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  • Wilmer Valderrama? Ew...

    There are so many people to choose from. Who decided that was a good idea!??? And why? Not appealing at all, and a terrible fit. Everyone knows this type of show works because of the character relationships. Why go out of your way to change that? You got it right when you switched from Kate to Ziva because the characters were similar in their relationships to the other characters. No one is going to fault you for replacing Tony's character with someone of similar style and personality, even if it's an unlikely scenario in real life. Fans want and expect a continuation of what made them love the show in the first place. I like Jennifer Esposito as an actress and the addition of her character shouldn't be a problem for the show since it's an addition rather than a replacement. And McGee looks great to me! He's much more handsome now that he's outgrown his baby fat. When people eat healthy and exercise they tend to lose weight.
  • I'd Rather Read a Book

    NCIS has consistently been our favorite show -- until now. For the first time when watching the show, I've actually picked up a book to read and turned the TV off. The two new characters just don't seem to fit in. Hopefully, the show will take an upswing turn -- for the sake of Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast. It would be nice for the show when it ends to go out on top!!!
  • NCIS Sinking

    I've been a fan since the beginning, until this season. The writing is bad and the changes in characters worse. The new Gibbs--softer, understanding--leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to turn McGee into a clone of Tony is a disaster. Give him back his former personality and put him back at his computer. It was those skills that provided the team with information quickly. The character of Eleanor isn't believable. Taking an analyst and putting her into the field doesn't make sense even in the world of fiction where usually anything goes. I like the character, but put her where she can utilize the skills she possess. Her analytical skills teamed with McGee's computer skills could make them a powerful force. The newest characters, Alex and Nick, just don't fit. His character would be good in a recurring role doing undercover assignments for them or providing information they need working a current case related to an assignment he's on. I do like the MI6 character, Clayton Reeves and hope he stays. NCIS working with MI6 could make for some interesting episodes and this might also be when Nick's character could be brought in. Mostly, NCIS needs to bring back Ziva and Tony. I like Michael Weatherly and I've watched his new show. It's good, but there isn't enough of a variety--each episode is basically the same. Ziva and Tony were an integral part of NCIS and think of the storylines, good writers could create for them in and out of the office. Ziva and Eleanor tag teaming McGee and Tony or vice versa. Ziva and Tony raising a child together and even better watching Tony learn to be a father and interacting with his child--funny and touching. Right now, NCIS is a sinking ship going down fast.
  • Time to go

    I've been hanging on for a good while hoping this series was going to get better, but it's just getting worse. My main gripe over the past few years was the use of studios rather than real streets (they didn't look anywhere close to convincing), but I wish that was my only concern now. I've just started watching the first episode of the new series and stopped after 5 minutes to write this. Sean Murray is looking emaciated again and what's with Mark Harmon's eyebrows? It was bad enough when his hair was coloured in the last series, but now his eyebrows, seriously? It actually makes him look pale and ill (is he actually ill? I hope not). I haven't even come to the new cast members, but looking at other comments on here I don't think I want to. I've just caught up with 5 episodes of the new series of NCIS LA and there's a world of difference. It's filmed in real places, the acting is superb and so are the stories. Tuning into NCIS afterwards is like falling into a deep dark hole. I used to love this show so much and it's sad to see what it's become.
  • So Sad!

    After 14 years of NCIS, I actually stopped watching an episode in the middle of it and deleted it off my DVR. When Emily Wickersham joined the show, I thought she was a bad choice, but I dealt with it. She is by far my least favorite female character on this show and she does not compare to any of her previous leading ladies. Any episodes that revolved around her I barely watched and I probably played Words with Friends the whole time. I was excited to see what season 14 would bring, even though Michael Weatherly left the show. I was happy for him and his new show, Bull. I feel horrible for saying this, but the two new actors they brought on have completely and utterly ruined the show. Their acting is so bad it makes me cringe. And then all of a sudden making McGee a tough and gun toting agent from his normal nerdy one is ridiculous and completely unbelievable. What happened ? Whoever did the casting for this show should be fired. 14 years of a wonderful show down the tubes in a few episodes. At least I still have NCIS, New Orleans! Episode 311, by the way, was the episode I quit watching. I am sorry, but that was like watching a really bad high school production. The acting was atrocious.
  • Disappointed in NCIS season 14

    I love NCIS, but I can't stand the 2 new agents who replaced Tony. The guy isn't too bad, but the woman is not fitting into the show at all. I hope the producers will do something fast to change these 2 agents, because, it is not fun to watch anymore.
  • What Happened?

