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  • NCIS going down

    Bishop is quickly ruining one of the best shows on tv. I know of several people including my family that no longer can watch any episode with her in it. She absolutely can not act, and her facial expressions are god awful. And what were the writers thinking. They started her off actually giving orders and her opinions were given priority. So much for being a probie.. They filled Zivas space in haste and now Bishop is a waste.

  • Last week's sexual assault episode

    Thank you, thank you to the writers for openly addressing the issue of sexual assault in the military! This has always been a "don't go there" subject, however, the problem is significant and the consequences seem to be few. Last year, a young woman who strongly desired a Navy career was assaulted on the ship on which she served. Only because of intervention from one of the state senators in her home state was she honorably separated from the military. To my knowledge, there were few, if any consequences, for the perpetrator and the senior officers who refused to believe her and covered for the perpetrator. Her life is getting better, but still is a mess. So, thank you for being proactive!
  • Bishop is great! Do keep and develop her character.

    Bishop is the best addition NCIS had for years and I have become even more attached to the show, which I have been watching from day 1. The reasons for Bishop's significant contribution are simple: She is the only candidate of the team that can stand up to Gibbs with her intelligence and competence. All the others are scared of Gibbs, Ziva having been no exception. Both Ziva and Abby have been Gibbs' competent, clever and obedient daughters. Bishop brought in a new atmosphere of somebody saying to Gibbs: "No boss, your idea sucks; here is a better This role has immense potential. The actress chosen is just perfect: she is very pretty (even more cute than pretty), looks shy yet when the problem at hand demands it the most forthcoming of all the team. It is also likely that she will be the only one to become a real pal of Dr. Mallard (even perhaps accompanying him to the opera) because of her great knowledge in all sorts of things and her ability to learn things very quickly. Abby is very knowledgeable, but she is too little-girlish. Dr. Mallard needs more of a European type intellectual as a pal: Bishop is just the right type. As a professional scientist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, I have actually met young women very much like Bishop and they are great fun to interact with.

    The negative reviews about Bishop greatly saddened me, because it might discourage the script writers about the character. The viewers who commented negatively on the character clearly do not recognise what Bishop stands for: she is like none of the characters NCIS has ever had before. The MIT graduate McGee is too nerdish and insecure; Abby is too girly and stuck in her lab. Bishop, by contrast, is the intellect in the field and in the office.

    Since she has joined the team, I watch NCIS with renewed interest (my great love for the series in part stems from the fact that I too, like Gibbs, have a military history that I greatly value; I see in Gibbs some of my superior officers that I very greatly respected).

    For Heaven's sake keep Bishop (Wickersham is a fresh breath of air also because she is so attractive) and DEVELOP THE CHARACTER as brains+action+Gibb's girl+Dr. Mallard's intellectual pal.

    A. M. C. Sengor, Professor of Geology at Istanbul Technical University

  • No Ziva BUT Viva Bishop!

    I miss Ziva too - I also missed Kate when she left, however, I like Bishop - a lot. She brings a different dynamic to the team. Give the girl a chance.
  • VIVA LA ZIVA !!!!

    BRING BACK ZIVA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    BACK ! YOU CAN'T CHANGE THAT TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAMILY AND FRIENDS FEEL THE SAME. THEY HAVE QUIT WATCHING . BRING ZIVA BACK !!!!!
  • Absolutely brilliant

    Watching season 5 right now and loving this show, really liked Kate and thought I was really gonna miss her after they just assassinated her but Ziva has been amazing as well. Lovable characters, great cases, surprises, top notch acting. What more can you ask for? Looking at the recent reviews - it seems like Ziva's replacement is killing this show :(
  • Special Agent Leroy Jethro Cupcake

    Gotta face the facts .... Mark Harmon has reverted back to 1987 when he played the goofy, weak-willed high-school gym teacher " Freddy Shoop " .... After this NCIS season, he will NEVER, EVER be Gibbs again .... The show writers have allowed the Wickersham/Bishop character to thoroughly emasculate not only all the male characters on the show, but has specifically done the best job on the Gibbs character ..... turning the once fierce Gibbs into a weak, Wickersham/Bishop groupie who is now known as Special Agent Cupcake.

