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  • Rut-Row

    Bishop's character just sucks the ever loving life out of this once great series. And the rest of the cast are mere menions to Bishop and her eyebrows. The new writers have shoved this woman down our throats. I agree, admit you made a mistake. Also, the new writers must have been former writers for The Scooby Doo cartoon. Really, predictable, and just bad unbelievable plot lines. The Bishop character is forced bad acting ta'boot! And give me a break with her "quirks". Get her arse off the floor and at a desk. She is now Wonder Woman of NCIS. I wish she would just go away in the Mystery Machine Van!
  • Admit the mistake

    Oh dear, I'm sure Emily Wickersham is trying hard and I feel for her trying to fit in with other characters from a long-running series - but I'm just not seeing any rapport between her and the rest of the cast. She seems to have very little sense of humour and there's absolutely no zing between her and Tony - and I don't mean in the sexual sense but just in general. I hate to say it but I think tptb have made a big mistake with this character. I was prepared to like her but so far the character is leaving me feeling cold. I'll keep watching NCIS but I feel like a lot of the spark has gone. I just hope GG and co are big enough to admit their mistake and rethink the Bishop character.
  • Bishop is incredibly obnoxious.

    Seriously. So annoying I'm done with NCIS. Love/Loved the show, but her character is so annoying I'm done.
  • Grow Up, NCIS!

    Been #1 fan of NCIS since the beginning. Xanax needed now to watch. Who's the show about? Gibbs or the immature Bishop? No chemistry. Who's in charge here, anyway? She is a sideshow, not a major character.
  • Kill Bishop ):

    Please bring Ziva back. I miss the chemistry the team had. Not feeling Bishop.
  • Agent Bishop - please NO!

    the progression from intelligent, capable, funny and engaging Kate, to less mature, even thinner, but still capable and funny - absolutely lovable and always in progress - Ziva, to childlike maturity, humorless and size zero body AND personality Bishop, has inspired me to look for something else to watch - This from a fan that has rewatched the entire series within the last year for fun and lack of other quality television.

    The prospect of her being a permanent fixture on the show may drive me to take up knitting as a form of better entertainment. Everyone's performance seems to be suffering as a result of her presence.
  • Please kill her off

    I dont see any way to turn this around without killing off Bishop. She's not funny, she's not more clever then the other cast members, she's not quirky and cute - she's just annoying, arrogant and obviously a way too big a try-hard. Is her "cutesy-relateable"-ways supposed to make up for her constantly shitting over NCIS? Giving away bread makes defying orders all good?

    The show doesn't need a worse version of Abby, who actually manage to fill out the "quirky-cute", "supersmart" role amazingly. Chop chop, get rid of Bishop.
  • not the same

    I stop watching the show. Really do not care for the new cast member, that i did'nt want to even get to know her name.
  • What Happened?

    This is not the same show! Why is "Bishop" in charge? Everyone else is now portrayed as incompetent, inexperienced and incapable of functioning without her. Not really worth watching anymore. Sad. The writing is just not the same and not sure why the character development took this turn for the worse!
  • Not another skinny blonde with silicon hair

    Where is Ziva's brother with a sniper rifle when you need him? Tony is going to need to come out and marry Dorneget to save this mess.

    Where did the writers go that cleverly indulged us with humorous lines when they were so needed?

    In my estimation, those lines set NCIS apart from other dramas. The characters shared equally and worked so well together. Why ruin a great thing? Get rid of Bishop and let the cast continue to work together on solving crimes. Gibbs looks like a wimp, Tony looks lost, and McGee is all but drowning!

    COMEON say good-bye to Bishop and welcome back to the writers!
  • NCIS Never will meet the new Ziva

    Sorry, but Bishop is unbearable!

    It's time to say goodbye to my preferred serie.

    Bishop knows everything, Bishop does everything, while others, including Gibbs, just applauding the only star in the constellation?!?!?

