scenes on YouTube and the series finale. I am done with this show. This show that used to be my favourite for over a decade. The new showrunners have zero ability to honour what the show is about. Biggest tv-related letdown of my young life. Sorry NCIS. In 2005-2013 you were a 10. Now you are no better than a 1.5.
  • It Was About Family

    I have watched NCIS since it was a gleam in JAG's eye. What kept me coming back Tuesday after Tuesday was the father/children dynamic. I especially miss the Gibbs/DiNozzo dynamic and I think Mark Harmon is missing it too, it's like someone let the air out of his balloon. Watch the earlier seasons and watch those two together, it is evident that those two men really got each other, they balanced each other. Sean Murray wasn't a bad addition he balanced Paulie and Brian D. balanced David McCullum. There is not balance now. The cast members just are not as talented as their predecessors. It was Michael Weather's wit and comic timing that kept the show from being overly heavy, and now I'm thinking the set atmosphere as well. None of the new actors seem to be able to do that. Granted the writing isn't as good as in the past, but even if it was the new actors are not as talented as Mr. Weatherly, they can't pull it off. Neither Michael or Cote are coming back, there really isn't any place for them to go especially the DiNozzo character, the writers wrote him into a corner with no reasonable way out. But they could get rid of ALL the new characters and just focus on Gibbs,McGee,Abby,Ducky, and Palmer. If Gibbs has to have a team of three keep Reeves of all the new characters I think his has the most possibilities. The others are just boring. And where is Fornell???? NCIS has lost it's way, hopefully during their hiatus they'll find it again or else they should just sail off on Gibb's boat into the sunset.
  • Time to say Goodnight Gracie.

    It is definately time to kill the show. It's not even the same show anymore, it's like Mark Harrmon on a bad remake of NCIS. Tony left and he was the #2 guy that held the show together. Mark Harrmon is an amazing actor but even he cant save this bad writing, extremely terrible new casting, WTH show anymore. The first mistake the creators made was replacing Ziva with Bishop. That right there was a stupid decision on someone's part. A different actress that fit in better would have been much better, and possibly could have helped Mark keep the ratings up now after Tony left. CBS is just wasting money now, and Mr. Harrmon should quickly find a new show to be on.
  • More Disappointed Than I Expected

    I knew it would be drastically hard to lose Tony, it was hard enough to lose Ziva. Still not clear what happened with Ziva but at least they gave Ziva a good farewell. There was no emotion/banter or anything between Gibbs and Tony when he left, Tony's last episode was horrible. McGhee gets married and Gibbs gives him his Dad's watch, great, but he did nothing when Tony left and the two of them were the heart of the show!! Torres drives me crazy he just does not fit at all!!! He really needs to go! The story lines have changed too drastically it has ruined the flow of the show. The banter between Gibbs and his "kids" is gone, gone, gone. I miss the old Gibbs, the head slaps, etc. I like Quinn but truly, there are too many characters now! Gibbs, McGhee, Abby, Ducky and Palmer could carry the show. Emily and Torres definitely need to go!! And Gibbs needs to get back to being Gibbs!! I love NCIS and have never missed an episode since the beginning!! But it's getting harder and harder to watch. I don't get excited for Tuesday nights anymore. I DVR it and watch it after my other shows. :-( I have to agree with everyone else that the writing is just awful, I miss the "family" setting, and there is too much kissy good feeling.
  • does CBS read comments or care ?

    I will add to the discomfort watching NCIS. First, Bishop is not Ziva but I think an OK addition. No one can replace Tony and adding 3 dofus agents certainly did not do anything but downgrade the show. Stupid writing and story lines are awful. The kissy good feeling /family direction is awful. The acting is awful, even Gibbs. Let Jethro be Jethro . Maybe that will help. Maybe it is too late to recover.
  • Once was wonderful ....

