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  • Jump the shark - Tony was the show

    Very sad don't like Z's replacement and hate new cast. Only will watch because Bull is on same night. Stick a fork in it - It's done
  • Never ever thought I would say it buutt..

    New show sucks big time! Hate new cast and guinn has annoyed me in every show or mivie shes

    Been in. If writers are trying to make her cocky like tony it aint working! Her smile is so fake and

    Stupid and she talks out her nose so annoying. And thanks to Dumb A.. Writers her lines even were stupider than she is.

    Ughhhhh i hate this change another good show down the drain
  • background push for Emily?

    How happy I was to see that Emily Wickersham's name is listed AFTER the two new cast members! Does this mean that the producers and writers are finally listening to the fans about the damage she has done to this show. Not sure how the new additions will impact the show but at least Bishop can be limited in her influence and presence.
  • That's it?

    Too soon to tell but I liked the the three new actors. I am one who believes Tony will be back, his new venture is not likely to last. I don't understand this bishop character though. She's is adorable but she doesn't fit at all. They also need a actor that has a different personality than Tony, his antics became redundant and annoying. I hope this season improves.
  • Better than I expected

    I was tempted to not even watch but I enjoyed the episode. I like the Nick Torres character. We have not had a brawler on the show since Ziiva left. I did not miss Tony at all. His character has not been much fun for the last couple of years. McGee is also becoming harder to stand. I wish they would eliminate both him and Bishop. I think that the new characters coming in will help restore the show to must-see tv.

  • I don't know if the show will survive

    Valederama is overacting and smouldering like the idol on a telenovela. The poor is almost invisible. Jennifer Esposito is a interesting addition but unfortunately I fear maybe Tony's departure might be the final straw.
  • Michael Weatherly's Replacement

    WIlmer Valderama terrible overacts and totally wrong replacement was very dissappointing.... And was looking so forward to a handsome man. It was Bad enough that Ziva's replacement is mousey you add in Valderrama rethink his role and find someone Else better suited for Weatherlys replacement
  • stop the noise!!!

    Please stop the incessant loud, aggravating noise that interferes with the dialogue on the show!!!!!
  • NCIS season 14 is nearly here, but do we still care?

    The scene ends with McGee and Bishop hurriedly grabbing their bags, on the way to another case ...

    Bishop, with the best will in the world, is a temporary character, who was wrongly upgraded to main character status. Bishop just doesn't fit in with this team, and it was made painfully obvious when Tony left. Heck, bring back Michelle Lee from the dead, because as an MCRT agent, she was far more convincing.

    Even the name Eleanor Bishop conveys images of an elderly aunt, rather than a young, dynamic NCIS special agent. Emily Wickersham is a great actress, so this is entirely the fault of the writers, trying to fit a square into a round space. Alex Quinn is going to outshine, Ellie Bishop in every way imaginable, making Bishop look even more redundant. I understand with the short notice the writers had when de Pablo left, why they shoehorned Bishop into the mix, but after 2 seasons, the character still appears at odds.

    McGee, is a character I adore, but the gap between him and Gibbs in terms of ability and experience is unrealistically vast. Tony was a trainee mini Gibbs who matured as someone who could (and did) run his own team. Timmy is more cerebral man than action man - be honest, in the middle of a gun fight who do you want on your six, DiNozzo or McGee? McGee is more like Deputy Director Jerome Craig, loyal to a fault with a big heart, but you'll rather have Director Vance in the job.

    Both Clayton Reeves and . Nick Torres, are always going to be more capable in the field than McGee, yet will have to take orders from McGee as the new Senior Field Agent. How is that going to work? The writers will try to 'fix' McGee by marrying him off to Delilah (another character who sadly splits the fandom). Instead, it will make McGee more of a soap like character, and less Senior Field Agent or 2nd in command.

    The fact that the writers had to bring in no less than 3 new characters, is also cause for concern. Of course DiNozzo can and should not ever be replaced, but surely the remaining characters should be strong enough to take up some of the slack without recruiting 3 more. That says a lot about Weatherly's incredible acting skills, and not so much about the writers collective abilities.

