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  • A great show, going down the drain

    This week's episode would have been great. The scenes with Fornell and his/Gibbs' ex-wife were really entertaining, and they have to go and spoil everything by Ellie Bishop making Gibbs look like an idiot, yet again. I understand that the producers had to introduce a character so lovable and smart to fill in the void left by Ziva's departure. But instead of being a humble "probie", Bishop;s character is a know-it-all who is teaching the team how to conduct interrogations and how to capture suspects. Gibbs, Tony, McGee and Fornell look like idiots letting her run the show. The old Gibbs would never let one of his new agents embarrass him like this in front of his team, and Tony is so awed by her he has forgotten to make a pass at her! The producers' plan to make the fans love Ellie Bishop has backfired. She is annoying and doesn't fit in. They should let this character go before they have serious rating problems.
  • We're all useful idiots now

    I always liked action dramas but they had become so bad and in such poor taste that I stopped watching prime time tv several years ago. But then I discovered that Donald Belisario had produced a show. When I was young his show Magnum PI was fun and cleverly written with some clever characters. I thought I would give NCIS a try! So I watched it on USA which plays old episodes. Wow! Finally a show with wit and clever plots that, even though it is politically correct, is at least watchable and enjoyable. Great characters too.

    So here I was happy to find a show I could finally watch without vomiting. And now in this season it has become unrecognizable. Even before the new child prodigy was introduced the episodes were flat. But with the coming of the most unbelievable character I have ever seen, a little girl who learns more about autopsy over the weekend then Ducky and Jimmy, a little girl who renders Tony, McGee and Gibbs useless and who knows what it just ruins the show altogether. It is sad but how dumbed down do they think everyone is? Pretty dumb I guess.

    Can anyone here tell me if there is a show that has what NCIS used to have?

  • Gibbs Dumbed Down

    Up until yesterday we would have expected anyone on the team, AND ESPECIALLY GIBBS, to "sit on" the suspect's car until he returned and to follow his movements once he returned. But now, Gibbs has to rely the new kid for that insight????

    Other than that, "Devil's Triad" was an average NCIS-comedy episode. Normally I would rate NCIS episodes 7 or better. Last night's episode gets a generous 4.
  • Send her back to NSA

    I have watched this show from the beginning and I DO NOT like the new girl. Don't know her name and will not learn it. Gibbs would have ripped any of the real team for the crap she pulled. I do not find her endearing at all. This show was surely just filler. The writers needed a night off or something. Please get a investigator and replace her
  • Now Ii just want to barf

    What has happened to NCIS? I have been a devoted fan for 10 yrs and this new replacement for Ziva has sickened me. One of the best qualities about NCIS is its writing and the "group" relationship. I can truly say that if the next show is as pitiful as this last show with the little princess with the duh expression on her face, I will be forced to change channels. Please get rid of the new girl and get back to writing quality material. Please, please, please get back to the quality shows of the past - get rid of the new girl. Get a strong "new girl" that has military experience, that is an equal. I could always depend on NCIS to give me a "quality hour". Now I just want to barf!!!
  • What has happened??

    'Gibbs' is now a comic figure, when would he ever throw himself down on a couch, com'on. and the new 'girl',. when she goes into one of her trances she looks like she is spinning around and going to come out dressed like Wonder Woman - for those of you who remember. I'm a long time viewer and maybe its time for the show to go out with some dignity if the writers can't do any better. YOU JUMPED THE SHARK!!
  • no sorority sister allowed to diss GIBBSIE

    As a long time viewer I have loved many episodes and not liked a whole lot a few that stretched credulity

    Last nights show was NOT NCIS

    beyond any ANY credulity

    a Sat morn kids show promoting young bionde women over the proven staff

    My family is full of blonde women who dont dis their elders

    that kid with the messy hair that needs washing/trimming and the xtensions removed and an ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT ala John CENA

    does not fit NCIS or with the current highly successful characters

    how can she turn off her BOSS at a whim and pursue an agenda she is getting from her tinfoil hat ?

    I will not watch a sorority girl diss Gibbs and the other team members

    There are options to this new show

    there never were in the past

    my stomach lurched at Gibbs twinkling at the disrespectful kid

    If Gibbs is now a submissive to a kid with long blonde hair I am GONE

    no Gibbs no me.

    fix it or I am GONE after all these wonderful years.

