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  • Refreshing episode :-)

    Now I'm a Christian and I didn't find this episode in the least bit insulting. On the contrary, I found it refreshing to see the Islam faith finally shown from it's positive angle. I also found Gibbs phrase very poignant. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what we choose to call God, he is always the same person by any name. All that differs in our religions is how we choose to honour him. Reading the other reviews I would just like to say, there is enough hate and violence in the world. Let's not make Christmas about that as well. Instead let's choose to respect each other and value each other's beliefs, just as God/Allah does.
    I would like to take this time to wish everyone here at TV com a merry Christmas and to use the words of Tiny Tim, God/Allah bless us, every one.
  • NCIS, a show about navy cobs.

    NCIS is really my favourite show ever!!!! The first seasons, I thought that the connection to the navy in order to make it NCIS jurisdiction, was a little bit over the top, but now, the episodes are more than just navy crime solving, it's more about the chemistry between the characters. Sometimes, I'm even wondering what a case has to do with the navy, but I always get an answer to that question during the episode. And these reasons are more real than in the beginning. Too bad that it's all murder that has to be solved lately. (except for eps in which it concerns one or more tem members in trouble) But, after all, a fantastubulisticulous show!!!
  • Good, but used to be better.

    Still a very good show, but it used to be better. The quality of writing took a nose dive in Season 6, with a several overly melodramatic plots and ridiculous plot twists. Part of what made the early seasons so good was that the cases were plausible when compared to other procedural dramas. Now, it often feels like the writers are trying to make the cases more sensational and shocking, and as a result they are falling back on typical Hollywood tropes like an apparently good drug company really manufacturing biological weapons or secret government programs using child prodigies. The show is called NCIS; it should stick with stories that are closely connected to the navy.
  • Favorite Show!!!

    I started watching this show when it first came out and instantly i loved it. I thought the cast for the first two seasons was great. It was sad when Sasha Alexander left, but Cote de Pablo has brought so much to the show that i couldn't see the show going on without her. Season five was kind of slow due to the writers strike, but that season had the best season finale NCIS ever did. I was extremely sad to see Jenny(Lauren Holly) leave the show. NCIS is in the seventh season now and it is still as good a show as when it first started.
  • i love this show. Zeva is HOTT.. Abby is hot also. my parnter and i got an infinity tatt just for her. we love abby...

    I love htis show.. its AWESOME!! watch it all the time.. i love this show. Zeva is HOTT.. Abby is hot also. my parnter and i got an infinity tatt just for her. we love abby...Keeps u on ur toes.. The only thing i didn't like was when Kate got shot.. that was sad..Love all the actor and actresses but moslty like ABBY.. And all her tatts. she is really good at her job. My family records the series when they are gone. just love it. its really good show.WE LOVE THIS SHOW.. KEEP IT COMING.. PLEASE PLASE LOVEING IT
  • A show at its best, a family fun comedy yet thrilling adventure is the best and that is exactly what NCIS is doing for us now....

    A thrilling adventure with drama, action, comedy, and just really interesting! Michael Weatherly plays as Tony DiNozzo In NCIS as a rich, movie loveing, NCIS agent. Cote De Pablo plays the charcter known as Ziva David, a former mussad agent now working for NCIS as an agent after a suspenceful season. Mark Harmon, plays Agent Jethro Gibbs(the boss whom headslaps everyone) after being a Heismen trophy winner awhile back. Sean Murray, plays the part of Agent Mcgee(a goofy yet reliable NCIS agent and also a great techknoweldgy geek.). David McCallum, the corner of this Naval Criminal Investagative Service an old, yet scarcistic fellow with more energy than most his age, he first appeared in a old show. This crew is the leader of casts and shows. This mixture is the base of what makes a great show. I reccomend this show to anyone who loves comedy, action, adventure, and investigating shows!
  • Season 7 will start with a bang after the way season 6 ended. Ziva leaving the group with questions remain unanwered, Gibbs suspect something but does not want to reveal things yet.

