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  • The writers are the biggest problem

    The writers have lost it. No fun anymore and Bishop doesn't help. My husband and I were faithful watchers. Not anymore.
  • Ellie Bishop rocks!

    Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is the best addition to the show since Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) left. Cote De Pablo left the show because she wanted to, GET OVER IT please. If you guys are actual fans of the show, instead of wasting your efforts on bashing the newcomer, you should use those efforts to support the other members of the cast of this fine show you're still watching. Mark Harmon, Michael Wheaterly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, they all work their asses off to please us. Learn to appreciate it and keep watching. Or find another show to watch and leave us alone. Thank you.
  • Saints Preserve us! Cos Bishop wont

    Faithfully watched all episodes of NCIS since its inception, and now I cannot stand to watch. Suddenly it has become the Bishop bonanza, with everyone subordinate to this insipid character. She is such a weak replacement for Ziva. She has no personality, lacks charisma and controls all conversations with the rest of the team acting as grovelling support for her operational and technical brilliance. Have the writers changed or become fanatical feminists? All of the male members now seem to occupy lesser roles and be overly in touch with their female sides. No testosterone left, they are girly cheer leaders for Bishop. Great shame, I loved the old NCIS.
  • I'm on the bandwagon

    Please get rid of Bishop. She has no charisma, she fades into the background. She does not fit this show. I am missing episodes and really don't care. If Ziva is not coming back you need to get a fiery redhead, long curly hair and a take no prisoners attitude. Someone to clash with Gibbs but that he and the fans can't help but like. However if my vote counts GET ZIVA BACK
  • Is CBS listening??

    NCIS is not working because of Bishop. Do you hear the fans? The ratings are down. Do any of you who run NCIS care? Don't ruin the show with poor replacements.
  • Bin the Bishop

    Oh dear, what bright spark decided to bring in such an insipid character as Bishop, played by an equally insipid Emily Wickersham who comes across as simpering schoolgirl and brings absolutely nothing to this once great series. Ms Wickersham has no charisma whatsoever and the so-called 'rapport' between her and the other actors is zero.

    In my candid experience NCIS ratings are going to go down faster than the Titanic unless they write Bishop out ASAP, over to you guys/girls.
  • The Show needs bigtime help! Writers need to focus on Bishop

    Brody is awesome. I love her charachter, Why didn't Brody get the job as newest member of Gibbs team? I may have start watching NCIS New Orleans instead of NCIS. The new New Orleans team is good. NCIS is lost. I think NCIS is going to CONTINUE to lose audience share if it isn't fixed soon. What happened to Jimmy? Where is Ducky? Who the hell is Bishop? And why is she even on the team? Does Gibbs like her because she reminds him of his daughter...

    Bishop is confusing. Is she a brilliant member of the team or a ditzy blond bobble head? The writers need to figure it out, because the character doesn't fit. Its hard to believe that an immature college sophomore (how Bishop acts) knows more than Gibbs. Just can't buy an NCIS investigator is so ditzy and juvenile.

    On another note, please ask Bishop to slow down her delivery and enunciate. My God she mumbles half her lines. Thank goodness for replay/rewind so I can figure out what she said.

  • New writers?

    I do not know what is going on with the show, but something is off.

    It drags and makes no sense. Are there new writers, are they getting tired, or is this the end of the show?

    I was thinking when Gibbs sent Bishop out to the garage BY HERSELF with the killer loose, that would be the end of her but I was wrong. WHY WOULD GIBBS SEND HER BY HERSELF????? Also, why would they not call McGee and warn him. Seriously flawed writers. They must be writing for the ignorant masses without brains.
  • NCIS New Orleans

    I live in New Orleans! And I love NCIS! I find whenever something is filmed here too many of the city's elements are included at once and the accents are too Southern. Reality is we are an old port city and being a Navy show the port and river were not included. Instead the French Quarter, marsh, streetcar, cemetery, and voodoo were included - typical New Orleans travel log -- so predicable. In many cases people in New Orleans have only slight southern accents. We do incorporate some regional slang in vocabulary which surprisingly were picked up on. I liked the cast (except LaSalle's accent and the legos). The offices were good. I would like to see it get another chance as a spinoff with a little editing and a story with some grit. And, yes it is a beautiful city as was mentioned, and the food really is that good!
  • NCIS-NO very good

