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  • Gut Check

    so far the episodes seem incomplete. the only decent one was when the gal fro the Coast Guard was on. I used to make it a point to be home to watch NCIS now I could care less. I still like the characters but it's lost something since Ziva left
  • give her a chance

    I liked this episode, the new girl is funny and smart, she brings a new dynamic to the show. things change in life, give her a chance.
  • Lost the Touch

    You really have taken NCIS down the tubes. You have Mark Harmon as being stupid while the new women walk in and take over and run the show. There is no more Ducky, Palmer, and even Abbey is not seen to much anymore. It was more realistic before and I think you better return it back to the show it used to be.
  • so long NCIS

    40 minutes enough for me NCIS is on the way out. CBS you have missed the boat with the replacement for Long NCIS...............................................
  • Loved it till now, lost all its pizzaz

    Sorry to say that the show has lost all its spit and fire now with Cote gone. Ziva brought so much to the show, now it is floundering and I can't get into it anymore. Guess it will be reruns for me from now on. Please bring Cote back!
  • Sucks without Ziva

    The show has really gone downhill since CDP left. And even though GG promised he wouldn't replace Ziva, he already has done so. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since he also lied about how many episodes Cote would come back for! I won't be surprised if the new character is horrible-I think every character GG has created was detested by fans (especially ones he enthused over, like Samantha Ryan). I have the feeling this announcement will cause more people to stop watching NCIS. There has already been an increase in the number of people signing the petition to get Cote back. I don't believe the ratings. I think they are fixed-most people I know have stopped watching since episode 2 this season and I have noticed fewer and fewer people commented and voting on the episodes this season. I used to like NCIS. Not anymore! CBS wake up-you let the wrong person go.
  • Ziva, Ziva, Ziva....

    First, I want to say that all of the characters do a great job working the tireless hours to produce a thrilling show to watch! No, the show is not the same without De Cote; however she needs what she needs in her life. It is obvious that money, ego or long hours are not what she needs or wants in her life at this moment. It has nothing to do with 'letting her fans down'. Maybe she is at a point in her life that she needs some 'me time' to get or put her life in order, have a baby, or just sit down and enjoy the glory of her work. De Cote is a wounderous woman, who, no matter what she does will be great. the show may not be the same but i am not going to discredit the other actors; sorry, they are ALL great in their own right, they ALL deserve to be credited with the workings with the show. i say kudos to you all. Life changes makes us think of life choices, we all have to make life choices which bring about changes that some will never accept or understand.
  • new lady taken Zeva's place

    It will not be like a family and I don't think she's going to fit in.
  • No good without Ziva!

    Show is just pitiful without Ziva. Also pitiful is how people who didn't like Cote are still posting false rumors about why she left-it was confirmed recently that she needed a break and TPTB wouldn't grant her time off-either she had to quit or work the insane hours the cast had been doing. It wasn't about money, ego, or for other opportunities! I think I would have preferred less Ziva than no Ziva (either a reduced role or even as a recurring character would have been preferable to not being there at all!). To be quite honest, the writing has been sorely lacking since about mid season 7 and the only reason I was still watching NCIS was because of the character of Ziva. Then we get GG's lies, the 1st being Cote would come back for a few episodes. What did we get? One episode with a whopping 15 minutes. So much for goodbye episodes. Then he said that Ziva wouldn't be replaced. Less than two months later and he hires someone to replace the character! I think the wrong person left! I will no longer watch NCIS, at least not until TPTB realize their mistake and get Cote back (firing GG would be the icing on the cake, but I doubt that would happen even though it's quite obvious he doesn't get what fans want)!
  • Ziva gone the show lacks & drags

    With Ziva gone the show that I have enjoyed watching is sinking fast. It really is too bad, I know actors need to move on but sometimes when that happens, the show losses so much of the characteristics that made it so good. Sad & disappointed. Actors you take on shows you get followers, then you drop out because your burned or want more. We that have followed you are your ratings are your fame & fourtune. NCIS is a great show, will be sad to see it go, NO ONE will replace theZiva character. Sorry
  • Was great show with Ziva, Not anymore!

