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  • talktalk10

    So very disappointed with new cast members. Just can't watch poorly cast.

  • The new cast is Horrible! I can't watch it anymore!

    I have given it a try but tonight will be my last nught. The script and cast are just horrible. The new cast members are just not a good fit. The writers are desperate to make them fit in, and it's just awkward. The show is just not good anymore. Unfortunately, I am tuning out after years of watching it. I would be surprised it makes it the entire season without being cancelled.
  • NCIS is not the same with the one of the 2 new members

    Been a loyal NCIS fan since the first show. Can't believe Mark Harmon is letting the show slide. The new female member is not a good fit. Even though I miss Tony, the first new show without him was at best so-so. The writing also seems slow and off. Show always had a good feel with any of the past cast members. Mark Harmon must cast be getting ready to retire and doesn't care any more. The show always had just the right number of characters. One extra is way too many!

    Couldn't wait for Tuesday and NCIS. If the next episode is similar, I will miss NCIS.
  • Two new characters don't work

    I don't find the Torres character likable but the Quinn character is horrendous. I have watched NCIS since the first episode and would have to say Jennifer Esposito is a terrible actress and is really driving this show down. If this cast continues as is I can see myself no longer tuning in on Tuesday. I'm not against a new actor, I'd just love to have one better than Esposito.
  • NCIS is dying, cpr please

    Sorry these new guys need to be replaced asap. I've watched this show from its inception, even after Ziva was gone. Not crazy about Ellie because she whispers instead of talking. Weakening as each show airs, Esposito is mildly ok but that guy has got to go. Why not try new men to see who fits; these guys are all weak except the originals, love them. Fix this please!
  • Moe44

    NCIS is failing miserably. It's gone from superb TV to painful to watch.
  • 6.5
    Sorry to say, this show is on its last legs. As I watch it tonight I see weak characters and soap opera chitchat. Where's the plot? I really didn't fully appreciate the central importance of the Michael Weatherly character until he left. He was a major sparkplug as was Ziva. Mark Harmon can't carry it by himself, and Abby is as always quirky without being charismatic. McGee continues a losing battle with bulemia. I realize I'm rambling, but this show used to be do damned good!
  • Trying Too Hard

    It is obvious that the departure of Michael Weatherly is deeply felt but, as valuable as he has always been to the show, no one is irreplaceable. The powers are trying too hard to replace him but these two new characters just don't make the grade. The Torres character acts too much like a street punk and in my opinion, is extremely character, Quinn, is not bringing much to the table either. These characters are not behaving as team players but as (seemingly) self proclaimed super agents.

    Don't try to force new characters. Take time to find the right fit and the show will prevail. So far this season, there is no magic. There will be adjustments, but it needs to be done soon.

    Please Save Our Show!
  • demise of the best show on tv

    When the show replaced Ziva with Bishop it went from great to good. She was a very poor choice. When the show lost Tony and replaced him with 2 more duds the show fell off my list scheduled shows. Maybe they'll make another smooth move and get rid of Gibbs!!
  • Not enjoying this new season!

    I particularly dislike the Torres character and the fact that Michael Weatherly is gone. The interaction between him and Gibbs was wonderful. Now it just seems like there are too many people involved and you don't really care. I suspect with the death of Gary Glasberg it will get worse. I prefer to watch all the old episodes in the USA channel!
  • Great New Cast

    I may be in the minority but so far I like the two new agents, Torres and Quinn. Emily Wickersham's Ellie character is still boring. It was stated that Sean Murry's weight loss is not as a result of his being sick. I love his Tim character but, if he's not sick then, Sean has lost enough weight! He doesn't look sexy, he simply looks like he's depressingly sick! However, if he is sick, then I'm very sorry for him and for this comment.
  • Music too Loud during conversations-NCIS

    The background music is way too loud during conversations, especially when the women are speaking. The pitch is very similar so it all blends together and we miss the conversation. We have complained before but it seems no one is taking note, or cares. As the audience slowly withdraws for various reasons, maybe they will get the hing.
  • NCIS down the tube

    Too many negatives from a network bent on political leavesdefinitely anti Israel sentiment from that network shown. Guess when the president of the network is Ben Rhodes brother everything is fair gameJackson Gibbs died poor soul. Really enjoyed those episodes. Tony leaves and takes his dad with himthey substitute a lame Bishop boring, boring, boringworse yet the liberal minding network has some push on the shows with the nobamas.. was a great fan of this series from day one but won't be anymoresad

    I'm still on the fence about this new season. In the past, occasionally a writer would screw up a story line. Not terribly off base, just small inconsistencies. This past episode, Priviledged Information, an unforgivable screw up occurred. Ellie Bishop was explaining to Gibbs' head shrinker the rules of interrogation. Specifically, the "never interrupt Gibbs during an interrogation" rule. Bishop said it was rule number 17. THERE IS NO RULE #17. It's rule #22 people!!!. If you don't know the rules, don't write for the show! Then, when McGee does interrupt the interrogation, the head shrinker says, " What happened to rule 17?" I could list other writing mishaps, but I let them go. This I can't let go. They sell tee shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. with the rules listed. Read the damn mug! I hope they find a way to correct this. These rules have been on place for 14 years. How do you screw that up?
  • New Cast - What to expect

    I wasn't sure with Michael Weatherly leaving whether NCIS would be good this year. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it! The new members are good and funny and the show is still good! I will continue to watch it, in fact I have the series being recorded each week in case I am not at home to see it! Kudos to the writers and the stars!
  • NCIS has been dying a slow death since 8th season

    . (Keep It Simple Stupid) is sometimes a good philosophy. I liked NCIS from the beginning for it's solve-a-crime-an-episode formula. When they delved into the (multi) season-long terrorist hunt stuff it got very convoluted, hard to follow & boring. Then Ziva left and in came (yaaaawn) Bishop. Cue the death march: da da da-da da da-da da da da daaaa.