    I thought CBS hit a home run with the two New Orleans shows. They were fast paced and I love the chemistry with the team. If only Bishop had fit in as well with the DC bunch. Also love the accent of the young Forrest Gump on the NCIS NO team. You can't fake that. I'm still holding out hope that Ziva will appear in last episode. Her departure just left too many unanswered questions and there is no doubt the show desperately needs her. It has even messed up the chemistry between Tony and McGee. I'll be watching NCIC-NO. I think they got a hit.
  • NCIS: My Brotha

    After watching the last two episodes of NCIS: My Brotha (ad nauseum) tried too hard to be brotherly, everything from dialogue to chemistry fell flat, no matter how hard "my brotha" you need to fix NCIS before you start up NCIS: NO. Bishop is brutal, I find myself flipping channels and moving away from NCIS. My family has been staunch supporters and I'm the last one standing still watching, last night, I flipped to "The Voice" after hearing "my brotha" for the tenth time in the episode. UGH!!!! NCIS: LA was awesome and is constantly changing it up and it works!
  • Since season 11 started

    Pure fact: After Ziva left they lost a lot of viewers and some ratings, after that numbers are going down. They bring in Bishop in hope that she is something that show according to viewers and ratings, they manage to pull up a little but, not good enough. With NOLA spin-off they thought that this will bring viewers back , but it didn't, well maybe a few thousand. Main problem I am seeing here is that all over social networks and forums people spit all over Bishop. I don't know why but it looks like majority of those people want Bishop gone. Interesting is that many people want Bishop gone no matter if Cote comes back or not ("not Cote fans"). I don't know how CBS is dealing with all those critics but the gonna have to do something about it IF they are planing to run NCIS for some time. But it looks like CBS is satisfied with ~17m viewers, even thought they know they can do it much better. Maybe they should for start bring back Cote, to see how people will respond. If that will rise their ratings and viewers, they found out their mistake. If that won't raise numbers, then I guess, they will have make Bishop go away. It's easier to bring back someone, than kill one. My opinion is professional, and please no hate speech.
  • Something is wrong with the show

    Number one problem is Bishop. She doesn't fit with the rest and her character is totally uninteresting.

    The episodes have become un-funny and try to accommodate too much sappiness and political correctness.

    Maybe it ran its course or they need to hire new writers and directors (in addition to replacing Bishop).

    This was the last week I watched it.
  • No Ziva BUT Viva Bishop!

    I miss Ziva too - I also missed Kate when she left, however, I like Bishop - a lot. She brings a different dynamic to the team. Give the girl a chance.
  • Bring back Special Agent Vera Strickland

    Remember her in episode three? Put her back on the team as a regular. Don't worry about not having a young pretty face on the show. Bishop is not working out. Agent Vera Strickland was great with everyone. Great Chemistry.
  • How's this possible

    I watched a Episode of NCIS "You better watch out" which was made in 2012 and they show 100 dollar bill that hasn't been released yet to the public on the show, and it looks about 95% of the real 100 dollar bill that was released in 2013 NOW HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE
  • VIVA LA ZIVA !!!!

    BRING BACK ZIVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BACK ! YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS FEEL THE SAME. THEY HAVE QUIT WATCHING . BRING ZIVA BACK !!!!!
  • Absolutely brilliant

    Watching season 5 right now and loving this show, really liked Kate and thought I was really gonna miss her after they just assassinated her but Ziva has been amazing as well. Lovable characters, great cases, surprises, top notch acting. What more can you ask for? Looking at the recent reviews - it seems like Ziva's replacement is killing this show :(
  • bring zeva back

    Get rid of Bishop. She's taking over the show and it's awful. Bring Zeva back
  • No love for Bishop

    You have to be kidding me. I will never watch this show again. I get they wanted a different direction, but did they need an 18-year-old blonde sorority girl with pink lipstick? Never watching again. Number one show will become number 100 very soon! Cote come back PLEEEEZE. I can't stand Nancy Drew for another minute! She belongs on the kids channels, not my fave show NCIS! Oh, and I agree with blues39. I'm sure Bishop would be great on a show like Friends, but NOT NCIS. Oh, did I mention she should be playing Nancy Drew?