    Loved most of season 3-10 (9 wasn't too great, but still better than 1,2 and 11). Without Ziva the show is sadly lacking. Definately not the quality of the older shows. Don't know why so many people are supposedly watching it still (I still think ratings are rigged and not the actual viewership of programming-I still can't believe the number of people that supposedly watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). It just sucks without Ziva. CBS, get your head out of the sand and give Cote whatever she wants to get her back!
  • Moved to Tears

    My thanks to the writers of the episode shown 11/5/13. It was the most beautiful episode I have seen in all the years I have watched the show. The love the father had for his son and for his German friend was heartwarming.
  • Ziva has gone

    When Ziva left, did all the writers go with her, or are the writers in a coma . Do they know, the new season has started. The new shows, are not up to the quality and interest that the old shows use to have.

    It looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Over rated

    This show is over rated, the characters are cliche like the million other detective shows out there. And even characters they tried to make interesting like Abby come off as train wrecks. She's an annoying insult to people who truly understand EMO, GOTH, Valley Girl, Detective, etc. They just tried to do some random mash up where she comes off more like a pretentious valley girl dressed up for a Halloween party than anything interesting. In fact she's annoying. The entire show sucks filled with plots, premises, story lines, and tricks that have been done a million times before on a ton of other detective shows that came along over years & even decades before.
  • Was a great show with Ziva, not so much without her

    I started watching NCIS because of the character of Ziva and will stop watching now that she is gone. I actually continued to watch, even when GG's poor writing and producing made the show less interesting. It has become a horrible mess since she left. I bought seasons 3-8 and 10, mostly because of the episodes with Ziva (9 was just so horrible, I couldn't justify the expense buying the DVDs, I just bought the one episode "A Desperate Man"from iTunes). GG is the worst producer of the bunch whose decisions, such as having JLC in so many episodes of season 9 and saying he'll bring her back despite most fans hating her character and not trying hard enough to keep CDP show he has no idea what fans want, or just doesn't care. CDP's departure seems quite fishy to me, especially because it is quite apparent she didn't want to go. According to reliable sources, she didn't leave because of money, nor because she had something else lined up career wise. She said it was for personal reasons, so the only thing I can come up logically with is that she needed time off to deal with a personal issue and TPTB refused to work with her. I think it's disgusting how those so called NCIS fans who obviously didn't like her keep posting comments that imply she was greedy or had too high opinion of herself just because she won't disclose the exact nature of the personal issue. Why should she have to? I can bet these posters wouldn't post such things if MW left in the same manner. The whole situation left a bad taste in my mouth, especially when GG promised several episodes with Cote to bring closure and what we got was 1 episode with a whopping 15min, as if he was punishing Cote for not backing down. The farewell to Ziva episodes seemed like a slap in the face to Cote, so I will no longer watch until TPTB realize their mistake and woo her back. Anyone else who feels this way need to boycott NCIS-that is the only way TPTB will listen. It worked with Criminal Minds (when TPTB unjustly fired two actresses in order to have more money for the spinoff). If you really want Cote back-STOP WATCHING NCIS!
  • a great season!!

    i love season 11 so far! I'm a gibbs fan myself but i love the whole cast and the show!! i loved the 5th episode so much, i like gibbs-tony relationship i also loved the old gibbs sneaking up to people ( mcgee this time) reminds me the good old ncis!! Im not a tiva fan never has been and i felt that last season was all about them leaving all the other relationships on the side! I dont think tiva fans are so many they r just more passionate! Strangely i dont miss ziva and i enjoy the series probably more. I hope they keep up for much more years! They trully are getting better!!
  • `cote is missed

    what happened to Ziva - she fit right in with the team and I miss her character in NCIS. Please answer.

    didn't care or tonight's show Oct 22/13 Bring Cote back - the writing had more light moments
  • Bring Cote back! Sign the petition.

