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  • no more jlc

  • The Good Son

    Finally, we are getting out of Gibb's bedroom! I love him but he is getting too old to have the focus be on his 'chick magnet' ability. Jamie Lee was a bad decision. This kind of writing will bring the show to it's knees if they keep this up.

    Rocky was excellent in 'The Good Son'. Superb performance from him and his 'TV family'. Let's see some more core values here without the 'fluff'.
  • jamie lee with jethro?????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    Jethro Gibbs romantically attracted to Jamie Lee Curtis, give me a break!! First time I have ever felt upset with this shows direction since the beginning. She looks old enough to be his mother, OK maybe not mother but much older sister, he would never be interested in her, all the other woman he has been linked to were so attractive.Poor Gibbs must be mad at the writers or at least the casting department, I can't even imagine Ducky with her, his last romantic interest was a Charlies Angel!!

    Jamie Lee is fine on the show but please take her out as a romantic interest!!! It is hard to watch, and I am a woman over 40. This last episode where even the young guy was all over her, come on!!!!! Is she secretly a ghost writer on the show living out her fantasies? My ratings were all 9's and 10's until this nonsense. GET GIBBS SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!
  • oliver and koko

    What happened, get Jamie Lee Curtis off the show, this used to be our very favorite. She needs to stick to selling yougurt, not bossing Gibbs around. It doesn't look authentic, she is nothing, get rid of her before we lose interest.

    No not my Gibbs with her, what were the directors thinking, bye bye Jamie.

    Usually a 10, last night a 1
  • Still the best.

    Still the best drama on television - but Jethro with Jamie? Come on!
  • NCIS TV Series

    I believe NCIS to be among the most watchable TV dramas. The storylines are generally excellent, and character development is equally impressive. Of course, I imagine a fair number of viewers are intrigued with the sexual tension between Ziva and Tony (which is fine by me). All told, the show is well done and respectful of the Armed Forces. Particularly so, given that the team investigates naval crime (whether by or against the Navy). Great Job.
  • Awesome Show!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have been watching this show for a while and love every episode. It keeps you wanting more. I love the relationship between all of the characters. Overall awesome show!!!
  • THIS JUST S____S

    After watching NISC for so many years (ONE OF THE BEST SHOW ) at least the past 7 all were great even reruns

    BUT now I can add it to the list of shows that i will stop watching

    Just like Modern Family , Warehouse 13 and to many to mention


  • Love this show!

    The one thing that sets this show apart from a lot of other series, is the character development. You get a chance to have a glimpse into everyone's life.
  • great characters except for one or two

    I enjoy NCIS up to a point. Gibbs is totally out of control, no one seems to have any control of him. They should replace Tony with an intelligent actor, or rewrite his character. That "senior" agent is incompetent and annoying. The other actors are believable and capable. I've seen every episode over and over again, they need new writers so they can stop repeating themselves.
  • A run-of-the-mill procedural.

    The problem with NCIS is that it is completely forgettable. A year or two after it is off the air it will not be talked about as a show that had any important impact on television or culture. The primary issue is that this is a run-of-the-mill procedural, where the events of one episode have little to no impact on the characters as the show moves to the next episode, with the rare, two-minute scene of an ongoing storyline. However, plot and suspense do not equal substance.

    The problem is the flat characters. Characters should undergo subtle shifts from episode to episode, and plots should help propel characters to new places. Neither happens in this series. People argue that the characters develop and change, but then are able to summarize that entire change in a sentence. That is NOT character development; real development is slow and complex, long-lasting, and worth mulling over. These characters do not have that outside of their interactions with one another. So, this show is pretty tame--takes no risks, offers nothing any more interesting or thought-provoking than CSI or Law and Order, and has characters that are the same now as they were when the show began.
  • NCIS my fav show

    Just love NCIS, Tony is such a goof, Abby is just fabulous!!, Gibbs is awesome! Megee is sych a Brain! Ziva is confusing! Ducky is pretty kool! Love all the characters they all fit and work great togetehr, this is an awesome show.
  • Best longtime running show (includes 3 very well done fan videos)

    I'm a bit ashamed I didn't write a review earlier, but now I have to. This show is the best longtime running TV-series right now (maybe even since a long time).

    Maybe a bit strange to say this, but most cases don't really matter anymore and most of the time not really interesting (except for some and the season arcs).