    NCIS is the coolest show ever. I can not wait for season 7 to start. The feeling is like waiting for Christmas to get here. I do want to know what is the relavation about in the season 6 finale into season 7 premiere. I think that the relavation is that it was Ziva's choice to leave the team. It would make sense in theory. I hope that Tony does rescue her and apologize or try to make it up to her. I hope that the romance between McGee and Abby evole in someways. I defintly want to see the season premiere tonight to see what really happends.:)
  • NCIS is the best show

    I have to say I've not loved a show more than NCIS. It's the greatest. I can watch marathon after marathon and watch every single episode without getting tired of it. I can't wait to watch the episode tonight. It's going to be sad with Ziva gone. She was my favorite female char and my second favorite overall. I'm a McGee fan! :D

    They're on the Early Show this morning so I'm hoping to see what they reveal about the episode tonight. They probably won't reveal anything but still I'd like to watch just to see if they do. So far they've just showed Mark Harmon and Rocky Carroll.
  • NCIS is a great serie, but with a great flaw.

    NCIS is a great serie, but with some flaws.

    NCIS is a great police serie. It has a good story that unfolds with just one case per episode, so the case can be with more depth than CSI, for example. Another advantage of that approach is that the relation between the characters is more developed.
    Another good point is the characters themselves, they are unique and funny.
    The mistake in the serie is the serie motivation. I cannot see how the military can hire such characters to be functionaries. It´s really strange, a punk, for example. No way that happens!
    Maybe the show were more believable if the motivation was a different one.
    Despite that fact it's a great show if you can let aside the coherence.
  • keeps getting better

    This is probably the best show on TV right now. It is very, very funny but serious at the same time (awesome), a good combo by the way. All the characters are great. However, my favorites are Abby and Tony. This is probably one of the few shows that won't be cancelled anytime soon. I mean, most new shows suck (well, at least the most "popular" and most watched ones) but this show is very popular, gets lots of viewers and, most importantly, is GOOD. Finally, I can't wait for new seasons to start (though I don't really want school to start. ha ha.) The upcoming 7th season looks especially good. But who will replace Ziva? No one can replace her, but other endearing character will take her place. OK. bye.
  • One of the best returning series on TV.

    I love this show, written so well you have to keep coming back for more. Characters so well defined you will love them forever. Gibbs and the team make every episode gripping, beginning to end. Having watched NCIS from the very start, I have enjoyed it more and more as the seasons have gone on and on.

    What I really love about NCIS is that the characters fit so wll together dispite their different cultures and personalities. Watching their relationships blossom always leave you on edge. Whilst the entrances and exits of characters are amazing for example the exit of Kate and the entarce of Ziva to name a couple of examples. NCIS is a show that will always leave you coming back for more.
  • NCIS is a witty, well written crime drama that grasps people's attention with well thought out characters and storylines.

    NCIS is the best crime drama on televison with its witty scripts and well thought out story lines it is a show that must be watched. It is a well researched and planned show and gives us insight as to what life would be like working at NCIS, however they've thrown in a little comedy. With every episode comes new suprises and twists to the storyline. But warning this show is very addictive, once you have seen a few episodes, its hard to miss anymore, because the NCIS agents are like a family. I highly recommend that everyone should watch NCIS, because you won't be disappointed.
  • All the shows from the first episode to the very last have been excellent! One of the best researched shows on tv today.

    Poor Gibbs hasln't been laid in 2 seasons! He needs someone in the next season that ISN'T a red-head or a brunette! This time he should give a blond a try!
    The past g-friends, if you can call them that, have been like oil/water-they don't mix well! I have always watched this series since the beginning and have seen a wonderful development of Gibb's character to a more light-hearted playboy type to a more serious team leader. Maybe it's because of losing 2 special women, one from his team and the former partner/lover Director Shephard. He finally resolves his 'missing his wife and daughter' in one of the later episodes, which I thought was healthy and now maybe he can move on and find someone decent who doesn't die or retires and moves out of state.
    I can't wait to see what happens to Zeva in the first episode of season 7. Waiting with bated breath!
  • This show is truly amazing it is just so intense that it is making me want to be on the show. Man if you haven't watched this show yet you better now or your missing out on a lot of awesome stuff

    The Show has moments that want to go crazy or want to not go crazy. I say that the show is a S rank Show and I will always be watching it no matter what. Here are the Pro's and Con's of the show:

    Pro's: It shows what can and will happen if you kill a marine or what will happen if you try to attack anything, It is heart raising fun and I really think they should if they haven't made a game like that.