    To many people and none are good. The show will tank if this keeps up. They needed a replacement for Tony but I can't seem to get a grip with all the new additions. Face it this week the show was terrible. My favorite show has gone down the tubes. I could barely watch this week. Bring back the old format or the show is lost.
  • Awful new lady

    I can hardly stomach watching the new lady on NCIS. I have to fast forward every time she is on. She is awful. Get rid of her quickly! Only rating her. Wish Tony was back
  • Losing their touch

    I have loved this show for years but the last 3 people added have been less than constant to much crap on their end the show is losing the credibility not like it was. Come on mark hit some more heads in the writers directors and get some actors that can act. Thanks for listening.

  • Bottom of the Barrel

    New additions to cast not cutting it. That hispanic guy ----way too thick an accent, sometimes hard to understand, yet done on purpose by show execs to appeal to that race for more viewership Ziva and now Tony gone, that ship has sunk. No spark, no persona anymore, what a shame. It had a good run.
  • NCIS lover lost

    Don't like the new cast for the show. Loved it when Ziva and Dinozo were on the show but Bishop, Torres, and Quinn are awful. They do not fit. Have stopped watching the show. I want the old show back
  • Show is failing with new cast members!!

    I think Beth Riesgraf that played Parker on Leverage would be great on the cast. Much better than the new members they now have. My rating is because of the new cast members ONLY!!
  • NCIS losing credibility with two new actors

    I give up. The two new cast members are horrible. They are subpar actors disgracing the quality of the show and undermining credibility of NCIS. The new guy just doesn't fit and not a believable agent, the new lady agent needs to go back to training. I have to quit watching this painful show now after years as an avid viewer. NCIS will lose its ratings and viewers and die a much needed death. One can only hope they get new actors before it's too late. A real shame!
  • Getting out my black dress!

    So sad that NCIS has tanked! As it is cast now, it should be taken off life support. There is still time to save our old friends by trying a new character but the new characters are NOT it. Not 2 but just one. Too many to follow. Quick CODE BLUE before I start getting dressed.
  • talktalk10

    So very disappointed with new cast members. Just can't watch poorly cast.

  • The new cast is Horrible! I can't watch it anymore!

    I have given it a try but tonight will be my last nught. The script and cast are just horrible. The new cast members are just not a good fit. The writers are desperate to make them fit in, and it's just awkward. The show is just not good anymore. Unfortunately, I am tuning out after years of watching it. I would be surprised it makes it the entire season without being cancelled.
  • NCIS is not the same with the one of the 2 new members

    Been a loyal NCIS fan since the first show. Can't believe Mark Harmon is letting the show slide. The new female member is not a good fit. Even though I miss Tony, the first new show without him was at best so-so. The writing also seems slow and off. Show always had a good feel with any of the past cast members. Mark Harmon must cast be getting ready to retire and doesn't care any more. The show always had just the right number of characters. One extra is way too many!

    Couldn't wait for Tuesday and NCIS. If the next episode is similar, I will miss NCIS.
  • Two new characters don't work

    I don't find the Torres character likable but the Quinn character is horrendous. I have watched NCIS since the first episode and would have to say Jennifer Esposito is a terrible actress and is really driving this show down. If this cast continues as is I can see myself no longer tuning in on Tuesday. I'm not against a new actor, I'd just love to have one better than Esposito.
  • NCIS is dying, cpr please

    Sorry these new guys need to be replaced asap. I've watched this show from its inception, even after Ziva was gone. Not crazy about Ellie because she whispers instead of talking. Weakening as each show airs, Esposito is mildly ok but that guy has got to go. Why not try new men to see who fits; these guys are all weak except the originals, love them. Fix this please!
  • Moe44

    NCIS is failing miserably. It's gone from superb TV to painful to watch.
  • 6.5
    Sorry to say, this show is on its last legs. As I watch it tonight I see weak characters and soap opera chitchat. Where's the plot? I really didn't fully appreciate the central importance of the Michael Weatherly character until he left. He was a major sparkplug as was Ziva. Mark Harmon can't carry it by himself, and Abby is as always quirky without being charismatic. McGee continues a losing battle with bulemia. I realize I'm rambling, but this show used to be do damned good!
  • Trying Too Hard

    It is obvious that the departure of Michael Weatherly is deeply felt but, as valuable as he has always been to the show, no one is irreplaceable. The powers are trying too hard to replace him but these two new characters just don't make the grade. The Torres character acts too much like a street punk and in my opinion, is extremely character, Quinn, is not bringing much to the table either. These characters are not behaving as team players but as (seemingly) self proclaimed super agents.