    The ending of the Ziva storyline felt like an absolute cop out, solely aimed at covering the writers' own a**es. To kill off Ziva outright would endure the wrath of the majority of the fan base, but without a decent storyline the actor Cote de Pablo wasn't going to return. By teasing the audience, giving them false hope of a possible return and happy TIVA ending, the writers are banking on fans' loyalty to carry them through seasons 14, 15 and beyond. But I think this has seriously backfired, because most of us saw through this.

    The storylines are getting repetitive - Gibbs has run out of wives, Tony can't keep rescuing Ziva and McGee, Bishop and Abby's key skills are virtually identical. The writers's literally burnt out Tony by placing far too much emphasis on the character, trying to fill the TIVA void and not enough on the other main characters.

    It would have been better to have the happy Tiva ending (with guest appearances from de Pablo and Weatherly in later seasons), build up the existing characters, and improve the main crime based storylines before adding so many new characters. Instead, I fear Bishop and/or Delilah will be killed off to provide a dramatic plot ... oh wait didn't they do that with Jenny Shepard, Kate, Ziva, Paula Cassidy, Diane ... hmm.

  • wistful thinking


    So I spent the summer thinking some miracle might occur and somebody would wise up enough to send The Twit to the Weather Channel. So I will continue to mute when she opens her mouth.
  • Why does it has to be so complicated?

    After all that has happened over the years of NCIS, with the loss of so many friendly faces and a symbolic "series finale". All I was asking for and I would say many other NCIS fans were, to see some/one of our beloved characters have a win. Pointing the finger towards the love interest between Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. 8 13 years is a long time for an actor/actress to play a character and it is a long time for the fans to fall in love with and enjoy watching. The shock departure of Cote De Pablo for what ever reason, left so many fans devastated full of questions. Unfortunately the damage was done and time to move on. So in the departure of Michael Weatherly all I wanted to see was one scene or a couple of seconds of Tony finding Ziva again and moving on. Is that too much to ask for or am I hopeless romantic? Love changes people and it definitely would be enough for Tony to be with Ziva, especially with a daughter involved. Throughout the seasons Tony had multiple one night stands but we always found Tony and Ziva move towards each other like a couple of magnets. Tony learnt what love felt like when he was undercover and fell in love with Dr. Jeanne Beniot. In Ziva's finale Tony said "I'm fighting for you Ziva" which is all Ziva ever wanted was for someone to fight for her. Tony also isn't a fan of children, but for it to be his child he has had with Ziva definitely changes his perception towards the child. After the mistakes Tony's father made, being the man we have watched grow up and love, he would do his best to be a father. Looking after Tali in the end is the result for DiNozzo's departure anyway. Unless we are meant to fill in the gaps and assume Ziva is still alive as they didn't find her body in the rubble. I do like Kathysr review: My Take on Season 13 Finale Ziva is Alive. But I will still be watching NCIS even though DiNozzo is has gone. Characters come and go I am happy that NCIS is still airing. Even though they won't be reading this, a massive thank you to all staff that make this show possible :)
  • Get Rid of Bishop and the family dramas

    I think I kind of lost interest after the Bishop character was introduced she has no acting skills or charisma like the other characters. Instead of personal stories being the background of the show, its now become front and center. I have no idea why the Bishop's character has not been replaced. There definitely is lot of talent out there so why stick with her?
  • the blonde bimbo that wrecked season 11 of ncis or the attack of the black EYEBROW

    we just bought ncis 11 ,looking forward to sitting back and watching a few hours of a great show,got through the first few disc,s and then the blonde bimbo opened it,s mouth,well that was it watched 1 more disc and then turned it of and put it up for auction on ebay,,nerver before have i seen a show go from really good to complete crap so fast if season 12 ever comes out i will wait before i pre order it again if it was,nt for the first 2 disc,s it would,nt get a rateing,i hope the bimbo feels great about stuffing something GREAT,i guess that till the money from sales of ncis stop comeing in,that we will have to keep raging the bimbo,i thought that the customer [ or in this case the viewer] is always right,so maybe it going to take people changeing the channel to watch something else,i have and from what i hear season 12 aint any better,really how about getting a chimp added to the show,its has already begun to look like a circus might as well go all the way, i think i have found the perfect role for the ditzy bimbo, a ZOMBIE on walking dead,aT LEAST THERE IT WONT HAVE TO TALK JUST STAGER AROUND LIKE A DRUNK,,,SHOULD,NT HAVE TO CHANGE HER LOOKS TO MUCH,JUST DREES UP IN SOME RAGS AND BADA BING ZOMBIE THAT WAY SHE CAR,NT WRECK ANOTHER GREAT SHOW

