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  • A forthcoming episode, maybe

    Gibbs is in his basement, alone as usual. The basement is empty, he hasn't started a project in many months. Sitting on a sawhorse, sipping bourbon, he thinks to himself, "What's wrong with me," Then he hears the floorboards creak upstairs. He grabs his handgun and trains it on the visitor coming down.

    "What's the matter probie, you so down on yourself you don't want to see me?"

    "Oh boss," Gibbs says, "First Shannon and Kelly, and

    "Can't say her name, can you probie?" "No," says Gibbs, "They won't let "Who won't let you, the trolls?" "Yes, the trolls. I miss her, Mike" "Of course you miss her," Mike Franks says, "She was like a second daughter to you. Remember what DiNozzo said in the Truth or Consequences episode. He said, 'It's just not natural not to hear from And Jethro, it's just not natural the way you're acting. You don't wonder how she's doing, and you never even mention her

    "I do wonder how she's doing," Gibbs says, "But the

    "Jethro, listen to me. Once a marine always a marine. You are not the puppet of the trolls. Say her name, say it.

    Gibbs: "Ziva-----Ziva-----Ziva, Ziva, Ziva,

    "Now" says Franks, "The next step is you go find her, help her if she needs it. You never even said a proper goodbye. And get your team back from the trolls. What's with this Bishop character? You know she doesn't fit in. Ship her back to NSA, or kill her off. Do something, because she and the trolls are killing the show. The trolls don't care; they'll pocket the money and move on to kill another show. That's what they do. It's up to you, probie, otherwise it's all over. You're already bleeding viewers. Man up,
  • Do a Kate exit on Bishop

    Between trying to make Gibbs into a more sensitive, caring puke, Dinutzo back into the juvenile twit he used to be in earlier years, Bishop is like an ice water en_ma, does nothing but leave me cold.

  • NCIS is losing ground !

    Looks like the writers are running amok ! Bishop DOES NOT FIT IN, and the other team members don't seem to be operating as a "unit" any more. I hate this ! Where's our old NCIS team spirit, fun, unity ! I won't be watching much longer if this keeps up. ( Miss Ziva SO much !)
  • NCIS needs new leading lady!

    Bishop is pretty and sweet, but NOT an NCIS agent. I wish Cote de Pablo would come back as Ziva, but if she can't, I think Agent Borin from CGIS would be a great choice. NCIS doesn't seem with watching without Ziva.
  • Cote de Pablo made NCIS

    The current season of NCIS is terrible. Now we see what a bad actor Mark Harmon really is. The cast is terrible. Ziva brought it all together. This new Bishop really sucks. You need a character like Ziva or you will lose the ratings.
  • Bishop not mature enough!

    Bishop just does not work. No chemistry. She is not mature enough. Where is Cote?
  • dump the blonde

    Time to rid NCIS of the frail blond and get a real woman to replace her! The show is going down the tube quickly. I will not watch another ridiculous show with her in it!

    Please bring back Cote de Pablo. Sorry, the new girl just doesn't cut it. Seems too young and just doesn't jell with the rest of the cast members. Please, please, please bring back Cote. I don't know if I can handle one more episode with the new girl.
  • NO chemistry with BISHOP --

    My daughter got me hooked on NCIS and I would sit and hang on every scene and wait for next episode the chemistry was awesome. I AM SORRY but the NEW BEE just doesn't cut it for me at all.

    There is NO chemistry and she looks like a kid out of high school I HATE that her role is soooo

    disrespectful to superiors. Send the NEW BEE -- she is illing the show

    off and running SHOW lost me with her character. REALLY does anyone think the real NCIS would put that kid in a real NCIS writers that cast her should go packing too.
  • My Last Try At Liking Bishop

    I've watched NCIS since it's inception and have been a loyal follower but last Tuesday was my last attempt at trying to like Emily Wickersham. Bishop and the story lines that surround her character just don't cut it. I've really enjoyed past episodes of NCIS and will continue to watch reruns but my intelligence and I just can't stomach the new story line. I hate to see such a good series die this way.
  • getting the sharktank ready

    one of the worst ncis shows i have ever seen dull boring trying to force this new person on us . gibbs looked liked he had been neutered letting this person walk all over him
  • NCIS--Circling the Bowl

    Good grief, people. Could this show (which started out GREAT) get any worse??? They really need to fire their writers before the final flush. I watched Ziva's last show and last night's "the show everyone will be tweeting about" and they BOTH sucked.

