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  • I like Mark Harmon and his merry crew solving crimes. A must watch every week. The casting is superb--I could go on and on. A fresh twist on the crime genre.

    This smart, funny show is a winner. You get the navy, Mark Harmon looking good and gray, Napoleon Solo a bit older and wiser, a pleasant goth running the lab, ex-Secret Service chica Kate (?), Tony (resident sleaze), plus the "new guy." A reason to live every single Tuesday night.
  • This is such an incredible show with the best mix of characters I have ever seen! The characters just all mesh together and complement each other so, so well! The creater himself Don Bellisario said that he has not seen a bunch of characters this good sin

    One thing I can say though is that it's the most underrated TV show ever. Because of its predecessor (JAG) and cousins (CSI, CSI: Miami, etc), at first glance people assume it's 'another spin-off series'. But it's so much more than that. So much more. Unlike the other typical crime/drama series, NCIS is not based solely on solving a crime. There's a tight-knit bunch of co-workers who work together in crime-fighting, but after understanding and getting to know each character, their personalities and habits, flaws and strong points, you begin to realise that it's not a crime show, it's a show that involves crime.
  • What happened?

    I think this show is actually better than CSI has been lately. I just don't know what's going to happen now that Kate's gone. What were they thinking? I'm afraid of how the season is going to go and who they will get that will have the same rapport with DiNozzo (did I spell that right?). At least Gibbs is free to kill Ari now that it's been determined he's a liar and a fraud!
  • I want to review NCIS to tell the world how great this show really is and try to get it some much deserved respect.

    Although I will miss Bellisario’s JAG, I REALLY love NCIS and I think it got even better in Season 2 with perhaps the exception of the final episode when they foolishly killed off Kate! She was so hot and her absolutely hilarious exchanges with Tony were PRICELESS. The action and intrigue mixed in with the great characters makes for one heck of a show. NCIS is everything television should be and the networks need more shows like it. Even though the ratings improved in the second season, the show still isn't getting the mainstream attention and praise it should be getting.
  • NCIS is esentially a Crime Drama. Leading the team is Gibbs a former Marine who sourounds himself with unique yet more than competant in their work.

    NCIS is unlike anything else that is on TV at the moment. While the small screen is dominated by crime shows CSI and Law and Order franchaise NCIS is refreshingly unique. It uses not only dramatic elements but humour as well and this sets it apart. It's easy to watch, yet gripping. The characters are likeable and the audience is able to connect with them, they are not at a distance. The season finale was disapointing, it wasn't the usual high standard one come to expect from NCIS.
  • I must say that pretty much without a doubt that this is my favourite show. It has wit, style, great characterisation and still manages to stay high in the ever growing field of murder mysteries and forensics shows. The death of a favourite character,whil

    I must say that pretty much without a doubt that this is my favourite show. It has wit, style, great characterisation and still manages to stay high in the ever growing field of murder mysteries and forensics shows. The death of a favourite character, while made many angry, just goes to show that they are not afraid to kill. Which just makes it all the more suspenseful. After this season\'s cliffhanger, I suffice to say, that, while I will miss Kate, I hope to see fresh new mysteries, humourous character interaction (especially with the promise of a new character), and emotion from the loss of the old.
  • NCIS is my fav show...I live in Australia and we're only 3/4 thru the 2nd season and I know that Kate dies in the finale; but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely love this show!! LOVE IT!!

    It's fast paced and edgy with characters you get to really love and connect with. Plus the storylines will always keep you guessing with who the bad guys/girls are. I especially love Mark Harmon - such a hottie for an older guy! Great job everyone! Fantastic show 10 outta 10!!
  • "NCIS" is one of the best shows of his category, Belassario sure hit the spot on this one, the cast, scenarios, history, sfx are awsome.

    NCIS is one of the best shows of his category, Belassario sure hit the spot on this one, the cast, scenarios, history, sfx are awsome.
    Mark Hamil is a fine actor and sure suites the caracther (Jethro Gibbs), always focused and with a lot experience gives him the right to be arrogant, but when it comes to technology, the others are there to back him out. The others like the conservative Todd, the unstoppable pain in hass Tony, the MIT dude Tim and of course the non agents like Abigail and Ducky, a top of the line crew that doesn´t get fulled by any navy criminal.I don´t give 10 to this series because nothing is perfect but this show shured get pretty close and has the potencial to suceced 10 seasons like previous Belisarios "JAG"
  • "NCIS anything like CSI?" "Only if you're dyslexic."

    It's easy to think that CBS is going to become the all CSI network (in much the way that NBC is becoming the all Law & Order network). After all, there's CSI, the spin-off CSI Miami, Without a Trace (also produced by Bruckheimer and with much the same feel as CSI) and reports that CBS will bring a third CSI labeled show to the network next Fall. Then there's Navy NCIS – which it's easy to assume will be an awful lot like the CSI shows.

