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    That was a great show but i hated the end i was shock to see what the new director was doing i haven been a fan of NCIS bery long but it only took one episode to make me a fan is the best show ever i really hope that they dont make any changes on the cast beacause ziva, tony, and mc'gee are the best they have put the show in a new level and i cant imagine ncis whit out them so please to all the writters dont change the cast is agreat show but if the cast changes it wont be the same i cant wait for the 6 season premier but if the cast changes it will be the last episode i wacth thank you.
  • awsome season finale I can't believe Jenny is dead and that a***** of a new director split up the team. But hands down one of the best season finales ever.

    first I have to stared at the end. I can't believe that the new Director Leon Vance split up the team is he completly nuts? I don't want a new team. I want Gibbs, McGee, Ziva and DiNozzo! I really hope Gibbs will find a way to get his team back.

    And what the hell did Vance got out of the safe and his file. I guess Jenny had something on him and he destroyed it.

    It was really sad how she died. I cryed with Abby and and the rest but I wished we would have seen more of her. I already miss her. But than again I'm glad it wasn't McGee, Ziva or Tony.

    I so can't wait to see what happened next season. Like will the team be back like they belong? Or does Director Vance will stay. Will Ziva return? so many questions and NO SPOILERS yet damn I hate to wait.
  • Best show, drama, comedy, and great characters. Every episode is awesome. Way better than CSI if you ask me.

    This show is getting better and better. I've watched this show for almost every season and the writers do a fantastic job. After watching the Season 5 finale I think they hit the mark. I won't say what happened, but it definitely was one of the best. Every episode is a thriller and full of drama, comedy, anything you can think of. The characters themselves have a great relationship on camera. This show is sooo much better than CSI. Although CSI is also a good show and filled with drama, there is a uniqueness about NCIS. The different twists and turns in each episode makes the show even better.
  • Protection VS Cover up Why are they really breaking up the NCIS Team?

    I believe that the writers did an excellent job writing Judgement Day part 1 and part 2. They kept us hanging off the edge of our seats worried and anxious about what would happen next. I don't think the killing of the Director came as a surprise given her illness and her shame about failing to complete her mission in Europe.
    I did not like the acting Director Vance at first glance. He seems to feel threatened by the cohesive nature of Gibbs team. That would lead one to believe that he broke up the team to rotect himself. And maybe it has something to do with the paper he took out of his own personnel file and put in the shredder. We don't know what was on that paper yet.
    Then again, you have to ask yourself if the breaking up of the team is a deliberate attempt to generate misinformation. Is the Director scattering the team to the winds in an attempt to put them in positions where they will be very difficult to access and thus trying to keep them from being killed? Is the Director really sending them undercover but still maintaining the team so they can solve the mystery of who is behind the killing of Director Shepard before they can get to him?
    And what about Mike Franks? Does anyone really believe that this is the last we've seen of him? I have to believe that he was brought back for a specific purpose. I believe that we will see him come and go many times next season. He maybe the catalyst between the newly separated team members that keeps them all tied together while they are physically apart so they can finish the job that Jenny started when she killed her assassins.
    I believe that we will finally find out what Gibbs has been trying to hide since the show bagan and I believe this will all end up involving his dead wife and daughter.
    And finally I think that next season will only uncover one of Gibbs secrets while leaving another secret for a future season.
    That's what these writers do best. They threw out the line and I chomped down hard on the hook. It was a great season finale but thankfully it was not the series finale.
  • Predictible until the ending.

    Although I really enjoyed the 2 hour season finale, everything happened just as I anticipated up until the very end. I actually liked Vance, the new assistant director, and could see that he was being added to the cast to replace Jenny. I thought he was smart, edgy and would add a lot to the agency and the show, THEN! he lets the team's loyalty toward Gibbs affect his judgement. Is he insane? I agree with a previous posting about that letter he shredded. It's coming back to haunt him and may keep the team together. It better, or they are going to lose a lot of loyal viewers, me included!
  • Cheesy and impossible, NCIS is also witty and charming. A must see show and one heck of a guilty pleasure!

    Lots of impossibly attractive people flirting with each other in the unlikey setting of a goverment office. It gives me the feeling that pretty much any two people could spontaneously start making out with each other at any given time. There are story of the week shows as well as underlying myth arcs to keep you interested. It is also easy to pick up the show if you haven't watched in the past.