    Recently watched a rerun of NCIS - Diane Neal (aka Agent Boren - Coast Guard) would have been the ideal choice for the addition to the NCIS cast - instead of this new agent (who upsets the dynamic of the show)
  • Do a Kate exit on Bishop

    Between trying to make Gibbs into a more sensitive, caring puke, Dinutzo back into the juvenile twit he used to be in earlier years, Bishop is like an ice water en_ma, does nothing but leave me cold.

  • Bishop not mature enough!

    Bishop just does not work. No chemistry. She is not mature enough. Where is Cote?

    Please bring back Cote de Pablo. Sorry, the new girl just doesn't cut it. Seems too young and just doesn't jell with the rest of the cast members. Please, please, please bring back Cote. I don't know if I can handle one more episode with the new girl.
  • Love Bishop!!

    I love the new character so much season 11 is awesome so far can't wait to by the box set! I never thought I'd say this but love bishop even more then Kate and Ziva she's really doing awesome!
  • RIP Ralph Waite

    I just learned that yesterday afternoon that Ralph Waite passed. You were a great father to Gibbs.

    What's NCIS spelled backwards? SICN, which is what the show has done to me ever since Bishop joined the cast. Please, please, get rid of her!
  • Up The Ratings!

    Come on Guys, Just up the ratings from 8.9 to 9 or more! The Writer's story is so good even though Bishop is boring and replacing Gibbs and his team! Best Show on TV!

    . Bishop isn't a good replacement for Ziva.
  • Harmon and the team deserve better

    I have watched every episode of NCIS many times over (thanks to USA) and love, love, love Gibbs but also love the show and the actors because everything clicks. All the actors are well cast and play their parts perfectly. The plots are believable. Then along come new writers (???) and for the entire season, the actors don't seem to have their hearts in the show any more. There is no spirit and spunk. As if the writing isn't bad enough, they throw in this new actress to replace Ziva and everything bombs. I'll watch anything with Mark Harmon in it but feel sorry for him and the other professionals on the show because it's NOT the same quality show it used to be. This new girl unrealistically makes everybody else look stupid. Give her a show of her own but get her off NCIS!! Also, enough with ex-wife #2. She's annoying. Her fast talking shrill voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard! And no more precocious 13 year old kids who show up at somebody's house while her parents think she's at the mall. Does she take a cab? She isn't old enough to drive. Come on. Sober up the worthless writers and give these great actors some respect and give us fans our quality entertainment again!!!!! Also, where the heck is Director Vance? Haven't seen him this season. The rating I'm giving is for the old shows. Oh, I also do not like the new SECNAV. We know why these writers wrote her in but it's stupid in so many ways. Please don't mess around and fail these great actors! They deserve better!
  • Writer team should do their homework

    Lately I watched an episode where Tony asks Ziva to explain the name Shmil to him. Ziva said it derived from the name Ishmael (God will listen) which is absolutely ridiculous, No Jew in his right mind will name his kid Ishmael a perfectly good Arabic name. However Shmil( God listens) is the Yiddish nick name for the name Shmuel. Maybe the writers of this great show should consult an Israeli before they film their episodes. I still thing NCIS is the greatest.
  • Devils Triad - Laughed my butt off, LOVED Bishop AND was intrigued !

    Not sure you could ask for more of a positive response.

    Bishop is capable (not bad on the eyes) and is willing to be human.

    Something I am sorry, but Ziva just never aspired to...

    Her smarts are FANTASTIC yet she recognizes she studies the autopsy guide over the weekend !! ??

    Don't get me wrong, I loved Ziva but Bishop is a three dimensional character, where Ziva BARELY more than one...

    Where did Bishop cross Jethro ???

    I saw him trusting her to make her own moves.

    He knew full well she would come to the "right" answer even it wasn't correct - that has Gibbs all over it !

    And yeah a thirteen year old shouldn't be getting around DC on her own.

    But this is the apple made from Fornel and Gibbs' Ex (and Gibbs' "niece") - she AIN'T a normal thirteen year old !

    I am just so damn glad we didn't have to see that SECNAV business model again.

    Yes she is a redhead - but she AIN'T Jethro's type just because she is a ginger...

    That cheesy animation and her smarmy speech opening the last show almost shut me down.