    NCIS is the Naval Criminal Investigative Service. So yes, the show's current title is Navy Naval Criminal Investigative Services. Brought to you by the Department of Redundancy Department. CBS is aware of it and will supposed drop the Navy from the title but they wanted to clue us in that this is a JAG spin-off and be sure that no one thinks the show is called Naval CSI. There's a good reason to distinguish between this show and CSI -besides trying to avoid being called the all CSI all the time network – namely the fact that Navy NCIS feels a lot more like its JAG parent than like CSI.

    NCIS comes from Donald P. Bellisario who of course also brings us JAG. The viewing public was first introduced to the central character Special Agent Leroy Gibbs (Mark Harmon) in last season's JAG two-parter Ice Queen and Meltdown. It's a safe bet that we'll see crossovers between the shows. And while NCIS is about the investigation and not the courtroom, the parallels are hard to miss. We have the attractive, confident male lead Leroy Gibbs and the attractive, strong female lead Katie Todd (Sasha Alexander) and it'd be safe to expect the find some sexual tension along the way.

    In the pilot our team is called to investigate the mysterious death of a Navy Commander aboard Air Force One. The sudden death of a young healthy officer in the immediate vicinity of the President puts the Secret Service, NCIS, the FBI (and probably several other agencies) into a tizzy and it's only through crafty manipulation that our hero is able to take the lead in the investigation. From here the story proceeds much as you'd expect. There's little in the writing to commend itself but perhaps that's just the awkwardness of a pilot episode. The foreshadowing is so particularly heavy handed that you'd have to be almost asleep to miss it. And unfortunately for a show that's supposed to be a suspenseful thriller there's a chance that you will be asleep – the action is oddly slow paced for the genre.

    The bottom line is that this is a decent premise for a show, an excellent cast and a proven producer. Hopefully the problems of the pilot will prove to just be problems of the pilot and the show will find a more appropriate pace and some more nuanced scripts. The pilot is largely a case of unmet expectations. Still, if you love JAG (and your age is close to Mark Harmon's than to Sasha Alexander's) you'll probably like Navy NCIS as well.

    Interesting note – unlike most TV shows set in the present day, NCIS uses the real world President Bush in their fictional world. The pilot includes some stock footage and a couple scenes with an actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to the real President and does a good job on the accent as well.

  • NCIS is a rare find, very rarely do you come across a television show that accurately manages to blend, drama, humour and complex storylines the latch on to the audience and strap them into an exciting hour of television.

    NCIS is a rare find, very rarely do you come across a television show that accurately manages to blend, drama, humour and complex storylines the latch on to the audience and strap them into an exciting hour of television. This show, especially here in Australia is highly underrated, pushed back into a Sunday night 9:30 timeslot after the tiring Law & Order: Criminal Intent. And the show is often incorrectly labeled a spin-off of JAG or just another CSI. But as so accurately described in the season one opener, NCIS is only any thing like CSI if you are dyslexic. The show tackles storylines of great emotional involvement, with a high degree of maturity, whilst still managing to level out the drama, with the very humourous character relationships and classic one liners. Often the show by TV guide reviewers is linked to other crime shows or military procedures. Although unlike the dry military jargon of JAG, NCIS spins the bottle onto a more mainstream and non military audience, by involving both military personnel and civilians, only if you concentrate very hard do you realise the military component of NCIS. For those that love drama, humour, clever storylines, literally explosive events a just in general a bloody good TV show, don’t overlook or underestimate the cult phenomenon that is NCIS.
  • NCIS is one of the best shows on t.v. today

    This show is great. It has mystery, drama and, comedy. The cast fits perfectly together. Tony keeps me laughing every week and Abby is unlike anyother character on t.v. This show lives up to the show it was spun-off of. I never miss an episode and I never will miss one.
  • A super CBS drama/comedy tuesday night power house!

    NCIS is one of the strongest shows on primetime today. The excellent cast, lead by Mark Harmon, has me glued to the television every tuesday night. I discovered this great show last summer during re-runs. I am now a NCIS-aholic! Its humor makes it stand out in the procedural drama "world" we live in. It's not a CSI or Law and Order wannabe. It's a class act all on its own. In my opinion, the episodes on a whole are balanced and well produced. The cast, that includes Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray, is extraordinary! I can't say enough about this show! More people need to make tuesday night NCIS night!
  • This is one of the best crime drama shows that I have seen. I missed some shows but am looking forward to seeing more of this show.

