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  • NCIS Season 7 opener continues to disappoint

    What happened to the good NCIS writers? I wonder if they weren't migrated to NCIS LA, which I have not yet seen. NCIS Season 6 (2008-2009) showed a clear decline in the quality of the writing and in the story lines. The season 7 premiere shows an even greater decline. I'm sad to see a solid cast of seasoned actors forced to recite one line after another of sheer drivel, and to watch with ever-increasing incredulity as the plot line goes from bad to worse. Sad. Sad for the actors, sad for the viewers, and ultimately sad for CBS who is throwing away the value of the NCIS brand.
  • I was VERY disappointed in tonight's show. You are taking a great show and becoming political on us. I couldn't believe your story line after the recent tragedy in Texas. I will not continue to watch this type of ignorance.

    I was VERY disappointed in tonight's show. You are taking a great show and becoming political on us. I couldn't believe you had the audacity to provide this story line, praising muslims in the military after 13 service men and women were killed by a muslim out of hatred for this country and the people in it, not to mention the many wounded. You just slapped the face of all of those families suffering from the tragey. I hope your happy. I know shows should be controversial, why not do one on the happenings in Texas instead of turning it around to make the muslim out to be the good guy. Whoever wrote this was incensitive and ignorant, and so was everyone else who followed through with it, right down to the actors. I believe I just watched my last NCIS show, maybe CBS altogether
  • Judgement Day 2 was totally offensive.

    We have watched NCIS since it's inception, however, the comment "Vance: Photo pops up, Gibbs runs off the reservation, and nobody knows a damn thing." in JD2 is totally offensive. I happen to be married to a beautiful Indian (Tlingit/Haida) and she and I decided no matter how much we enjoyed the show we will not be watching again. If the same comment, changing "reservation" to "hood" and spoken by a white individual there would be investigations and most likely apologizes. But since Indians are seen as scum, drunkards or homeless alcholics, it's OK to abuse their race. Too Bad!!!!!!
  • Love Bishop!!

    I love the new character so much season 11 is awesome so far can't wait to by the box set! I never thought I'd say this but love bishop even more then Kate and Ziva she's really doing awesome!
  • Ellie Bishop rocks!

    Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is the best addition to the show since Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) left. Cote De Pablo left the show because she wanted to, GET OVER IT please. If you guys are actual fans of the show, instead of wasting your efforts on bashing the newcomer, you should use those efforts to support the other members of the cast of this fine show you're still watching. Mark Harmon, Michael Wheaterly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, they all work their asses off to please us. Learn to appreciate it and keep watching. Or find another show to watch and leave us alone. Thank you.
  • Ziva Who??

    We have watched NCIS from the beginning. We love that NCIS is going back to great plots and using all the characters. Love the new character Ellie Bishop. She is smart, quirkie, and adorable. Can take a guy down too! She will be a good addition. Core characters are Gibbs, Tony and McGee. Ziva became the central character and it was all about romance between her and Tony. NCIS is NCIS again. Thank you! Love it!
  • Damn, You Guys Are Harsh!! :-D

    I don't know about you guys, but I think this season has pretty good so far. I wasn't sure what to expect after Ziva left, but the plot and the way the characters have been developing has been fairly solid since the big change. It feels almost like betrayal to Ziva, but I have been developing a soft spot for Bishop's character. She's the perfect combination of quirk and brilliance, and I think is starting to fit, slowly but surely, into Team Gibbs' dynamic (or as Tony would call it, the Pah!). She needs to be hazed, though. Straight up! Everyone else has had to suffer through it, there's no reason to make her the exception. And that's not my only complaint. The writing needs to be more focused on the team dynamic, like it was in earlier seasons. That's a big, big part of what makes the show great, and lately the writers have put very little emphasis on the relationships on Team Gibbs. And seriously, how long has it been since we've heard one of Ducky's epic tales? We definitely need to see more of the Duckman. And if they would do something about Abby, that would make a big difference. Don't take that the wrong way, I love Abbs just as much as you do, and thought her character was perfect in the earlier seasons. I don't know if it's just me, or if anyone else has noticed, but Abby's scenes lately have seemed subpar in the acting department (or maybe just poorly chosen in the cutting room) and way overly dramatized. I thought her scenes and acting in Kill Chain this week were decent, but there has a few episodes in the last couple of seasons that left me cringing. Overall though, they are doing a great job of keeping it together. This season had a shaky start with Cote leaving the series so suddenly, but every episode so far has been enjoyable.
  • Three cheers for NCIS's bright new spark!

