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  • NCIS, where are you?

    Where are the head slaps? Where is Abby's Caf Pow!!, where are DiNozzo's movie references, where is Ducky? - what happened to Gibb's dark side? - Where is the interaction (not always favorable) between Gibbs and Leon? - Why didn't DiNozzo's father acknowledge Ziva's absence - why doesn't anyone acknowledge Ziva's absence for that matter - seems like she never existed!! - we can't blame the new agent for all of this mess - she's only an actress playing the part that was written for her!! - the blame is on the writers (do they really know the cast members?) - and producers and casting directors! Please come back, NCIS, we miss you!!!!
  • This show is becoming the Great Depression

    My husband and I are 78 years old, him a veteran. We have watched this show since it began and we cannot believe how terrible it has become!

    The story arc is horrendous! Bishop is always the hero, Bishop never fails, Bishop, Bishop, Bishop! For the love of God, she is not the only one on the team! What happened to Gibbs? They brought a new silver fox in to stand in his place. Miss the blue-eyed handsome man who wouldn't let a little blonde girl stomp on him.

    The whole show was better with Ziva. Ever since she left, it has become the Great Depression! People can't afford to watch the show anymore because it's not worth it. Why waste an hour when there's shows on TV with actual story arcs? Ziva could give the boys on the team a run for their money! My husband would've liked to see her in the army with him!

    I do not know where people are getting that she wanted to leave because I purchased the TV Guide article at Walgreens for her departure where she spoke and she said "leaving was not planned"! To me, there seems to be more bitter fans against those who appreciated Ziva and what she brought to the beloved show.

    Season twelve will not work out if they keep forcing the blonde on everyone because of CBS and their resentment towards Ziva. Mark better work on Gibbs too! The plastic blow up doll that is now being walked on is not tasteful! Grow a pair, Gibbs!

    This show is not the show I once adored.

    xMary Rose
  • Would rather shave my eyeballs than watch another minute of bishop...

    NCIS used to be my favourite show ever. I always looked forward to getting the DVD packages as a christmas present from my parents and I love all the characters and the writing. But as far as Bishop goes I hate her. It's not about her replacing Ziva. It's about how poorly she is written, and how poorly Emily Wickersham plays her. It's awful! I loved Kate and I loved Ziva aswell but this new character does my head in. I loved kate and ziva because teenage girls need more badass assassin women on TV to look up to and admire. Bishop is just a know it all and I can't stand it along with the childish faces and the 'food association' crap and the sitting on the desk... like what are you. Cote de Pablo may have left the show for her own reasons but still even after Sasha Alexander left for HER own reasons, she was still talked about and not avoided as a topic like Ziva is. Not Even Dinozzo Snr. (Robert Wagner) mentioned her when her came to visit. Why are you still continuing with one actresses storyline and mentioning her name whilst you aren't for someone who was with the show a lot longer?

    I miss the old NCIS so much. I miss the banter between McGee and Tony. I miss Gibbs walking into the squadroom at the wrong moment. I MISS THE TIVA. I miss the fun Abby. I miss the inappropriate Palmer. I miss the lovely, adorable Ducky. I miss Ziva messing up sayings. And most of all I just missed my abosolute favourite show. Whilst my life had some ups and downs, my favourite shows, NCIS included, all had things that lit up my life.

    I haven't watched an episode since the Episode 250 (Dressed to Kill) and I don't think i will bother buying season 11, if Bishop is comes for Season 12 or any ongoing seasons. I can't stand her. What happened to this show? How does one show get ruined by one actress? Just ask Emily Wickersham. How does one show get ruined by one executive producer? Just ask Gary Glasberg.


