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  • Do I Have To Say It? We Told You So Glasberg

    It's quite simple, it's not rocket science or long never ending posts. The long drawn out demise of this show is the writers, producers and yes, even, the great Mark Harmon's fault. NCIS should of ended last season. Let's be honest about it. How many times have we seen the same plots over and over again? The crime solving , really? That was not the reason we made appointment television with NCIS. The reason was the characters, their interactions , intertwined with the sub plot of the crime.

    I will fully admit, I am a full blown Tiva shipper. I was the moment Cote de Pablo wandered into that bullpen and plopped herself in McGee's chair. It was instant chemistry. I , will also be brutally honest, I was not a Kate fan. However, the transition between Kate and Ziva was seamless - I know many still to this day miss Kate, but the plot made sense to the actresses wish to leave the show -- I found no chemistry with Kate (pain in the arse to Tony or a brother figure and in McGee a big relationship with Gibbs, pained me) something was missing. That missing piece was a wonderfully written character named Ziva.

    Ziva had a deep past.. a complex story. She mirrored Gibbs in many ways - but uniquely her own. We watched her grow as we watched Gibbs grow.. Tony and yes McGee.. strong, determined woman who found out that needing others was not such a bad all did.

    Glasberg , I believe had a wonderful end to NCIS last season. Tony and Ziva , should of been given a spin off chance.. Gibbs retire or go to NOLA to train a new team and organization -- McGee given his own team. Ducky retire and Jimmy becomes McGee's Ducky. Abby? *gulp* I really have no interest in her future. She just needs to grow up already. But, the most highly rated two episodes of NCIS , Shab't Shalom and Shiva (WHY!?!? TIVA THAT'S WHY!) us with literally 15 total minutes Tony and Ziva .. a Casablanca kiss at the airport edit out, what Michael Weatherly says was more interaction with Tony and Ziva screaming "is that it?"-- as Tony pulls out Ziva's star of do they keep in contact? What is next for Ziva? Most of us can figure it out --- and over the course of this season, most of us decided , enough was enough.

    I will also be quite honest, I have not seen a single episode this season. I refused. Many friends of mine have and now wish they had not wasted their time. After watching this show from Yankee White to the good bye of Ziva , it was very hard for me not to, but I found no point in it. I can see I was right. We told you so Glasberg.

    Ratings are down significantly. Most watch with nothing but complaints about the 'new girl' , as being milquetoast - Gibbs not being Gibbs - Tony aimlessly cracking half funny jokes - McGee with his girlfriend which draws virtually no fan base of excitement - Ducky , who is literally retired in his mind and cares and that ridiculous grin. Abby? enough. We have a disaster to a once great series.

    Most of us can solve the 'crimes' in a matter of 10 the interaction of the cast , the writing, the snappy , witting looks and liners and background stories show falls and this show fell. It pains me deeply to say it, but its true. Mark Harmon himself, constantly says, "Its the characters that make this show"

    What can be done? Bury it properly. Wrap it up in Season 12. It's time. The most painful thing is watching genius television to die a slow death. Move to The Blacklist , to cable dramas , to good quality television , as NCIS once was -- They simply believed that the fans or fanatics (as I once was) would stay forever.. they were wrong. I do not miss it. What I miss is what it once was.. not what it is today.

    Bring back Cote , maybe I will reconsider -- but only if it is to spin off Tony and Ziva .. allow Gibbs to move on or move up and as for the rest of them? Dare I cares.
  • French vision of Bishop

    I hardly ever bother to make a review, but here we really hope she will not stay long, we much prefer Dilala, or else. Bishop just DOES NOT play well. She is a little like Katheryn Winnick, top model fit but just not really an actress. Not only is she Ill playing, but moreover her character looks so fake and unfit.