    Personally I really like Bishop - and frankly I think it would have been a major insult to the audience if they had made her into just a 'replacement Ziva'! People are all totally different & unique in real life, so why would not the same be true in good fiction?

    Besides, if a show only ever writes archetypes, rather than characters, and simply hired replacement actors to play the same archetype over and over, with a new actor playing only a slightly different version of the same basic character ever few years, that show would very quickly become tiresome & dull! It would also severely limit the range of stories they could explore. Think about it: if NCIS had gone to all the trouble and time of casting a new actor, but chosen simply to keep the new character fully 'Zivaesque', we could only expect her reactions/behaviour towards every case to be the same as Ziva's - . predictable! And if a show does that, it quickly begins to SUCK donkey balls, becomes cliche and boring... and then it gets cancelled.

    To keep a show fresh and enjoyable to watch, you need to shake things up now & then - especially after 11 years - and that means CHANGE, folks!

    I like this new Bishop character, particularly that she's a genius & a polymath - I applaud the Network's/Producers' decision to add a polymath to the show; it's an unusual but refreshing choice that gives the audience & the show some credibility! It's nice to see a highly intelligent (and female) character in a supporting role for once; anyone can solve their problems with kicking & guns on TV (as we see all too often), so it's a nice change to see someone using their brain instead. And I'm sure Bishop's defining 'heroine' moment, when she saves Tony from a bomb at the last minute or something, will be coming up real soon, and then everyone will love her & forget they didn't always!

    Thanks NCIS, for not just dumbing down the show - and keep the intelligent stories coming!
  • NCIS

    Am I the only one that likes Bishop. I don't think she can ever replace Ziva but she is a new and fresh character that I find interesting. NCIS has gotten better every episode this season. I hope that Tony would find a girl that he likes that is not connected to his job
  • NCIS can survive without Gibbs, so...


    I know spin-offs can be a disaster with bad casting and poor writing (read: Criminal Minds - Suspect Behavior), and in truth despite it's success, NCIS LA is not the "must watch" TV that NCIS is, in my opinion (with the exception of Sam, G., Kensi the casting is questionable).

    However, as NCIS is in it's 9th season, I think it is worth taking some risks.

    What we learned from Gibb's "retirement" to Mexico is that Tony and the crew can carry the show without Gibbs. Michael Weatherly's range as an actor is impressive and he has been running away with the show the last few seasons.

    I think this team has given all it can in it's current format (as evidenced with the disaster that was The Penelope Papers). It is time to split up the team.

    It is time for Mark Harmon to move on so that the writers can develop his character more. Gibbs is not a nice person, Gibbs is not a forgiving person. He has a dark side to him that the show has flirted with for years and now is the time to explore that in greater depth.

    I would like to see the Mark Harmon move away from D.C. to a new city with a new team. A little less comical and more of a focus on the harsher sides of reality without going so far as to cross over into the realm of Criminal Minds. Let Gibbs be more of the bad-a** that he is (though I fear it might take the death of a close friend (i.e., current co-cast) to bring that out of him (a la Kate).

    The rest of the NCIS team stays as it with occasional interactions between all three teams. I want to see more from the Tony character than we are able to get with Gibbs as the perpetual father figure. These two characters have grown too powerful to contain in one show with reasonable storylines.

    Time to take some risks and let the characters grow.

  • Devils Triad - Laughed my butt off, LOVED Bishop AND was intrigued !

    Not sure you could ask for more of a positive response.

