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  • Bishop No More

    I've was an avid NCIS watcher. I'm having problem with Bishop replacing Ziva. One of the best part of the show was the relationship Tony Dinozzo had with Kate and Ziva. it's now gone and they changed the Dinozzo's character. I felt that Diane Nash would have a better replacement for Ziva. I've stopped watching the new episodes and I've turned on the reruns on a different channel. Too bad they made a major mistake with Bishop
  • bishop more like bishit

    hi so I have watched NCIS since I was nine. I am now sixteen. I hadn't even watched them in order but since it got added to netflix I decided to. I absolutely loved Kate, but I loved Ziva even more. Like, Tony was just sitting there and here walks in this super bad-ass Israeli who has confidence and determination. Over the 8 years we had Cote on the show I grew to love her even more. She proved herself to be strong, capable and trustworthy. Also I was a big fan of Tiva because who isn't. When she left I was slightly disturbed because I couldn't figure out why CBS would get rid of such a phenomenal actress like Cote De Pablo. Then I come to find out (other than Cote wanted to pursue different paths) that is was a money issue? Here we have this outstanding actress, who works long hours and isn't being paid shit. We all know CBS has a history of firing female leads when they ask for a raise, as we saw this with Cook from Criminal Minds. So it isn't that shocking that they rushed her exit and didn't give the fans the ending we deserved. BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN STOP THERE. Then they hire EW who for one, is a poor actress, two, what the hell is happening with her eyebrow/hair combo? She looks like a 13 year old who accidentally got a hold of her moms hair dye. That's not even the worst part, how can you give a horrible actress such a bland character and expect good results?? lets look back at season one and season three shall we? Season one episode one we met Kate. Gibbs did not just hand her the job. She fucking earned that shit. She disobeyed orders as a secret service agent so Gibbs could solve his crime. So when she quit he gave her a job at NCIS. Then Ziva kiLLED HER BROTHER TO SAVE GIBBS. LET ME REPEAT. SHE KILLED HER OWN BROTHER. At the end of this episode Gibbs and David are in the elevator and Gibbs tells her he trusts her because of what she did. Then there Bishop. WHo walks the fuck in and says a couple smart things and gets handed a job? Not to mention she has ZERO prior training as an agent or anything else. CBS what the hell are you doing? Stop being a bitchy little girl and just fucking get Cote back. She wants to come back she said so herself but ya'll are being assholes. Your show is suffering. Since Cote left, the show has dropped 7 million views. Since NCIS started they have consistently been rated CBS #1 show. Now that Cotes gone they aren't lol. Between getting rid of Ziva and adding Bishop the show is suffering like hell. I hope to God they bring her back in season 13 or else I will give up on this show. (Season 13 should also probably be the last season but maybe that one is just me) xoxo


    bishop still sucks, shows losing its jazz lol get rid of bishop, bring back ziva. The show will improve i promise. Michael and Cote vibe off each other and everyone else vibes off them so:)


    i stand by what i have been, and every other ncis fan has been saying: GET RID OF BISHOP. bring back ziva.
  • Bishop Character Lacks Depth - Need new blood

    I was so upset that the Bishop character was "flat" or lacked depth. To me, an analyst is a "back room person" and not a front line action person. I hate to admit this but when she went back to Oklahoma, I wanted her to stay there and not return to the show. I feel no emotional attachment to her. I didn't think twice about the break-up only because the dynamics between Bishop and her husband were weird.

    People at NCIS are expected to be intelligent and think out of the box. I have no memories of Bishop that "stick" with me. I was glad to see that there was an episode that focused around Jimmy, along with other episodes whose focus was around the other characters. These I remember.

    I was so upset after 2 months of seeing Bishop, I wrote Mark Harmon in care of the production company. No response. No surprise. I think the rest of the cast is carrying the show along with some guest appearances.

    When I was thinking of story lines where Bishop could exit, the divorce scenario seemed to make sense or that her passion for the intelligence led her back to the Agency where she previously worked. I think the character is not working well is two-fold 1) poor character development 2) mis-match with what the audience's expectations of the role should be.

    Thank God for NCIS reruns on TV where i can see Ziva. The story lines developed for her tapped into her ability to evoke so many emotions. The action side was amazing. The evolution of her character was amazing.

