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  • - Is Heading for the Crime Drama Graveyard....

    I have been a NCIS fan since the end of JAG. I hardly believe any fan can deny that Tony / Kate / Mcgee where the trio that made the show. With Kate leaving and Zeva coming in the chemistry between Tony and Zeva and the innuendos from Mcgee and Abby were perfectly matched.

    I was concerned when Zeva left but the show managed to hold its ground with Eli. But with Tony leaving I knew it was going to be a huge void to fill. Now adding Nick wasn't a bad choice and I can see the network trying to fill in with Tony's jokes and mastery of Mc - Jokes but it's not working. Although Nick is a character you can slowly get use to liking it is not Tony. Fast forward - Jimmy is ok but for as smart as the character is the network makes him sound stupid at times, I cant get use to this but trying, Behind the scenes you have Reeve's - the character and the subtle relationship with Eli was going somewhere, Lets face it although i am very partial to blondes Eli's character comes with way too much drama. I seen it moving in the opposite direction with the interactions with Reeves and then it all went down-hill. Now Abby is gone and they bring in (Heck i don't know what to call it) but i do know my time with NCIS is slowly degrading. If this is CBS permanent replacement for Abby I will not be as enthusiastic to watch. Thank goodness there is NCIS LA and New Orleans - But honestly New Orleans is going the same route I loved watching NCIS N/O when Brody was on. After her absence and the role going too Sonja i can see the character took a Nose Dive - at least they finally got rid of that character.

    All i am saying is NCIS was the leading Crime Drama I patiently waited for on a weekly bases - Now not so much. As a consumer and a fan i hope the CBS big wigs take time to read! Loosen up Eli's character - Get Jimmy out of the stupid Funk Role - Do Not use the temporary ABBY Actress cause she is not even appealing enough to watch - Back to the Old School Boys! If not we will see another show tank by years end.
  • Mystery Woman

    Does anyone know who Gibbs' mystery woman was and who played her?
  • NCIS new cast

    I don't think more people are needed on NCIS. Ellie is doing a super job; Sean Murray is alwys good; Ducky and Jimmy are great; I like Wilmer but I think he needs more of a role. Jethro and Rocky Carroll are always good. Pauley will be missed but oh, well. The new woman, Maria Bello, is not necessary, in my opinion. Just build around the ones I have mentioned and the show will go on.
  • Start all over again

    With Bishop and the new additions, I can't stomach NCIS any more. I watch the re-runs that have Michael Weatherby and Cote De Pablo in them, which were always magic. I miss their humor and one liners! The caricatures on the program now just don't cut it and are boring as hell. Maybe if you brought Tony, Ziva, and their child in for a cameo appearance I'd feel better. The ending of the DiNozzo/Ziva relationship seemed so brutal and totally deflated it for me. I think most of us like happy endings, considering what's going on in the world today and could use some.
  • NCIS still better than 95% of shows on tv

    I just finished reading a bunch of reviews for NCIS on this site. I agree that the show was hurt by Ziva's and Tony's characters leaving but it's still better than most shows on tv including the Premium paid channels. Why don't all of you complainers just quit watching and let the rest of us that still love it enjoy it. NCIS has changed, but it's still my favorite show and I hope mean spirited people like you don't cause it to be cancelled.
  • New Cast - What to expect

    I wasn't sure with Michael Weatherly leaving whether NCIS would be good this year. I was pleasantly surprised when I watched it! The new members are good and funny and the show is still good! I will continue to watch it, in fact I have the series being recorded each week in case I am not at home to see it! Kudos to the writers and the stars!
  • Better than I expected

    I was tempted to not even watch but I enjoyed the episode. I like the Nick Torres character. We have not had a brawler on the show since Ziiva left. I did not miss Tony at all. His character has not been much fun for the last couple of years. McGee is also becoming harder to stand. I wish they would eliminate both him and Bishop. I think that the new characters coming in will help restore the show to must-see tv.