    It is unthinkable that an Gibbs team agent is bear this way. What is happening?!?!?!?

    NCIS became a festival of "faces and mouths" like Unforgettable and Covert Affair.

    PLEASE! bring Ziva (Cote de Pablo) back.
  • Bishop not a good story make.

    Show could survive without Ziva but where are the good stories. Bishop has no real purpose and she suddenly lessens the importance of the rest of the cast. Get better story lines. Give Gibbs a personal life marry off Tony, something other then this Bishop. I have been a fan since begining but this year so far is not good. Even bring back Jon Benoir. I keep hoping that the show improves every week but not so far.
  • So Sad!

    I didn't cry at the end at the end of Ziva's farewell episode but did last night. It was the end of an excellent, well-written series that was cohesive in its story lines, had interesting characters to relate to and preserved the integrity and trust with its viewers. How could anyone think Bishop did a good job and earn probation status? She didn't get any new info from the terrorist, fell for his fake faint and then opened the door so two guards got killed! And what was an analyst, not an experienced agent, doing in the room alone with a terrorist? Insisting on being there alone and allowed to do it is very inconsistent. The botox to smooth out the wrinkle, combed hair, no ripped jeans and preppy clothes is so obvious. Ziva wore her hair pulled back much better. Unfortunately, the black eyebrows are still there. The men's room scene was an insult to us Ziva fans. And what is it with the batting practice? The geeks I taught played a musical instrument to relax and ease stress. I expected more respect for their viewers from CBS and the producers of this show. It was goodbye to Ziva and now to NCIS.

    What's NCIS spelled backwards? SICN, which is what the show has done to me ever since Bishop joined the cast. Please, please, get rid of her!

    Totally dislike Bishop and have quit watching NCIS. Horrible Horrible Horrible Show! Best show on TV now it Castle! I just don't understand why the writers decided to destroy the successful show. Weird! I attempted to give it another chance last night but couldn't get past the first scene. (Am I the only one whose skin crawls when I see those black eyebrows with that blonde hair?) Watched a rerun of Chopped instead. That tells you how very bad NCIS is now. Goodbye had a good run! If I were in charge of the show, some writer's and one actress would be fired!!
  • Too bad freaking sad!!!!

    I agree with every single comment about the new bishop character on here as in all the negative ones! Completely different show too bad it is so freaking sad that it is so so very bad. It is totally as if there is no character the same since Bishop is there, no one acts the same, No one is written the same. Especially the ones talking about Bishop seeming to be the boss and now Gibbs bows down to her are absolutely true! Done watching the show, could care less. Have been a loyal fan from the very first show, still addicted to reruns, but as long as bishop is there I'll read my book instead.
  • Cute but not believable

    I am sorry to say that I agree with most of the reviews of Bishop. She is cute and smart but she is not very believable. The show needs a stronger female lead and one that is not so young. As in tonight's episode, she doesn't look old enough to have followed the killer for 6 years. She just doesn't fit with the rest of the cast. I have watched this show from the beginning and always looked forward to the next episode but no longer feel the need to "not miss one". The cast now seems to be babysitters rather than have someone they can depend on to have their back.
  • Bishop too cutesy!

    I agree with all the reviews about Bishop. She is just too cutesy for me and needs to deal with that hair in her face. And I, too, feel Gibbs has departed from his leadership role. Please do something!!! The show has not maintained its high standards.
  • Bishop, BLAH

    I have see every NCIS and watch the reruns. Wouldn't miss it. Since Bishop joined I can hardly watch it

    The writers seemed to have lost their touch. . Why do they have Gibbs stepping aside and asking her for everything. If she continues, this faithful NCIS follower will no longer be faithful.
  • Just saying...