    In Summary: I don't expect Cote to return but I would love for her too. Just please get rid of Wickersham. She doesn't fit in and she needs to be dealt with ASAP before anymore ratings drop.
  • The Last Season

    I don't expect NCIS to last more than one more season. With the introduction of Bishop, the show has become dull. And, it's not just the character, bu the poor writing and directing. The cast seems to be the walking dead - no life, everyone out of character. The "Ah-Ha" moments are mostly Bishops and the rest are just string into emptiness. I would watch pst episodes over and over, but watching commercials are betting than the current episodes.
  • Needs help

    I would rather watch reruns with Ziva in them than watch new episodes with the black eyebrows and blonde bimbo. She might do ok in another show but not this one.
  • Another one bites the dust

    RIP NCIS - It was my absolute favourite show until they forced a shallow cardboard cut out character on us who in one episode sucked all the life out of it. The black eyebrows, heavy frown and supposedly quirky habits of Bishop had me reaching for the remote - and a bucket! - change channels folks - this one will die a slow and sad death if they don't do something quickly! As soon as she joined the team everyone else it seemed loved her instantly, she had ALL the answers, she even pulls Gibbs' strings - how dim do they think we are? There's an elephant in the room and its name is Ziva - we are not blind! They should at the very least have allowed us time to say get used to her absence- instead of covering her empty spot with a lifeless flat two dimensional character called Bishop. I loved the show for its genuine quirkiness, humour and humanity - now I no longer watch it because it no longer has those same elements. Take Bishop out and they may recover some of the old magic. OMG Paleeeeese do something!
  • ZIVA BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bishop is not the New Ziva know one can take her place. so when are you going to take Bishop out she doesn't fit in and i stop watching NCIS and I watch the reruns of NCIS with Ziva in it. Please take Bishop out Please please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I want Ziva Back.
  • Awkward, awkward, awkward!

    NCIS has had flavor in the mix until this dreadful season. Please, please, please define a personality for Bishop as it is not fun to watch the black eyebrows and withering bleached hair as a prop. I need some substance to define bishop's character. This is not at all acceptable for the devoted NCIS watchers. . My mother told me to write that she was "damm mad".

  • ncis - find someone else

    Don't like the new girl. Tried to watch a few times after cody left. She brings nothing to the need a kick-ass female.. I haven't watched it since.
  • Bishop kills the show...

    Why investigate when there is a Miracle Child who knows everything? The rest of the team just sitting there waiting for Bishop to tell them where to go and who to saving old reruns to watch on Tuesdays and not interested in new sad....
  • Love this show

    I really love this tv series and i would love to see more seasons

    Ok,Ziva is not coming back and I hate that,but enough is enough Bishop has no personality what so ever,and where is Gibbs and everyone else's personality didn't the writers use Abby from the coast guard,she is a strong female character and her and the team were terrific together in the episodes she was DON'T HAVE BISHOP have every episode of NCIS on DVD,but will not be watching or purchasing any Harmon if you have any plans to continue on NCIS and any pull at all on this show Please don't let Bishop return or I'm afraid there won't be another NCIS get rid of Bishop.
  • Stopped Watching

    I was once a fan to NCIS but this season turned me off. I don't know who hired the actress who's playing Bishop but a cut out copy of Ziva is more lifelike than her. Plus the brotherly banter of Tony and McGee is gone. For the first time I believe that NCIS is in danger of ending unless a major shakeup is done.
  • Season 10 was NCIS's high point

    I love the show, and I understand where everyone else is coming from on their viewpoint of Bishop, but I rather enjoy seeing her learn and grow on the show. I look forward to watching it on Tuesday more than anything in the week still, but the thrill factor that was there in season 10 just isn't there anymore. In my opinion season 10 was the best BY FAR. My second favorite is season 5. I feel that over the summer, the writers will have more time to think about everything, and hopefully be able to please a few more fans, because as of now, NCIS's future beyond season 12 is uncertain if the ratings drop anymore. They're still high, but they have gone down in recent months. I will watch the show no matter what happens, and I still love it currently, but I feel as if they can do better. However, the last couple episodes of the season were pretty great.

    Now to clear up a few things:

    Gary Glasberg didn't create LA, that was Shane Brennan, and he left when LA was created to focus on that. Now everyone is saying GG ruined the show when he arrived, but that was at the end of 2009, and since then some of the best NCIS stories have been told. Like I said, season 10 was amazing, and from what I've heard, pretty much everyone loved the Ziva arc that came out last season. Guess what, GG made those episodes. In fact, they were his direct idea!!