    Quirky, fun personalities with guns and kick-@ss moments. I also like that the field agents never wear high heels, ala Scully. So hard to run in. It can be unpredictible, and has killed off more then one major charactor, so you are never sure what to expect in a season finale. Funny and fabulous!
  • I was so excited waiting on last nights season finale and it was awesome (except for the ending). I am so worried about next season, I do not see the show making it, if they keep the team broke up more than one episode.

    I would have rated this a 10 if it was not for the ending. This show is awesome and I love all of the excitement, but I agree with one of the other reviews that I will not be able to continue watching the show if they really take Gibb's team away. The total team is what makes the show (all of the personalities fit together). With any show if you change the main people the show will no longer be accepted by the majority and then the show will fail and that would be a complete disappointment.
  • one of the best shows ever

    i love this show it get better every time mark harmon said that someone will die before the end of this season god i hope its not one of the main people cuz if abby tim tony ziva ducky or gibbs die (tho i don't think they will) i will proably cry like a baby cuz this is like one of the only shows that i would still watch if they killed someone off but i'd be really sad i still hate the fact that they killed kate god this show is the best so good i cant stop ranting about it!
  • All NCIS TV show Actors are the very best!!! NCIS has only had one change, you keep everyone interested.

    TV NCIS is one of the very best shows on television, and I never miss any of the shows. Sure hope non of the actors get removed like Kate did. What you have now is a harmony, each one is a balance for one another, all wonderful. The CSI shows are slowly taking off their best actors, me like everyone else soon will start losing interest. NCIS ROCKS!!!
    Sure hope no more actors are taken off. If I had to vote to which one is the best on NCIS would be a hard judgment call for me. Because everyone on the show has a great role.
  • Hallo to all ncis fans, my name is Hendrihette Johani Van Wyk. i live in Kimberley, South Africa. I am a big fan of Ncis and I am so glad that it is returning to sabc 2 on Friday the 16th of May.

    I love Tony. he brings so much fun and humour into the show. And Gibbs, altought he doesn't show it, has so much affection and love for everyone of his team members. I am a big fan of Micheal since the Dark Angel days.

    I love action movies. That is why I love this show so much. It's filled with action and drama. And then theirs that humor. And no matter how tight a situation looked for them. They always end up the winners.

    I miss Kate. I was very shocked when that shot went off that killed her. I really didn't expect it.
  • The "Must-See" show on TV.

    When NCIS comes on every Tuesday night, I always make time to tune in. It is unlike any of the other crime dramas on television. Every episode of NCIS is always full of action, drama, and comedy. The characters on the show are all interesting and funny, especially the Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, played by David McCallum. The dialogue between the actors is always funny and engaging, and the chemistry between all the actors makes for some really exciting and dramatic scenes. If you watch even a single episode of NCIS, you will be completely addicted to the show and its characters. I know I was!
  • Honestly my favorite show of all time. The quirky off-the-wall characters mixed in with the real-life dialog and great sidestories makes for a one-of-a-kind original dramady that makes you just want to giggle and scream.

    I've been watching this show for three years, loving every minute of it. I was hooked after the episode "Under Covers", when two of my favorite characters went under cover as married assassins, which made for a great situation, funny dialog and one hell of an ending. The show keeps you guessing til the very end, whether it's an episode plot or an entire season storyline, you won't know how it ends... well, until it ends. The characters are three-dimensional and funny and real, Tony is the cool kid at school, McGee is the nerdy kid who lives next door and doesn't come out of his house, Abby is the goth chick who everyone stays away from and Ziva's the hot bully. It's just so funny and exciting that you need a pillow to hug until the very end.
  • This is the most addictive show I've seen in ages.

    I'm so addicted that I've decided that I couldn't wait for a few weeks: I wanted to see everything ther was. Now. And because I'm from The Netherlands, we are a few episodes behind. Well... I was, not anymore ;)

    NCIS is a serie with a lot of humor, action, extremely exciting stories en very good character development. It's just everything a good show needs, and I have the feeling it is just getting better and better, every season again.

    We've seen Tony getting to be an excellent (very) special agent. McGee was a real softy, but he's getting there - hacking everything what needs to be hacked. Abby is sweet but she can take care of herself really good. We get to know Zive every season better and Gibbs... he is the glue that's keeping them together, he is their father-figure, a great boss and one hell of an agent!
  • Best show on CBS. It mixes the drama with the humor with the quirky characters so darn perfectly, it's hard not to watch. The chemistry and power is unbelievable. I was hooked since my very first episode.