  • SEASON 11

    Ok, so the season 11 was Gibbs having a nightmare . Because that is what NCIS has become.. I have watched this show for years .. I could say a lot .. But without Ziva, the life is totally suck out of the show.. Painful to watch.. CBS, where is the real NCIS???
  • Zivas Real Replacement? (Amended)

    So no-one likes the Bishop character, in the US or the UK.

    Here's a suggestion, a character similar to Erica Cerra (Deputy Jo Lupo in A Town Called Eureka).

    Military background, possibly an MP or ex MP, a cop from a SWAT team. Someone Gibbs could relate to.

    Would have to be single for the baiting sessions with DiNozzo.

    Perhaps keep Bishop, but give her her own domain similar to Abby's forensic lab and Ducky's pathology lab.

    The team needs a strong female lead and Bishop is not it.
  • What happened to this show?

    I haven't watched NCIS for awhile, but I watched the New Orleans Part 1 show. What has happened to this show? The writing was terrible! The show was terrible! I thought that Scott Bakula, the regular NCIS group, and New Orleans would make for a fun show - wrong! They need to retire this show - but, it was great once upon a time.
  • Not liking Bishop

    I thought I would give her a chance and I did and I do not understand WHY they invented that particular character at all. It's not her fault, it's the writers. She has absolutely NO skills as an NCIS agent yet they hand her gun? She always looks confused, only to come up brilliant in the end. Are you kidding me?

    She reminds me of a monkey hopping up on things or sitting on the floor, I was waiting for her to make a nest high up in a tree to sleep in. She's not believable and there is no chemistry between her and the NCIS team at all. I've actually stopped watching this show since it began. I understand that Cote left and I wish her well but they really should have replaced her with someone who's like Ziva not this Bishop. They REALLY got this all wrong and I think the show will suffer terribly because of the Bishop character. (side note and nothing major but something that bugs me is that her eyebrows are black and her hair is blonde)

  • What happened

    Wth happened are there new writers I loved ncis now I don't think I can watch another episode wow it sux !!
  • No sympathy here for Ms. Bishop

    I used to love "NCIS,' but that is no longer the case. Bishop is, quite simply, the most unbelievable character in all of television, other than Kim Kardashian's face (joke).

    And quirky? This is ridiculous. She is like a ferret the way she climbs atop file cabinets and cubicle dividers and perches there like a hawk ready to take out an unsuspecting field mouse.

    And she should just 'get over herself' when it comes to how smart she is, how good she is with a gun, her fighting skills, etc.

    And what in God's name has happened to Gibbs? Has he suddenly been stricken with Alsheimer's? He puts up with things from Bishop that would have earned Tony a whack in the head.

    Please, Gibbs, get your act together. If ever a 'probie' needed a whack in the head, believe me when I say that probie is BISHOP!

    I don't know how long I will be able to endure watching the dreck that NCIS has become. FIX IT! NOW!
  • Bishop, The final straw

    Let me start by saying i'm not the biggest NCIS fan but i still watch the show when its on here in Singapore which makes this new Bishop character blow my mind. Sure, the show was a cliche-ridden eagleland loving paranoid schizophrenic's wet dream with some of the most ludicrous story lines but hey, at least the characters were hate hate hate hate hate Bishop and this new lovey dovey crap. What happened? Nothing, absolutely nothing in this show is vaguely interesting or entertaining and I wouldn't recommend the show to anyone blessed with the gift of thought and sight .
  • The up side of Bishop and bad writing

    After watching NCIS since the beginning, I now have Tuesday nights free!

    I just cannot stomach the story lines, the Bishop character, or the person who plays the Bishop character.

    Sorry to see a once-great show waste away, but now there's no more trying to arrange my Tuesday nights around NCIS!
  • Special Agent Leroy Jethro Cupcake

    Gotta face the facts .... Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played the goofy, weak-willed high-school gym teacher " Freddy Shoop " .... After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again .... The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ..... turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, Wickersham/Bishop groupie who is now known as Special Agent Cupcake.
  • I agree with Writers need to focus on Bishop

    Have given the new character a chance--however she doesn't measure up! They bring on an NSA analyst who is naive but at the same time perfect at virtually everything from marksmanship to fugitive hunting, computing, critical thinking, you name it. Ironically, her character is the one who is by and large killing the show right now

    Bishop is confusing. Is she a brilliant member of the team or a ditzy blond bobble head? The writers need to figure it out, because the character doesn't delivery and enunciate makes her hard to understand, she mumbles half her lines,.
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