    Have you ever watched the Simpsons episode where Marg writes an Itchy & Scratchy episode ? It is diluted to the nth degree and there is no blood or death just hugs and understanding... well, season 14 of NCIS was written by Marg Simpson - and anyone who has followed this show for the previous 13 seasons will know not to tune in ever again. The wondrous way the show was able to keep you entertained for 42 minutes - every episode, with villains that lasted half the season, with humour, head slaps, office chemistry - the elements that made it deservedly at the forefront of shows of this genre, is all but a memory now (but still available for d/l for that NCIS fix thankfully). It is sad to know that the show has drifted so far from where it once was, that the cast has moved on (Kate, Ziva, Jenny, Tony) and that those who are left, are now tired, old (Gibbs looks really old, Ducky speaks like he's 90 and Abby - who was hot and cheeky in the first few years - still tries to play that cute Goth - but is seriously mutton dressed as lamb). This show WAS the best! People leave - usually killed off, which makes a Tony/Ziva cameo impossible, yet absolutely necessary to give this show some CPR. Or are the writers trying to cater to a new audience, one that has no inkling of the history of the show, just exposed to the 'now' and therefore able to sit through these episodes with the knowledge that the show has become immortal and simply can't be killed off. Sad days for those of us who weathered the storm for so many years, so many story lines, sub plots and emotions played out .... to now be dished up 'left-overs'.
  • Too dreadful to continue

    This used to be my favorite show. I bought the season 1-10 dvds and even the Jag season where it was introduced, although I'd never watched Jag. It was an A+ show. The chemistry between all the cast members was incredible. Gibbs was definitely in charge and every week there was a crime to be solved. The banter between Tony and Ziva was fun and Abby and Tim were fantastic. Then Cote left and the show dropped to a B. There was no one for Michael Weatherly to play off of and the Bishop character is just plain boring. Face it. Ziva was kickass exciting. No wonder Weatherly left. There is no chemistry between the new actors and all the shows are shoving their backgrounds at us. It's not a crime show anymore. It's a "look we have a new character and here's everything about Gibbs isn't in charge. The new characters tell him what to do. And he takes it from them. Tony and Ziva wouldn't have dared. And McGee is barely in the stories anymore. Way too many newbies. As senior field agent McGee deserves way better stories. The show has become an embarrassment. Giving it a D would be generous. I know it must be drawing to a close so here're my recommendations. Work a miracle. Pay Michael Weatherly 3 times what he's making now and promise him he can have Bull back later if he wants it. Give Cote the moon, the sun and the entire universe and get her back. Have one last extraordinary year and go out at the top. At this point, I just can't watch anymore.
  • Bleeding everywhere ....

    I just watched the 'BeastMaster' Episode > this show is now unwatchable. What a pathetic story line. The office small talk is now so cringe worthy - then McGee steps up in his 'Lead Agent' role to oversee office policy ... bzzzz - bad. Then the story moves along and now Gibbs is 'the horse whisperer' and even recalls a story about his daughter and her horse healing feats bzzzzz - bad. Back in the office, we find out that the British guy has pepper sprayed the female 'agents' and Bishop had used really bad language - but NOT just in English - because whilst Ziva could speak 5 languages - Bishop states that she can speak SIX languages BZZZZZZZZZ - BAD. Please switch off the life support on this show. Donate the actors to a worthy cause instead (well maybe Gibbs and McGee) - the others can go get real jobs!
  • Start all over again

    With Bishop and the new additions, I can't stomach NCIS any more. I watch the re-runs that have Michael Weatherby and Cote De Pablo in them, which were always magic. I miss their humor and one liners! The caricatures on the program now just don't cut it and are boring as hell. Maybe if you brought Tony, Ziva, and their child in for a cameo appearance I'd feel better. The ending of the DiNozzo/Ziva relationship seemed so brutal and totally deflated it for me. I think most of us like happy endings, considering what's going on in the world today and could use some.
  • Controversial but Bishop is just as good as Ziva!