    Bishop is capable (not bad on the eyes) and is willing to be human.

    Something I am sorry, but Ziva just never aspired to...

    Her smarts are FANTASTIC yet she recognizes she studies the autopsy guide over the weekend !! ??

    Don't get me wrong, I loved Ziva but Bishop is a three dimensional character, where Ziva BARELY more than one...

    Where did Bishop cross Jethro ???

    I saw him trusting her to make her own moves.

    He knew full well she would come to the "right" answer even it wasn't correct - that has Gibbs all over it !

    And yeah a thirteen year old shouldn't be getting around DC on her own.

    But this is the apple made from Fornel and Gibbs' Ex (and Gibbs' "niece") - she AIN'T a normal thirteen year old !

    I am just so damn glad we didn't have to see that SECNAV business model again.

    Yes she is a redhead - but she AIN'T Jethro's type just because she is a ginger...

    That cheesy animation and her smarmy speech opening the last show almost shut me down.

    I work for a defense contractor - we have MUCH better animations.

    And I certainly don't need the SECNAV pushing my product to a bunch of other contractors.

    That was the lamest opening in eleven seasons...

    PLEASE bring in a new SECNAV - PLEASE !!!

  • Bishop is great! Do keep and develop her character.

    Bishop is the best addition NCIS had for years and I have become even more attached to the show, which I have been watching from day 1. The reasons for Bishop's significant contribution are simple: She is the only candidate of the team that can stand up to Gibbs with her intelligence and competence. All the others are scared of Gibbs, Ziva having been no exception. Both Ziva and Abby have been Gibbs' competent, clever and obedient daughters. Bishop brought in a new atmosphere of somebody saying to Gibbs: "No boss, your idea sucks; here is a better This role has immense potential. The actress chosen is just perfect: she is very pretty (even more cute than pretty), looks shy yet when the problem at hand demands it the most forthcoming of all the team. It is also likely that she will be the only one to become a real pal of Dr. Mallard (even perhaps accompanying him to the opera) because of her great knowledge in all sorts of things and her ability to learn things very quickly. Abby is very knowledgeable, but she is too little-girlish. Dr. Mallard needs more of a European type intellectual as a pal: Bishop is just the right type. As a professional scientist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, I have actually met young women very much like Bishop and they are great fun to interact with.

    The negative reviews about Bishop greatly saddened me, because it might discourage the script writers about the character. The viewers who commented negatively on the character clearly do not recognise what Bishop stands for: she is like none of the characters NCIS has ever had before. The MIT graduate McGee is too nerdish and insecure; Abby is too girly and stuck in her lab. Bishop, by contrast, is the intellect in the field and in the office.

    Since she has joined the team, I watch NCIS with renewed interest (my great love for the series in part stems from the fact that I too, like Gibbs, have a military history that I greatly value; I see in Gibbs some of my superior officers that I very greatly respected).

    For Heaven's sake keep Bishop (Wickersham is a fresh breath of air also because she is so attractive) and DEVELOP THE CHARACTER as brains+action+Gibb's girl+Dr. Mallard's intellectual pal.

    A. M. C. Sengor, Professor of Geology at Istanbul Technical University

  • not very interesting

    I started watching ncis and i thought it was a very good show.However,after some episodes i got bored.It is boring because its ncis.I mean it's all about naval crimes and the storylines are very repetitive sometimes.The action is nice but after Sasha Alexander left the show it became worse.Kate was ny favorite character.Tony is handsome and awesome and i think Michael Weatherly is the best actor in the show.Abby is nice but i don't like Gibbs.In fact,i hate Gibbs.He is very annoying stubborn.On the whole i think now ncis is a complete waste of time. . . . . .
  • No Ziva BUT Viva Bishop!

    I miss Ziva too - I also missed Kate when she left, however, I like Bishop - a lot. She brings a different dynamic to the team. Give the girl a chance.
  • A run-of-the-mill procedural.