    One of the best shows on television. The way the characters interact and the dialog is so perfect it's incredible. Even when the commercials are on I'm afraid to change the channel for fear of missing a single second. They can mix in the character development without being too sappy and the crime itself without being too one-sided. The humor is just right too. I recommend this show to my friends all the time and I sincerely suggest you do the same. I have nothing but praise for this show and it's actors. I'm never disappointed at the end of an episode. As a side note, am I the only one ecstatic that USA picked up this show? Could not have made my life any better then that.
  • i love this show

    the best show i have ever seen, i can always find time to watch it as it is interesting and funny especially when dinozzo is slapped round the head by gethro. abby is so cool i love her tatoos and wicked jewellery, i have watched so many of the shows i have lost count which ones i have seen and which ones i haven't, even the new ones without kate are fantastic because ziva speaks in a diiferent language and dinozzo looks at her gone out as if to say what the hell are you saying. mcgee is funny too the way he always tries to suck up to everyone.
  • Amazing Show that I always have time to watch.

    This show has many awesome qualities. It has Humor, Action, Adventure, and always leaves you guessing. In my opinion the second best Show to watch on TV. Also if your a girl like me you will fall in love with *Special* Agent Anthony (Tony) Dinozzo or Agent Jethro Gibbs(preferred to be called Gibbs). The episode will be like nothing you have ever seen before. They always have the NCIS touch to them that makes it different from the other crime shows. So if you have a TV in your house I want you to turn it on to CBS every Tuesday at 8 pm and get ready for one of the best shows you will ever see.
  • Great show, a lot of action in most episodes, very funny. what more could you ask for? short review

    This show has got it all. The action, the drama, the romance and the comedy. Forgot to mention the characters. NCIS would not be how it is without each one of the characters. Each character plays an important role into getting this show to be good. I mean, without Tony there wouldn't be as much humor as there is and without Gibbs, it wouldn't be as interesting to watch. This show focuses on a real organization. Yes, there is a real armed federal agency called NCIS and the jobs are very similar. Watch this show and you will love every minute of it.
  • Funny ... kinda light. Nice characters.

    NCIS is a very nice show, funny, sometimes hilarious, nice characters, tall cute hunks ... don't really watch it for the stories, they're kinda average. It's all about the dialogue ... and the tall cute hunks :)

    Mark Harmon is a great actor. I love his hair (something about grey hair on not-so-old looking guys makes me tick) Michael Weatherly is cool, not the greatest of actors but he's cute, and he can really get to you whenever the situation gets serious enough. I liked Cote as an actress a lot better than Sahsa, although I have no special preference when it comes to the characters themselves. Personally, I think Lauren Holly was an unnecessary addition to the show, she always looks so ... dreamy!

    Waiting impatiently to see what happens with Tony and his girlfriend, I don't know why but I have a feeling they're getting married!
    Whatever happens, there will be drastic character development next season. Exciting ...
  • This one of the best American drama shows ever to shown on British television.

    I first saw this show on a hotel TV during a holiday in the States in 2006. I was immediately struck by the great interaction between the characters and the excellent mix of gritty action and humour. It was great to see David Mccallum back on our screens though I felt that all the actors were doing a great job and obviously enjoying playing the charactors. The show as gone from strength to strength and it is difficult to pinpoint a favourite character but if pushed to pick I would say Abby just for her sense of fun. I hope that this show runs for a very long time.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Who would have thought that I'd ever start watching NCIS? Certainly not me, since I am pretty tired of most forensic shows (I absolutely exclude Bones from this, next to NIS the best show), I have even given up on the CSI shows because they've become so boring (no offense).
    In my mind NCIS has always been another clone of that franchise. Boy, I couldn't have been any more mistaken!
    The whole writers strike made me look for something new to watch, so I decided to give this show a try and I am so happy I did.

    From the first episode I have seen - "Yankee White" -everything that makes a show great and entertaining is there.
    The characters relationships with each other is pure fun to watch - the always grumpy Gibbs seems very often like a father to the rest of his team. I love the funny snarking and banter between Kate and Tony, Abby and Ducky round up a great, well-oiled team (and later McGee).

    While the cases are good and interesting, it's the characters that make this this show a hit and rewatchable.