    Don't try to force new characters. Take time to find the right fit and the show will prevail. So far this season, there is no magic. There will be adjustments, but it needs to be done soon.

    Please Save Our Show!
  • demise of the best show on tv

    When the show replaced Ziva with Bishop it went from great to good. She was a very poor choice. When the show lost Tony and replaced him with 2 more duds the show fell off my list scheduled shows. Maybe they'll make another smooth move and get rid of Gibbs!!
  • Not enjoying this new season!

    I particularly dislike the Torres character and the fact that Michael Weatherly is gone. The interaction between him and Gibbs was wonderful. Now it just seems like there are too many people involved and you don't really care. I suspect with the death of Gary Glasberg it will get worse. I prefer to watch all the old episodes in the USA channel!
  • Great New Cast

    I may be in the minority but so far I like the two new agents, Torres and Quinn. Emily Wickersham's Ellie character is still boring. It was stated that Sean Murry's weight loss is not as a result of his being sick. I love his Tim character but, if he's not sick then, Sean has lost enough weight! He doesn't look sexy, he simply looks like he's depressingly sick! However, if he is sick, then I'm very sorry for him and for this comment.
  • Music too Loud during conversations-NCIS

    The background music is way too loud during conversations, especially when the women are speaking. The pitch is very similar so it all blends together and we miss the conversation. We have complained before but it seems no one is taking note, or cares. As the audience slowly withdraws for various reasons, maybe they will get the hing.
  • NCIS down the tube

    Too many negatives from a network bent on political leavesdefinitely anti Israel sentiment from that network shown. Guess when the president of the network is Ben Rhodes brother everything is fair gameJackson Gibbs died poor soul. Really enjoyed those episodes. Tony leaves and takes his dad with himthey substitute a lame Bishop boring, boring, boringworse yet the liberal minding network has some push on the shows with the nobamas.. was a great fan of this series from day one but won't be anymoresad

    I'm still on the fence about this new season. In the past, occasionally a writer would screw up a story line. Not terribly off base, just small inconsistencies. This past episode, Priviledged Information, an unforgivable screw up occurred. Ellie Bishop was explaining to Gibbs' head shrinker the rules of interrogation. Specifically, the "never interrupt Gibbs during an interrogation" rule. Bishop said it was rule number 17. THERE IS NO RULE #17. It's rule #22 people!!!. If you don't know the rules, don't write for the show! Then, when McGee does interrupt the interrogation, the head shrinker says, " What happened to rule 17?" I could list other writing mishaps, but I let them go. This I can't let go. They sell tee shirts, mugs, hoodies, etc. with the rules listed. Read the damn mug! I hope they find a way to correct this. These rules have been on place for 14 years. How do you screw that up?
  • New Cast - What to expect

    I wasn't sure with Michael Weatherly leaving whether NCIS would be good this year. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it! The new members are good and funny and the show is still good! I will continue to watch it, in fact I have the series being recorded each week in case I am not at home to see it! Kudos to the writers and the stars!
  • NCIS has been dying a slow death since 8th season

    . (Keep It Simple Stupid) is sometimes a good philosophy. I liked NCIS from the beginning for it's solve-a-crime-an-episode formula. When they delved into the (multi) season-long terrorist hunt stuff it got very convoluted, hard to follow & boring. Then Ziva left and in came (yaaaawn) Bishop. Cue the death march: da da da-da da da-da da da da daaaa.

    And now, Fez as Special Agent? I don't think so. Watched the 1st episode to give it a chance. Glimpsed at 2nd episode until about first commercial and totally ignored it last night.

    I'm done watching and hopefully enough others are to so they can move NCIS:NOLA into the time slot. I cannot stay up until 11 to watch (and I haven't recorded shows since VCR's became passe), so it's off my watch list for now, too.
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