    Now to talk about Ziva's departure. I think that when she left it took a huge blow to the show, but I think it may be able to recover if the writers return to what NCIS was. I think they are already beginning that process, because the end of season 11 was very well written in my opinion. She left because of personal reasons. CBS offered her tons of money and she turned it down. I don't know where people are getting it saying that she left because CBS wasn't willing to pay her. No article I've read ever said that. It was her choice, CBS couldn't have changed her mind with a ton of money. I miss her character greatly on the show and her dynamic was fantastic, but Bishop's character could surprise us next season after the writers have had an entire summer to recoup from this years struggle.

    The other reason that NCIS wasn't as good this season was because GG and the writing team had most of the season laid out and some scrips written when Cote decided to leave. They then had to rewrite and replan the season from there. When you start behind, you usually stay behind. That's why I think that the writing may not have been as strong.

    I have strong hopes that season 12 will be better, but personally, I still loved season 11. I hope to watch some great content from our beloved series this fall. Hopefully, we can all enjoy NCIS again :)
  • Good...

    A good show with many of the characteristics of some of the better 1970's crime shows. That is to say there is good acting and good plots but it follows a trend of recent shows that revolve around the legal intersection of Police and Military Police... That is not a very big intersection point. Anyway, I would rather watch it than The Price Is Right....
  • The Gary Glassberg Effect - aka Death Of a TV Show

    Just as many reviewers/fans have said I too long for the old days of NCIS. I also feel that ever since GG added NCIS LA spinoff, all the good writing is going to that. NCIS scripts are so predictable I don't even get excited for new epi's like I used to. I miss the old and way better story arcs that were amazing and chock full of nail biting danger. like La Grenouille injuries were real for and scary for example (remember SWAK? Hiatus?). Now even after a bomb going off in the NCIS blg, or our rare action scenes with gunfire, etc - the injuries are sooo lame and unrealistically 100% better in the next scene such asTim getting glass in his side (the ONLY bombing injury? Please!) - then he was fine a couple of scenes later. It's gotten so bad now that even when writers do try to give us a nail biting buildup to a disaster or danger, I don't get nervous at all cz I know everyone will be miraculously unscathed. Other examples of lazy complacent writing since GG took over, are just boring and predictable scripts with no regard for the millions of viewers who made the show #1. I wish they wld get rid of GG and add some fresh writers to the writing team or I guarantee a huge rating decline next year. Give Tony something to sink his teeth info and a hot hard to get love interest!! She doesn't have to work at NCIS btw.
  • A real crying shame

    It's a shame when I would rather watch re-runs (of what used to be my favorite show) then the new episodes with Bad fit that from the neck down she looks like and dresses like a 12 year old, and those black eyebrows with the bleached blond just not working for me. When Ziva replaced Kate it was was ok and I liked her but she just didn't strike me as a tough NCIS The interaction between her and the others was great, plus I loved that she was so tough but yet so beautiful and feminine. And of course the new plots are just not even close to being as good as they used to be!! A real crying shame!!!
  • Kill off Bishop

    I am one of the tech-minded, saavy women in the supposed target demographic and I actively dislike Bishop. Her character isn't real, is poorly written and even more poorly acted. I can't watch more than 2 minutes of her during any show. But even worse, the writing this season is just bad, the plots are unbelievable and all the other characters are also becoming flat and uninteresting -- even Gibbs. Get rid of everyone who thought Bishop was a good idea because they clearly don't understand their target demographic at all, hire new writers and seriously: please kill off Bishop. I will watch that entire episode.
  • What have TPTB at CBS been smoking!?

    NCIS used to be a great show. Started going downhill shortly after GG took over, but was still watchable with an occasional great episode. Then CBS had to play hardball with CDP's contract and walked away from negotiations when it came apparent she wasn't budging on wanting a year contract. Wrong move, CBS, as her character helped increase ratings. Then they made matters worse by treating Cote and her character as a pariah, not even having her name mentioned. Then they added a unnecessary character that didn't fit in and tried to force feed her to us. And despite massive complaints about Bishop and the dropping ratings, they STILL refuse to get rid of her. And lying about how the show is doing is making fans angrier. Fans are not stupid-they can read social network comments and fan reviews and know how to find how well the show is doing in the ratings (which in the US is very outdated and inaccurate, but still showing a major drop). CBS is acting like a child denied a candy bar in regards to Cote and her character and is making already angry fans irate! I hate to break it to CBS, but you want to appeal to fans, not alienate them. Ignoring fan outcry is chopping off the hand that feeds you. Fans generate revenue and NCIS is losing them.


