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  • Even more Bishop??

    Last episode was excruciatingly will they realize that more of this character is less? ... the attempts to salvage this character are pathetic... we already have a writer Magee! no wonder MW is will be sorely if any one is still watching by then!

  • Drama Queen; S13E13- DejaVu

    I could barely get through the episode. And then you had to drag Jimmy into playing an overly dramatic scene! Boo! Bishop is really a detraction for the show. I've been a faithful fan of NCIS all these years, but I'm not going to keep following the show if this keeps up.
  • No More NCIS for me!

    I have watched every episode of NCIS and I even watch the reruns. However, when I started to watch the last episode this past week I could not watch anymore than 15 minutes with Bishop who is so bad not as an actor but the character adds nothing to the show and is entirely unbelievable. I will not watch it anymore.
  • Agent Gibbs

    Why does he have to act like an asshole all of the time?
  • Bishop is horrible, what is CBS thinking

    This is the death of NCIS. Weatherly is leaving so they are going to push Wickersham. She's a poor actress and the character does not fit with this show. The powers have the character divorce her husband so that she can have a romantic interest next year. She is one of the worst moves CBS has ever made. The 1/19/2016 show was one of the worst I've seen in thirteen years.
  • End of the road...

    Started out watching JAG, then NCIS came into my life and I've been happy ever since... until now. Thirteen years and twelve season box sets later, I will be saying goodbye to my beloved go-to favourite. I'll be honest with myself - NCIS won't be worth watching without Tony. To see one of the Core Four leave before the series finale is pure sacrilege, and I refuse to punish myself by continuing to watch through utter disappointment. It's like when Jack O'Neill left Stargate SG1 - it wasn't the same no matter how hard they try.
  • Who is in charge of this circus! some one wake up show runner and head script writer Gary Glasberg !!!!!!

    put the blame where the blame belongs! Emily wickersham, is a really beautiful woman, Just bio her and check out her, photo lay outs. Glasburg , Put NCIS, on auto pilot and walked away from his creative management responsibilities Some one give him a wake up yell!!!!!!!. The writers aren't worthy! Who ever writes the scripts for Bishop. needs to be the first writer to go! Glasburg , Loyal NCIS, FANS are demanding your immediate action to get Our once #! show back into shape! Get CRACKING AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! NCIS fans all of us need to bio research Gary Glasburg ncis script writer. you will find a script writer index and a request prompt to become an ncis script writer yourself! I used SO stop dreaming and start writing
  • Please get rid of Bishop!

    You can put Emily Wickersham front and center all you want, but fans just do not like her. And with Michael leaving, the show will lose even more fans. CBS, replace Wickersham and you had better find a good replacement for DiNozzo or I'm dropping the show too.
  • The show is great

    This show is a great show
  • Abby's brother episode

    Sooo disappointed and hope this is not how the rest of the season is going. Abby's brother's actions/personality was totally unbelievable and the teams' (including the crossover to the New Orleans side) reactions was beyond silly and, again, unbelievable. If I wasn't addicted to this series, would have turned it off. Since I'm on a rant, hate the New Orleans spin off.. Yeah, yeah, we know the location of the series, the script doesn't have to continuously refer to the food to which the city is famous.
  • It Will Be Gone..

    I am in agreement with most of the posts about our beloved NCIS, its cast, characters, writers and losses. It definitely has gone downhill in the past couple of seasons. That's difficult for me to admit, as I am one of those die-hard fans who continue to hope things will get better.

    But now we're finding out that Tony (Michael Weatherly) will be leaving the series at the end of season 13. It should be Bishop (Emily Wickersham) who leaves. Now I'm wondering if season 13 will be the end of NCIS altogether? Our beloved Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is getting older and is starting to show it. He still looks goooooood, but the tough-guy persona no longer fits well. I would rather see the series end than to see Gibbs make a fool of himself.

    I also have to agree that it seems that the downhill turn began when Ziva (Cote De Pablo) left. She and Tony definitely had that 'something' that kept the show very interesting in its own way. Tony's present girlfriend, What's-Her-Name, is less than impressive (I seriously don't remember he screen name or her real name). She is definitely beautiful and a capable crime fighter, but lacks the personality to keep up with Tony.

    Sad to say, but perhaps the best thing for NCIS is a quick, merciful death before it suffers any more.
  • Boring Bishop gotta go...