    I have watched NC I S since it was debuted from JAG. I watch reruns faithfully. I have been dismayed when several great characters were removed, . Kate, Jenny, and Mike. I understand Cote De Pablo wanted to move on. But that did not mean that the show had to change completely. Did the writers leave also? Personally, if Bishop and these boring story lines are what we have to look forward to, I am done with this show. Long live the reruns and Blue Bloods.
  • bishop will kill the show ncis

    I have NEVER missed an episode. I just watched Bishop screw up another one. I'm done. She has ruined it for me. She is NOT a team player, doesn't listen to Gibbs, talks too fast and mumbles, talks too low (can't hear half of what she says). I will NOT watch another second of the show with her on it. I have talked to about 40 other people who feel EXACTLY as I do. Sorry, but I'm done.
  • Almost gone

    If you keep Bishop I will stop watching and I have been a fan from the beginning. The character is boring and the new story line stinks. None of the main characters even act like themselves. Most of my relatives and friends that watch the program have decided to also stop watching. I guess ( from reading reviews since Bishop arrived ) this will probably be their final year. Sorry to see them leave .
  • NCIS

    Bishop might be nice but V E R Y B O R I N stick to reruns.
  • Can't get through entire show.

    Bishop makes the team boring! I've always loved watching and reruns are the best. These days, reruns are all I can stomach. Please try to find someone else for Ziva's replacement. Col. Mann would be great. Her interaction with the team is so much better than Bishop's.
  • Checkmate

    Get rid of Bishop. If I have to see her "scrunched" up face I will scream. her character is coming off like she's smarter than everyone, even Gibbs seems to be stepping aside for her. PR can hype her all they want, it's not working. I would rather have no one, even another man would be better

  • NCIS Needs a Facelift

    I have been watching NCIS since it spun off from JAG. I loved Caitlin and of course Ziva but this dork they now have hired is not worthy of this program. I would have thought the producers and Mark Harmon would have recognized that a strong female role was needed to carry on the wonderful tradition. However, this moron who sits on the floor to solve the crime like my 2 year old sits on the floor to draw, is an insult to this program. I have stopped watching after giving her a chance but enough is enough. Either rethink this role or just sign off. We're not idiots - we love our NCIS but she is NOT worthy of being on this cast.
  • Doesn't have the pizzazz!!!

    We had watched NCIS seems like since the beginning of time. The time frame for NCIS and NCIS LA was set aside every week, but NOT now. We do continue to watch and love NCIS LA but not NCIS. Why? because of the actress who replaced Ziva's spot. Not that we expected another Ziva since Ziva was different in personality and dynamics from the previous actress role of Kate. But, we've come to love and expect some challenges and entertainment from the woman who has that spot as well as a particular type of unique beauty and personality. We understand actors move on to other things but there are so many other women who have appeared in various acting roles on NCIS who would have filled Ziva's spot perfectly, for example some of Gibb's female friends who appeared as military officers. This actress or her role just doesn't fit in with what we have come to expect from the camaraderie of the NCIS actors and performance of the script. I do miss seeing the main actors, Tony, "Magee" and Gibbs, and all the other fine actors and we definitely miss the thrills and comedy of the show but until this actress is replaced and the script picks up the drama we won't be watching.
  • sour grapes

    I use to love NCIS. I have watched all of the episodes at lest twice. Reruns are always playing on the television at my house on weekends. But since the new season started I really stopped caring if it is on or not. When Ziva left the soul left the show. I do not like the new team member Bishop. She just does not fit in. That school girl, geeky setting cross legged on the desk stuff just does not do anything for the show. We already have a smart, geeky chick in the show with Abby. I love Abby. What this show needed was another tough kick ass female to balance out Tony and Tim and Gibbs. Instead what we got was this odd school girl mishmash of a character that I have not warmed up to. I know the Ziva character needed to move on and that happens, but them doing a total 190 on characters just didn't work this time. I just think we are seeing the last season of this most awesome show with this blunder. This makes me sad. This new formula does not work for us guys, go back to the drawing board please.
  • It is a joke

    Go back to the table with Cote! I haven't liked a show since the new season began!! 1

    Getting harder to watch!
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