  • wistful thinking


    So I spent the summer thinking some miracle might occur and somebody would wise up enough to send The Twit to the Weather Channel. So I will continue to mute when she opens her mouth.
  • Why does it has to be so complicated?

    After all that has happened over the years of NCIS, with the loss of so many friendly faces and a symbolic "series finale". All I was asking for and I would say many other NCIS fans were, to see some/one of our beloved characters have a win. Pointing the finger towards the love interest between Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David. 8 13 years is a long time for an actor/actress to play a character and it is a long time for the fans to fall in love with and enjoy watching. The shock departure of Cote De Pablo for what ever reason, left so many fans devastated full of questions. Unfortunately the damage was done and time to move on. So in the departure of Michael Weatherly all I wanted to see was one scene or a couple of seconds of Tony finding Ziva again and moving on. Is that too much to ask for or am I hopeless romantic? Love changes people and it definitely would be enough for Tony to be with Ziva, especially with a daughter involved. Throughout the seasons Tony had multiple one night stands but we always found Tony and Ziva move towards each other like a couple of magnets. Tony learnt what love felt like when he was undercover and fell in love with Dr. Jeanne Beniot. In Ziva's finale Tony said "I'm fighting for you Ziva" which is all Ziva ever wanted was for someone to fight for her. Tony also isn't a fan of children, but for it to be his child he has had with Ziva definitely changes his perception towards the child. After the mistakes Tony's father made, being the man we have watched grow up and love, he would do his best to be a father. Looking after Tali in the end is the result for DiNozzo's departure anyway. Unless we are meant to fill in the gaps and assume Ziva is still alive as they didn't find her body in the rubble. I do like Kathysr review: My Take on Season 13 Finale Ziva is Alive. But I will still be watching NCIS even though DiNozzo is has gone. Characters come and go I am happy that NCIS is still airing. Even though they won't be reading this, a massive thank you to all staff that make this show possible :)
  • Bishop belongs on a show like Two and a Half Men

    Not NCIS! Before, the characters all clicked and were great together. There was chemistry between them that the audience could feel. With Bishop, it just isn't there and never will be. We've taken to watching the returns with Cote in them. Who in their right mind cast that person as Bishop? And expected her to take the place of Cote? That's like going out for a steak dinner and getting potted meat instead.
  • No Dinozzo , Oh No

    No more Dinozzo is like Jethro without a bottle in the basement. Abby without her computers. I'm in distress. And yes I still like & continue to watch, for I need my Jethro shot. I want another season!!!
  • get Michael Weatherly back when he is through playing Dr. Phil.

    get michael weatherly back after he is through playing Dr. Phil, UGH. Did he really give up NCIS for that. I want Ziva back too. I kind of gave up watching all the episodes for the second time when the blonde came on. I agree with all the other comments as well. Whoever's girlfriend she is doesn't cut it. I watch on Netflix. I haven't watched network tv for 35 years. I want to watch when I want to watch. Hope to get more seasons on Netflix even if it will end with Tony walking out. Love Tony Senior too. Of course I am not in the correct age group. 75 doesn't cut it either, NCIS got me through a long illness. Gibbs, don't you leave. That would be the final disaster. My husband got me all the seasons to watch in the nursing home I was in. I recovered and now I am back fighting for my favorite shows. Thanks. Keep this series going anyway.
  • Any NCIS with character bishop

    Emily Wickersham is no flavor white frosting on a no flavor white cake . white on white. Boring!!!!

    She cannot act; not expressive; does not know who she is or how dull; does not know how to create a character that is memorable; looks like a high school cheerleader, mean girl looking for a tiara. Watching grass grow is much more interesting and practices method growing. Get her the hell off of NCIS so I can watch the show without cringing whenever she is in the scene. Ugh!!!! Mark Harmon is no Dicaprio but he should know better that to put a dull blonde with know knowledge on how to act in an action, suspense show.
  • NCIS is still #1

    So sorry for my first review.