    We have been all over Gary Glasberg and the writers, but what about Mark Harmon? Does he like what his character has morphed into? I would think as a "biggie" he would have a lot of say and pull. The dynamics between all the characters have changed so much since they added Bishop. Just not good. Easy to miss the new glued to the "oldies"!!

    Watching "Truth of Consequences" on USA, a perfect example of the NCIS I loved. Where the characters were the characters that made the series #1.

    I don't think its just Ziva being gone (but a BIG part of it), or Bishop not fitting in (a HUGE part of it), but they have changed the character of the whole team. Gibbs isn't Gibbs, Tony not Tony, Tim not Tim. All of them are not the same. The new personalities just don't do it for me.
  • Do I Have To Say It? We Told You So Glasberg

    It's quite simple, it's not rocket science or long never ending posts. The long drawn out demise of this show is the writers, producers and yes, even, the great Mark Harmon's fault. NCIS should of ended last season. Let's be honest about it. How many times have we seen the same plots over and over again? The crime solving , really? That was not the reason we made appointment television with NCIS. The reason was the characters, their interactions , intertwined with the sub plot of the crime.

    I will fully admit, I am a full blown Tiva shipper. I was the moment Cote de Pablo wandered into that bullpen and plopped herself in McGee's chair. It was instant chemistry. I , will also be brutally honest, I was not a Kate fan. However, the transition between Kate and Ziva was seamless - I know many still to this day miss Kate, but the plot made sense to the actresses wish to leave the show -- I found no chemistry with Kate (pain in the arse to Tony or a brother figure and in McGee a big relationship with Gibbs, pained me) something was missing. That missing piece was a wonderfully written character named Ziva.

    Ziva had a deep past.. a complex story. She mirrored Gibbs in many ways - but uniquely her own. We watched her grow as we watched Gibbs grow.. Tony and yes McGee.. strong, determined woman who found out that needing others was not such a bad all did.

    Glasberg , I believe had a wonderful end to NCIS last season. Tony and Ziva , should of been given a spin off chance.. Gibbs retire or go to NOLA to train a new team and organization -- McGee given his own team. Ducky retire and Jimmy becomes McGee's Ducky. Abby? *gulp* I really have no interest in her future. She just needs to grow up already. But, the most highly rated two episodes of NCIS , Shab't Shalom and Shiva (WHY!?!? TIVA THAT'S WHY!) us with literally 15 total minutes Tony and Ziva .. a Casablanca kiss at the airport edit out, what Michael Weatherly says was more interaction with Tony and Ziva screaming "is that it?"-- as Tony pulls out Ziva's star of do they keep in contact? What is next for Ziva? Most of us can figure it out --- and over the course of this season, most of us decided , enough was enough.

    I will also be quite honest, I have not seen a single episode this season. I refused. Many friends of mine have and now wish they had not wasted their time. After watching this show from Yankee White to the good bye of Ziva , it was very hard for me not to, but I found no point in it. I can see I was right. We told you so Glasberg.

    Ratings are down significantly. Most watch with nothing but complaints about the 'new girl' , as being milquetoast - Gibbs not being Gibbs - Tony aimlessly cracking half funny jokes - McGee with his girlfriend which draws virtually no fan base of excitement - Ducky , who is literally retired in his mind and cares and that ridiculous grin. Abby? enough. We have a disaster to a once great series.

    Most of us can solve the 'crimes' in a matter of 10 the interaction of the cast , the writing, the snappy , witting looks and liners and background stories show falls and this show fell. It pains me deeply to say it, but its true. Mark Harmon himself, constantly says, "Its the characters that make this show"

    What can be done? Bury it properly. Wrap it up in Season 12. It's time. The most painful thing is watching genius television to die a slow death. Move to The Blacklist , to cable dramas , to good quality television , as NCIS once was -- They simply believed that the fans or fanatics (as I once was) would stay forever.. they were wrong. I do not miss it. What I miss is what it once was.. not what it is today.