    I really do feel sorry for the rest of the NCIS team who have worked so hard to make this a really great show,i was watching a rerun the other night ,as I was watching the specials on the disc 1 of the producers was saying that they go out of there way to keep the show interesting ,what happened to that line of thinking,has wickersham got something over the producers of this show,i can not understand how wickersham is still there,if they are trying to get this show dropped from tv they are going the wright way of destroying this once great show,we stopped watching at the start of season 11 ,I bought watched maybe 4or 5 shows but as soon wickersham opened its mputh I pulled the disc from the player and put it up for sale on ebay,and have not watched ncis since then ,but we do watch seasons 1 to 10 only I do miss watching new shows but I guess all good things do come to an end,i hope wickersham feels bad about stuffing up a once great show

    really wickersham how much longer are you going to keep dragging ncis down you no once it hits the bottom the damage will be done and wont be able to be revived ,,,,,,,

    BUGGER I think the damage has been done and ncis is dieing a painfull death just shoot in the head if the bishop clown stays NCIS.................... ...............................

    o,well I have forgottenabout ncis and have a new great show that out shines ncis and that is game of thrones, it has a great story line and heaps off murder and may ham not going to bother watching ncis again except for seasons 1 to 10

  • Bishop belongs on a show like Two and a Half Men

    Not NCIS! Before, the characters all clicked and were great together. There was chemistry between them that the audience could feel. With Bishop, it just isn't there and never will be. We've taken to watching the returns with Cote in them. Who in their right mind cast that person as Bishop? And expected her to take the place of Cote? That's like going out for a steak dinner and getting potted meat instead.
  • BIshop still sucks

    Bishop sucks more than ever. The ham fisted attempts to garner sympathy over her never ending divorce whining worked with the stupidest fans, but not for anyone else.

    She is still a pitifully bad agent, and stupider than a baseball.

    It's hilarious the show is scrambling to hire new agents DOWN TO THE WIRE, even though Weatherly gave notice of his departure over a year ago. Apparently no amount of notice is enough to compensate for the incompetence of the show runner and casting team. One thing is crystal clear, they are fully aware the team (consisting of Bishop and McGee) is fatally wounded. The two most boring, whiniest characters on the show, who bring out the worst in each other. The show never recovered from Ziva's departure and apparently neither did Weatherly. This is now an official Charlie Foxtrot, and based on the sparse reports of last second major cast changes, it's probably worse than we even know.
  • My Take on Season 13 Finale - Ziva is Alive

    My take away from the NCIS Season 13 finale -- Ziva is NOT dead. Tony doesn't believe she's dead. Watch the episode several times and really watch Tony closely. Watch his body language. Brilliant chatterbox Tony is very silent. He's not talking. He has serious doubts. He's skeptical. He's not buying the story he's being told. His silent, quizzical, questioning looks say everything. At first he's emotionally overwhelmed when everyone confronts him to tell him that Ziva died in that blazing inferno. But as the episode progresses, his skepticism grows stronger. They didn't find a body.

    More than anyone else on earth, Tony knows that Ziva is the ultimate survivor. If any human being could survive this debacle, it would be Ziva. Now she dies? NOW, when she has the most powerful reason in the world to live, their daughter? During his good-bye to Gibbs, Tony mentions that "Ziva loves He uses the present tense. That tells me that Tony believes she's still alive.

    In one of the tons of interviews Glasburg did to hype this finale (God, this man loves to talk!), the interviewer said, "Well, it sounds like you leave this story in a way where Ziva could still be alive," to which Glasburg replies, "Now you're thinking the way I'm thinking! Think Sweeps time!" Ah HA!

