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  • NCIS Season 7 opener continues to disappoint

    What happened to the good NCIS writers? I wonder if they weren't migrated to NCIS LA, which I have not yet seen. NCIS Season 6 (2008-2009) showed a clear decline in the quality of the writing and in the story lines. The season 7 premiere shows an even greater decline. I'm sad to see a solid cast of seasoned actors forced to recite one line after another of sheer drivel, and to watch with ever-increasing incredulity as the plot line goes from bad to worse. Sad. Sad for the actors, sad for the viewers, and ultimately sad for CBS who is throwing away the value of the NCIS brand.
  • I was VERY disappointed in tonight's show. You are taking a great show and becoming political on us. I couldn't believe your story line after the recent tragedy in Texas. I will not continue to watch this type of ignorance.

    I was VERY disappointed in tonight's show. You are taking a great show and becoming political on us. I couldn't believe you had the audacity to provide this story line, praising muslims in the military after 13 service men and women were killed by a muslim out of hatred for this country and the people in it, not to mention the many wounded. You just slapped the face of all of those families suffering from the tragey. I hope your happy. I know shows should be controversial, why not do one on the happenings in Texas instead of turning it around to make the muslim out to be the good guy. Whoever wrote this was incensitive and ignorant, and so was everyone else who followed through with it, right down to the actors. I believe I just watched my last NCIS show, maybe CBS altogether
  • Still a very good show!

    I have watched every single episode of this show. I like every episode. I was so shocked when they killed off Kate. Took me a while to warm up to Ziva but I liked her and was sad to see her leave. I was alo glad to see her leave because of the Tiva thing. It was taking up too much of the show.

    I liked Bishop sraight away. She was very different and I love the relasionship she has with Tony and McGee. She looks up to them and is eager to learn. I think she'll make a great agent after a while. Just remember how hopeless McGee was in the beginning.

    The problem now is that no matter waht Bishop does, the haters complain. If she is smart she is "a know it all" and it is "not beliveable". If the screws up, "Gibbs should fire her". She can't win.

    Every character has changed a lot since the beginning. Gibbs was more fun in the first seasons, Abby was cooler and not so childish. Tony is more or less the same. Funloving but I have never dobted his skills as an agent. I would like to see Tony featured more and McGee a little less.

    I still love this show after nearly 12 seasons.
  • She's a keeper

    I thought I'd never like anyone else after Ziva, but Bishop is so cool! I love her!!
  • Judgement Day 2 was totally offensive.

    We have watched NCIS since it's inception, however, the comment "Vance: Photo pops up, Gibbs runs off the reservation, and nobody knows a damn thing." in JD2 is totally offensive. I happen to be married to a beautiful Indian (Tlingit/Haida) and she and I decided no matter how much we enjoyed the show we will not be watching again. If the same comment, changing "reservation" to "hood" and spoken by a white individual there would be investigations and most likely apologizes. But since Indians are seen as scum, drunkards or homeless alcholics, it's OK to abuse their race. Too Bad!!!!!!
  • Missing Ziva

    Damn it, I still love this show, but Ziva needs to come back at least long enough to let Tony get her pregnant. We watched for eight years as they fell in love... Watching her leave was tragic. I don't care if you keep Bishop on the team, just give Tony and Ziva their happily ever after. They would make some beautiful babies...
  • Ellie Bishop rocks!

    Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is the best addition to the show since Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) left. Cote De Pablo left the show because she wanted to, GET OVER IT please. If you guys are actual fans of the show, instead of wasting your efforts on bashing the newcomer, you should use those efforts to support the other members of the cast of this fine show you're still watching. Mark Harmon, Michael Wheaterly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, they all work their asses off to please us. Learn to appreciate it and keep watching. Or find another show to watch and leave us alone. Thank you.
  • Keeps on being great!

    Such a great show with very good actors.
  • Bishop is great! Do keep and develop her character.

    Bishop is the best addition NCIS had for years and I have become even more attached to the show, which I have been watching from day 1. The reasons for Bishop's significant contribution are simple: She is the only candidate of the team that can stand up to Gibbs with her intelligence and competence. All the others are scared of Gibbs, Ziva having been no exception. Both Ziva and Abby have been Gibbs' competent, clever and obedient daughters. Bishop brought in a new atmosphere of somebody saying to Gibbs: "No boss, your idea sucks; here is a better This role has immense potential. The actress chosen is just perfect: she is very pretty (even more cute than pretty), looks shy yet when the problem at hand demands it the most forthcoming of all the team. It is also likely that she will be the only one to become a real pal of Dr. Mallard (even perhaps accompanying him to the opera) because of her great knowledge in all sorts of things and her ability to learn things very quickly. Abby is very knowledgeable, but she is too little-girlish. Dr. Mallard needs more of a European type intellectual as a pal: Bishop is just the right type. As a professional scientist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, I have actually met young women very much like Bishop and they are great fun to interact with.

