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  • This show has incredible characters (I mean it) and comic book story lines.

    I can't stand it. Ducky? Jethro? The goth chick? The show goes so far out of its way to impress with eclectic characters that it forgets to put some believable story lines and good actors in it. It's hard to watch and thanks to shallow tv like that, I can save electricity and turn off the television. What is wrong with you people who like it?
  • The many displays of unprofessionalism by Mark Harmon's character is far from complimenting the producers (Bellisario). This could be a good show, but instead is a disgrace to previous productions, such as JAG, which was exceptionally done.

    This show is poorly done! I think someone needs to go back to the drawing board and determine what "professionalism" looks like. Believe me, it is not portrayed here. A person, such as portrayed by Mark Harmon, in the position he holds, should not be slapping fellow workers or making snide remarks to them either. He is crude, rude and a disgrace to the position. Let's clean this up!
  • NCIS

    This show was put on life support when Cote left but when Michael left they should have pulled the plug.

    The only way to save the show now is to say that everything after Gibb's head trauma and amnesia was a dream sequence or that Ziva didn't really die she escaped and her and Tony return after a threat is neutralized. If they can't do that then let the show go.

    There is no need to keep disappointing fans and get cancelled for low ratings that's not how a show like NCIS should go out.

    I'm so sad that one of my top ten shows is now a zero
  • Once was wonderful ....

    Have you ever watched the Simpsons episode where Marg writes an Itchy & Scratchy episode ? It is diluted to the nth degree and there is no blood or death just hugs and understanding... well, season 14 of NCIS was written by Marg Simpson - and anyone who has followed this show for the previous 13 seasons will know not to tune in ever again. The wondrous way the show was able to keep you entertained for 42 minutes - every episode, with villains that lasted half the season, with humour, head slaps, office chemistry - the elements that made it deservedly at the forefront of shows of this genre, is all but a memory now (but still available for d/l for that NCIS fix thankfully). It is sad to know that the show has drifted so far from where it once was, that the cast has moved on (Kate, Ziva, Jenny, Tony) and that those who are left, are now tired, old (Gibbs looks really old, Ducky speaks like he's 90 and Abby - who was hot and cheeky in the first few years - still tries to play that cute Goth - but is seriously mutton dressed as lamb). This show WAS the best! People leave - usually killed off, which makes a Tony/Ziva cameo impossible, yet absolutely necessary to give this show some CPR. Or are the writers trying to cater to a new audience, one that has no inkling of the history of the show, just exposed to the 'now' and therefore able to sit through these episodes with the knowledge that the show has become immortal and simply can't be killed off. Sad days for those of us who weathered the storm for so many years, so many story lines, sub plots and emotions played out .... to now be dished up 'left-overs'.
  • Too dreadful to continue

    This used to be my favorite show. I bought the season 1-10 dvds and even the Jag season where it was introduced, although I'd never watched Jag. It was an A+ show. The chemistry between all the cast members was incredible. Gibbs was definitely in charge and every week there was a crime to be solved. The banter between Tony and Ziva was fun and Abby and Tim were fantastic. Then Cote left and the show dropped to a B. There was no one for Michael Weatherly to play off of and the Bishop character is just plain boring. Face it. Ziva was kickass exciting. No wonder Weatherly left. There is no chemistry between the new actors and all the shows are shoving their backgrounds at us. It's not a crime show anymore. It's a "look we have a new character and here's everything about Gibbs isn't in charge. The new characters tell him what to do. And he takes it from them. Tony and Ziva wouldn't have dared. And McGee is barely in the stories anymore. Way too many newbies. As senior field agent McGee deserves way better stories. The show has become an embarrassment. Giving it a D would be generous. I know it must be drawing to a close so here're my recommendations. Work a miracle. Pay Michael Weatherly 3 times what he's making now and promise him he can have Bull back later if he wants it. Give Cote the moon, the sun and the entire universe and get her back. Have one last extraordinary year and go out at the top. At this point, I just can't watch anymore.
  • Can't watch anymore

    I never used to miss an episode of NCIS ( what used to be my favourite programme ), now I don't care. It was bad enough when Ziva left but I eventually came to accept Bishop as the third member of the Gibbs team. These new two members are a waste of space, especially Quinn who seems to be pushing herself to the front, why they let her I don't know, she wasn't even all that good in Blue Bloods, but even Gibbs seems to have taken a back seat. I understand that he has to have three members for his team but why not bring back Clayton Rees (who was in the few episodes of the last series ), he was likeable and would have been a good fit to the cast. The ratings are going fall if the writers don't do anything about it NOW and soon there won't be anymore NCIS.

    Just seen the latest episode, what the hell, story line was awful script was awful and once again all about her,and where is Vance these days. Never thought I'd say this but it's time NCIS had its Swan Song.