    As I said, that sounds strange because I said its the best show in a long time. But I think it is very well done. Because what started as a criminal procedure now is something to watch for the characters and their connection (at least for me, and I'd like to think for a lot of longtime viewers too)

    The casting, writing and chemistry are perfect. Gibbs is very badass but in the same time cares very much. And its done very well. Then the bound between Kate and Tony, man that was a great one. And what show can pull of a kill of such an important character and still be very good. And after all these years they still keep holding on to her.

    Then Ziva and Tony, this is just the best coupling in a show I've ever seen. The tension feels very real and they know it, although they don't want to admit, but everyone sees it, even characters that hardly know them.

    McGee is like the little brother of the family and has a strange but very great connection with Abby. As far as Abby, what the hell did they think when they wrote the character of a science expert like that. But it works, and she probably is the most lovable science geek ever.

    I can go on and on about the characters relationships. Most shows have some bounding between characters. But this show pulled of a relationship between every character. From son/daughter to dad, brother and sister or a love affair. Even Palmer now is someone that has to stay on the show. And he isn't that much in it.

    I will have to see a show that can pull this of like they did and keeps around for that long. And the best, even attracts more viewers through the years.

    For everyone who wants to see it, here are 3 very well done videos that you'll have to watch as a fan.

    NCIS trailer:

    Ziva trailer:

    Funny video:
  • NCIS Why we love it

    Well what could be said about this series ?

    For one it drags you into the series and keeps you there and heaven forbid a two episode cause then you have an entire week coming up with your own ideas so forth.

    I don't think anyone can knock the show it gives everyone something.

    I still remember the episode/s of NCIS that were to introduce us to the team which was through JAG (another good show as far as I am concerned) it was from there on I watched NCIS never missed it and plenty of times like everyone sat and watched reruns.

    The only thing I wonder about is will it stop at season 10 or continue ?
  • Tony and Ziva!

    Love this show!! It is the best thing on T.V. My favourite charecters are Tony, Gibbs, Ziva and Abby. I really want Tony and Ziva to get together!!!! TIVA ftw!
  • I am HOOKED on NCIS!

    I love this show. I don't care how many times I've seen the episodes, I never get bored. The humor, the tragedy and the distinctive personalities of the characters make this show must see TV. My favorite main characters are Gibbs, McGee, Abby and Ducky. My favorite episodes are the ones where Gibbs sticks up for our men and women in uniform (and of course his gut is always right). And I have always enjoyed the dynamic between Gibbs and Fornell and Gibbs and Franks.

    Some of my favorite episodes: Call to Silence (Charles Durning is brilliant!!); Heartland (Daddy Gibbs); Hiatus I ? II; Silent Night; the Borderland arc.
  • Love NCIS, but.......

    NCIS is absolutely the best show on tv, but what's with Sean Murray's character? It appears it's an effort for him to speak. He sounds weak and mundane. Is he sick or something? Used to be funny, now it's painful to watch him. Thank goodness for the rest of the cast which are true to form. Still a HUGE fan. Just wish he were more like he used to be.
  • What if...?

    Sorry for those who are displeased, but the creators of the show decided to show what if some events had been different... What could have been...

    Other events could have been chosen but what ended up going on the screen was no less than a stellar episode, stellarly acted by a stellar ensemble cast, I am happy to say.

    Long live NCIS!
  • More humor

    I'm a HUGE NCIS fan, but why can't we have more of the humor Gibbs used to display in the earlier seasons? It's becoming a drag with him so serious, almost morose.

  • n.c.i.s

    ncis is so awesome i wish i can meet them!!!! what do you think is the awesomes ncis show? i think it is dog tails
  • NCIS Is A Really Good Story

    A really good show..

    It is very family oriented with each other.

    The scenes are not so eerie details that you feel awful in seeing the story; that dominate the story as well.

    There are not sexually issues that loose the focus of the story.

    The actors stick to the focus of the pictures.

    It is a clean show.

    I LIKE the show and so does my family.
  • N.C.I.S. is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    I love Abby she's awesome
  • NCIS without.........

    Say Gibbs for a season,well C.S.I. went without Grissom for a few shows also and they also

    went without Sarah for a whole season and C.S.I. has'nt lost it's edge....... So why not let both

    Tony and Ziva move on to a different region in the NCIS group with Palmer in tow as their M.E.

