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  • This show has incredible characters (I mean it) and comic book story lines.

    I can't stand it. Ducky? Jethro? The goth chick? The show goes so far out of its way to impress with eclectic characters that it forgets to put some believable story lines and good actors in it. It's hard to watch and thanks to shallow tv like that, I can save electricity and turn off the television. What is wrong with you people who like it?
  • The many displays of unprofessionalism by Mark Harmon's character is far from complimenting the producers (Bellisario). This could be a good show, but instead is a disgrace to previous productions, such as JAG, which was exceptionally done.

    This show is poorly done! I think someone needs to go back to the drawing board and determine what "professionalism" looks like. Believe me, it is not portrayed here. A person, such as portrayed by Mark Harmon, in the position he holds, should not be slapping fellow workers or making snide remarks to them either. He is crude, rude and a disgrace to the position. Let's clean this up!
  • Where did NCIS go?

    I have watched NCIS from the beginning and I cannot tell you how upset I am since bringing bishop to the cast. Its not Bishop's fault, I am sure she could be great in another type of program, but she is terrible in this one; and again, maybe its the writers because the content of their shows since Bishop came aboard has been pathetic. I just watched a few reruns prior to Bishop and the story content was fantastic and suspenseful. Its not that Ziva is gone, its that the story lines have been drafted to accommodate Bishop who represents a college co-ed, supposedly with a brain. You cannot replace a strong, force full, capable woman with a bimbo. Please replace Bishop with another strong woman, able to hold her own in any situation. If you can't replace her then rename the show, because the name no longer fits. I want the old Gibbs back, I want the incredible story lines back. I want a female character that is a match for the male characters, that has their back. You might want to find another casting director, because this one completely screwed up. Bring back the NCIS I know and love. Don't make me leave. I have 10 yrs invested in this show.

    3-28-14 Another week and still no change. This past week show was even worse. Gibbs choosing Bishop to go to New Orleans - the writing is now truly sucky. The story line has been reduced to pathetic while trying to make bishop fit. There are no strong characters any more - they are all being reduced to jokes - If you are going to kill off the show, do it with dignity. The thrill is gone!!!
  • Bishop Ruined the best cast on TV

    I can't even watch NCIS anymore me and my mom used to get so excited for a brand new NCIS every tuesday. i have watched NCIS since it started when i was 4, i never understood it but i was in love with it, i have seen every episode until Ziva left. Bishop is such a plain character all she does is eat food and sit on top of everything. But what really got me mad is when CBS said that the new character would be her OWN character meaning nothing like Kate or Ziva. But they lied because Bishop can draw really good just like kate, and fights like Ziva (But not as good) The team had such a great bond with Ziva , they were like a big happy family. They used to all tease each other when one of them had a date and now Bishop is MARRIED and McGee is getting really serious with Delilah (who is another boring character) Also CBS said that the new character and McGee were gonna like each other like "Tiva" which isn't gonna happen(Thank god) because Bishop is married. I also hate how she's a computer geek. We already have McGeek for that! She absolutely ruined the best show on tv and now i can't even watch my favorite show. THE NEED TO KILL BISHOP OFF PLEASE AND HAVE ZIVA COME BACK I NEVER WANT TO SEE OR HEAR BISHOP AGAIN.
  • Can't Watch NCIS anymore

    I heard Cote wanted to move on - fine. I would miss her but was excited to see a new character. Bishop is such a BIG disappointment! She didn't fit in from the start. Gibbs handed the team over to a newbie. What a laugh! Tony and Tim became shadows of themselves. Then, Abby asked for her help! Oh, my! Bishop sits on floor, gathering germs, then sits on their desks!! Oh, and eats junk food. Great role model I tried to watch but it only hurts. I heard that Tim is now giving his keys to his home to Delilah? Are they crazy! I loved to see who Tim would hook-up with next and how Tony watched over him and helped him get girl friends. And, Delilah is another BORING character, she's a paper pusher! Tim needs that game girl! No interest in Tim if, he gets hitched. Tony has become a non entity. Fire the writers and start over, please. I don't even tape it anymore. No interest in this new season. So, sad.


    Watching "Truth of Consequences" on USA, a perfect example of the NCIS I loved. Where the characters were the characters that made the series #1.