    11th March, 10 episodes in and I keep praying for it to improve but no luck and now it's happening the ratings have started to drop. Quinn MUST go. practically everyone agrees she is the worst and lowering the tone of the programme. Torres hasn't really been given a chance yet, so who knows and Reeves could actually come in as a Ziva type position that instead of Mossad, he could be the liason between NCIS- Interpol / MI6
  • No!!

    What can I say, i've been an avid fan since the start, right up till the last episode of season 13........ now I'm not so sure, because too much has changed and it has not been for the better.

    Out of the two new characters, I don't mind Torres, but I cannot stand Quinn!.

    I can't put my finger on any particular reason, I just don't like the character as a whole, her voice, her look. just about everything about her irritates me which is weird, because I have loved pretty much every female character that has ever been in the show.

    I have to admit however that Bishop has been a bit of a weak link of late, moreso now that Tony has gone, as I think his antics somehow distracted away from just what a weak character Bishop has become, and she started off with so much promise, something Quinn hasn't.

    With Quinn though, I honestly hope they give her a season then kill her off, or send her back to FLETC and if she can take Bishop with her, more the better.

    Torres although not great, I can stomach, probably because he is in stark contrast to Dinozzo (who is still a massive loss to the show) which I think is the sensible way to go, he is VERY different but I am hoping they can build on the character as the show moves forwards.

    Even McGee and Gibbs seem to be affected as well, lets light a fire under the arses of the writers, and rectify all these problems, because i'd rather see one of the best shows on TV go out on a high, than die in the corner with a whimper because we've all stopped watching.

    All I hope is that Michael Weatherly reconsiders and comes back home, hopefully with Cote on his arm..

    Oh and that Sean Murray gets fed more than once a week, he looks bloody terrible and desperately in need of a good meal.

    It is now ghastly. The humour has gone. Poor Gibbs looks as though he has been neutered. The British person

    lacks sincerity and vocal charm. In fact they all lack sincerity and you cannot believe in the roles they are actually meant to be playing . I am going to stop watching it
  • Bishop is still employeed?

    Why was she not fired and then arrested?
  • We're dying out here

    The show has taken a steady decline since the days of Jenny and multi episode villains like Jonas Cobb and Harper Dearing. The loss of Ziva hurt and adding Bishop didn't help. But this crew with "Fez" is just ridiculous. The acting is bad, the scripts are boring, there is no meaningful interaction between characters and no major villians to carry as a thread from episode to episode. Lastly, why did they neuter Gibbs ? They need to kill off another character and piss him off. I nominate Bishop and Torres together.
  • What Gives!

    I am a hair's breath from chalking NCIS off my watch list. What the heck has happened to the writers. I wasn't a great fan of "Tony" but your additions suck! Plus what is with this touchy feel stuff - where is the old steely blue eyes!!!! The plots have great story potential then get executed so unbelievably that if it weren't so say it would be laughable.
  • Tell me again how Bishop and the other newbies add to the team?

    bishop is still working that ratings magic, I see. lowest premiere rating and now continued series lows.....

    the new characters have taken the show even lower if that was possible

    poor writing, bad story lines and even worse acting -- all usually add up to low ratings

    Guess the producers were wrong, the show DID NEED ziva
  • Given up

    I to have watched NCIS since it's beginning. It (has been) my favorite show for all these years. I enjoy the repeats and find myself watching them always.

    I understand charters leave, but I think that the writers and the people behind ncis need to pay attention to the viewer comments and suggestions. The new characters and storyline are awful!

    This is the first year I can say ncis is not my favorite show, in fact I have given up watching the new episodes and turned my attention to Blue Bloods.

    I have been an NCIS fan from the beginning. This new cast is awful!!! You should have ended the show when Tony left!! I am going to quit watching. It's just too painful to watch a ghost of a show.

    And for the other reviews I liberal leanings... get over yourselves!! I totally agreed with everything you said until you threw politics in it. Good grief!
  • Completely Disappointed!

    It was a mistake to let Cote de Pablo go and now letting Michael Weatherly move on :( I have watched this show since it started as a JAG spinoff and quite honestly the latest cast changes and storylines are demeaning to viewers. Also Sean Murray is supposedly on a health kick which is why he is so thin I hear however he either needs to put on a little muscle mass to keep from looking like an anorexic! I just finished watching Bishop bail out a terrorist and had to turn it off because I know where this is going :( Sadly it will be the last time I watch this show unless I hear chatter of some better actors and less liberal pandering. It was great during the Ziva years, better than average after she left until the last episode in season 13. Might want to scrap the writers, scrap the new cast members and get Tony and Ziva back to improve the ratings which have tanked this year. And finally shoving Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen to the back of the bus has annoyed me from the first episode this year!.
  • NCIS Sucks Now!