    Con's: To me I really don't even find anything.

    So overall this show is one of the best shows I have ever seen and if you haven't seen it yet you better soon
  • NCIS is the best show there is. Abby and Gibb are my two favorite characters. I love the way Abby is so smart, but yet she likes to have fun and joke around. Gibbs is serious about what he does. Yeah he does jokes but he doesn't laugh and thats cool.

    The show is funny yet it keeps you on your toes. When I seen the show where Gibbs retires I was mad. But then he comes back at the end and I'm happy. The show can't go on without him. It's like taking the N out of NCIS. The show is nothing without Gibbs. And Gibbs has to be Mark Harmon. I don't have a favorite show (except the ones without Gibbs) I like all of them. It just interests me how they find the killers with all that technology. This show really has a little of everything. Keep NCIS going!!!!
  • Simply the best crime drama I have seen in a long long time. Not since the wire have characters been so well written and consitently good dialouge and storylines.

    When I first watched NCIS it took me a while to figure out what was going on it seemed like a mixture between the wire and csi and I took this as a bad thing but as the 1st season progressed I found this to be a very appealing idea. Gibbs and Dinozzo we very well written and the banter between Kate was excellent but what really stands out is the quality of the storys told and the little hints and quotes that will be needed to understand future episodes. Of all the storylines Ari is probably my favourite and the build up to the final two episodes was excellant. Another staple of NCIS is the writers gft of not explaining too much too fast such as the meat puzzle episode which was built up for nearly a full season and accross two seasons. Another great trick the NCIS writers use the sense of mystery to the characters lives for example all of a sudden McGee started driving a porche and subtly wearing richer clothes and then we eventually find over the course of 5 or six episodes that he has a bestselling books.
    It is these little things that make NCIS so appealing to me and so many others. I also appreciate in this time that moral choices feature alot in NCIS. Such as Gibbs letting people of the hook because even though they were morally wrong the means to the end was ethically right. I would love to give this show a 10 but some of the episodes are a bit of a bore and the one niggling thing is the computer speak and technology terms they use are completly inaccurate and being a computer lover irratates me to no end.
    Overall one of the best shows on television ever and in terms of characters there are not many shows that do it better
  • NCIS is a well researched show , most likelt the best on Tv at this point . The cast carries out their characters with dignity and class

    The best show on TV in my estimation , well researched and with class . Mark Harmon has come a long way in his career and has established himself as a Hollywood force to be reckoned with .With the addition of Rocky Carroll the show has come to a different level and substance . Michael Weatherly adds a comedy relief and Sean Murray and David McCullum add an intellect unsurpassed by none before . Pauley Perrett is a sensation in the lab . This show is a complete success in all age ranges and ethnisity . It spans the globe and languages in more countries than most laymen know about .
  • ColonelBradley

    You question how McGeek has a lot of money. It was established in previous seasons that he is a best selling author.
    He wrote a book based on the NCIS team, with everyone slightly mis-named and mis-characterized. He caught a lot of teasing from the rest of the team as they read about themselves.
    Veteran NCIS fans know this as well as they know how many boats Gibbs has built in his basement, the name of Abby's favorite beverage, the name of the one person who calls Gibbs "probie", and who killed Ari.
    The only mystery left unexplained was the identity of the woman who always picked Gibbs up after a case in the early seasons.
  • Good show but it has its flaws.