    I work for a defense contractor - we have MUCH better animations.

    And I certainly don't need the SECNAV pushing my product to a bunch of other contractors.

    That was the lamest opening in eleven seasons...

    PLEASE bring in a new SECNAV - PLEASE !!!

  • Ziva Who??

    We have watched NCIS from the beginning. We love that NCIS is going back to great plots and using all the characters. Love the new character Ellie Bishop. She is smart, quirkie, and adorable. Can take a guy down too! She will be a good addition. Core characters are Gibbs, Tony and McGee. Ziva became the central character and it was all about romance between her and Tony. NCIS is NCIS again. Thank you! Love it!
  • mark Harmon

    I would like to meet Mark Harmon in person him and his cast are terrific in my book but when diva left it did hurt because I liked everyone and I still do but I like Mark Harmon the best.
  • Ziva, Ziva, Ziva....

    First, I want to say that all of the characters do a great job working the tireless hours to produce a thrilling show to watch! No, the show is not the same without De Cote; however she needs what she needs in her life. It is obvious that money, ego or long hours are not what she needs or wants in her life at this moment. It has nothing to do with 'letting her fans down'. Maybe she is at a point in her life that she needs some 'me time' to get or put her life in order, have a baby, or just sit down and enjoy the glory of her work. De Cote is a wounderous woman, who, no matter what she does will be great. the show may not be the same but i am not going to discredit the other actors; sorry, they are ALL great in their own right, they ALL deserve to be credited with the workings with the show. i say kudos to you all. Life changes makes us think of life choices, we all have to make life choices which bring about changes that some will never accept or understand.
  • new lady taken Zeva's place

    It will not be like a family and I don't think she's going to fit in.
  • Moved to Tears

    My thanks to the writers of the episode shown 11/5/13. It was the most beautiful episode I have seen in all the years I have watched the show. The love the father had for his son and for his German friend was heartwarming.
  • a great season!!

    i love season 11 so far! I'm a gibbs fan myself but i love the whole cast and the show!! i loved the 5th episode so much, i like gibbs-tony relationship i also loved the old gibbs sneaking up to people ( mcgee this time) reminds me the good old ncis!! Im not a tiva fan never has been and i felt that last season was all about them leaving all the other relationships on the side! I dont think tiva fans are so many they r just more passionate! Strangely i dont miss ziva and i enjoy the series probably more. I hope they keep up for much more years! They trully are getting better!!
  • The best show ever

    love this show... most watched show last nigth... almost 20 milion tottal viewers...
  • Stay ziva

    Ziva needs to stay.
  • NCIS S11 Mixed emotions

    I didn't discover NCIS until Season 8 however I made up for lost time by buying Seasons 1-8 on DVD and watching S9 & S10 as they were shown on tv. I am now a self-confessed NCIS addict! This is the first time I've written a blog but after hearing the news that Cote De Pablo is leaving the show I wanted to express an opinion. I have mixed emotions about the situation. Firstly, I'm really disappointed that her character, Ziva, will no longer be part of the team. Ziva is not my favourite character but I do like her and I was a big fan of Tiva (having said that I did feel that it was becoming tedious by end of S10). On the other hand I'm looking forward to the arrival of a new character and what stories/history that person brings with them and how they will gel with the well-established cast. I'm also looking forward to how Ziva will be written out hopefully she won't be killed off. I'd like to think her last scene will be one with Tony. As for Cote this is obviously something she's thought long and hard about, you don't just decide to leave a No.1 rated show on a whim. I hope she's making the right decision for her, only time will tell. I really hope her leaving doesn't affect the show's rating or dynamics. I want the show to continue for many seasons yet as I've only just begun!!!!

    I love see it every don't like so much Kate not Sasha love Ziva and i think that Cote de pablo show us that she has a very big hypocritical talent such as Michael Weatherly and Pauley Perrette and of course Mark Harmon. I think that Ducky ~David McCallum ~ is sweet .James "Jimmy" Palmer is good like NCIS because those agents are always ARE A REAL TEAM...
  • Excellent

    love NCIS. one of my favorite tv shows. When I'm not at home or unable to watch my shows I record them so that way I don't miss any.
  • will miss the show

    why are you taking NCIS off the T V
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