    I used to love NCIS, but last season--and now this new one--are TERRIBLE.
  • something has gone very wrong at the Navy Yard ..

    Seriously. It is not just that Cote de Pablo and her character Ziva David have left the show. As devastating as that is ... It is even worse. The writing has gone down the tubes, the directing has gone down the tubes ... The acting ensemble, one of the best in TV history, is visibly despondent not only over the loss of the chemistry with Ziva, but over the sub-par scripts and lowbrow direction on a show hitherto distinguished by brilliant scripts and crisp direction. Yikes. After over a decade of excellence, I would rather see NCIS go away (Seinfeld knew when to end, JJ Abrams (Fringe, Alias) always knows when to end it. Don't poison the well. Either her bring her back, and with her writers who understand the heritage of this show, and directors who are not so schlocky ... This is one of the great shows in the history of TV. What in the world have you done with it? Bishop is a joke. I agree with Amrita, she's a Nancy Drew character for Heaven's Sake. Give us NCIS back or end it. We will at least have ten seasons of excellence to watch. This year has been a total wash. And those great actors, Harmon and the rest, they know it, you can see it in their faces.
  • What happened to the direction, writing and casting on NCIS 11???

    Adding a "Nancy Drew" character, Bishop to replace Ziber, really? The scripts lack the substance and timing that we became addicted to. The core of actors are doing their best to make it work. And they are great actors. But watching the show is no longer exciting or interesting as it had been. It just evokes pity for what the remaining core of great actors have to deal with in the lackluster scripts and horrible writing & casting of a Bishop. Just end it. C,mon, Season 11 sucks, can't watch more. good luck...
  • Too much geek not enough kick ass.

    Sorry NCIS just not the same without Ziva.
  • No More NCIS for me!

    I have watched every episode of NCIS and I even watch the reruns. However, when I started to watch the last episode this past week I could not watch anymore than 15 minutes with Bishop who is so bad not as an actor but the character adds nothing to the show and is entirely unbelievable. I will not watch it anymore.
  • Love Bishop!!

    I love the new character so much season 11 is awesome so far can't wait to by the box set! I never thought I'd say this but love bishop even more then Kate and Ziva she's really doing awesome!
  • My dog played the part of Bishop on the BISHOP show

    We did NOT watch the BISHOP show last night but we missed NCIS so much that I painted dark eyebrows on my white dog, told her to sit and it was just like Bishop! Except when our dog barks she doesn't clench her teeth, she is not a skinny wanna maybe these writers would want to give our dog a screen test in case Bishop needs a rest from getting up and down off the floor.
  • A hopeful moment gone bad

    For a moment there I was holding my breathe that when Bishop got shot they had seen the light, but the moment of horror, ''she wasn't dead", I almost cried. What a bummer!
  • Bad, bad, acting

    Really bad acting. Need to get rid of bishop, newest agent.
  • Please, Stop the Torture!!

    I have officially dropped this show from my home lineup. Let me know if/when you get rid of Bishop and I'll come back. Right now, it looks like this will be the last season for NCIS. What a shame!
  • gotta go, gotta go, gotta go

    Please, please get rid of Bishop. We don't want "quirky," cutsie or "smart" but looking and sounding stupid. We want badass, strong, sexy, funny, fighting machine with a heart, and strong family loyalty, ncis being the family. Basically, we want ZIVA!! Or a similar type. Please, I and all my family and friends have been loyal fans and have not missed an episode from the beginning, but, this season has been a hard one to continue watching. I love you guys, don't change the personality of the characters and get rid of Bishop, sorry Wickersham, this is not personal.

    I have been a loyal fan since day 1, own all the seasons and introduced the show to loads of people way back when which many many people did and that is how your loyal fan base was formed thus making NCIS #1 for so long. Suddenly it is as if you all lost your minds and want the show to fail.

    You cannot achieve higher ratings while losing loyal viewers and once again tonight (Feb. 25, 2014) you tried to force-feed "Bishop" on us. You have turned this show into the Bishop show and it will come back to bite you.

    For example:

    1. The alleged actress Wickersham far too often slips into a teen mode, talking too fast, as though if she talks fast enough, we viewers will think she's smart. It only makes her come off as stupid.

    2. You tried to get us to believe that small, skinny Bishop can defeat an experienced trainer, despite the fact that your "Bishop" has spent six years sitting at a a load of crap.