    All i wanted to say that NCIS is still the best show with the cast at the moment. But i will miss Michael so much. :(
  • I love love love NCIS Washington. I record every ....

    I miss Ziva so much. Can you please bring her back???? She was the very best female agent in all of the series. I loved the "love" connection she had with Tony - they were perfect for each other, real love or not!!
  • NCIS Save Emily Wichersham

    When I first saw Emily on NCIS I at first did not really like her, but after watching her for a while she grew on me, and I think she is a good replacement for ZIVA did not really care for her and her smart ass attitude, Emily character is the kind of person if you need answers or help she is there for you and will try and help you. KEEP EMILY ON NCIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Is Elle, Kelly?

    The storyline with Bishop .......... Gibbs may not have known she was alive.

    Mike W. is leaving to do other projects and he has already stayed on an additional two seasons.

    Tony has a thing for Bishop, he's clearing all the relationship baggage out, that why he's weird around Jake, maybe another reason for Gibb-Tony strained relationship.

    Something to ponder.

    Tony will be killed off in some way, maybe saving Abbey.

    Tony / Ziva romance didn't fit the storyline.

  • Who is in charge of this circus! some one wake up show runner and head script writer Gary Glasberg !!!!!!

    put the blame where the blame belongs! Emily wickersham, is a really beautiful woman, Just bio her and check out her, photo lay outs. Glasburg , Put NCIS, on auto pilot and walked away from his creative management responsibilities Some one give him a wake up yell!!!!!!!. The writers aren't worthy! Who ever writes the scripts for Bishop. needs to be the first writer to go! Glasburg , Loyal NCIS, FANS are demanding your immediate action to get Our once #! show back into shape! Get CRACKING AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!! NCIS fans all of us need to bio research Gary Glasburg ncis script writer. you will find a script writer index and a request prompt to become an ncis script writer yourself! I used SO stop dreaming and start writing
  • The show is great

    This show is a great show
  • bishop more like bishit

    hi so I have watched NCIS since I was nine. I am now sixteen. I hadn't even watched them in order but since it got added to netflix I decided to. I absolutely loved Kate, but I loved Ziva even more. Like, Tony was just sitting there and here walks in this super bad-ass Israeli who has confidence and determination. Over the 8 years we had Cote on the show I grew to love her even more. She proved herself to be strong, capable and trustworthy. Also I was a big fan of Tiva because who isn't. When she left I was slightly disturbed because I couldn't figure out why CBS would get rid of such a phenomenal actress like Cote De Pablo. Then I come to find out (other than Cote wanted to pursue different paths) that is was a money issue? Here we have this outstanding actress, who works long hours and isn't being paid shit. We all know CBS has a history of firing female leads when they ask for a raise, as we saw this with Cook from Criminal Minds. So it isn't that shocking that they rushed her exit and didn't give the fans the ending we deserved. BUT IT DOESN'T EVEN STOP THERE. Then they hire EW who for one, is a poor actress, two, what the hell is happening with her eyebrow/hair combo? She looks like a 13 year old who accidentally got a hold of her moms hair dye. That's not even the worst part, how can you give a horrible actress such a bland character and expect good results?? lets look back at season one and season three shall we? Season one episode one we met Kate. Gibbs did not just hand her the job. She fucking earned that shit. She disobeyed orders as a secret service agent so Gibbs could solve his crime. So when she quit he gave her a job at NCIS. Then Ziva kiLLED HER BROTHER TO SAVE GIBBS. LET ME REPEAT. SHE KILLED HER OWN BROTHER. At the end of this episode Gibbs and David are in the elevator and Gibbs tells her he trusts her because of what she did. Then there Bishop. WHo walks the fuck in and says a couple smart things and gets handed a job? Not to mention she has ZERO prior training as an agent or anything else. CBS what the hell are you doing? Stop being a bitchy little girl and just fucking get Cote back. She wants to come back she said so herself but ya'll are being assholes. Your show is suffering. Since Cote left, the show has dropped 7 million views. Since NCIS started they have consistently been rated CBS #1 show. Now that Cotes gone they aren't lol. Between getting rid of Ziva and adding Bishop the show is suffering like hell. I hope to God they bring her back in season 13 or else I will give up on this show. (Season 13 should also probably be the last season but maybe that one is just me) xoxo


    bishop still sucks, shows losing its jazz lol get rid of bishop, bring back ziva. The show will improve i promise. Michael and Cote vibe off each other and everyone else vibes off them so:)


    i stand by what i have been, and every other ncis fan has been saying: GET RID OF BISHOP. bring back ziva.
  • Bishop