    Glasburg, Harmon and the NCIS writing team have been struggling for three years to rid themselves of the ghost of Ziva. It's positively Shakespearean (the irony of which Cote should Ziva's haunted them endlessly, because millions of fans love Ziva with Tony. Think of their utter joy, "Ah HA! We finally killed off the witch!" only to realize that they made a HUGE mistake in "killing off" the character. Now the Tiva fans are angrier than ever. So, they didn't solve the problem, they may have created an even bigger one. Moral of this story--Be very careful what you wish for.

    In my world, Ziva is alive and recuperating from almost being killed. She and Tony are finally together with their adorable daughter. I'm happy.

    And watching that little ragtag group gather around McGee's desk for Gibbs' next mission at the very end of the finale, I suddenly felt a HUGE stab of heartache. I realized that I didn't care about them anymore. My heart left the building with Tony.


    I liked NCIS.

    Ziva was an improvement. The show lost it's sizzle when Ziva left.

    With Tony leaving, so will I.

    Gibbs should have moved into a Mike Franks role, moving Tony up and bringing the male agent from The new Orleans office to Dover would have opened some interesting transitions.

    Bishop belittling Gibbs, never worked. Turned the boss into an old man, not someone who was respected. Season 13 was the last season that I watch. And with Tony leaving, no reason to see how Bishop has developed with an old man boss.
  • They all go a different way

    What ever happened to Mike Franks??? Always liked his character sure do miss him being on the know he can never be replaced just like Tony the bozo. Do miss Ziva and Jennie. Am now really interested in NCIS/LA, Hettie certainly is a huge part of that show along with Dieks and really the entire crew. Don't much care for NCIS/NO, just can't get to excited about the direction.
  • NCIS finale

    What is happening? Replacing Ziva with Bishop is understandable and works to a certain degree, but DIZZONO losing it??? don't think so. DIZZONO is a professional and would never lose it until he had caught the bad guy, which would have been at the end. The introduction of a Brit is a good idea. Will he be taking over from Dinozzo?? It would help Americans to understand our language better if he does. After all, we understand theirs, although that is probably because of the great dramas they have on TV. Will continue to watch even if it's just to see Gibbs!!
  • GG takes the credit

    Producer GG is patting himself on the back for the "wonderful" last episode with DiNozo. GG is especially proud of the idea to have a Tiva offspring show up. And, true to form, he is forgetting the many fans who first came up with the idea. For over a year now fans on this and other blogs have suggested that the last meeting between TD and ZD had resulted in a child, and sure enough GG latched on to the story. Too bad he doesn't have the strength of character to acknowledge that fact.
  • what a let down

    The finale was crap. Dinozzo's character was no where near being a single father. To believe that all of a sudden he changed his focus is ludicrous. Killing off of Ziva was insulting. Certainly they could have created a more plausible ending even if Toni and Ziva did not live "happily ever after". The blonde remains a bone of contention among a lot of viewers myself included. So now we are suppose to embrace the MI6 guy and the other agent who has appeared out of no where. Is she supposed to take over Toni's sarcastic personality? The British guy as others have commented is VERY hard to understand. We have to use closed captions and turn the volume way up just to understand what he is saying. I haven't decided about watching next season. It just won't be the same without Dinozzo.
  • No Dinozzo , Oh No

    No more Dinozzo is like Jethro without a bottle in the basement. Abby without her computers. I'm in distress. And yes I still like & continue to watch, for I need my Jethro shot. I want another season!!!
  • ncis finle years

    Tony will find ziva in a op that Gibbs is covering for ducky aka man from uncle Gibbs and bishop will have a may Dec fine romance for Gibbs with a child ala tony all things will end great thanx bandit
  • ncis death = entertainment

    It is about entertainment... isn't it. And just maybe, entertainment could mean a happy ending devoid of DEATH!

    Was it too much to ask for Tony and Zeva to have their cake and eat it too? Guess so!!!

    MW carried the lighthearted balance the show needed, and with no "happy ending", it will only exacerbate the loss of his character. Plus, none of the new characters have connected in any meaningful way or have a real hope of doing so in the future. Looks like NCIS is doomed to die a slow death... which just so happens to be thier definition of entertainment !!!
  • Family First

    Everyone stop moaning about Ziva. The writers asked her to return for the the finale and SHE said no.
  • Pure Glasberg

    Ever since GG lost CDP and he hired the Bishop, the show's ratings have declined every year. In an act of revenge, he decided to kill off Ziva and thereby thumb his nose at all those fans complaining about the show under his direction. When "the kid" appeared in this final episode, I changed the channel. What a sop***ric move.