    I like the show. It has a decent story line as well as superb actors. It has wit, action, suspense, drama, romance and everything else you hope to see. USA has some of the best programs on the air in my opinion. However that being said, the show does have it's drawbacks. For me it is the errors with which they portray certain things. For starters, the salary for an NCIS Field Agent ranges from between $26,000 to $90,000 a year depending on their pay grade. That is assuming any of the characters in the show have reached that pay grade. It makes no sense for Agent McGee to be driving around in a Porsche or owning a $2,000 jacket on a government salary. The next thing that bothers me is the fact that each agent only gets one magazine for there weapon. All Federal Agents are issued spare ammo as well as body armor to wear on a regular basis. Next, seeing as how they are Federal Agents and Law Enforcement they should have vehicles equipped to roll code 3. Meaning flashing lights and sirens. The F.B.I. has them, U.S. Marshals have them, D.E.A. has them, Secret Service has them, A.T.F. has them, etc, etc. Bottom line, if they're cops they should have light and siren equipped cars. Also, their vehicles should be Ford or at the very least Chevy. Not many federal agencies have put the Dodge Intrepid or the Dodge Charger into active service except for local Law Enforcement for Traffic Divisions.
  • When will the script-writers slap Jethro on the back of his head for being so acetic? We are seeing NCIS3 in South Africa now on DStv. Why is it called "Navy NCIS" when that is an obvious duplication?

    The script-writers have done a really great job composing absorbing scripts to enthrall viewers. Many times we could give Jethro a fat slap for being so acetic, and when will Tony reveal some more of his hunkiness? Is the relationship between Jethro and Jen going anywhere? We are seeing NCIS3 in South Africa at the moment on DStv but we are getting very tired of The Hallmark Channel calling it "Navy NCIS" when the "Navy" part of it is superfluous, since NCIS stands for "Naval Criminal Investigation Service" or something similar. I hope the makers of this movie will tell The Hallmark Channel to change the name. Otherwise it's an excellent show and we watch it often. However, we are tired of all the repeats. It's like GORD, just worse. When we have seen episodes, we get bored having to see it repeatedly, especially when the channel does this just for advertising revenue!
  • One of the greatest shows ever.

    This is a such great show that hooked me up from the start. I love all the cast and the script and everything. The characters are so great and cool with all the funny things they are saying. The creator of this show should be so proud of himself for making such a good show. It's one of me favourite shows, that I'm watching every week when it don't have a break, which it have now. I really hope that it will be plenty more seasons with those great actors and the same energy in the script as it got now. One of the greatest shows ever.
  • A great show by the creator of JAG

    When this series started on JAG, I thought that it was a great successor to an even better tv show. I was wrong - NCIS is the better show. NCIS follows the adventures of Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team as they solve the crimes of the navy and the marines: Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo, Timothy McGee, Abby Sciuto, Donald 'Ducky' Mallard, Ziva David, and Jimmy Palmer. A great tv show, unsurpassed by any of its kind. JAG was a great show when it was on, and without NCIS to add to it's legacy, it would have diminished into the memories of long-forgotted classics.
  • Dynamic Characters, awesome interaction, amazing show

    I dearly love NCIS. None of the characters is disposable. It is the group dynamic that I am drawn too more so than the cases every week. It is the character development, the interactions between the characters, the joys, the sadness, the lonliness, the ethical and moral issues that arise within their personal lives. The characters are diverse, not perfect and are flawed, three dimensional people. I love the interaction between all of them, but especially I love Gibbs and Ziva. I can not imagine the show without either of these two characters. I love with them bring franks in as well. I think that all of the actors do a very good job and they make a real effort to make this a character driven show rather than case based or tech driven.
  • I enjoyed the episode even if it was flawed.