    I like the new female lead on the new TV show, Blindspot. She has the same ability to evoke emotions whether it's confusion, anger, sadness, fear, plus a growing emotional connection with her lead male. Combine that with her "action hero" and it's a good format for success. Her inner strength and training equates to

    If Ziva wants to pursue other action roles shows so she won't get stereotyped, then okay, Could she have done a better job of exiting so that the writers could put more time and thought could be put into an appropriate ending. The last episode between Ziva and DiNozio was supposed to be romantic. I was not really moved. Could be I was stunned at her departure. I had heard there were bad feelings among the other actors on the show when Ziva announced her departure.

    Someone told me Ziva's fan club was To me that's a poor word choice. Are they passionate about Ziva's character, yes. Excellent story writing PLUS a strong character who has held in her emotions for a long time because that was her position. That was her dad's expectation of her.

  • I like her

    Love this show, I'm season 11, couldn't help but to thing my god they are getting old. I love Bishop, she is an enigma to the team. she reminds me of the prodigy on criminal minds. As for facial expressions she's sweet and strong. I haven't seen the ep. About her husband, thanks for the spoliers, yet I don't think she would show emotions to that. She too logical she'd rationalize it and move on. She says it in her ep.1 when she fails she gets right back up and she got to work on team work. Boom bishop for the win
  • Are any writers or producers listening to us?

    This is my 3rd review since Bishop started. Clearly you are not listening to anyone. I'm not comparing her to Ziva. The transition from Kate to Ziva was done perfectly. This poor little girl couldn't transition out of a paper bag. I've watched this amazing show from day 1. It's on all TV's during the day on USA. I have 2 dogs named Ziva David and Abby Sciuto. I have been a faithful viewer but if you continue to put me to sleep and bore me with Bishop, we will part ways. Hopefully she'll stay in Oklahoma.
  • Jake - an Affair to Forget

    I have to agree with all the recent posts that Ellie's character lacks depth. Her facial expressions almost never change and then she finds out her husband is having an affair - with no anger, rage, tears? Impossible ... an affair should have elicited some powerful emotions from her but instead within 24 hours she decides to run home to Oklahoma and not confront Jake in a rage - even put a gun to his throat (I sure would). Did NCIS lose writers in the last writer's strike? It's become so damned bland that I fall asleep watching. Get the NOLA NCIS writers to take over ... it's the only NCIS show that I await anxiously each week ... if CBS doesn't fix NCIS it WILL be cancelled and that's a horrible thought because I'm so attached to all the other characters from Vance to Abby. I hated writing such a "hate" review but someone needs to kick CBS in the patooty. Bringing back Ziva would fix ALL the shows problems but some strong writing might salvage Bishop ... but the actor needs to put some effort into her role when the writing improves or it will still fail ... she needs some quirks that are character specific to endear her to the viewing audience. Good Luck NCIS - I sure love the show but am very worried about its future.
  • ziva please come home for chrismas

    the show is going nowere I do not watch it most of the time is no spark in the think that the show would go back to where you were glued to the tv every Tuesday night. please help the fans of ncis and give us a great the show back to where it made the best come out in tell gibb,s to cut his hair and be a marine.
  • NCIS BIshop

    I don't even understand why Bishop is in NCIS in the first place! I'm not one to be sexist, because know that female agents aren't at like Bishop! Well some may be but certainly not as a field agent! I don't know what they have in store for Ziva (Cote de Pablo) but this Bishop girl has to go! There's nothing exciting about her. For Ziva we got to go to Telave Israel! I mean c'mon!

    Just more violence, blood and guts and dumb down script. Its like loosing an old friend. Bad enough I had to watch 3 yrs of reruns but even then at least there was real content and not all pivoting on violence. Could never understand why they kept dumping great femal actress' and replaced with a kid of no content. Oh, ya I know, the media is now focused totally on youth for their dumbing down process (ie the money mongers at work.. Guess Im dumping tv as Ive only watched 3 programs over the last few years and was hoping the new season would permit me entertainment, particularly for what I pay for tv, but clearly its no longer worth it. Hey , better to go back to reading!!!!. I thought these producers were on top of the dumbing down programming of our kids that has been going on in the media and combating it, but alas. This is the legacy of our generation to our kids and grandkids and if mature adults do not get off their butts and the blogging format to take actions on a range of things aside from tv our kids are going to suffer terribly.
  • Where did NCIS go?

    What has happened to NCIS this season. I know there is a transistioning but in the process they have lost impact and interest. Relationships that made the show are practically dissolved. The writing now is so simplistic and predictable leaving it so hum drum. Where is the show so many loved and followed? Bring back the sharp writing and interesting characters that has made this show work.
  • Bone-marrow Donor!