    I absolutely love this show. I love the CSI shows and the Law and Order shows but this tops them off compeletely in reality sense. It also gives us a different view of how there is a different attitude in how things are dealt with in the military. I hate that Sasha was killed off but I understand that she wanted to leave. I love the way that each character has their own way of looking at life and how they interact with each other and do or do not adapt their attitude to accodomate each other, or Gibbs. Love this show!
  • Good writing, excellent cast. Overall, a great TV show. Only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because I noticed there are a TON of people who guest star who have been on CSI at one time or another. Do DPB and Jerry Bruckheimer have the same address book?

    I totally love this show. I used to be a HUGE CSI junkie and watched nothing but CSI. I did not discover NCIS until the last episode of season 1. I was hooked, and now I like NCIS better. The cast is great; I love Mark Harmon\'s character. The writing ideas are fresh and I love the camera work. I like how there is a lot of humor infused with the seriousness of the cases, it keeps the show from being too dark. The first two seasons were great and I feel the upcoming season(s) will be as well. A lot of people were really upset with Sasha Alexander leaving the show, but I think it will give the show a chance to expand. Things like this happen in real life and it is good to see how the writers will deal with the cast shake up. One last thought~ when are we going to get season 1 on DVD??
  • Who on earth said they could do that ???

    OK I love the show don't get me wrong. However Why on earth did they kill her off. Hello !! One of the show's main draws and she's gone for SHAME.
    If they got rid of "Ab's" Then I would stop watching. As much as I love the show's Content and there roles and there interaction between each other and "Gibb's" It's a shame to see one of the team taken out. On a maybe side however if they do get someone to come in. A good alternative in my view would be "Cassie Yates" would be good to see someone in the show who has pretty much an equal footing with Gibb's correct me if I am wrong. But otherwise waiting with anticipation for the new Season
  • The only show that has the guts to kill off on of the main characters.

    I was truly shocked by the last season's ending. I just didn't see that happening. But when I found out that Sasha Alexander wanted to leave the show, it made the next season more interesting. I'll miss the banter between her and Michael Weatherly, but it does offer new possibilities. Who knows what will come next? As long as they didn't kill off Pauley Perrette, then I think I would quit watching the show.
  • Its Law and Order but with a comedic twist, thats what makes NCIS so damn good!

    This has got to be one of the best shows out there, combining the massively popular crime genre with the equally if not moreso popular comedy genre, i just love it everytime i see NCIS im, trying to solve the amazingly great storyline crimes whilst LMAO, laughing my ass off
    GREAT SHOW 12/10!!!!
  • They bring a lighter side in investigation of terrorist, murder and the likes.

    They bring a lighter side in investigation of terrorist, murder and the likes. I like the attitude of DiNozzo torturing McGee as the probi. I also like the interaction of Ducky, Abby and Gibbs in the show. Same with McGee and Abby as \'friends\' I will miss Kate Todd\'s intellect
  • I only started watching this about two weeks ago and i think it is a great show as good as CSI easily if you like any of the CSI series then you should like this.

    I started watching this about two weeks ago it is a great TV series as good as CSI easily.
    Any one that likes CSI should give this a look; also if you like this then you should take a look at JAG.
    I am trying to track this down on DVD now but so far no luck.
  • simlar to csi but better

    i wish i didnt have to write this but anyway. this is a very well written show always has interseting plots.great characters quirky and easy to relate to. this also why its not a 10 with the death of the kate im wondering what next year will be like. lets hope its like the rest even better than b4. ps this is the best version of csi
  • This show has it all The cast was chosen wisely and are believable. The stories are written so well that it could happen. This is a program you are not ashamed to say I watch.

    This show is extremely well written with actors who are superb. Overall the story is one that can be believed. It has mystery, humor, and the actors show respect for each other. If CBS allows this program to stay on the air it will become a classic as you can watch this show over and over and not become bored or flip the channel
  • Great characters and story lines every episode.

    This show is about a group of people that solve murders in the Navy. Its like CSI but Navy style. There are some really great characters in this show. Tony and Kate are the two that are always getting on each others nerves. Gibbs is the head of the team. McGee is the new comer to the show and the one that is most picked on by Tony. Abby is the scientist, shes goth but has a lot of funny lines. Ducky is the coroner and well he likes to tell stories for everything. This usually gets on everyones nerves. This shows characters has there ups and downs but you can bet that there will always be a funny joke in each episode.
  • So glad I came across this show.

    I am so chuffed I came across this show, really quite by accident, now I am so addicted, I hardly watch anything else.

    I am so positive Mark Harmon gets better looking the older he gets too. LOL.