    She is so clearly a fake blond which completes her fake playing. Her character is so weak. Just to make her different she is just empty. Palmer's girl friend is much more fit because even her, she generates more sympathy and she just look true and real. This one Bishop just break the whole ambiance. It's just painful each time. Hope somebody hear us. Because we still watch but................
  • Something needs to change

    If a 2.3 demo and 15.66 viewers won't make them understand that something needs to change quickly, I don't know what will. And don't tell me that for the other TvShows is the same because it's a lie and you know it (take a look at NCIS LA). Sure, there are shows going down, just like other years, and that's valid for people going out because of the spring/summer and global warming too. So, stop making excuse, and please, do something to save NCIS
  • mothra85

    I have to agree in the past several weeks since she joined the show the rating weekly. Bishop is like fitting a square peg into a round hole on this once top rated show. It is turning more in to a sex driven show rather than a Navel Investigating Unit. . and the blank look on Gibbs face as this stupid character (Bishop)rattles on and on , He has always held Ducky, Abby and McGee to such high standards , but then these 3 intelligent people are the ones that usually help him solve the case along with his famous gut. Where is his gut in this new boring character and the lousy writing and su7bhect. DROP THE SEXUAL ESCAPADES TO MAKE THIS A #1 SHOW . WE ENJOYED THE CASE SOLVING OF CRIMES AGAINST THIS COUNTRY This last episode rates a minus a 1.0
  • NCIS's smart evolution

    What's boring is to stick with the same type of characters for NCIS. To continue to appeal to viewers who know that today's NCIS and NSA is increasingly filled with younger, intelligent, tech-minded men and women, the TV series is smart and right to introduce new characters like Bishop. Young women, particularly, are an important part of the agencies' new make up. NCIS recent ratings uptick among the key 18-49 age viewers is a positive reflection of this recognition.
  • Dear lord no!

    Please don't tell me that Bishop will be back next season, are you guys freakin nuts! Seriously you can't see for yourselves that she's an embarrassment to the show, she's boring, can't play the part and make it even somewhat believable. We have gotten over the fact that you were dumb enough to let Cote go no matter what the reason but you could have at least replaced her someone much more suitable. At this point I don't know if I'll even watch next season since this one was such a huge disappointment, NCIS LA is by far much better. In a few short words you could have found someone who could deal with a head slap and maybe it's the producers who need one.
  • No Bishop, no Glasberg, or no NCIS

    1. Bishop is a total fubar of a fit, even Delilah is a much better fit.

    2. The writing/directing really sucks this year - also say goodbye to Glasberg, please.

    3. Mark, as someone who was at UCLA when you were - fix the boat before is sinks through the bottom of your basement - LOL

    4. I remember when you were an All American at UCLA and you were asked if you thought you would be drafted by the NFL, not being 6' 3" tall and all. You said more or less: "It doesn't matter, I plan on becoming an actor:)

    They must have new writers who SUCK and write PABLUM... Pair that with the loss of Ziva and the addition of the boring blonde and you've KILLED one of the best shows on television. Not any more; now it just plain SUCKS
  • Going, going . .

    Bishop is a terrible casting choice for Ziva's replacement. She's ruining the program.

    Dianne Neal who plays the CGIS agent, Abby Boren, in a few episodes would be an EXCELLENT choice for Ziva's replacement.
  • Dumbed down season

    Up until this season, I've watched every episode . I can't bear it anymore. The new character, Bishop, is an excellent example of miscasting - I now refer to NCIS as "dumbed down". Ziva was a complex adult, and together with the rest of the excellent cast, gave NCIS substance, and an edge. Now we have this little girl who adds nothing, and manages to bring everyone else down to her level.

    PLEASE, before it's too late - do something!
  • Wickersham is wrong person for NCIS

    I cannot stand her sitting on the floor and always reminding that she's married although jobs that require so much time are reasons most are not married. During the episodes in New Orleans, Zoe McLellan came on like Cote de Pablo did when she first started. Here is a person that knows what she is doing, fits into the cast very well and would be significantly better on Gibb's team than Wickersham.