    I think it's nice that McGee has someone he can bond with and he seems to have a great relationship with Bishop. I do think Torres and Quinn should be cut from the show and replaced as an agent!
  • NCIS still better than 95% of shows on tv

    I just finished reading a bunch of reviews for NCIS on this site. I agree that the show was hurt by Ziva's and Tony's characters leaving but it's still better than most shows on tv including the Premium paid channels. Why don't all of you complainers just quit watching and let the rest of us that still love it enjoy it. NCIS has changed, but it's still my favorite show and I hope mean spirited people like you don't cause it to be cancelled.
  • NCIS needs to be laid to rest

    NCIS was very good for many years. However, it is no longer. It's really just become boring. Without Tony and his dad popping in every now and again, it's really lost it's charm. Now, we have Ellie and Alex, who are both incredibly boring. Alex is completely expressionless and slurs everything she says. I can hardly watch her. Nick adds very little, also. Even the characters who have been there since the beginning are not adding anything new to the show. They all just seem tired.

    The show is no longer entertaining, and it's time to call it quits.
  • Hanging It Up

    I've watched every episode of NCIS since Gibbs hired Kate from the Secret Service in episode one. I'm done. Through its peaks and valleys, the show always flowed. With the departure of DiNozzo and addition of Fez and the chick from Spin City, NCIS has no rhythm. Even Gibbs seems excessively boorish. CBS has allowed arguably its flagship program in NCIS to deteriorate from clunky to downright unwatchable.
  • Time to go

    I cannot believe how such a great show has gone downhill. It is time to end it. The biggest problem is all of the side stories of personal life. This trend seems to be infecting NCIS LA and Blue Bloods as well. I tune in to see crimes solved. I really don't care about someone's love life or their family problems.

    Emily Wickersham as Bishop was a poor addition but she is wonderful compared to Jennifer Esposito as Quinn. Eposito was simply obnoxious on Blue Bloods where she was finally cut after 3 long years. Now for some unknown reason CBS decides to sign her to NCIS.

    I don't get the MI6 character. Adds nothing at all to the show.

    Mark Harmon is a wonderful actor but you can tell he is just is now going through the motions.

  • Emily Wickersham (Bishop) Must Goooooo!!!!!

    I have never written a review before, but I've been such a fan of NCIS from the very beginning, (Gibbs, Tony, Kate, McGee) I have a hard time believing casting believes the charter of Bishop adds to the show. When the charter Kate left, replaced by Ziva, casting was right on. I have googled Wickersham to see if she could possibly be a relative to one of the cast/crew because that is only reason I could find why she was hired on such a great show. Please lose Bisop. She has no chemistry with the cast and I find her actually annoying. I wish her well, but she needs to go.
  • What have the writers done

    Look I understand that Michael Weatherly(Tony), Cote de Pablo(Ziva), and many other characters of the past weren't written off for a good stories but rather by the actors request. So I don't blame the writers for that and I don't expect them to bring them back. I want the show to stay to its roots what is this Gibbs doesn't scare the team in a father like way anymore; be doesn't hangup their personal phone calls tell them to do stuff now and set extremely short time limits and what do head slaps seize to exist. Yes I know Dinozzo is gone but Gibbs used to slap McGee to. I could go on forever but the show isn't written as good as it used to be and everyone sees it even Sean Murray(MeGee) and Mark Harmon(Gibbs) are rumored to be considering leaving. I think they should fire Jennifer Espinoza and the British dude but keep torres. Next they need to focus more on the team dynamic rather then the characters individual story.
  • Squadroom Overcrowding!

    Lose Bishop, Torres, & Quinn. Reeves is capable of filling the funny/dramatic shoes left by DiNozzo. Hire Eliza Gonzales to fill both the Latin American & the strong female lead voids. Romantic tension with Reeves would be a very attractive possibility.
  • I am so disappointed

    I have to say this was my favorite tv show. Until season 14. Please Bring back Tony & Ziva. The show is just not the same without them. Gibbs, Tony, Ziva, Magee, Abby, Ducky, Pharnel, Palmer, & Vance all worked very well together. The new characters are just terrible. I can tolerate Bishop but Tores & Quinn have just got to go. They absolutely do not fit. Please don't cancel the show. Just please bring back Tony & Ziva. They are the missing part of our NCIS family. Please fix this wonderful show.
  • Let the British go!