    I don't think its just Ziva being gone (but a BIG part of it), or Bishop not fitting in (a HUGE part of it), but they have changed the character of the whole team. Gibbs isn't Gibbs, Tony not Tony, Tim not Tim. All of them are not the same. The new personalities just don't do it for me.
  • Bin the Bishop

    Oh dear, what bright spark decided to bring in such an insipid character as Bishop, played by an equally insipid Emily Wickersham who comes across as simpering schoolgirl and brings absolutely nothing to this once great series. Ms Wickersham has no charisma whatsoever and the so-called 'rapport' between her and the other actors is zero.

    In my candid experience NCIS ratings are going to go down faster than the Titanic unless they write Bishop out ASAP, over to you guys/girls.
  • New writers?

    I do not know what is going on with the show, but something is off.

    It drags and makes no sense. Are there new writers, are they getting tired, or is this the end of the show?

    I was thinking when Gibbs sent Bishop out to the garage BY HERSELF with the killer loose, that would be the end of her but I was wrong. WHY WOULD GIBBS SEND HER BY HERSELF????? Also, why would they not call McGee and warn him. Seriously flawed writers. They must be writing for the ignorant masses without brains.
  • SEASON 11

    Ok, so the season 11 was Gibbs having a nightmare . Because that is what NCIS has become.. I have watched this show for years .. I could say a lot .. But without Ziva, the life is totally suck out of the show.. Painful to watch.. CBS, where is the real NCIS???
  • What happened to this show?

    I haven't watched NCIS for awhile, but I watched the New Orleans Part 1 show. What has happened to this show? The writing was terrible! The show was terrible! I thought that Scott Bakula, the regular NCIS group, and New Orleans would make for a fun show - wrong! They need to retire this show - but, it was great once upon a time.
  • Not liking Bishop

    I thought I would give her a chance and I did and I do not understand WHY they invented that particular character at all. It's not her fault, it's the writers. She has absolutely NO skills as an NCIS agent yet they hand her gun? She always looks confused, only to come up brilliant in the end. Are you kidding me?

    She reminds me of a monkey hopping up on things or sitting on the floor, I was waiting for her to make a nest high up in a tree to sleep in. She's not believable and there is no chemistry between her and the NCIS team at all. I've actually stopped watching this show since it began. I understand that Cote left and I wish her well but they really should have replaced her with someone who's like Ziva not this Bishop. They REALLY got this all wrong and I think the show will suffer terribly because of the Bishop character. (side note and nothing major but something that bugs me is that her eyebrows are black and her hair is blonde)

  • Bishop, The final straw

    Let me start by saying i'm not the biggest NCIS fan but i still watch the show when its on here in Singapore which makes this new Bishop character blow my mind. Sure, the show was a cliche-ridden eagleland loving paranoid schizophrenic's wet dream with some of the most ludicrous story lines but hey, at least the characters were hate hate hate hate hate Bishop and this new lovey dovey crap. What happened? Nothing, absolutely nothing in this show is vaguely interesting or entertaining and I wouldn't recommend the show to anyone blessed with the gift of thought and sight .
  • Kill the Bishop

    First of all, once Ziva left, they never mentioned her again. It was like nothing happened. I mean Abby had no reaction. Then, the character they decide to replace her, doesnt fit in well with the others. I miss the moments betwen Tony and Ziva. Also, Ziva had another story line, with her dad and Mossad. Overall, the episodes are no longer entertaining, and i hope the writers and producers learn from this.
  • Watching the Oldies

    Have given the new character a chance--however she doesn't measure up! Therefore, the oldies still remain the best seasons no matter what the new shows show. The shows with Bishop don't have that "PAH" that Tony says makes a relationship work. The characters don't connect like in the old shows and I am sure everyone on the cast as well as the writers know and see that. Too Bad. The oldies are still the best shows.
  • The "new" NCIS is like the new Coke-it sucks!