    And now, Fez as Special Agent? I don't think so. Watched the 1st episode to give it a chance. Glimpsed at 2nd episode until about first commercial and totally ignored it last night.

    I'm done watching and hopefully enough others are to so they can move NCIS:NOLA into the time slot. I cannot stay up until 11 to watch (and I haven't recorded shows since VCR's became passe), so it's off my watch list for now, too.
  • Can't watch Special Agent Fez

    I mourned the departure of Michael Weatherly because I loved/loathed the DiNozzo character. The show just clicked with his personality playing off that of the McGee and Gibbs characters. That chemistry was the magic that was part of the underpinnings of this show. Fez doesn't cut it. Wilmer Valderrama is a Hollywood joke and I don't know what CBS exec he has pictures of diddling a llama, but NCIS as we know it is done. Jennifer Esposito is a seasoned TV vet and will do well, although fitting her into the dynamic will be interesting. Valderrama's character fitting in is like using a wagon wheel to fix a flat on a Porsche.
  • hard time watching

    I was watching the first show of the season, when my son (5) came in and asked why Handy Manny was on the same show with Gibbs. I hadn't made the connection until he had said something. Now I can't take him (Wilmer) as a serious actor. He is very hard to watch. First he was Fez then Handy Manny. How did he end up on NCIS? VERY DISAPPOINTING.. All the show needs now is for the tools to come out singing.
  • Change is not always good.

    After two episodes, Wilmer Valderama has made me wish for the obnoxious side of DiNozo. Lose him as soon as you can. Newbies should not be made more important than the established crew. Jennifer Esposito is an example of a good change. She fits into the group.
  • NCIS!! What happened?

    NCIS took a nose dive in 2014! You are going to go under unless you bring some adults to the show!!! Most of the cast look like they graduated from high school 2 years ago! I don't know if the strategy is to make Mark Harmon look super mature or what!! It's actually making the whole crew look like bad actors now. I'm about done with it!!
  • NCIS is dead...

    NCIS is not worth the time to watch. I was one of its biggest fans till Ziva left, which is when the terminal disease started. Whoever thought Emily Wickersham could fill Cote de Pablo 's shoes is insane, period. Wickersham is a zero. Her marriage issues on the show were insulting they were so stupid. One wonders how much work she got on the casting couch.

    What a shock to find out how much Michael Weatherly carried the show on his back. Tony's character leaving the show was a bridge too far. His interplay w/young Tim McGee was a TV high point.

    Strangely, skinny Tim McGee is a worse character than the old chubby version, and don't ask me why cause I don't know. Now he just looks like another sunken cheek Hollywood extra, and is no fun anymore.

    Gibb's well known "mean" qualities are just totally worn out (referencing the way he responded to the new Latin agent's tossing down his badge to quit).

    Finally, the new male Latin agent is just awful, even, if it's possible, worse than the steroid-pumped horrible character played by the the black guy on NCIS Los Angeles (which I can not stand).

    I turned off the 20 Sept premier 2/3rds through, and won't watch another episode. Give it up Harmon, it's over, it's dead, just bury this stinking corpse of a show.

  • Alas! Season 14 the last one?

    Never had a problem with any of the cast until now. The two new folks just don't fit! I was looking forward to seeing Sarah Clarke. What happened to her? Both Esposito and Valderrama need to go and just have Duane Henry as Tony's replacement. Didn't finish watching the premier episode. Turned off the second episode after 10 minutes. Probably won't tune in for episode 3.
  • The run is done

    I was upset hearing the new cast. I still hear Fez coming thru and just can't him seriously. The new cast simply doesn't click. New Orleans still good but the original is finished.
  • Jump the shark - Tony was the show

    Very sad don't like Z's replacement and hate new cast. Only will watch because Bull is on same night. Stick a fork in it - It's done
  • Never ever thought I would say it buutt..

    New show sucks big time! Hate new cast and guinn has annoyed me in every show or mivie shes

    Been in. If writers are trying to make her cocky like tony it aint working! Her smile is so fake and

    Stupid and she talks out her nose so annoying. And thanks to Dumb A.. Writers her lines even were stupider than she is.

    Ughhhhh i hate this change another good show down the drain
  • That's it?

    Too soon to tell but I liked the the three new actors. I am one who believes Tony will be back, his new venture is not likely to last. I don't understand this bishop character though. She's is adorable but she doesn't fit at all. They also need a actor that has a different personality than Tony, his antics became redundant and annoying. I hope this season improves.
  • Better than I expected

    I was tempted to not even watch but I enjoyed the episode. I like the Nick Torres character. We have not had a brawler on the show since Ziiva left. I did not miss Tony at all. His character has not been much fun for the last couple of years. McGee is also becoming harder to stand. I wish they would eliminate both him and Bishop. I think that the new characters coming in will help restore the show to must-see tv.

  • I don't know if the show will survive

    Valederama is overacting and smouldering like the idol on a telenovela. The poor is almost invisible. Jennifer Esposito is a interesting addition but unfortunately I fear maybe Tony's departure might be the final straw.
  • Michael Weatherly's Replacement

    WIlmer Valderama terrible overacts and totally wrong replacement was very dissappointing.... And was looking so forward to a handsome man. It was Bad enough that Ziva's replacement is mousey you add in Valderrama rethink his role and find someone Else better suited for Weatherlys replacement
  • stop the noise!!!

    Please stop the incessant loud, aggravating noise that interferes with the dialogue on the show!!!!!
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