    Get rid of the Brit can't take him I hate to stop watching but am ready too I put up with bishop although she isn't a good fit but now this British guy please stop send him packing.
  • NCIS- such a disappointment

    Bishop is still a terrible actress and isn't improving, the three new additions are not pulling it off.. the writing is horrible.. WHY ISN'T SOMETHING BEING DONE?? There are talented actors/characters in this show (Abby, McGee, Gibbs, Vance, Ducky, Palmer) that shouldn't have to deal with sub par scripts, and untalented co workers!! Sad, sad, sad
  • It's Really Unfortunate

    I simply do not understand what you're doing with the cast and, apparently, neither do you.

    You seem to repeatedly create tiresome stories and then burden them with tiresome dialogue distributed among a tiresome task. Even Gibbs manages to become tepid at best.

    Others will disagree, but I believe the threesome of McGee, Bishop, and Reeves could be made to work, but it will require better scripts that give Bishop substance and transitions McGee from Boy Scout to Agent.
  • Cast of Season 14

    BRING MICHAEL WEATHERLY BACK! Tony was the life of the show. He made the show more family than the new cast does. He fit in better with the cast. I love seasons 1-13 with Tony DiNozzo. You cant spell NCIS without the proper characters!




  • A little accent goes a long way

    Agree with everybody. Tony and Ziva were the heart of the show with Ziva's mangling English and misunderstanding idioms . The show with them stuck in a container and the one undercover - literally - were a delight.

    For those who criticize the accent of Reeves, he was born and raised in Birmingham, UK, so that is his way to speak. I find it more pleasing than the tortured accent of LaSalle in NCIS NO, where you can see his lips trying to embrace the vowels.

    It is entertainment, not to be taken too seriously.
  • Down Hill

    Use to Love this Show when Tony And Ziva on it!

    Once They Both Left Now Way Too Many Actors (Agents) that Add Zero to Show!

    Trying to Watch But in Current Form going to Stop watching and Watch reruns on USA!

    Too Many New Agents that Bring Zero!
  • Can't watch anymore

    I never used to miss an episode of NCIS ( what used to be my favourite programme ), now I don't care. It was bad enough when Ziva left but I eventually came to accept Bishop as the third member of the Gibbs team. These new two members are a waste of space, especially Quinn who seems to be pushing herself to the front, why they let her I don't know, she wasn't even all that good in Blue Bloods, but even Gibbs seems to have taken a back seat. I understand that he has to have three members for his team but why not bring back Clayton Rees (who was in the few episodes of the last series ), he was likeable and would have been a good fit to the cast. The ratings are going fall if the writers don't do anything about it NOW and soon there won't be anymore NCIS.

    Just seen the latest episode, what the hell, story line was awful script was awful and once again all about her,and where is Vance these days. Never thought I'd say this but it's time NCIS had its Swan Song.

    11th March, 10 episodes in and I keep praying for it to improve but no luck and now it's happening the ratings have started to drop. Quinn MUST go. practically everyone agrees she is the worst and lowering the tone of the programme. Torres hasn't really been given a chance yet, so who knows and Reeves could actually come in as a Ziva type position that instead of Mossad, he could be the liason between NCIS- Interpol / MI6
  • Rethink this cast and new orleans cast as well

    Jennifer Esposito can stay but get rid of wickersham valderama and Henry. Only watch when nothing else on tv now and this was one of my favorites. New Orleans needs to bring Brody back for sure and can get rid of Shalita grant she over acts and is horrible at it but she can stay if she must but Ferlito has got to go. Worst actress ever. No screen appeal. Can't stand to look at her. Show is ruined now I have only watched a couple this season think it's time to dump this show unless changes are made. Bad decisions on casting!
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