  • It was one of my favorite series

    The blond "Bones" doesn't fit in the NCIS series. The writers are making Gibbs look like an idiot. Not sure where the writers are going with the series, but I don't like the direction. I was just as happy without a new permanent character. However, I do like the humor.

    No - NO - NO. The dumb blond cannot act. Even when the script gives her an opportunity... she doesn't know her craft. She just recites script lines.
  • missing the mark

    CBS you blew it. There aren't many shows that are actually worth watching but NCIS was the one. I love the cast but it isn't the same without Ziva. If the post on here are right, you treated her different than the rest of the crew, and that's just wrong. If I were her and when you beg her to come back I would really make you pay through the nose. Lose the new tells the Gibbs I love what to do. She just doesn't make it.
  • Used to be good, but now sorely lacking!

    I used to like this show. But the writing started to decline a few months into GG becoming the producer. Then CBS decided to play hardball with CDP's contract regarding the length (requiring a 3 year contract when everyone else on the show has contracts 2 years or less) so she left. Then, even though GG said they wouldn't replace the character of Ziva, they went and replaced a good actress with a great character with a so so actress with a horrid character! Wrong move, CBS. Get rid of Barbie and bring back the ninja and I'll watch NCIS again. Otherwise, you'd have lost this viewer forever!
  • Ziva Who??

    We have watched NCIS from the beginning. We love that NCIS is going back to great plots and using all the characters. Love the new character Ellie Bishop. She is smart, quirkie, and adorable. Can take a guy down too! She will be a good addition. Core characters are Gibbs, Tony and McGee. Ziva became the central character and it was all about romance between her and Tony. NCIS is NCIS again. Thank you! Love it!
  • Ziva's time away from home ...

    Would you please bring her back! There doesn't seem to be a Tony without a Ziva. It is not as exciting!
  • CBS playing harda$$ with Cote's contract???

    Get real people sometimes actors and actress's think their worth more than they are. And was it really a question of money? Mark Harmon only signed a 1 year contract last year and Ducky (David Mcaullum (sic) ) only signed a 2 year contract the season he had the heart attack, which will be up the same time as Mark Harmon's. Jimmy Palmer is no where to be seen except short walk ins. Along with less and less of Abby. She's in her late 20's acting like a teenager which I find disquieting. I think we might see the 12th season as the last.
  • mark Harmon

    I would like to meet Mark Harmon in person him and his cast are terrific in my book but when diva left it did hurt because I liked everyone and I still do but I like Mark Harmon the best.
  • Going downhill fast!

    I actually used to like NCIS. But frankly, it started going downhill shortly after GG took over (the 1st half of season 7 was good, but my interest started waning after that). The show seemed to get dumbed down, unlikable characters keep getting shoved down our throats, the storylines have been stupid and unbelievable, etc. The only reason I was still watching was because I liked the character of Ziva so much. But then TPTB had to play harda$$ when it came to the length of Cote's contract so she left (even though it was obvious she didn't want to). I tried to continue to watch, even though my favorite character was gone, but I honestly can't anymore. Especially after the most recent boneheaded mistakes TPTB have committed. First they have the characters act as if Ziva never existed. Then, they make a new actress a regular without seeing if the fans would even like her (I tried, I can't-she is annoying and just doesn't fit in). Just what in the world were they thinking!? I have been watching since season 3 and will be watching no longer. The only way that would change is if they got rid of Emily what's her face and got Cote back. CBS, you blew it big time!
  • Gut Check

    so far the episodes seem incomplete. the only decent one was when the gal fro the Coast Guard was on. I used to make it a point to be home to watch NCIS now I could care less. I still like the characters but it's lost something since Ziva left
  • give her a chance

    I liked this episode, the new girl is funny and smart, she brings a new dynamic to the show. things change in life, give her a chance.
  • Lost the Touch

    You really have taken NCIS down the tubes. You have Mark Harmon as being stupid while the new women walk in and take over and run the show. There is no more Ducky, Palmer, and even Abbey is not seen to much anymore. It was more realistic before and I think you better return it back to the show it used to be.
  • so long NCIS

    40 minutes enough for me NCIS is on the way out. CBS you have missed the boat with the replacement for Long NCIS...............................................
  • Loved it till now, lost all its pizzaz

    Sorry to say that the show has lost all its spit and fire now with Cote gone. Ziva brought so much to the show, now it is floundering and I can't get into it anymore. Guess it will be reruns for me from now on. Please bring Cote back!
  • Sucks without Ziva