    I have to say Belsario (sp) has another huge hit on his hands, and i personally would love to see this show go on as long as JAG did.
  • Good cast, interesting stories, great dialogues..everything you need to have a good evening watching TV

    NCIS got it all. At first I thought it's just another crime series like CSI or Law and Order. But it's not, it's better. The cast was selected perfectly, each character is well designed. They act good together and even if you happen to see where the plot of an episode is going (I couldn't with many of those, which makes it even better) you still are entertained by the interaction of the main characters.
  • This show is amazing. I'm completely addicted. So much so I'd buy NCIS flavoured lollipops if they brought them out. It has everything; humour, crime, sadness at times, a good sense of camaraderie and just a hint of unresolved sexual tension. Watch it, se

    NCIS is awesome. There's a balance of comedy and crime-fighting that works wonderfully for this show. In fact I think that the older, more recognised shows like Law & Order couldn't pull it off even if they tried.
    There is definite chemistry between each of the characters who all bring there own dynamics to the series.

    The team is lead into battle each week by their fearless leader, Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs; a gruff, often sarcastic, ex-marine whose addiction to coffee often gets his agents in trouble with him.
    The word 'chemistry' doesn't even begin to describe the relationship between Special Agents Tony Dinozzo and Kate Todd, both highly competent NCIS agents under Gibbs' command. Tony is the skirt-chaser of the group, whose light-hearted attitude contrasts well with that of Kate, the slightly uptight, ex-Secret Service Agent, good-girl of the team. Tony often teases Kate and the banter between the pair is always hilarious.
    Dr Donald Mallard, 'Ducky' to his friends, is the oldest member of the NCIS team. He's the Medical Examiner, full of facts about anything and everything and always willing to share what he knows, whether you ask him to or not. He and Gibbs have been working together for a while and you get the feeling that Ducky’s the only one who really knows Gibbs.
    Abby Sciuto is a Goth; a brilliant Goth at that. She spends most her time in the basement and lab of the NCIS building where she does the forensics work brought to her in record time almost every time. She is witty and good at what she does, and this doesn’t go unnoticed by Gibbs, allowing her to bring her own personal flair to what she investigates.
    Then there’s Agent McGee. Timothy McGee is the newest member of the NCIS team and is still the target of Tony’s ‘initiation’ (which at times seems more like hazing). McGee is just starting to get comfortable with using his own gut and initiative and the feeling the team seems to be getting is that once he’s surer of himself he’ll be a great agent.

    There numerous music videos made by fans of the show capture perfectly every tiny little aspect of the show, regardless of what they like best about NCIS. The scripts are well put together and the dialogue has its own brand of charm. A show worth being taken seriously.

  • Every week I'm in front of that T.V. for my one guilty pleasure, NCIS.

    Better than any other show I have ever seen, I was hooked on NCIS the first time I saw it. Now like a junkie needing a fix I just have to watch it every week no matter what. Less graphic than CSI, and more funny. NCIS still takes you into the criminal investigative world, but not to be mistaken as a CSI or a JAG knockoff. You will love this show with a passion. And as for the characters, they are unforgetable.
  • Outstanding! Better than all the rest!

    I think the reason I like this show above all other crime shows is because the NCIS crew knows how to LAUGH!!!

    CSI and Law & Order are all about solving the case and putting the perp in jail, and they do it all with a straight, solemn face. On the other hand, NCIS has a Goth, a genius and several other unique characters, and they're always coming up will silly jokes and puns. Out of all the crime shows (note that I do not watch "Monk", so I'm not counting it), NCIS seems the most realistic; I don't think all investigational units are TOTALLY serious all the time.
  • I like this show, it´s much better than many similar shows.

    NCIS is very new to us in Germany and as JAG fan I couldn´t wait to watch the first episode. I´m totally happy, the intro is cool, the characters harmonize with each other and you can feel the joy and pleasure the actors have by playing their roles.
    And again the German TV station that bought the rights for NCIS did a big mistake. Do you want to know how it´s called here? Be strong and try a look: Navy CIS.
    As fan you know it means: Naval Criminal Investigation Service. There is no way to change that, the TV bosses wanted it this way.
    The cases are very interesting and I can´t wait for season 2.
    My favourite characters are Caitlin Todd and Gibbs. I first saw Mark Harmon in 240-Robert. He was always a handsome actor but in NCIS he´s so cute.
    Fazit: don´t miss it
  • A funny show with a serious plot. This show is about a team of invetigators that solve the murders of military personel.This show leaves always wonder waht will happen next and it will also give you a good laugh.

    A hilarious show that is always interesting. It's just like CSI but with humor which makes it so much better. This show has loads of character all who bring their own personality and style to the show.The cast also never has to solve easy mysteries but they are never so hard that only on t.v. would you solve something like that. I would strongly reccomed this show for anyone wo loves mysteries and wants a good laugh.
  • the show is what happens before JAG. The show shows how they investigates murder. Alot like CSI.

    I love this show. Well the first 2 seasons. I\\\'m a big Sasha Alexander fan. Don\\\'t know if I will be watching the show when it comes to the 3 season. The show wont be the same anymore. But if you\\\'re not a SA fan you can keep watch the show. The show is made with exelent and it really good. I\\\'m just mad about my favorite caracter :P.
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