    Bring back Cote , maybe I will reconsider -- but only if it is to spin off Tony and Ziva .. allow Gibbs to move on or move up and as for the rest of them? Dare I cares.
  • French vision of Bishop

    I hardly ever bother to make a review, but here we really hope she will not stay long, we much prefer Dilala, or else. Bishop just DOES NOT play well. She is a little like Katheryn Winnick, top model fit but just not really an actress. Not only is she Ill playing, but moreover her character looks so fake and unfit.

    She is so clearly a fake blond which completes her fake playing. Her character is so weak. Just to make her different she is just empty. Palmer's girl friend is much more fit because even her, she generates more sympathy and she just look true and real. This one Bishop just break the whole ambiance. It's just painful each time. Hope somebody hear us. Because we still watch but................
  • Something needs to change

    If a 2.3 demo and 15.66 viewers won't make them understand that something needs to change quickly, I don't know what will. And don't tell me that for the other TvShows is the same because it's a lie and you know it (take a look at NCIS LA). Sure, there are shows going down, just like other years, and that's valid for people going out because of the spring/summer and global warming too. So, stop making excuse, and please, do something to save NCIS
  • mothra85

    I have to agree in the past several weeks since she joined the show the rating weekly. Bishop is like fitting a square peg into a round hole on this once top rated show. It is turning more in to a sex driven show rather than a Navel Investigating Unit. . and the blank look on Gibbs face as this stupid character (Bishop)rattles on and on , He has always held Ducky, Abby and McGee to such high standards , but then these 3 intelligent people are the ones that usually help him solve the case along with his famous gut. Where is his gut in this new boring character and the lousy writing and su7bhect. DROP THE SEXUAL ESCAPADES TO MAKE THIS A #1 SHOW . WE ENJOYED THE CASE SOLVING OF CRIMES AGAINST THIS COUNTRY This last episode rates a minus a 1.0
  • NCIS's smart evolution

    What's boring is to stick with the same type of characters for NCIS. To continue to appeal to viewers who know that today's NCIS and NSA is increasingly filled with younger, intelligent, tech-minded men and women, the TV series is smart and right to introduce new characters like Bishop. Young women, particularly, are an important part of the agencies' new make up. NCIS recent ratings uptick among the key 18-49 age viewers is a positive reflection of this recognition.
  • Dear lord no!

    Please don't tell me that Bishop will be back next season, are you guys freakin nuts! Seriously you can't see for yourselves that she's an embarrassment to the show, she's boring, can't play the part and make it even somewhat believable. We have gotten over the fact that you were dumb enough to let Cote go no matter what the reason but you could have at least replaced her someone much more suitable. At this point I don't know if I'll even watch next season since this one was such a huge disappointment, NCIS LA is by far much better. In a few short words you could have found someone who could deal with a head slap and maybe it's the producers who need one.
  • No Bishop, no Glasberg, or no NCIS

    1. Bishop is a total fubar of a fit, even Delilah is a much better fit.

    2. The writing/directing really sucks this year - also say goodbye to Glasberg, please.

    3. Mark, as someone who was at UCLA when you were - fix the boat before is sinks through the bottom of your basement - LOL

    4. I remember when you were an All American at UCLA and you were asked if you thought you would be drafted by the NFL, not being 6' 3" tall and all. You said more or less: "It doesn't matter, I plan on becoming an actor:)

    They must have new writers who SUCK and write PABLUM... Pair that with the loss of Ziva and the addition of the boring blonde and you've KILLED one of the best shows on television. Not any more; now it just plain SUCKS
  • Going, going . .

    Bishop is a terrible casting choice for Ziva's replacement. She's ruining the program.

    Dianne Neal who plays the CGIS agent, Abby Boren, in a few episodes would be an EXCELLENT choice for Ziva's replacement.
  • Dumbed down season

    Up until this season, I've watched every episode . I can't bear it anymore. The new character, Bishop, is an excellent example of miscasting - I now refer to NCIS as "dumbed down". Ziva was a complex adult, and together with the rest of the excellent cast, gave NCIS substance, and an edge. Now we have this little girl who adds nothing, and manages to bring everyone else down to her level.

    PLEASE, before it's too late - do something!
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