    We want ziva back or Maggie Q. This Bishop sucks doesn't fit in!
  • Don't write out Bishop

    IMO Bishop stepped in seamlessly when Zeva left. I love her acting and the role. Stunned to see so much hate here.

  • Great Episode

    This was a great episode and very emotional!! I love the entire cast INCLUDING Bishop! She adds her own dimension to the show. Not everyone can be like Ziva and I get that. If all the women were the same the show would be boring. Keep up the great work!
  • Bishop thoughts

    Wow, I didn't realize so many didn't like Bishop. I do like her, however, I don't think they are doing all they can with the character. Ziva was fun to watch as she kicked butt and had a different world view. Bishop was quirky at first - the candy bars and her spy smarts - but all that's gone now that she's an NCIS agent. There is nothing that sets her apart from so many other agents and there needs to be. Maybe after her trip to OK/break up? with Jake, the writers will do something with her.
  • little sister

    She's like the team's little sister I think she's cute and totes different than Ziva: which is a good thing. Ziva was a great character Bishop can be too.

    Honestly I feel like Ziva/Tony shippers feel threatened by her. I don't think they should.
  • The best show ever

    love this show... most watched show last nigth... almost 20 milion tottal viewers...
  • Agent bishop

    If you don't like agent bishop it's because you can't let go and you're ugly she is a great asset to the team but she's no zeva
  • Please get rid of Bishop

    I have actually stopped watching this show because of her, she just does not fit in with the others. I've started watching the re-runs when Ziva was on there. Please take her off!!!!!
  • hopefully never!

    Those who pick at the so called been there done it, well wrong they've never been here and that's what shocked. NO season finale has had this kind of possible painful loss except for 9, but we knew Davi McC had resigned, and 3 when Gibbs quit ,but we knew he was alive. We saw Gibbs definitely off his game, taunting and not too helpful Mike, and sad betrayal by a child who Gibbs obviously felt for. If you look at all the previous season finales, this is how I see them, 1and 2) Ari and his Gibbs obsession, 3), we find out a terrible truth about Agent Gibbs that runs through the show for yrs, to come and he quits, 4) Tony and Jenny's dubious obsessive hunt comes to a bad conclusion, but the real shock doesn't happen til 5/1, could you have imagined what that summer would have been like if Tony's car blew up in 4/24? 5 )Jenny and an old Gibbs op the chickens come home to roost 6) Ziva love trauma ending with her leaving them,7) Gibbs past catching up 8) Vance and the Sec nav's past catching up 9) A really pissed off dad takes it out on the team and NCIS in general 10) The team and Gibbs career on the line followed by WTF, and a really butchered start to 11 because someone leaves 11) no cliffhanger just a loss and a real slap down of a slimy villain named Alejandro Rivera, 12) Don't see anything in the past that reaches this fearful climax, Gibbs hasn't been shot that many times in 282 eps, like 3 times, and actors do get written out occasionally but then MH isn't a thorn in EP's sides unlike another actor in another show we all know. Gonna be a hard summer
  • Ziva and Bushop

    We like Bishop. We almost decided not to watch anymore but we decided to give Bishop a chance. We like her now more than Ziva. Ziva left on her own the way she wanted to. She is gone. You guys need to accept that fact. The last I saw (last night), there are other actors on NCIS. She was not alone. We don't care if Ziva returns now or not. Bishop is doing great!
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