    The problem with NCIS is that it is completely forgettable. A year or two after it is off the air it will not be talked about as a show that had any important impact on television or culture. The primary issue is that this is a run-of-the-mill procedural, where the events of one episode have little to no impact on the characters as the show moves to the next episode, with the rare, two-minute scene of an ongoing storyline. However, plot and suspense do not equal substance.

    The problem is the flat characters. Characters should undergo subtle shifts from episode to episode, and plots should help propel characters to new places. Neither happens in this series. People argue that the characters develop and change, but then are able to summarize that entire change in a sentence. That is NOT character development; real development is slow and complex, long-lasting, and worth mulling over. These characters do not have that outside of their interactions with one another. So, this show is pretty tame--takes no risks, offers nothing any more interesting or thought-provoking than CSI or Law and Order, and has characters that are the same now as they were when the show began.
  • Lay off the new girl

    I have read so many comments on here about how terrible Bishop is. I agree Ziva was awesome. But she left and i think if ncis had tried to replace her like for like it would have been impossible. therefore they have replaced with someone very different. Alot of you are also saying your not gonna be watching anymore, well, it is your loss. This show is still as good as it has always been. That episode with gibbs/fornells ex wife was great, more humour than usual. But it measures the humour against serious action and once again they balance it perfectly. Ziva will undoubtedly come back one day so for now give Bishop and the show a chance. Like me, you may just embrace the change.

    The only day this show will fail is when gibbs leaves, every other character can be replaced. he is the show
  • The has a good base to it, but some of the shows are so far out it don't see like what the reas NCIS would.

    Gibbs is a throw back to years ago he has not idea on how to use a computer, he don't keep his people in the loop. He has to be the HE COON or ALPHA DOG all the time or he will take his basket ball and go home. His people don't seem to be able to think on their own. he has to tell them ever thing. Barney Fife was smarter then Dinozzo. you don't mistreat your co worker like he does. The bright part of the show was plamer and his girld friend. Abby is a birght spot too
  • NCIS is offending some segments of society.

    I think the NCIS commercial funeral scene is done in poor taste. It is not comical in the least to show someone getting slapped in the back of the head at a funeral. The funeral scene needs to be deleted from the commercial. It is disrespectful to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one. My true rating for this scene is zero but it is not available on the rating scale.
  • Even the names a rip-off from CSI.

    The whole thing is CSI in the navy. The acting is amatuerish and the scripts are awful. Do we really believe that 3 people would answer a question all at the same time? Is Abby for real? Pauley Perette's dress sense seems more like a publicity stunt, a cheap way to attract ratings. Would a proffesional really go around slapping all his employees? The charecters are all out of sinc with each other and none of the cast work well with each other. And could they have picked a more unoriginal name? This show isn't like CSI at all, and shouldn't try to be.
  • Season has been a disappointment

    The show is normally about a 6 or 7, this season with the exception of one episode most have been about a 4. Suggest that the character of Tony either be dumped or he undergo a change. Personally when he starts his rants I go to mute. I cannot imagine any real person not rapping him in the nose after their first fifteen minutes in his company.
  • great characters except for one or two

    I enjoy NCIS up to a point. Gibbs is totally out of control, no one seems to have any control of him. They should replace Tony with an intelligent actor, or rewrite his character. That "senior" agent is incompetent and annoying. The other actors are believable and capable. I've seen every episode over and over again, they need new writers so they can stop repeating themselves.
  • Cote is leaving and I care ...... because

    It drives me nuts when actors get the gig of a lifetime and then they spend the rest of their career trying to catch "lightning in a bottle again". You had success and you decided you were better then you co-stars and the show, so good riddance! I hope you have put away your money because you must know that Hollywood, Bollywood or even Dollywood isn't gonna be knocking at your door begging you to take all the money that NCIS had given you AND had offered you. In a decade or less I will eat a big pile of baby poop if Cote is even an after thought in Movies, TV or Internet (unless a "personal" video tape is "stolen" and released to adults but I doubt it. In 10 years I doubt even the perverts will have time for you but.... of course correct me, in 10 years or less, if I'm wrong. In 10 years people WILL remember NCIS but will they remember you Cote????? Sorry but being selfish seldom pays off!
  • Danger Will Robinson!