    The show has really gone downhill since CDP left. And even though GG promised he wouldn't replace Ziva, he already has done so. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, since he also lied about how many episodes Cote would come back for! I won't be surprised if the new character is horrible-I think every character GG has created was detested by fans (especially ones he enthused over, like Samantha Ryan). I have the feeling this announcement will cause more people to stop watching NCIS. There has already been an increase in the number of people signing the petition to get Cote back. I don't believe the ratings. I think they are fixed-most people I know have stopped watching since episode 2 this season and I have noticed fewer and fewer people commented and voting on the episodes this season. I used to like NCIS. Not anymore! CBS wake up-you let the wrong person go.
  • Ziva, Ziva, Ziva....

    First, I want to say that all of the characters do a great job working the tireless hours to produce a thrilling show to watch! No, the show is not the same without De Cote; however she needs what she needs in her life. It is obvious that money, ego or long hours are not what she needs or wants in her life at this moment. It has nothing to do with 'letting her fans down'. Maybe she is at a point in her life that she needs some 'me time' to get or put her life in order, have a baby, or just sit down and enjoy the glory of her work. De Cote is a wounderous woman, who, no matter what she does will be great. the show may not be the same but i am not going to discredit the other actors; sorry, they are ALL great in their own right, they ALL deserve to be credited with the workings with the show. i say kudos to you all. Life changes makes us think of life choices, we all have to make life choices which bring about changes that some will never accept or understand.
  • new lady taken Zeva's place

    It will not be like a family and I don't think she's going to fit in.
  • No good without Ziva!

    Show is just pitiful without Ziva. Also pitiful is how people who didn't like Cote are still posting false rumors about why she left-it was confirmed recently that she needed a break and TPTB wouldn't grant her time off-either she had to quit or work the insane hours the cast had been doing. It wasn't about money, ego, or for other opportunities! I think I would have preferred less Ziva than no Ziva (either a reduced role or even as a recurring character would have been preferable to not being there at all!). To be quite honest, the writing has been sorely lacking since about mid season 7 and the only reason I was still watching NCIS was because of the character of Ziva. Then we get GG's lies, the 1st being Cote would come back for a few episodes. What did we get? One episode with a whopping 15 minutes. So much for goodbye episodes. Then he said that Ziva wouldn't be replaced. Less than two months later and he hires someone to replace the character! I think the wrong person left! I will no longer watch NCIS, at least not until TPTB realize their mistake and get Cote back (firing GG would be the icing on the cake, but I doubt that would happen even though it's quite obvious he doesn't get what fans want)!
  • Ziva gone the show lacks & drags

    With Ziva gone the show that I have enjoyed watching is sinking fast. It really is too bad, I know actors need to move on but sometimes when that happens, the show losses so much of the characteristics that made it so good. Sad & disappointed. Actors you take on shows you get followers, then you drop out because your burned or want more. We that have followed you are your ratings are your fame & fourtune. NCIS is a great show, will be sad to see it go, NO ONE will replace theZiva character. Sorry
  • Was great show with Ziva, Not anymore!

    Loved most of season 3-10 (9 wasn't too great, but still better than 1,2 and 11). Without Ziva the show is sadly lacking. Definately not the quality of the older shows. Don't know why so many people are supposedly watching it still (I still think ratings are rigged and not the actual viewership of programming-I still can't believe the number of people that supposedly watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo). It just sucks without Ziva. CBS, get your head out of the sand and give Cote whatever she wants to get her back!
  • Moved to Tears

    My thanks to the writers of the episode shown 11/5/13. It was the most beautiful episode I have seen in all the years I have watched the show. The love the father had for his son and for his German friend was heartwarming.
  • Ziva has gone

    When Ziva left, did all the writers go with her, or are the writers in a coma . Do they know, the new season has started. The new shows, are not up to the quality and interest that the old shows use to have.

    It looks like I'm not the only one who feels this way.
  • Over rated

    This show is over rated, the characters are cliche like the million other detective shows out there. And even characters they tried to make interesting like Abby come off as train wrecks. She's an annoying insult to people who truly understand EMO, GOTH, Valley Girl, Detective, etc. They just tried to do some random mash up where she comes off more like a pretentious valley girl dressed up for a Halloween party than anything interesting. In fact she's annoying. The entire show sucks filled with plots, premises, story lines, and tricks that have been done a million times before on a ton of other detective shows that came along over years & even decades before.
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