    The show risked a lot when they killed of Kate because Sasha Alexander wanted out of the show, instead of simply transferring her, leaving the door open for a possible guest appearances.

    By the time I reached S3 on my DVDs I was very wary how I would like the show, because Kate is my favorite character.
    Now I am relieved that the new addition, Mossad Officer Ziva David fits very well into the established team.
    And while I still miss Kate, I think the show is still absolutely engaging, because it has enough other likable things going for it.

    So, I would say, their risk paid off, the show is still going strong, as far as I am concerned one of very few shows that I watched have pulled this off successfully ("Prison Break" should have taken this as an example to handle such a casting problem, but instead totally bombed and jumped the shark when faced with a similar situation. Sorry, I disgress, but I am still in the anger phase.)

    So, anyway, I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes forensic drama, a strong cast, solid stories and lots of humor.
  • crime solving with a little something extra

    ncis i like no other crime show that i watch. not only does it solve cases and has all the gun drama but it also focuses on the characters and characters relationships which i think is really good. the episodes never dissapoint and all have an interesting story line. all the characters work well together and the actors play their parts fantastically. and unlike most other tv programmes ncis always has something to write about and will never repeat the same story line again and again and i hope this show does many many more seasons and cbs does not cancel.
  • What happened to agent Lee?

    I thought it was really cute how Lee and Palmer used to sneak around. And then she never came back for season 5. I don't remember if her departure was even explained. I know she and Palmer are just recurring characters, but they could have thrown a line or two at the subject. Maybe something about how agent Lee was transferred to another office abroad or something.

    Come to think of it, I don't recall anything more from Gerald, Ducky's assistant before Palmer. He was in the Kill Ari episode, where they mentioned that he was still in physical therapy, but he never came back to work at NCIS and they never explained what happened to him.

    Or maybe they did explain and I just missed it.
  • Extremely funny show with believable characters and pretty accurate forensic plot lines!

    Awesome television show with a great mix of humor and seriousness! The forensics is pretty accurate, with the exception of Hollywood Drama slip ups to make it more exciting. This show though makes you keep coming back for more and is very easy to get addicted to, and once it grabs a hold of you, it doesn't let go easily! Though Sasha Alexander (Kate Todd) is sorely missed, Cote de Pablo (Ziva David) has filled in beautifully! This show though wouldn't be what it was without all of its cast, and I hope this show continues for much longer!
  • Definetly one of the best shows on T.V

    I love this show and the actors are great. When i first heard about this show i was like confused 'NCIS' must be crap. but oneday i was just flippin the channels and came across this show. It is one of the best shows ever made its a classic. the characters are great, all the episodes are awesome. They all have a bit of good humour and action that all makes sense at the end. Great show!! !. Oh yeah i forgot to mention that the actors are brilliant, influential, they make you want to become an NCIS agent. (",)
  • NCIS centres around the work and life that goes on within the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, a federal government agency with jurisdiction over any crime that has links to the US Navy or the US Marines Corps.

    The show adopts a crime procedural format, following a team of agents, their work and their interactions. The team is led by Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a tough, smart former Gunnery Sergeant with outstanding investigation and interrogation skills. Gibbs has an intuition second to none and is the glue that holds the show and the team together.

    Gibbs' senior field agent is Special Agent Tony DiNozzo, a former homicide detective, who though fun-loving and sometimes immature, is a very competent and loyal addition to the team. The other two field officer team members are Mossad Liaison Officer, Ziva David, a trained Israeli Assassin who had never conducted an interrogation without causing bodily harm, and Special Agent Timothy McGee, a young agent fresh out of MIT. The non-field team members are Dr. Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, the Chief Medical Examiner, his assistant Jimmy Palmer, and the gothic NCIS forensic technician, Abigail Sciuto. The Team is also helped or hindered by Gibbs' former protégée, NCIS Director, Jenny Shepard.