    (I mean CSI has Vegas,Miami and New York) but of course some new blood will have to come in someone to fill in for Abby's place and 2 other members on Tony's team along

    with their Director.....

    Plus you'll have to replace the shortage of staff on Gibb's team.....!!!!

    Of course this is all up for conjecture with the show makers and also whether they can afford it...........!!!!!!!
  • ncis #1

    it's hard to say whos my favorite..all the charactors are great and fit so perfect..for me the best show on tv ..and i'm waiting for tony and zeva to welll you know ...on some episodes i feel that they already had a thing and they'r keeping it very quiet..i think gibbs would give them both a major "GIBBS" ( what i call the slap to the back of the head)..btw does anyone know what tv show gave ducky is fame besides NCIS?
  • I love...

    I love this show..I miss Jenny Shepard soo much... But thats that.. Anyways this show nvr gets old .. I hope that they nvr give Gibbs a lover.. I miss fornel, court and I would love to see Sam and fallen work a case that leads them to d.c. And Vance has the teams back more often. If any of the cast ever left it wouldn't work.. Just look at what happen to law and order svu
  • This show has it all and then some...

    NCIS is a show that has it all and then some. It is never boring. The storyline is very true-to-form. The dialogue is very today. And, the characters are to indeed to-die-for! Ripped from TODAY'S HEADLINES the storyline reads as though the murder or murders are happening that very day or perhaps the night before. Whatever the time-frame the stories are GREAT! The cast members of this fun series are absolutely wonderful. I enjoy them all and think you will as well. Two Thumbs Up!

    Victoria Taylor Murray

  • NCIS is awesome!!!

    Its such a great show, and i absoulutely love every one of the characters and i always look forward to watching new episodes.
  • Lazy Writers!!

    Meaning that the writing should be best ever for #1 drama on TV but instead we get MANY recycles scenes and plot. I am one of NCIS' biggest fans which is why I feel I must be honest about the lazy writing. Just because you are #1 doesnt mean the writers can slack off - it should make them step the wuality of the scripts even higher. I am tired of being disappointed and let down by lack of dramatic conslusions to story arcs. Arcs that use to last numerous epis in a row - now are sporadic with lame endings. Example; Tony's mission for SecNav - not only do the writers make the rare injuries very lame and unrealistic (how many times do they resort to a sling?) - they should never have put 6 episodes (approx) between Tony getting shot and the next episode (Housekeeping). You lose momentum. Also, the ending of that 3 episode arc could have been SO much better!!

    Instead you resort to recycling the same scene as the also anticlimatic ending to GIbbs/Reynosa story line (bating villain to blow up the wrong safe house!!) I mean come on! Give loyal fans some credit for noticing those details!! That epi could have been so much more dangerous and nail biting and would have loved to see it last more episodes with Casey trying to capture/kill EJ AND Tony. I am sure some fans will hate this review but it's only cuz I love the show and want to see it STAY number one - that I have such high expectations. Everyone should - especially the writers.
  • Housekeeping

    And so, what happened between Gibbs and Stratton(or whatever his real name is)?

    Also, still having mixed feelings about SecNav... Is he really on Team Gibbs side?

    Just many questions... Can't wait for the 200th episode!!
  • Housekeeping

    The episode title says it all, the season had started to have too many long story arc villians...Latham, Stratton, EJ seemed like she could turn out to be for a while, and possibly Sec-Nav. To completely avoid gov't conspiracies and agents turned bad on a show that has lasted this long would be impossible; but that many all at once, there was no way to follow all those storylines and still have single episode crimes to solve. So they killed off a couple. The chips from episode one were all about the money, no larger shadow games, fait de complet. and I liked that.

    EJ's story is done, she can always pop back in for a sec but not only is she not a romantic poss ibilty for Tony, she damn near slaps him in the head and pushes him into Ziva. Also an efficient and entertaining way to finally move the will they/wont they thing forward.

    Is Sec Nav a good guy who lied for the team, or just covering his bases? Im not sure yet. Stratton knew about Gibbs' Mexico issues, so someone else is going to try to use that against him, which is good because they left that story open for too long.

    Seriously, the writers cleaned up what could have been a long term bogged down set of stories in one quick and entertaining episode. thw writers from Dexter could learn a thing or two from this episode.