    PLEASE bring Zoe McLellan to the regular NCIS and maybe get Beth Reisgraf to be the agent in New Orleans.
  • Don't like Bishop

    I think that the actress playing Bishop is not working as part of the NCIS team. She adds nothing to the show. I don't want the show cancelled, because I really love it. I have all ten seasons on DVD, not sure about getting season eleven. They need to bring Ziva back so that Tony can get married. He is getting a little old for the playboy thing. Covering subjects like Sexual Assaults in the military, is not going to help the mess that is season eleven. To save the show, send Bishop back to she old job and get CGIS Abbey Boren or one of the old cast members to replace her. How about neat Nickie or Dornagett.
  • Death of NCIS--Kill off Bishop

    Show is now horrible!! Bishop cannot act and has no personality. Writers are worse and worse and somehow the life has been sucked out of Tony, McGee and Gibbs and even now Abbey! Ducky'[s interview about Ziva was just mean, nasty and unnecessary. Cotes must have had good PERSONAL reasons to leave--maybe she sensed that the show had run its course or the writers and directors and CBS were just too over the top to work with anymore. But there would have been hope if Bishop had not been added and a stupid, insipid, bimbo with zero acting ability had NOT been shoved down all of our throats!!! CBS should have given Ziva a sabbatical or let her be with her ill father by sending her on some special mission!!! Instead all the fans of the show have been shortchanged and the series will end on a downward slide instead of gracefully or with cliffhangers. PLEASE KILL BISHOP NOW OR LEAVE HER IN NEW ORLEANS FOREVER--SHE WOULD BE GOOD IN GRAVEYARDS!! AND THEN KILL THE WRITERS!!! I would be happy if Ziva came back but now I have lost interest in the show with too many spinoffs. FYI: I still watch Law and Order and SVU and CSI so long living shows are possible but not with this bunch of crappy writers and suddenly wooden actors supporting a totally awful untalented bimbo.
  • Used to watch religiously

    Now I watch sometimes but it doesn't bother me to miss the show. Loved Ziva on the show - but even the first episodes without her were good but would love to see her back. I really like CGIS Agent Boran (Diane Neal). But Bishop - Well EW must be related to somebody in high places, otherwise how did she get picked for a team member. Watching the show it almost like they are trying to make fans like her by having the team be extra nice to her. She is probably better suited for another show. At least now I am watching NCIS: Los Angeles and really loving it.
  • What the hell did they just say? AKA Background music Vs dialogue

    I enjoy making up my own story line for NCIS and some other shows where the background music is so loud that the dialogue can't be heard or understood. Maybe they do that on purpose because the writers can't think of anything new after so many seasons.
  • The "new" NCIS is like the new Coke-it sucks!

    NCIS used to be my favorite show. Now it is banned in my presence. I watched occasionally when it started, but got hooked after the addition of the character of Ziva. From Season 3 on, I faithfully watched. The cast fit together perfectly and the team seemed like a family. But then CBS decided to play hardball with CDP's contract and walked away from negotiations when she wouldn't cave. And it was quite obvious from the limited screen time given to her in the episode that was supposed to be about her character's exit and having the team act as if her character never existed that CBS was punishing Cote for standing her ground. CBS should be ashamed of their behavior. And then to top it off, after promising NOT to replace the character, they did exactly that. Unfortunately for them, the character they added was horrendous. Not even an exceptionally adept actress could redeem this character and EW is at best mediocre. And the writing has been so bad, I am starting to wonder if all the decent writers left with Cote! The show has gone from being the most watched program to the most wrecked program. The ratings are finally starting to reflect actual viewership and it isn't pretty. I no longer watch and everyone I know has stopped watching as well. I don't know how this current mess got approved for another season. If TPTB don't wake up and realize their mistakes, I wouldn't be surprised if the show was cancelled mid season in season 12. They need to get rid of EW and beg CDP to come back or soon there will be no NCIS! And get rid of GG while you are at it. It is quite obvious he either has no clue what fans want or just doesn't care. He actually called season 11 stellar! Judging by social media, recent ratings/reviews by fans and the dropping ratings, I'd say season 11 is far from stellar!
  • Refresh the show