    The negative reviews about Bishop greatly saddened me, because it might discourage the script writers about the character. The viewers who commented negatively on the character clearly do not recognise what Bishop stands for: she is like none of the characters NCIS has ever had before. The MIT graduate McGee is too nerdish and insecure; Abby is too girly and stuck in her lab. Bishop, by contrast, is the intellect in the field and in the office.

    Since she has joined the team, I watch NCIS with renewed interest (my great love for the series in part stems from the fact that I too, like Gibbs, have a military history that I greatly value; I see in Gibbs some of my superior officers that I very greatly respected).

    For Heaven's sake keep Bishop (Wickersham is a fresh breath of air also because she is so attractive) and DEVELOP THE CHARACTER as brains+action+Gibb's girl+Dr. Mallard's intellectual pal.

    A. M. C. Sengor, Professor of Geology at Istanbul Technical University

  • I Love The New Character Bishop!

    She's smart, pretty, and confident; same characteristics that made Ziva so loveable! That is, minus Ziva's cynicism. I think she is a great pick for the show. She is a fresh young face that fits the bill. Don't listen to the critics who dare say "kill her character off". Really?! Folks need to get a life
  • Love Bishop!!

    I love the new character so much season 11 is awesome so far can't wait to by the box set! I never thought I'd say this but love bishop even more then Kate and Ziva she's really doing awesome!
  • Refresh the show

    I like bishop character except they don't give her a specific niche different from Zhiva or Perette's characters. The actress is very good though to make up with an incomplete character. What's really turning me off is the frequent inclusion of oldies such as Gibbs' or Tony's father. Turning the show into hasbeens story. And don't forget that sad season with Jamie Lee Curtis who was supposed to be sexy and lovely. Why not bring Cher while youre at it. Gibbs is already an old character so it does not make sense to bring to the shows old stories from the past. I agree also that Tony's character is sinking into oblivion. The truth though is that they should get rid of all oldies except gibbs and send this coroner away along with his assistant whose gaffer role has also disappeared.
  • Loved It - Back to the Basics

    I for one loved this season opener. Was it the but it was pretty good. It had everything I look for in a NCIS episode. Action, great dialogue between the characters and Gibbs being a bad as*. Tony was refreshingly serious(not to mention looking hot) , McGee was capable in the field, Vance was for once with the team instead of against them, Jimmy, Ducky and Abby all got screen time and Bishop was minimal. What's not to love?
  • Love, love, love NCIS, and yes, that means Bishop

    I LOVE Bishop, I think she's awesome. She's quirky and cute and fun and different and I love her smarts. I love that she sits on the desk/floor because I prefer to do the same as well. I love that she's an eater, because I think that's cute and that's her way of dealing with things. I LOVE that Gibbs treats her a little differently because he sees that she's different and treats her as such, same as Abby. Ziva was different and he had a different relationship with her, he's going to treat everyone differently because that's what he does. I love that Bishop can keep up with Tony in his movie references, that is awesome. I also love that she's married and so we know she and Tony can't get together, leaving him to find someone else outside of the team. And I love that she's analytical in the way that she does things and figures things out and that she can store so much information. She's a lot of things I am, so I connect with her character and think that the actress portrays her very well. I'm hoping that everyone else will grow to like her, just like everyone grew to like Ziva after she was on for awhile. Go Bishop!! #teamBishop
  • I miss ziiva but give bishop a chance

    Her character seems to match Tim McGee they are both smart. We gave tim's character a chance to grow into an agent and shed the geek title. Give bishop the same chance.
  • Three cheers for NCIS's bright new spark!

    Personally I really like Bishop - and frankly I think it would have been a major insult to the audience if they had made her into just a 'replacement Ziva'! People are all totally different & unique in real life, so why would not the same be true in good fiction?