    She's cute and sweet and would be great in a secondary role on NCIS. But she really doesn't fit with the group, despite writers efforts. Bring Ziva back. She brought smartness, spice and fun to the role. Bishop really is gonna be the end of NCIS due to boredom. And for the love of dye.... either darken the hair or light the eyebrows. She looks like a goof.
  • The Fast Sinking Ship Of Ncis

    I'm a faithful fan since 2003 but Bishop doesn't fit In! I don't understand why she's even on the show! Dinozzo had chemistry with Kate and even more chemistry with Ziva and It was so much fun tuning In every week to watch what Dinozzo and Ziva were gonna get Into. It's obvious Ziva Isn't coming back but please take Bishop off! NCIS used to start with Tony aggravating McGee or Ziva but now Its always about Bishop and Jake arguing and ends the same way. The week before Thanksgiving she told Gibbs she was going back home and I was like yes! Finally! Then Gibbs had to drag her back... Ugh!!!!! Secondly, have the writers just quit and gave up on the show as well? Where's all the emotion and Intensity that used to fill the episodes? We don't have anymore 2-3 part episodes chasing a terrorist and what happened to Gibbs? He's not the badass, go- getter he was! The writers should have our "Six" (Back) as Tony used to say every episode but not anymore.
  • Bishop needs to stay in OKLAHOMA!!

    We have been fans of NCIS since Day 1. We have finally come to the realization that Ziva is not coming back, that took awhile to sink in. But, please send Bishop to Oklahoma to stay with her family for good. She is boring, a terrible actress, and it is becoming difficult to watch her on this show. Why is no one listening to us??
  • As NCIS turns, so were the days of our lives - yuck:)

    1. Bishop is a total fubar of a fit, even Delilah is a much better fit.

    2. The writing/directing really sucks this year - also say goodbye to Glasberg, please.

    3. Mark, as someone who was at UCLA when you were - fix the boat before is sinks through the bottom of your basement - LOL

    4. I remember when you were an All American at UCLA and you were asked if you thought you would be drafted by the NFL, not being 6' 3" tall and all. You said more or less: "It doesn't matter, I plan on becoming an actor:)

    5. 12-15-2015 The show should be called As NCIS Turns. All that is left is a procedural soap opera. Where is the who done it, how did they do it, why did they do it, we are going to catch you format?
  • Also need more interesting villains

    In addition to Bishop's failings, the writers have not created any interesting villains in quite a long time.
  • 12/8 ncis

    So sorry to rate my past favorite show this way. Did you just add the dumb blonde ( and I'm blonde So I can say that). But she's horrible. And gloor sitting is not good tv.

    Gibbs and dinozo are shadows of their past. No edge, no umph! I hope it can be fixed but I'm not a fan anymore and that hurts! Loved the show new writers?
  • Can't Watch NCIS anymore

    I heard Cote wanted to move on - fine. I would miss her but was excited to see a new character. Bishop is such a BIG disappointment! She didn't fit in from the start. Gibbs handed the team over to a newbie. What a laugh! Tony and Tim became shadows of themselves. Then, Abby asked for her help! Oh, my! Bishop sits on floor, gathering germs, then sits on their desks!! Oh, and eats junk food. Great role model I tried to watch but it only hurts. I heard that Tim is now giving his keys to his home to Delilah? Are they crazy! I loved to see who Tim would hook-up with next and how Tony watched over him and helped him get girl friends. And, Delilah is another BORING character, she's a paper pusher! Tim needs that game girl! No interest in Tim if, he gets hitched. Tony has become a non entity. Fire the writers and start over, please. I don't even tape it anymore. No interest in this new season. So, sad.
  • Tony & Ziva vs. Tony & Zoe

    First, I love NCIS. I watch all three NCIS shows.

    Second, Even though Tony & Ziva didn't "hook up" until she left there was tension between them. The characters worked so well together that you could see it in their eyes. Even the banter between them had sexual tension.

    I see nothing with Tony & Zoe. There is no tension between them. When you see them together you can tell it is forced. They are trying to replace Ziva with a look-a-like. Zoe is a tough government employee with dark hair.

    I hope Tony and Ziva get together. Even if it is during the last episode 10 years from now of course.