    I can't believe this episode on needing a donor for a young man who has leukemia. Really, they want us to believe that a black man was his closest match! Bone marrow is about as basic as you can get. It is what determines what color your hair and eyes are, your body style, everything. It is why they have public service announcements asking for specific ethnic groups to donate. It is completely inaccurate to show people of different ethnicities to be a match. Do your research writers!
  • Bishop

    We want ziva back or Maggie Q. This Bishop sucks doesn't fit in!
  • My Take on NCIS Future.

    As has been said in other areas. We must evolve or fade out. With the recent departure of Bishop and the other spinoffs featuring teasers of diffrent charicters you have to wonder if we are not seeing evolution in process. With the growing trends in the world to focus more on worldly how hard is it to see a more international spin of ncis. A team featuring a Israeli women, a Australian woman, A American man, and such. Even though i Love NCIS i fear its time to pass the batton like its predicessor (JAG) did to them. And hope some of the loved charicters are absorbed into the next generation.
  • A different take on Bishop and her troubles

    I perceive Bishop's character as having quiet strength, not as being bland. And I'm suggesting that the show is right now laying the foundation for development of a romantic relationship between her and Gibbs. Consider: The series is (much) nearer its end than its beginning; such a period is frequently used by the writers to spin out personal fantasies about the characters they've created and come to love, and there's opportunity coming for the show to break out of its envelope and the viewers' comfort zone without endangering its future. Gibbs has undergone a personal crisis and come out of it changed: hair, clothes, maybe demeanor; what else might be changing? Gibbs is taking time (presumably personal) for a visit to Bishop at her parents' home; he'd never do this for McGee or Dinozzo. Something is awakening behind those icy blue eyes...
  • Bishop character no depth - boring - must go

    The character of Bishop is not a strong enough female lead and that is what I think everyone feels. The characters of Kate and Ziva were very strong and yet still likable. Bishop has no depth, her monotone voice is hard to constantly listen to and her storyline of her husband cheating is ... well rather sad that the writers wrote that in as it is so cliche. Anyway, not thrilled with the acting ability of Emily nor do I like Bishop at all. Certainly not someone I would want to hang out with and that is my personal feeling. Rating a 7.5 with Bishop and a 10 without.
  • Would like to see a new female agent on the team

    I'm with those who could never relate to Bishop. I don't know whether it's the acting or the writing, but her character is very flat, her only emotion seems to be puzzled. (And I have to admit that her stringy blonde hair with dark brows & roots are distracting; sorry if that makes me shallow. I would think that Emily the actress or Bishop the agent could afford a decent Yeah, I guess in real life you could have boring co-workers, but this is a top-rated TV show and needs some spark that Bishop simply can't deliver. Since she's already part of the cast/family I can see following her story to some degree, but it would be nice to have a new female agent with a strong personality take her place on the team. (I'm giving the episode itself a high rating because I could see the story line of serious issues with her husband coming a mile away; something like this had to happen. Also glad it opens a possibility of replacing BTW I'm fine with Gibbs' hair; just a quirk coming from the stuff he's going through.
  • Someone has to do something about Bishop

    No matter how hard the writers have tried to make Bishop fits it just doesn't work, the character has gone through a metamorphosis, she went from an analyst that actually sat on the floor while working for NSA to an NCIS agent with problems at home, they have tried to make her more interesting and less dull but still I dislike her, it's probably because they picked a mediocre actress to portray the character and the only one to blame is the casting Director, they have tried everything posible but it is time for her to go, bring a better actress and the show is going to improve drastically.
  • Oklahoma, OK!

    I really hope Bishop stays in Oklahoma. I thought they were going to have her leave because she needed to be at NSA so she and her hubby could share. However, this is a good ending too. Isn't it strange that Gibbs would become an immediate friend of such a creep. Just another example of how poorly the Bishops storyline has been winging it from Day 1. It was never realistic that Gibbs would befriend and call every night a person whom he could not possibly know or trust in such a short time.
  • Don't write out Bishop

    IMO Bishop stepped in seamlessly when Zeva left. I love her acting and the role. Stunned to see so much hate here.