    3. She pursued Parsa for what 6 years and couldn't nab him until she was able to sit on the floor at NCIS? Another load of hogwash

    4. You again try to make "Bishop" appear really smart, lecturing the team (including Gibbs) AGAIN, about tracking body armor, even though she does not know the first thing about body armor.

    5. The mere fact that the Gibbs we came to love over the last 10 years would have never considered hiring this type of would have happened.

    The list goes on and on with what is wrong with this season and the Bishop character.

    The writers have gone out to lunch permanently this season, the show needs to stop making the guys dumb to make Bishop look good, they need to give more air time to Ducky, Palmer and Abby and less to Bishop. She is not the star nor star quality, stop focusing on her and you may just save the show.

    I have to stop and fast forward through a great deal of the Bishop parts and if you keep force-feeding "Bishop" at such high volume I may just have to rely on my DVD's for my "fix" for quality NCIS casting and writing, and Gibbs, Abby, Ducky, Tony, and McGee.

    How about showing us some loyalty and respect now and get rid of Bishop!! This is just an awful character, the acting is horrid and you have ruined what work so well. Gibbs isn't Gibbs anymore. We hardly see Palmer or Ducky or even Abby but you give Bishop a load of air time.

    You have already slipped behind "Blue Bloods" in total viewers -- losing your number one rating for the first time in years. Please get rid of Wickersham

  • Get rid of her!

    That new character is bringing my favorite show down, down, down. How can anyone think the character of actor fit with this show. Please get rid of her before the show is cancelled!
  • Bishop and her NCIS team


    The other actors are far more talented yet have much less air time.

    Get her off the show before more of us stop watching. It use to be my

    favorite program now if I miss it not a problem. I'd rather watch reruns.

  • Is NCIS jumping the shark?

    Bishop, OMG, is soooo bad and why have they had cases solved by her and her alone?? I am so disappointed, was my favorite but now it is as if they really don't care. Did someone owe someone a favor. It is as if Bishop is the only one with any skill at all and she is not even a good actor. NCIS is just about the only show that was worth watching, now I can't even watch long enough to see how it all ends, and why bother Bishop will solve it by sitting on the floor eating cereal UGH. Anyone to contact the produces the show to get back to the real NCIS??
  • Get rid of bishop

    I refuse to watch until they remove her from the cast. During the Olympics, they showed reruns with Cote de Pablo. I watched those. There is no chemistry with wickersham. The story lines are simply awful. Moron in charge that refused to give Cote a one year contract? Whoever you are, please fire yourself.
  • Obituary

    The ever-lovable Leroy Jethro Gibbs with his head whacky and rules has made NCIS one of my all-time favorite shows ever, but all good things must end. It was fall of 2013 dawning the last goodbye between two people that were meant to be together a beautiful Mossad kickass agent (Ziva) and the walking movie encyclopedia (Tony) with a charismatic smile. The subtle banter between smart, adorable agent (Timothy) and gothic beauty in black (Abby) while they enjoy their jobs as solving cases with their intellect and electronics fades with the stroke of a delete key. Performing an autopsy while getting to know the victims through historical facts and care (Ducky); as a young man ridiculous humor in an attempt to be a better Ducky (Jimmy).

    After episodes of warming up to the hard noised Director Vance, we finally see and embraced his softer side by allowing Gibbs to reunite his team and stay out of his way to get the job done. The director humbled himself by working side-by-side with Gibbs and the team after the death of his wife, which made him more likable. The real loss of Ralph Waite as Gibbs NCIS father has really put the icing on the cake. I thought I was heartbroken by Kate's death, the departure of Tony's true and the arrival of Bishop, who may very well be a nice person, but clearly the wrong person for this cast. It saddens me, but I must say goodbye to NCIS. It would be refreshing for writers to actually listen to the fans and make changes that will save a hit show instead of burying it quickly.

    NCIS has truly been a joy to watch over the years and I will continue to watch the reruns, but I will miss Mark Harmon, Cote de Pablo, Michael Weatherly, Pauley Perrette, Sean Murray, David McCallum, Rocky Carroll, Brian Dietzen, and Ralph Waite.

    I have watched NCIS from the start- this season is by far the worse - it looks like the show has come to the end and they don't care any more with Bishop as a character. Always NCIS cared about the characters and quality of the show - now - Tuesday can come and go and its is as bad as the previous week.
  • The Newbie needs to go

    The newcomer needs to go. She does not fit in with the team and is a complete distraction. I haven't watched much this season simply because the team is no longer interesting especially with the newcomer being so annoying...
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