    I like bishop character except they don't give her a specific niche different from Zhiva or Perette's characters. The actress is very good though to make up with an incomplete character. What's really turning me off is the frequent inclusion of oldies such as Gibbs' or Tony's father. Turning the show into hasbeens story. And don't forget that sad season with Jamie Lee Curtis who was supposed to be sexy and lovely. Why not bring Cher while youre at it. Gibbs is already an old character so it does not make sense to bring to the shows old stories from the past. I agree also that Tony's character is sinking into oblivion. The truth though is that they should get rid of all oldies except gibbs and send this coroner away along with his assistant whose gaffer role has also disappeared.
  • Part Gibbs and Mark has to be also

    My grandpa was Jesse James Gibbs and Mark is just like the Gibbs clan. Woodworking, loner, sentimental, makes his own rules. Tony is just as he should be, a man who has lost his true love, not to death but to life circumstances (he is great as a recovering lover). Bishop is Bishop - new face in town. Looking forward to meeting wife number two.
  • We Want Ziva Back

    Open up your checkbook and bring Ziva back! Mark Harmon's not getting any younger! Ziva was sexy, cute, and bad Azz ! She is not a character you can replace with this 16 year old pathetic choice of an actress. She is to young and has no depth, knowledge, and sex appeal. How does the rest of the cast feel. You will be losing a lot of fans if you don't bring back one of the baddest female characters on prime time network!

  • NCIS going down

    Bishop is quickly ruining one of the best shows on tv. I know of several people including my family that no longer can watch any episode with her in it. She absolutely can not act, and her facial expressions are god awful. And what were the writers thinking. They started her off actually giving orders and her opinions were given priority. So much for being a probie.. They filled Zivas space in haste and now Bishop is a waste.

  • There was a time.....

    What connections does Wickersham have to get that role? there were literally DOZENS of characters on NCIS who would make a better replacement for Ziva . McLellan
  • Still Mourning Ziva

    I loved Kate, I loved Ziva even more, I can't even remember this new persons name.. She is like arm candy. She has no depth and really serves no purpose on the show. Ziva could convey more in a single look than the new character can with an entire page of lines. Ziva made all those around her better and made the cast a cohesive unit. We loved her because she was strong and so complex. New girl is not interesting and has zero depth. She can never raise the show to greatness the way Ziva did. I'm really trying to move on, however the show is just not the same without her.
  • Last week's sexual assault episode

    Thank you, thank you to the writers for openly addressing the issue of sexual assault in the military! This has always been a "don't go there" subject, however, the problem is significant and the consequences seem to be few. Last year, a young woman who strongly desired a Navy career was assaulted on the ship on which she served. Only because of intervention from one of the state senators in her home state was she honorably separated from the military. To my knowledge, there were few, if any consequences, for the perpetrator and the senior officers who refused to believe her and covered for the perpetrator. Her life is getting better, but still is a mess. So, thank you for being proactive!
  • Bishop -- Not the best for NCIS!

    Always loved to watch was great and I was initially sorry she left, but when Ziva came aboard the NCIS team, it completed the team in a magnificent way! I really wish Ziva would come back to is just not the same without her. And truthfully, Bishop just annoys the heck out of me and I'm not sure I'm going to continue watching without Ziva. Ziva was fantastic and I miss her dearly. Please, please bring Ziva back!!!
  • Love NCIS, do not like Bishop!

    Loved NCiS from the beginning. When Kate was killed, I was upset!! Loved Kate!! Ziva came on and from the first show loved her!! Been watching Bishop every week and I can't wrap my head around her character.. She is a third wheel.. Does not fit in the group.. Every week it gets worse! CBS you need to hear the fans! If NCIS New Orleans is gonna be a new show, send Bishop there! And get Ziva back! Please!!
  • ncis bring ziva back

    Bring ziva back don't care for the new girl bishop.. Ziva is so missed
  • Bishop is great! Do keep and develop her character.