    NCIS used to be my favorite show. Now it is banned in my presence. I watched occasionally when it started, but got hooked after the addition of the character of Ziva. From Season 3 on, I faithfully watched. The cast fit together perfectly and the team seemed like a family. But then CBS decided to play hardball with CDP's contract and walked away from negotiations when she wouldn't cave. And it was quite obvious from the limited screen time given to her in the episode that was supposed to be about her character's exit and having the team act as if her character never existed that CBS was punishing Cote for standing her ground. CBS should be ashamed of their behavior. And then to top it off, after promising NOT to replace the character, they did exactly that. Unfortunately for them, the character they added was horrendous. Not even an exceptionally adept actress could redeem this character and EW is at best mediocre. And the writing has been so bad, I am starting to wonder if all the decent writers left with Cote! The show has gone from being the most watched program to the most wrecked program. The ratings are finally starting to reflect actual viewership and it isn't pretty. I no longer watch and everyone I know has stopped watching as well. I don't know how this current mess got approved for another season. If TPTB don't wake up and realize their mistakes, I wouldn't be surprised if the show was cancelled mid season in season 12. They need to get rid of EW and beg CDP to come back or soon there will be no NCIS!

    I love the show and Hubby and I have never missed one episode because of DVR, but I cannot stand the new KNOWS " EVERYTHING BETTER THAN ANYONE INCLUDING MARK HARMON, BISHOP!!!!

    Please delete her character. So many countless others beside myself feel the same way.

  • Bishop

    how about we just call the show bishop sincemajortom30 has so remarkably stated the truth, this woman who has no discernible investigative skills but does for some reason have the upper hand over even Gibbs get rid of this character she is not good for the show. The show already has geeks it needs another shooter
  • A clever title would be for Bishop

    Because obviously according the writers she can do anything and everything the rest of the team is a compliment to her. They would have been so much better off bring NO one or just having someone different every week
  • Oh dear

    Just watched the first Bishop episode and couldn't believe it was so bad. I'm not sure which was worse, the script or the god awful character. 'The NSA doesn't bug Americans without a warrant. Really we don't. ' Seriously? Cos actually the NSA do and there's bags of evidence to prove it, everyone knows it, so why such a cornball statement? . Who on earth wrote this? Why is the SecNav consoling an NSA agent who just stuffed up and got another NSA agent killed in a parking lot? Where's a credible script? As for the character herself firstly she's the chaotic but incredibly brilliant NSA analyst, then miraculously she's a lawyer in the interrogation room, then she's the mom and apple pie girl with a concerned mom and 3 brothers, then she's figured the whole thing out, then she's wrestled the bad guy to the ground and put a gun to his back, then she's an NCIS agent and she's managed it with no help from NCIS at all. All in one episode. Wow, everything but the bracelets that deflect bullets .Sorry but this was just cringeworthy. And to be honest, thoroughly poorly acted as well. No idea who the actress is and no interest in finding out. Instead of a Michelle Rodriguez they've served up a Hillary Duff. For a show that purports to be the number one drama in the states why not a/ get some writers who can write and b/ get an actress who can act. Won't be watching again. Loved Stargate SG1 but never watched the last couple of seasons after they butchered it with the godawful Claudia Black and won't be watching this tripe again. Was entertaining in it's day but not anymore.
  • Great Team BUT now No Ziva - so sad

    HEARTBREAK - they have a new 'failure - bishop' - The Show WOULD BE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT her.. YES, we miss Ziva - BUT the Show is Still SOOOO MUCH Better WITHOUT bishop!

    We don't have to have Ziva back but NCIS does need to Get RID of bishop - Gibb's Team would be so much better without bishop.

    I used to look forward to Tuesday nights & watching Gibb's Team - but no longer. Now I want to Throw Up.

  • Where oh where is my NCIS????????????????

    Get rid of Bishop and bring back the NCIS that I am addicted to. I do not even watch the new shows for weeks later. It is embarrassing to watch the show now. I know every episode and have been through all the changes that worked successfully right from the start. Bishop does not work.

    What martians came down and took the Gibbs we know and love? The one that would not accept this Bishop on his team.

    Does the cast really want the show to fail? Have they decided being #1 for so long is over?

    Get her off the floor and off the show !!!!!!
  • Three Musketeers are now Two and a Half

    Loyal fan from the start. Rolled with all of the character changes. Bishop is an embarrassment to the show and the franchise. She doesn't sell being a genius OR a federal agent. The show became Take Your Daughter To Work Day. A new ruler has to be invented to include how bad she is as a character. She is bringing down an entire cast of incredible actors.
  • Let's say BYE BYE BISHOP

    The show is spiraling downward. The newcomer Bishop has lowered my expectations of the show. I have watched the show since it started but I don't know how much more I can go on watching it. Why have the producers given her a big role? I guess I will have to look at the networks.