  • Let up on Bishop

    As I recall, Tim was pretty non descript when he first came onboard. Bishop is too young for sexual tension with Tony. I agree she needs to either dump the husband or let him know she's not the same girl and start pushing out of her nerd shell a bit. Some socializing with Abbey should help that. Forget Barrett. She's in charge where she is: being a subordinate to Gibbs Tony &Tim would never work. Don't blame the actress for the writers. Or the director. As far as Gibbs haircut: change is inevitable. He's not all that different
  • Great Episode

    This was a great episode and very emotional!! I love the entire cast INCLUDING Bishop! She adds her own dimension to the show. Not everyone can be like Ziva and I get that. If all the women were the same the show would be boring. Keep up the great work!
  • Bishop thoughts

    Wow, I didn't realize so many didn't like Bishop. I do like her, however, I don't think they are doing all they can with the character. Ziva was fun to watch as she kicked butt and had a different world view. Bishop was quirky at first - the candy bars and her spy smarts - but all that's gone now that she's an NCIS agent. There is nothing that sets her apart from so many other agents and there needs to be. Maybe after her trip to OK/break up? with Jake, the writers will do something with her.
  • Bring back Ziva!

    Every time I see NCIS I hope that Bishop has been replaced. She is a very flat and unrelateable character. I just cannot make myself like her. I wish they would bring back Ziva. Ziva had awesome chemistry with the whole crew, but Bishop is just flat and boring no matter who she is interacting with. Cato de Pablo has stated that she is willing to come back to the show, so why haven't they brought her back??? Hope the producers wake up soon. Bishop is dragging the whole show down.
  • Tonight's episode looked promising (11/17/15)

    I thought with Bishop going back to her folks in Oklahoma after Jake's cheating that she would finally be leaving the show. But then next week's episode preview shows that Gibbs goes after her. Sigh. What can we do to register our disappointment and dissatisfaction with Bishop's character, acting, and addition to the show? She doesn't belong. It's not a good fit for her or for the show. Please find another place for her and find someone else for NCIS. (And please ask Gibbs to cut his hair--he looks sloppy, and careless, not
  • What?!

    So I just started watching this show and I am confused. Can someone please explain to me why the finale of season 1 ends with Kate being season 2 starts with an episode that has nothing to do with the finale, and Kate is magically back?!
  • little sister

    She's like the team's little sister I think she's cute and totes different than Ziva: which is a good thing. Ziva was a great character Bishop can be too.

    Honestly I feel like Ziva/Tony shippers feel threatened by her. I don't think they should.
  • A weak link that stays weak

    I've watched NCIS and its reruns over and over again because I really love the many aspects of its characters. However, when most of the team is able to display many emotions, Bishop just doesn't seem to be able to do the same. No matter how serious the situation or even personal, she still has the same sighs and no change in her facial expressions. A team is only as strong as its weakest link; Bishop is the weak link. Never seen such a weak link on this show before. The producers seemed to be quite gifted before in picking talent - but what a miss! Fingernails on chalkboard these days with Bishop. Kate and Ziva cannot be replaced. I just wait for NCIS NOLA on Tuesdays. More than time to make a change.
  • Can't Disagree

    I can't disagree with the majority of comments found here. I too have been a fan since the beginning and JAG before that. Character development is 70% writers and 30% actor. While I am not a fan of Emily (on this show) she can only work with what she is given by the writers. After 12 seasons the writers seem to have given up and NCIS is becoming more of sit-com. For example, I miss the Ziva-isms not that I expect the Bishop character to use them but it is an example of the clever writing produced by the writers in previous seasons. Unfortunately, Emily does not look the part of a Federal Agent. The behind the scenes production people should do a better job of making her fit the character--more appropriate hair style and dress--she looks more like a high school teen. The other problem is that the show did not need another nerd. It already had two very good ones with Abby and Magee (and autopsy gremlin is coming along but is still a little too irritating at times for my taste). I think the real problem here is that the writers do not know who this character is and can't figure out what to do with her.

    NCIS needed a strong investigator type to challenge Tony (but not necessarily a love interest but with some sexual tension [love and marriage between protagonists always seems to be the downfall of a good show!]). Bourne is not a good long-term choice as she is too much like Gibbs. I do like her as a guest star and the cross agency cooperation and all. Finally, while I know it is heresy of the worst kind, but Abby needs to grow up a little--after all she is 12-13 years older. I love Abby and have from the beginning but maybe a little less Goth and a little more stylish wardrobe but still quirky, loving and brilliant at what she does.

  • Show needs help.

    Please get rid of Bishop and get a strong woman in there, someone like Coast Guard Bourin. Bishop is just so wrong for NCIS. Need strong and tough not whiny and whimsy. Ever week Bishop becomes more irritating. I love NCIS.
  • The best show ever

    love this show... most watched show last nigth... almost 20 milion tottal viewers...
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