    Bishop is the best addition NCIS had for years and I have become even more attached to the show, which I have been watching from day 1. The reasons for Bishop's significant contribution are simple: She is the only candidate of the team that can stand up to Gibbs with her intelligence and competence. All the others are scared of Gibbs, Ziva having been no exception. Both Ziva and Abby have been Gibbs' competent, clever and obedient daughters. Bishop brought in a new atmosphere of somebody saying to Gibbs: "No boss, your idea sucks; here is a better This role has immense potential. The actress chosen is just perfect: she is very pretty (even more cute than pretty), looks shy yet when the problem at hand demands it the most forthcoming of all the team. It is also likely that she will be the only one to become a real pal of Dr. Mallard (even perhaps accompanying him to the opera) because of her great knowledge in all sorts of things and her ability to learn things very quickly. Abby is very knowledgeable, but she is too little-girlish. Dr. Mallard needs more of a European type intellectual as a pal: Bishop is just the right type. As a professional scientist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, I have actually met young women very much like Bishop and they are great fun to interact with.

    The negative reviews about Bishop greatly saddened me, because it might discourage the script writers about the character. The viewers who commented negatively on the character clearly do not recognise what Bishop stands for: she is like none of the characters NCIS has ever had before. The MIT graduate McGee is too nerdish and insecure; Abby is too girly and stuck in her lab. Bishop, by contrast, is the intellect in the field and in the office.

    Since she has joined the team, I watch NCIS with renewed interest (my great love for the series in part stems from the fact that I too, like Gibbs, have a military history that I greatly value; I see in Gibbs some of my superior officers that I very greatly respected).

    For Heaven's sake keep Bishop (Wickersham is a fresh breath of air also because she is so attractive) and DEVELOP THE CHARACTER as brains+action+Gibb's girl+Dr. Mallard's intellectual pal.

    A. M. C. Sengor, Professor of Geology at Istanbul Technical University

  • Bring back Ziva please!

    Sorry, I am slowly getting put off watching what used to my favorite show NCIS. Bishop in,t upto the role and showsare getting tooserious and boring due to her role. Their is no funny side to the personalities anymore. Please change it to the way it was for the last 10 years.
  • Bishop Ruined the best cast on TV

    I can't even watch NCIS anymore me and my mom used to get so excited for a brand new NCIS every tuesday. i have watched NCIS since it started when i was 4, i never understood it but i was in love with it, i have seen every episode until Ziva left. Bishop is such a plain character all she does is eat food and sit on top of everything. But what really got me mad is when CBS said that the new character would be her OWN character meaning nothing like Kate or Ziva. But they lied because Bishop can draw really good just like kate, and fights like Ziva (But not as good) The team had such a great bond with Ziva , they were like a big happy family. They used to all tease each other when one of them had a date and now Bishop is MARRIED and McGee is getting really serious with Delilah (who is another boring character) Also CBS said that the new character and McGee were gonna like each other like "Tiva" which isn't gonna happen(Thank god) because Bishop is married. I also hate how she's a computer geek. We already have McGeek for that! She absolutely ruined the best show on tv and now i can't even watch my favorite show. THE NEED TO KILL BISHOP OFF PLEASE AND HAVE ZIVA COME BACK I NEVER WANT TO SEE OR HEAR BISHOP AGAIN.
  • OMG please bring Ziva back

    I hate Bishop she seems boring and her relationship with the others is stupid, unlike her Ziva who was very interesting and had a great romance going on with Tony was more interesting, No offence to the actress I am sure she is very good at her job, please CBS get rid of Bishop and get Ziva back on the show. Since she came on I have not watched the series, I use to watch it every Tuesday night wondering when Tony and Ziva would finally hook up.
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