    So in three years, Glasberg has lost two of his top characters as well as a large share of viewers. The addition of "the Brit" is odd. This guy is so non-British mumbling his lines and sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles.

    Wonder who will leave next. My money is on Ducky

    Glasberg has failed to gain share in the coveted 18-49 age group and has lost over 3 million viewers despite his addition of the "qwerky, twenty something" girl agent.

    The show is now just a cash cow for the network.
  • END of NCIS.

    Very Disappointed with the finale. I was thinking NCIS story writers were the best. But after watching S13 Finale (I hate to say this) this is the worst episode of NCIS. BTW this will be my last episode too. This is where I stop watching NCIS. GOOD LUCK to entire Team. Good Memories (except the finale).
  • Aging NCIS...

    Never like to see an original character leave a show but MW gave us plenty of notice so I was prepared for the emotion. What wasn't very satisfying was the writing that took him out. Doing a 4 part episode (almost unheard of) was absolutely the way to go except that it was decidedly UN-DINOZZO CENTRIC. This season closing story-line focused more on FORNELL and his daughter than Tony. The first three episodes had TD passing in and out but not in any way the focus of any part of the search for the rogue MI6/Trent Cort assassin. Last night's finale brought him in but only because of the Ziva connection. All in all it seemed, to me, a weak way to end the season and even weaker way to end MW's time on the show.

    Second issue which only occurred to me last night is WHAT is it with NCIS and KILLING MAIN CHARACTERS ??? OK so you couldn't talk Cote de Pablo into reprising her role for a single episode, how does that lead to killing her off ? I had been surprisingly correct in my speculation that there would be a little Dinozzo in this episode but couldn't imagine she'd be minus her Mom. When they announced that ZD was killed my first impulse was to turn off the TV because I'm really not up for killing beloved characters for no apparent reason. I stuck around because I was hoping against hope that this was simply a Mossad ploy to protect her and that we would find out later that she, TD and their daughter would be spending their lives together in some secluded spot. Not to be. This show holds the all time record in prime time TV for killing beloved main characters. Someone should tell the writers there are other ways to end a characters time in a series. This is getting really old.
  • New Guy

    As sad as I am to see Dinozzo go (sadder than when Ziva left and I LOVED Ziva) the new British guy is interesting. He's funny and smart but in a different way than Dinozzo so it doesn't feel like we're being given a Tony replacement. I think he would be a good fit for the team and would love to see how his character fits in when we're not on a emotional rollercoaster from Tony leaving.
  • NCIS New vs Original

    NCIS is a great show and started with a great cast - each actor and their character were alive to us from their first moment on screen. Gibbs, Tony, Ducky won our hearts in their first minutes on screen. Kate was an alive character and her replacement, Ziva brought life and presence and personality to the team. When McGee was added, he also brought an aliveness and strength of personality in is own way; and Jimmy was a winner from his first episode.. The show is so good about picking wonderful actors for the original cast, and guest starring roles, why is it that they have so seriously missed the boat when choosing actors for the new characters they are trying to bring to the show. Emily is sweet and okay on lighter scenes, but lacks the power to truly handle heavy or emotional scenes. Should keep her involvement in a lighter vein. The two new characters sounded great and interesting in description, but I felt that they came off "flat" (FBI), "superficial" (MI6) in actual performance. Not sure if it was a problem with the actors or how they were directed --No sense of "real" or interest about them. I'm open to new characters if you would please work as hard at hiring actors for new team members as you do for finding the great actors you've used in guest starring role--actors who know how to really bring a character alive. I'm a fan of the show always -- just don't want it to fail when you bring in actors who don't bring the same life and energy and strength to their characters as original cast members and guest stars bring to their roles. Please respect your audience this time and don't keep characters in the mix who don't truly add genuine life and energy to the show. You need new actors/characters who can activate lively team relationships that you lost in part when Ziva left and now with Tony leaving.
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