    My family has invested it's time for 10 years watching your show. 60 minutes each week for the current season and hours upon hours for the marathons that are done weekly on USA channel. Ironically, we really do not watch that much TV, but do make it a point to watch every Tuesday night faithfully. We try to catch the marathons. First, we had Sasha Alexander, but then the opportunity of her own show was her gain and our loss.

    Then you bring in Cote and the show becomes even better than ever. You created this amazing leading lady, get us to love her and not miss Sasha; and then after enjoying the interaction of all of the characters for 8 years you totally discard her like she was nothing more than a passing guest on the show.

    My entire family was extremely displeased with Tuesday night's episode. This is how you treat an actress that has a huge following and is responsible for a good portion of your viewership. A hurry up and get her out of here episode? Over the past 8 years, Cote did way more than hold her own with the other cast members. She became a central part of the cast. The obvious camaraderie between all of the actors is clearly evident in ALL of the episodes. You have messed with success. You have caused this show to be just another run of the mill show; one that no one is going to watch without the entire cast in it.

    When Criminal Minds started messing around with their cast, my family quit watching.

    Next week's episode looks like a joke.

    Back in the 80's when people didn't like the "new Coke" product, they boycotted it until the original was brought back. Are you prepared for a boycott? It is coming. Hope you enjoyed your 20 million viewers this weekyou probably will never see those numbers again.

    From everything I have been reading online, there are a lot of people who are very angry with you. You may end up losing viewership from your other shows.

    I'd suggest you fix this and quick before it's too late.

    Ask yourselves this, how many viewers are you willing to lose by not fixing this and getting Cote back?

    Kathy Pumphrey


    When are the reruns of NCIS coming back on USA? I miss them!!! I can't seem to get into NCIS Los Angeles or at least alternate the episodes. Are Tony and Ziva going to have a romantic episode when it's time for her to leave??? I hate to see her go! Love her!
  • Clayton Jarvis is dead!

    At last! Couldn't believe they cast that horrible little runt in the last series. The NON actor that played him couldn't act his way out od a paper bag and He ruined quite a few of the episodes in the last series. GLAD he is gone! Now can we do the same with the pug ugly curtis!! As for Ziva sorry to see her go. I hear apparently there will be a number of alternatives shown throughout this series so hopefully WE the fans can have a say in who replaces her. She leaves hard shoes to fill if this show is going to survive as the writing and casting has taken a downward turn over the last few series. GREAT to see Alan Dale back now He WILL bring credibility to this show LONG may it last!
  • David McC Jr. is beloved and gains warmth with time

    I am a long time fan of Man From Ilya K and his music (Album was worn out during college as my writing white noise!) and am warmed and relaxed to see you /him weekly in . (another acronym!) and his character. Rock on, and thanks for your return to quality series . Stacey
  • NCIS shifting gears

    Casting and interaction between the close knit primaries has been the basis for the longevity of this terrific series. Watched every episode and re watched over and over as if I am watching the episode for the first time! Really loved Ziva with her background but after many seasons and the failure of the second team characters to even compete with Gibbs and crew, maybe Ziva leaving opens a window where a door was shut. Didn't like it when Kate was killed but took to her replacement, Ziva, quite well. With this the 11th season, I hope the new character can bring some interesting play between the team. However, try and plug a square peg into a round hole and this may be the end of a great run! Really hoping the casting is spot on giving some opportunity to reopen some dusty doors with the existing characters and their individual skeletons. Season 11 could be the best yet if done with finesse, exercising good judgement in her development, maybe a surprise or two that helps the series fan base transition with Ziva leaving.
  • Why The Bitterness?

    Man! Are some fans of NCIS ever bitter about Cote leaving the series. Lots of speculation as to I don't want to see her go either but ya know, shows evolve and change is inevitable so why all the vitriol about her leaving? Childish stuff for sure. I certainly hope the character that replaces her has that certain "uniqueness" de Pablo brought to the show.

    Now, as for Jamie Lee Curtis. What an addition to the series! I fervently hope she's being written in a permanent/semi-permanent role as I see her completely complementing Gibbs. She seems to be a perfect (romantic) match for the love-shy Gibbs. (romantically speaking).