    I've loved this show since it began. I can watch the older episodes and never get tired of them. This new season sucks! I can't stand Wilmer Valderrama, he is a horrible actor! I can't stand his voice or his face and he does not fit the special agent role at all. He brings nothing to the show whatsoever. If they're trying to wow us with a hot Latino guy, he is not it! He is so boring and he looks pathetic trying to be tough. Get rid of him! Jennifer Esposito is not good either. I do like the guy who plays Reeves. Get rid of those 2 and keep Reeves! He's more interesting than those 2 put together!
  • Worst casting EVER!

    I've watched this show from the very beginning but, I'm ready to walk away!! Wilmer Valderrama and Jennifer Esposito are the absolute worst!! They are ruining this show! I don't think I can stand one more episode with Valderrama!! So much is wrong with him in this role--he just doesn't fit. I can almost watch Esposito---but only in wonderment of just how bad her acting is at times. I'm sure they are lovely people but, get them off this show PLEASE!! The newest addition Duane Henry seems to be a good fit and actor---keep him and ditch the other two :)
  • NCIS is almost unwatchable

    I know they lost a producer, but damn this show is horrific. Fez is terrible, and the new female character is just awful. British dude could be acceptable. Gibbs is not the same anymore with his patience and smiling all the time. McGee is just a thin guy who forces awkward smile. Fornell/Gibbs bromance is so old. Watched every show of every season, and this fall of 2016 season proves they have stayed on air too long, by all appearances.
  • Terrible season

    I have watched for years. This year the episodes are the worst ever. No action just stupid story lines. They don't even shoot anyone any more.

  • NCIS is going south

    NCIS added a bunch of losers to replace those that left. It used to be a hard hitting action show with repartee and exciting undercurrents. Now it is a show with too much empty banter, shallow themes and no action. Even Mark Harmon looks like he is ready to retire. It is so disappointing to see the best TV show ever die such a wimpy death!
  • what have they done...

    they have killed a brilliant they are after more and muslin much. so sad that in one go they have killed it...
  • P C Chick Flic

    I have watch every NCIS show. I have purchased the first 12 seasons. It makes me sad to see a great TV series go down the tubes. The females are the only smart agents and the men are bumbling idiots. Bishop is almost in tears for the poor terrorist in Gitmo, and now she is dating a Muslim. So very PC. I think the female writers are changing the series. The liberals lost the election but they have won NCIS. I won't be watching anymore.
  • MORE MI6

    Miss Tony terribly, Clayton Reeves is the only bright spot, Alex Quinn needs to go immed. not a good fit, Torres would be great as an occasional guest. That last episode???? Bishop's brothers??? worst episode in the history of the show! just plain stupid. Have the writers given up? and Gibbs has on so much make-up he looks like he has been embalmed. How about letting Abby grow a bit? Goth in the dungeon, move forward already. And sorry Tim, but you are not a lead actor, at least not on this show, him and Bishop have to move into the background as tech support. We need someone who has chemisty with Reeves brought in before it's too late. At least we still have Ducky. I sure hope they can fix this show, it's almost too late. NEVER thought I would say that. Almost forgot, more Vance! we hardly see him anymore
  • NCIS sucks now

    I am sooo disappointed with NCIS season 14. First, I totally agree with phenders2001, when DID NCIS become so politically correct? I mean, come on. Second, no. The writers will NEVER be able to replace Tony or Ziva, and they will NEVER EVER get the chemistry of Tiva in any other characters. It's an insult to tiva that they are trying to get that right. They're trying to have agent Quin and agent Torres have a tiva relationship. AHEM! Not going to cut it.

    QUESTION: Does anyone out there believe that Ziva's alive? I'm starting to have suspicions. Plus, NCIS may just have to bring back Micheal Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, bc the ratings SUCK. If they bring them back, then I won't go into hysterics over Ziva.

    I think that if they even bring back one of them, (preferably Cote) than the show will get a lot of good ratings. If they bring back both, it will make for an AMAZING story line and a particularly entertaining Tuesday night.

    First bad choice: Writers not writing good scripts for Ziva. If they did, none of this would have happened, and Tony and Ziva would be here, making everyone happy.

    Second bad choice: Trying to replace ZIva with Bishop. Emily Wickersham isn't right for NCIS. DOn't get me wrong, she's a good actress, but Ziva was a HUGE part of NCIS, and Bishop isn't even close to Ziva's standards. Replacing Kate with Ziva was a great move, because both of them have the same relationship with other characters, except, as all now know, Ziva's relationship with Tony has grown into more. When Bishop came to the show, I stopped watching. Emily is just a way of saying "Screw you" to Cote de pablo. Cote, your loved and missed. Wish you would come back to the show, we need you desperately.