  • A forthcoming episode, maybe

    Gibbs is in his basement, alone as usual. The basement is empty, he hasn't started a project in many months. Sitting on a sawhorse, sipping bourbon, he thinks to himself, "What's wrong with me," Then he hears the floorboards creak upstairs. He grabs his handgun and trains it on the visitor coming down.

    "What's the matter probie, you so down on yourself you don't want to see me?"

    "Oh boss," Gibbs says, "First Shannon and Kelly, and

    "Can't say her name, can you probie?" "No," says Gibbs, "They won't let "Who won't let you, the trolls?" "Yes, the trolls. I miss her, Mike" "Of course you miss her," Mike Franks says, "She was like a second daughter to you. Remember what DiNozzo said in the Truth or Consequences episode. He said, 'It's just not natural not to hear from And Jethro, it's just not natural the way you're acting. You don't wonder how she's doing, and you never even mention her

    "I do wonder how she's doing," Gibbs says, "But the

    "Jethro, listen to me. Once a marine always a marine. You are not the puppet of the trolls. Say her name, say it.

    Gibbs: "Ziva-----Ziva-----Ziva, Ziva, Ziva,

    "Now" says Franks, "The next step is you go find her, help her if she needs it. You never even said a proper goodbye. And get your team back from the trolls. What's with this Bishop character? You know she doesn't fit in. Ship her back to NSA, or kill her off. Do something, because she and the trolls are killing the show. The trolls don't care; they'll pocket the money and move on to kill another show. That's what they do. It's up to you, probie, otherwise it's all over. You're already bleeding viewers. Man up,
  • NCIS is losing ground !

    Looks like the writers are running amok ! Bishop DOES NOT FIT IN, and the other team members don't seem to be operating as a "unit" any more. I hate this ! Where's our old NCIS team spirit, fun, unity ! I won't be watching much longer if this keeps up. ( Miss Ziva SO much !)
  • Cote de Pablo made NCIS

    The current season of NCIS is terrible. Now we see what a bad actor Mark Harmon really is. The cast is terrible. Ziva brought it all together. This new Bishop really sucks. You need a character like Ziva or you will lose the ratings.
  • NCIS--Circling the Bowl

    Good grief, people. Could this show (which started out GREAT) get any worse??? They really need to fire their writers before the final flush. I watched Ziva's last show and last night's "the show everyone will be tweeting about" and they BOTH sucked.

    I used to love NCIS, but last season--and now this new one--are TERRIBLE.
  • something has gone very wrong at the Navy Yard ..

    Seriously. It is not just that Cote de Pablo and her character Ziva David have left the show. As devastating as that is ... It is even worse. The writing has gone down the tubes, the directing has gone down the tubes ... The acting ensemble, one of the best in TV history, is visibly despondent not only over the loss of the chemistry with Ziva, but over the sub-par scripts and lowbrow direction on a show hitherto distinguished by brilliant scripts and crisp direction. Yikes. After over a decade of excellence, I would rather see NCIS go away (Seinfeld knew when to end, JJ Abrams (Fringe, Alias) always knows when to end it. Don't poison the well. Either her bring her back, and with her writers who understand the heritage of this show, and directors who are not so schlocky ... This is one of the great shows in the history of TV. What in the world have you done with it? Bishop is a joke. I agree with Amrita, she's a Nancy Drew character for Heaven's Sake. Give us NCIS back or end it. We will at least have ten seasons of excellence to watch. This year has been a total wash. And those great actors, Harmon and the rest, they know it, you can see it in their faces.
  • What happened to the direction, writing and casting on NCIS 11???

    Adding a "Nancy Drew" character, Bishop to replace Ziber, really? The scripts lack the substance and timing that we became addicted to. The core of actors are doing their best to make it work. And they are great actors. But watching the show is no longer exciting or interesting as it had been. It just evokes pity for what the remaining core of great actors have to deal with in the lackluster scripts and horrible writing & casting of a Bishop. Just end it. C,mon, Season 11 sucks, can't watch more. good luck...
  • Too much geek not enough kick ass.

    Sorry NCIS just not the same without Ziva.
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