    NCIS is not like the other crime procedurals, it offers, on top of a generally faster and more exciting pace and plot, a distinctive comedy element cleverly woven between the entertainment genius of the NCIS team dynamic.
  • It keeps plugging along

    While NCIS will never be CSI or NYPD Blue, it is still a great little crime drama. It's success has more to do with it's cast than anything else. Of all the crime dramas it has the most lovable characters. Abby, Duckie, Gibbs, Probie, Ziva, and Tony are worth tuning in each week to see. They work well together and they manage to solve crimes at the same time. The Bellasario family has succeeded in creating another niche drama that can hold a steady audience. Like it predecessor, JAG, NCIS appeals to a certain type of audience, but those viewers are loyal. Being the granddaughter of Navy men on both sides of the family, I loved to watch JAG and love to watch NCIS. They feel like family to me. I hope that NCIS will live as long and as prosperously as JAG.
  • It's been a while since i watched it

    It's nice, i gave it 8.8 and i don't think i would give it 10 or 9. But, it's been real fun watching it. Nonetheless, it can't be compared with CSI or CSI: Miami which is my personal favourite of all CSI or similar shows. More about the show...: It's a "new" look on government and those special cops. Thee are some nice actors, real characters, like the weird one working in the lab, she's the best. Anyway, it's about solving problems, i mean cases in the navy of America. The thing that i mind, as in most of the American shows is that ONLY the Americans are good, blessed, nice cops, who only seek the justice, and Russians, Mexicans, Serbians and others are always the bad guys, but i guess that's more into politics, so i won't go there. At the end, i must say it's a nice show, and you won't waste your time if you watch it, that's for shore. Still, i put it on my favourite shows ;))
  • One of my favorite

    This is one of my favorite tv shows i watch it every week and if i like an episode enough i might even watch it again. I like the way it's written it's funny when it needs to be and serious when the situation calls for it. I hope the station is going to pick it up for at least 2 season's because if it ends i'll be sad most of all because i'll miss tony...he is my favorite character from the show. What i like most about this show is the fact that even if it contains crimes and they investigate them the action isn't always set on's not discusting. It's like a breath of fresh air amist all the blood and crimes in other shows.
  • A show about very unique individuals that work for Naval Criminal Investigative Service of the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps.The Individuals include:

    Supervisory Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is the lead investigator on there cases. He is very good at his job. Was in the Marines and has won many medals. Next in command is Anthony DiNozzo is a streetwise former homicide detective. He is always flirting with women. He loves messing with his colleagues, playing pranks and going through there things. He offend gets hit in the back of the head by Gibbs. DiNozzo typically shows teenage behavior but is still very loyal to his colleagues and co-workers He is always Quoting movies. Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, M.D., M.E. is the Chief Medical Examiner at NCIS.Ducky is Scottish and has an eccentric habit of talking to the dead bodies upon which he performs autopsies. His other habit is his tendency to ramble on about what he calls his "salad days" to anyone within earshot. He lives with his 96 year old mother.Abigail "Abby" Sciuto is the forensic scientist in at NCIS. Abby wears gothic style of dress, with at least nine tattoos on her neck, arms, back, ankle and other places which are only hinted at. She has a happy-go-lucky attitude and a sweet personality. Abby is a hearing child of deaf parents and likes her music loud. Abby thrives on caffeine but she drinks them in form of a soda, Caf-Pow. She is rewarded by Gibbs with this when she gives him answers. She is very good at her Job.Tmothy "Tim" McGee is a Special Agent at NCIS. He is a conservative dresser, apparently nervous around women, and gifted with computers. He also loves to write mystery/crime novels. He is allergic to cats and Poison Ivy (of which he had two encounters), and gets seasick even in port. He likes to play online games. He is made fun of my Tony and regularly suffers at the hands and smart alec comments of DiNozzo. Tony calls Tim Probie. Abby for a while and they remain close friends. Ziva David is the newest member of the team. Trained as an assassin by Mossad, she was a member of a special counter-terrorism division of Mossad that trains their agents in assassinations, espionage and coercion for tracking down and dealing with terrorists. She has a photographic memory, and speaks six languages: English, Hebrew, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and French. She is also able to speak basic German, Italian and Russian. She is an Aggressive driver. There are lots of other characters that make up a great cast. This show is very good. It is on my top ten and gets better every season. dont cancel it. its soooo funny. Its a show everyone can watch.
  • LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    This show is the best. My mom was in the Navy, and it nice to see a show dealing more with it. It's just like JAG but even better, I love the whole CSI stuff. The team on this show is great and works well together. They make the show funny and not many shows can do that. I tell everyone how great this show is and how much u learn. The guys are also cute. It's funny and I love it when Gibbs gives his look, He means Business. I believe that it is Gibbs that makes the show; He is funny smart and Cute for an older person! When he gives his workers the LOOK! You know he means business and wants things done right!
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