    Third bad choice: "Killing off" Ziva. REALLY? REALLY? COME ON! You could have at least had Ziva live (She is alive, i will never stop believing that) and Tony come and get her or something like that. I believe that the reason for Tony's exit NCIS got correct, it had to be because of Ziva. But killing her? wow. Just WOW.

    4th bad choice: The new agents suck. They ARE NOT TONY AND ZIVA AND THEY NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Sean murray is WAY too skinny. One more thing, McGee is NOT Tony. NO NO NO and NO. McGee will NEVER be Tony, no matter how much the writer's try. McGee should really go back to computer stuff

    Bishop's knuckle head adult brothers (who act like they are 12) show up unannounced so she takes them to work with her at a "secure" military facility as one would. They go around the entire facility threatening people they think might be dating their, what, 35 year old sister. The story lines have gotten pretty sloppy but this was particularly silly. Then, NCIS finds evidence that supposedly clears an inmate at GITMO and he is released the same day. WHAT? You have to accept a degree of poetic license to watch most things on TV, but too much is just too much. This show has been really good and entertaining for many years, but I think it is time to call it quits and make a graceful departure. The entire franchise has gone to the dogs
  • NCIS stinks

    This show has gone to hell in a hand basket. There is no suspense, and has turned into a very corny boring waste. The new cast additions are low grade actors that put you to sleep. They took a once great show and destroyed it. Time to throw it in the trash can.
  • It's Getting Worse

    The producers of NCIS should just stop the show because now everybody is hating it. It is no longer interesting and now to get people's attention is by indirectly including Tony by making Senior sell the house. Also I did not like the fact that the show made Agent Quinn have a sex dream about Gibbs. It was just too awkward and disturbing and I felt very uncomforatble watching it. McGee is no longer acting like McGee, he is trying to slowly become the next Tony. Please make him go back to hacking and the computer stuff. The show was only good when Tony and Ziva was on it together because they had good chemistry. Since Ziva left it just got worse and when Tony left it was diasterous.
  • Time to go

    I've been hanging on for a good while hoping this series was going to get better, but it's just getting worse. My main gripe over the past few years was the use of studios rather than real streets (they didn't look anywhere close to convincing), but I wish that was my only concern now. I've just started watching the first episode of the new series and stopped after 5 minutes to write this. Sean Murray is looking emaciated again and what's with Mark Harmon's eyebrows? It was bad enough when his hair was coloured in the last series, but now his eyebrows, seriously? It actually makes him look pale and ill (is he actually ill? I hope not). I haven't even come to the new cast members, but looking at other comments on here I don't think I want to. I've just caught up with 5 episodes of the new series of NCIS LA and there's a world of difference. It's filmed in real places, the acting is superb and so are the stories. Tuning into NCIS afterwards is like falling into a deep dark hole. I used to love this show so much and it's sad to see what it's become.
  • So Sad!

    After 14 years of NCIS, I actually stopped watching an episode in the middle of it and deleted it off my DVR. When Emily Wickersham joined the show, I thought she was a bad choice, but I dealt with it. She is by far my least favorite female character on this show and she does not compare to any of her previous leading ladies. Any episodes that revolved around her I barely watched and I probably played Words with Friends the whole time. I was excited to see what season 14 would bring, even though Michael Weatherly left the show. I was happy for him and his new show, Bull. I feel horrible for saying this, but the two new actors they brought on have completely and utterly ruined the show. Their acting is so bad it makes me cringe. And then all of a sudden making McGee a tough and gun toting agent from his normal nerdy one is ridiculous and completely unbelievable. What happened ? Whoever did the casting for this show should be fired. 14 years of a wonderful show down the tubes in a few episodes. At least I still have NCIS, New Orleans! Episode 311, by the way, was the episode I quit watching. I am sorry, but that was like watching a really bad high school production. The acting was atrocious.
  • NCIS has been dying a slow death since 8th season

    . (Keep It Simple Stupid) is sometimes a good philosophy. I liked NCIS from the beginning for it's solve-a-crime-an-episode formula. When they delved into the (multi) season-long terrorist hunt stuff it got very convoluted, hard to follow & boring. Then Ziva left and in came (yaaaawn) Bishop. Cue the death march: da da da-da da da-da da da da daaaa.

    And now, Fez as Special Agent? I don't think so. Watched the 1st episode to give it a chance. Glimpsed at 2nd episode until about first commercial and totally ignored it last night.

    I'm done watching and hopefully enough others are to so they can move NCIS:NOLA into the time slot. I cannot stay up until 11 to watch (and I haven't recorded shows since VCR's became passe), so it's off my watch list for now, too.
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