    I really did enjoy this episode. Much of the dialogue was cure and inivative. The romance between McGee and Abby was fun to watch even if she seemed to end it at the end. The only thing that bothered me about this episode was the fact that Officer Lisa was said to be based on Ziva. McGee even says "on you guys you, tony, ziva" in response to Gibbs's question regarding who the book is based on. McGee's novel is by no means first seen in this is discovered that he is a writer when McGee's sister comes forth to Tony with this imformation but before this the novel was seen in the episode "The Weak Link" which starred Sasha Alexander as Kate Todd. If McGee has always based his books on those whom he works with...which he admited Lisa was based on Kate Todd not Ziva David. The rough copy of the book we see on McGee's desk in the weak link could've been rewritten to include Ziva instead of Kate...but that was one big stack of pages and I personally don't see McGee's character rewriting a novel to include Ziva even if he was infatuated with her at first. Another fact that seems to concrete the theory that Lisa should be based on Kate was the fact that characters had names based on the names of the agents they were bassed on ... an easy correlation is seen between names like Tony and Tommy...Tibbs and Gibbs...and Amy and Abby ... lisa sounds nothing like Ziva but it is a common more classic name like Kate is. In short the episode slightly bothered me when Lisa was said to be based on Ziva and there is no fathomable way this can be soley accurate.
  • I love this show sooooo much, plus Tony Dinozo is HOT

    The show is great.It keeps you guessing till the very end. It is action packed and I just love the characters. My favorites are 1.Tony 2.Abby and then 3.Ziva I like the rest to of course. Overall it is a wonderful fabulous show and I hope it continues for a long time and that everyone continues to watch every week!!! I can't wait till the new season starts it is gonna be great, just remember it will probably continue into the series premiere of NCIS: Los Angelos so don't miss it :)!!! So I hope you all like my review it's my firts ever!!
  • it's great it has action,humor and guessing what happens next not like many other shows. Best show ever made. Also an other great show is Burn Notice.

    i t ' s g r e a t i t h a s a c t i o n,h u m o r a n d g u e s s i n g w h a t h a p p e n s n e x t n o t l i k e m a n y o t h e r s h o w s . B e s t s h o w e v e r m a d e. A l s o a n o ther great show is Burn Notice.
  • Fabulous cliff-hanging finale that kept you on the edge of your seat through the whole thing. Not just through parts. Very well done and left me so anxious for the fall season to start.

    This season finale was one of my most favorites for NCIS. Although they are always great at leaving you hanging for three months while you are waiting for that elusive NCIS fix. It's just a good thing all the previous seasons are available on DVD and soon this last season will be out.
    I hated to see the harshness and animosity between Tony and Ziva and feel sorry for Ziva and the way she must be feeling so conflicted since she has always had a thing for Tony. Now I have to wonder how Gibbs is going to ride in on his white horse and save Ziva this time. We have to have her back. After all, she is one of us, she is no longer Mossad. Her heart belongs to NCIS. I think her father is a tyrannt who has used his own children is some horrible ways. I wouldn't mind seeing him taken out. Tony did do a fantastic job of handling Director David though. I thought he did great, just like Gibbs knew he would.
  • NCIS is a great show and unique in it;s own way.

    I love this show and I cannot wait to see what will be next season as I hope Zeva will return where she belong. I hope Tony and Zeva remain close friends because any other form of relationship will compromise the integrity of their workk as they are both passionate in nature. Love NCIS. Gibbs is amazing.... Dockie and Abby and Timothy and Palmer are indispensable because they all contribute to NCIS to make it such a great show. The acting and the plot are always breath taken and insatiable. I want more NCIS and I so need it now.
  • awesome show..

    i think its time for zeva to leave the show.. her character isn't liked can u trust her. i think the new ice agent will now join the team and zeva will stay in isreal. at least thats my opinion.. go tony and mcgee and gibbs . hopefully they will continue the show for many more years without spin offs like the rest of the shows out there such as csi.. stay original and true to the people that made this show such a hit. hopefully the new girl will be more like kate was and loyal. tony and gibbs r just awesome
  • The best show ever!!! Great characters and story lines that we never get bored seeing.

    I love,love,love this show.It's the best show I have seen on tv for a very long time. It has everything for everyone. Humor,love,danger,suspense,drama,and they story lines are the best and have so many twists. All the characters have such a great chemistry,and I love Abby's lab and Ducky's Autopsy. Finally,something about an agency that has rarely been talked about,let alone,made a tv show for.
    I have always been fascinated with the medical field and forensics,and Abby's lab,Ducky's Autopsy,and the way everything about a case is pulled out bit by bit,leaves us staying in our seats waiting for what will happen next,and who did it?
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