    In the old sci-fi series, Lost In Space, Robot said, "Danger Will Robinson!" when threats appeared to young Will.

    There's a scary trend happening with this season's NCIS! I can't help but think that the reason it's dipping in true quality is due to NCIS: LA. Don't sacrifice the original for the spin-off. Political commentary, mis-matched pairing of characters, lame intrigue, forced, "love interests" of Gibbs and the attorney played by, Rena Sofer, all seem to be gooping up the small screen. If I may, blah, blah, blah . . . beg the NCIS team to get back to the basics of real character development, ease-up on the political commentary, and get rid of Sofer's character.
  • Ziva going "THANK GOD"

    Sack the writer who wrote her storylines as well have screwed-up "TIVA" for the last 3 years. If you had a partner like her, you would have cut them loose long ago. With all the rubbish she did to tony, NO-ONE like that is worth waiting for. Tony should look at moving on as well. Is it me but does no-one get promoted at NCIS?
  • Love the show-disappointed in last wk's comment by Tony-"Who do you think you are, Sarah Palin?" Some of us do like Sarah.

    Love the show--however, writers should leave out political comments as in last week's episode such as Tony's remark about Sarah Palin! Disappointed that writers do not know that some of us women do hunt, fish, and protect our own-by shooting first, asking questions later, especially here in the deep south! Please leave writer's opinions out of the mix!!! Keep the show true to its original content and plot, it will be better if you do! A comment like "Who do you think you are, Sarah Palin?" denegrates the show's integrity and makes me not want to watch it any more!
  • Has it really been that long? NCIS should be canned already!

    Where are the good old days of Ziva and Dinozzo bantering? Of Gibbs being the brooding senior agent? McGee and Abby? This show has lost its 'loving' feeling and become just another cookie-cut, run of the mill show. The show is as follows:

    Episode begins - murder victim - character development - suspects - more character development - throw in some 'lab' talk/autopsy - baddie is caught - character development - Episode ends!

    I loved this show - but unfortunately it's just so predictable, it's too funny to even guess who the suspect is. And when are Ziva and Dinozzo finally going to admit their love for each other?

    Maybe I'm just pent up about something else entirely but I will not be following this show. My score remains as is, purely for the fact that Abby/Palmer make up for the dire storylines!
  • give her a chance

    I liked this episode, the new girl is funny and smart, she brings a new dynamic to the show. things change in life, give her a chance.
  • Getting used to it

    Been watching the new season haven't been too bad, with ziva leaving thought no way can anyone live up to her with all the great story lines she brings. Bishop seems to fit in well but taking long to get used to her, when watching previous seasons makes you realise how much the show misses ziva. Not looking forward to the next episode like normal rather watch ncis la
  • Not CSI

    Okay. I've watched this show and the best part of it is Sasha Alexander. And Mark Harman was, I suppose, alright back in the day but this show is "Corny". I prefer watching CSI: Miami instead of this. And I think Horatio Caine is a dork. So lets say If there is nothing else on I'll switch between NCIS and MTV. Maybe I'm lucky and only get to see Sasha. If you think that CSI: Miami is too hardcore for you (HAHAHEHE) then feel free to switch over to NCIS (where the magic stops). Hey you might like it but don't bother trying to sell it to me!
  • NCIS-NO very good

    I thought CBS hit a home run with the two New Orleans shows. They were fast paced and I love the chemistry with the team. If only Bishop had fit in as well with the DC bunch. Also love the accent of the young Forrest Gump on the NCIS NO team. You can't fake that. I'm still holding out hope that Ziva will appear in last episode. Her departure just left too many unanswered questions and there is no doubt the show desperately needs her. It has even messed up the chemistry between Tony and McGee. I'll be watching NCIC-NO. I think they got a hit.
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