  • Ziva and Tony sitting in a tree

    Please do me a favor and at some point bring Ziva back to Tony. I love those two and hated when she left. I would love to see those two as a couple and living happily ever after. The show has not been the same without her.
  • Bishop No More

    I've was an avid NCIS watcher. I'm having problem with Bishop replacing Ziva. One of the best part of the show was the relationship Tony Dinozzo had with Kate and Ziva. it's now gone and they changed the Dinozzo's character. I felt that Diane Nash would have a better replacement for Ziva. I've stopped watching the new episodes and I've turned on the reruns on a different channel. Too bad they made a major mistake with Bishop
  • bishop more like bishit

    hi so I have watched NCIS since I was nine. I am now sixteen. I hadn't even watched them in order but since it got added to netflix I decided to. I absolutely loved Kate, but I loved Ziva even more. Like, Tony was just sitting there and here walks in this super bad-ass Israeli who has confidence and determination. Over the 8 years we had Cote on the show I grew to love her even more. She proved herself to be strong, capable and trustworthy. Also I was a big fan of Tiva because who isn't. When she left I was slightly disturbed because I couldn't figure out why CBS would get rid of such a phenomenal actress like Cote De Pablo. Then I come to find out (other than Cote wanted to pursue different paths) that is was a money issue? Here we have this outstanding actress, who works long hours and isn't being paid shit. We all know CBS has a history of firing female leads when they ask for a raise, as we saw this with Cook from Criminal Minds. So it isn't that shocking that they rushed her exit and didn't give the fans the ending we deserved. BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN STOP THERE. Then they hire EW who for one, is a poor actress, two, what the hell is happening with her eyebrow/hair combo? She looks like a 13 year old who accidentally got a hold of her moms hair dye. That's not even the worst part, how can you give a horrible actress such a bland character and expect good results?? lets look back at season one and season three shall we? Season one episode one we met Kate. Gibbs did not just hand her the job. She fucking earned that shit. She disobeyed orders as a secret service agent so Gibbs could solve his crime. So when she quit he gave her a job at NCIS. Then Ziva kiLLED HER BROTHER TO SAVE GIBBS. LET ME REPEAT. SHE KILLED HER OWN BROTHER. At the end of this episode Gibbs and David are in the elevator and Gibbs tells her he trusts her because of what she did. Then there Bishop. WHo walks the fuck in and says a couple smart things and gets handed a job? Not to mention she has ZERO prior training as an agent or anything else. CBS what the hell are you doing? Stop being a bitchy little girl and just fucking get Cote back. She wants to come back she said so herself but ya'll are being assholes. Your show is suffering. Since Cote left, the show has dropped 7 million views. Since NCIS started they have consistently been rated CBS #1 show. Now that Cotes gone they aren't lol. Between getting rid of Ziva and adding Bishop the show is suffering like hell. I hope to God they bring her back in season 13 or else I will give up on this show. (Season 13 should also probably be the last season but maybe that one is just me) xoxo


    bishop still sucks, shows losing its jazz lol get rid of bishop, bring back ziva. The show will improve i promise. Michael and Cote vibe off each other and everyone else vibes off them so:)


    i stand by what i have been, and every other ncis fan has been saying: GET RID OF BISHOP. bring back ziva.
  • Bishop Character Lacks Depth - Need new blood

    I was so upset that the Bishop character was "flat" or lacked depth. To me, an analyst is a "back room person" and not a front line action person. I hate to admit this but when she went back to Oklahoma, I wanted her to stay there and not return to the show. I feel no emotional attachment to her. I didn't think twice about the break-up only because the dynamics between Bishop and her husband were weird.

    People at NCIS are expected to be intelligent and think out of the box. I have no memories of Bishop that "stick" with me. I was glad to see that there was an episode that focused around Jimmy, along with other episodes whose focus was around the other characters. These I remember.

    I was so upset after 2 months of seeing Bishop, I wrote Mark Harmon in care of the production company. No response. No surprise. I think the rest of the cast is carrying the show along with some guest appearances.

    When I was thinking of story lines where Bishop could exit, the divorce scenario seemed to make sense or that her passion for the intelligence led her back to the Agency where she previously worked. I think the character is not working well is two-fold 1) poor character development 2) mis-match with what the audience's expectations of the role should be.

    Thank God for NCIS reruns on TV where i can see Ziva. The story lines developed for her tapped into her ability to evoke so many emotions. The action side was amazing. The evolution of her character was amazing.