    Back to Cote. Well done! I wish you much success in your future career and hope you haven't been too badly stereotyped as a result of your role on NCIS.

    The one thing that bugs the bejeebers out of me is, I could never find the continuation of the car crash incident where it appeared as though Tony and Ziva were on the cusp of something really romantic when interrupted by their car being broadsided on Ziva's side of the car. What happened dammit? Is this the scene where Ziva was written out of the series? What followed? Answer anyone?
  • Cote is leaving and I care ...... because

    It drives me nuts when actors get the gig of a lifetime and then they spend the rest of their career trying to catch "lightning in a bottle again". You had success and you decided you were better then you co-stars and the show, so good riddance! I hope you have put away your money because you must know that Hollywood, Bollywood or even Dollywood isn't gonna be knocking at your door begging you to take all the money that NCIS had given you AND had offered you. In a decade or less I will eat a big pile of baby poop if Cote is even an after thought in Movies, TV or Internet (unless a "personal" video tape is "stolen" and released to adults but I doubt it. In 10 years I doubt even the perverts will have time for you but.... of course correct me, in 10 years or less, if I'm wrong. In 10 years people WILL remember NCIS but will they remember you Cote????? Sorry but being selfish seldom pays off!
  • Ziva going "THANK GOD"

    Sack the writer who wrote her storylines as well have screwed-up "TIVA" for the last 3 years. If you had a partner like her, you would have cut them loose long ago. With all the rubbish she did to tony, NO-ONE like that is worth waiting for. Tony should look at moving on as well. Is it me but does no-one get promoted at NCIS?
  • #BringCoteBack

    we are fighting for Cote, sign the petition on "change. org" --> cbs-television-studios-bring-cote-de-pablo-back-to-ncis
  • Stay ziva

    Ziva needs to stay.
  • Good Riddance Ziva!

    I don't know whether Cote de Pablo just wasn't a good actress or maybe she was too good and the Ziva character was just wooden and unlikeable.

    I am so glad she is going, but fell sorry for Cote dePablo as the press is that she did not get her contract renewed - a case of wanting more money apparently than what the producers were prepared to cough up.

    It is a good opportunity though to freshen up the story-line. It really was getting a bit toooo melodramatic and the whole "Tiva" thing was a big yawn.

    Also can the Abby character please grow up!? She was so much better in the early episodes - kooky and eccentric whereas now she is just childish. Just saying.
  • I hate it. HATE IT!

    Man, this show is so predictable and such a cliche!

    Besides the obvious fact that the writers and network running it wants to make a easilly accessible and disguistingly patriotic "fast food" to the common american the actors seems tired and only offering half-hearted performances.

    It baffles me that its gotten such awesome reviews! To me, its simply propaganda. The lowest form of media, since it caters to the darkest corners and the most simplistic parts of our brains

    None of the characters feels real. All are bland stereotypes of a boring, successworshiping mindset.
  • NCIS S11 Mixed emotions

    I didn't discover NCIS until Season 8 however I made up for lost time by buying Seasons 1-8 on DVD and watching S9 & S10 as they were shown on tv. I am now a self-confessed NCIS addict! This is the first time I've written a blog but after hearing the news that Cote De Pablo is leaving the show I wanted to express an opinion. I have mixed emotions about the situation. Firstly, I'm really disappointed that her character, Ziva, will no longer be part of the team. Ziva is not my favourite character but I do like her and I was a big fan of Tiva (having said that I did feel that it was becoming tedious by end of S10). On the other hand I'm looking forward to the arrival of a new character and what stories/history that person brings with them and how they will gel with the well-established cast. I'm also looking forward to how Ziva will be written out hopefully she won't be killed off. I'd like to think her last scene will be one with Tony. As for Cote this is obviously something she's thought long and hard about, you don't just decide to leave a No.1 rated show on a whim. I hope she's making the right decision for her, only time will tell. I really hope her leaving doesn't affect the show's rating or dynamics. I want the show to continue for many seasons yet as I've only just begun!!!!
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