    I like the new female lead on the new TV show, Blindspot. She has the same ability to evoke emotions whether it's confusion, anger, sadness, fear, plus a growing emotional connection with her lead male. Combine that with her "action hero" and it's a good format for success. Her inner strength and training equates to

    If Ziva wants to pursue other action roles shows so she won't get stereotyped, then okay, Could she have done a better job of exiting so that the writers could put more time and thought could be put into an appropriate ending. The last episode between Ziva and DiNozio was supposed to be romantic. I was not really moved. Could be I was stunned at her departure. I had heard there were bad feelings among the other actors on the show when Ziva announced her departure.

    Someone told me Ziva's fan club was To me that's a poor word choice. Are they passionate about Ziva's character, yes. Excellent story writing PLUS a strong character who has held in her emotions for a long time because that was her position. That was her dad's expectation of her.

  • I like her

    Love this show, I'm season 11, couldn't help but to thing my god they are getting old. I love Bishop, she is an enigma to the team. she reminds me of the prodigy on criminal minds. As for facial expressions she's sweet and strong. I haven't seen the ep. About her husband, thanks for the spoliers, yet I don't think she would show emotions to that. She too logical she'd rationalize it and move on. She says it in her ep.1 when she fails she gets right back up and she got to work on team work. Boom bishop for the win
  • Are any writers or producers listening to us?

    This is my 3rd review since Bishop started. Clearly you are not listening to anyone. I'm not comparing her to Ziva. The transition from Kate to Ziva was done perfectly. This poor little girl couldn't transition out of a paper bag. I've watched this amazing show from day 1. It's on all TV's during the day on USA. I have 2 dogs named Ziva David and Abby Sciuto. I have been a faithful viewer but if you continue to put me to sleep and bore me with Bishop, we will part ways. Hopefully she'll stay in Oklahoma.
  • Jake - an Affair to Forget

    I have to agree with all the recent posts that Ellie's character lacks depth. Her facial expressions almost never change and then she finds out her husband is having an affair - with no anger, rage, tears? Impossible ... an affair should have elicited some powerful emotions from her but instead within 24 hours she decides to run home to Oklahoma and not confront Jake in a rage - even put a gun to his throat (I sure would). Did NCIS lose writers in the last writer's strike? It's become so damned bland that I fall asleep watching. Get the NOLA NCIS writers to take over ... it's the only NCIS show that I await anxiously each week ... if CBS doesn't fix NCIS it WILL be cancelled and that's a horrible thought because I'm so attached to all the other characters from Vance to Abby. I hated writing such a "hate" review but someone needs to kick CBS in the patooty. Bringing back Ziva would fix ALL the shows problems but some strong writing might salvage Bishop ... but the actor needs to put some effort into her role when the writing improves or it will still fail ... she needs some quirks that are character specific to endear her to the viewing audience. Good Luck NCIS - I sure love the show but am very worried about its future.
  • ziva please come home for chrismas

    the show is going nowere I do not watch it most of the time is no spark in the think that the show would go back to where you were glued to the tv every Tuesday night. please help the fans of ncis and give us a great the show back to where it made the best come out in tell gibb,s to cut his hair and be a marine.
  • NCIS BIshop

    I don't even understand why Bishop is in NCIS in the first place! I'm not one to be sexist, because know that female agents aren't at like Bishop! Well some may be but certainly not as a field agent! I don't know what they have in store for Ziva (Cote de Pablo) but this Bishop girl has to go! There's nothing exciting about her. For Ziva we got to go to Telave Israel! I mean c'mon!

    Just more violence, blood and guts and dumb down script. Its like loosing an old friend. Bad enough I had to watch 3 yrs of reruns but even then at least there was real content and not all pivoting on violence. Could never understand why they kept dumping great femal actress' and replaced with a kid of no content. Oh, ya I know, the media is now focused totally on youth for their dumbing down process (ie the money mongers at work.. Guess Im dumping tv as Ive only watched 3 programs over the last few years and was hoping the new season would permit me entertainment, particularly for what I pay for tv, but clearly its no longer worth it. Hey , better to go back to reading!!!!. I thought these producers were on top of the dumbing down programming of our kids that has been going on in the media and combating it, but alas. This is the legacy of our generation to our kids and grandkids and if mature adults do not get off their butts and the blogging format to take actions on a range of things aside from tv our kids are going to suffer terribly.
  • Where did NCIS go?

    What has happened to NCIS this season. I know there is a transistioning but in the process they have lost impact and interest. Relationships that made the show are practically dissolved. The writing now is so simplistic and predictable leaving it so hum drum. Where is the show so many loved and followed? Bring back the sharp writing and interesting characters that has made this show work.
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