    Besides, if a show only ever writes archetypes, rather than characters, and simply hired replacement actors to play the same archetype over and over, with a new actor playing only a slightly different version of the same basic character ever few years, that show would very quickly become tiresome & dull! It would also severely limit the range of stories they could explore. Think about it: if NCIS had gone to all the trouble and time of casting a new actor, but chosen simply to keep the new character fully 'Zivaesque', we could only expect her reactions/behaviour towards every case to be the same as Ziva's - . predictable! And if a show does that, it quickly begins to SUCK donkey balls, becomes cliche and boring... and then it gets cancelled.

    To keep a show fresh and enjoyable to watch, you need to shake things up now & then - especially after 11 years - and that means CHANGE, folks!

    I like this new Bishop character, particularly that she's a genius & a polymath - I applaud the Network's/Producers' decision to add a polymath to the show; it's an unusual but refreshing choice that gives the audience & the show some credibility! It's nice to see a highly intelligent (and female) character in a supporting role for once; anyone can solve their problems with kicking & guns on TV (as we see all too often), so it's a nice change to see someone using their brain instead. And I'm sure Bishop's defining 'heroine' moment, when she saves Tony from a bomb at the last minute or something, will be coming up real soon, and then everyone will love her & forget they didn't always!

    Thanks NCIS, for not just dumbing down the show - and keep the intelligent stories coming!
  • This NCIS show and cast are great! Alittle change but still good.

    This show and cast are great, even with minor cast change. Ziva may be gone however Bishop is not so bad. (at least they didn't completely Ruin this show-by bringing in some phoney washed up 'has been' actor trying regurgitate their acting career for the part).
  • NCIS's smart evolution

    What's boring is to stick with the same type of characters for NCIS. To continue to appeal to viewers who know that today's NCIS and NSA is increasingly filled with younger, intelligent, tech-minded men and women, the TV series is smart and right to introduce new characters like Bishop. Young women, particularly, are an important part of the agencies' new make up. NCIS recent ratings uptick among the key 18-49 age viewers is a positive reflection of this recognition.
  • Don't write out Bishop

    IMO Bishop stepped in seamlessly when Zeva left. I love her acting and the role. Stunned to see so much hate here.

  • little sister

    She's like the team's little sister I think she's cute and totes different than Ziva: which is a good thing. Ziva was a great character Bishop can be too.

    Honestly I feel like Ziva/Tony shippers feel threatened by her. I don't think they should.
  • No Ziva BUT Viva Bishop!

    I miss Ziva too - I also missed Kate when she left, however, I like Bishop - a lot. She brings a different dynamic to the team. Give the girl a chance.
  • NCIS

    Am I the only one that likes Bishop. I don't think she can ever replace Ziva but she is a new and fresh character that I find interesting. NCIS has gotten better every episode this season. I hope that Tony would find a girl that he likes that is not connected to his job
  • ncis how long will it last?

    This is my favorite show. It has been so long, but I still love it. In fact, it is getting better (my opinion, I know). I guess it continues forever (sorry, that is another show that I love). I am a guy so I guess I should say I really like the show instead of 'love' since that is a 'girl' thing? Am I wrong?
  • A different take on Bishop and her troubles

    I perceive Bishop's character as having quiet strength, not as being bland. And I'm suggesting that the show is right now laying the foundation for development of a romantic relationship between her and Gibbs. Consider: The series is (much) nearer its end than its beginning; such a period is frequently used by the writers to spin out personal fantasies about the characters they've created and come to love, and there's opportunity coming for the show to break out of its envelope and the viewers' comfort zone without endangering its future. Gibbs has undergone a personal crisis and come out of it changed: hair, clothes, maybe demeanor; what else might be changing? Gibbs is taking time (presumably personal) for a visit to Bishop at her parents' home; he'd never do this for McGee or Dinozzo. Something is awakening behind those icy blue eyes...
  • Part Gibbs and Mark has to be also

    My grandpa was Jesse James Gibbs and Mark is just like the Gibbs clan. Woodworking, loner, sentimental, makes his own rules. Tony is just as he should be, a man who has lost his true love, not to death but to life circumstances (he is great as a recovering lover). Bishop is Bishop - new face in town. Looking forward to meeting wife number two.
  • Ziva Who??

    We have watched NCIS from the beginning. We love that NCIS is going back to great plots and using all the characters. Love the new character Ellie Bishop. She is smart, quirkie, and adorable. Can take a guy down too! She will be a good addition. Core characters are Gibbs, Tony and McGee. Ziva became the central character and it was all about romance between her and Tony. NCIS is NCIS again. Thank you! Love it!
  • Credit!

    If you admire the quality of this show than have trust, they are very good! Let them surprise you. I'm so glad the new season is here missed NCIS love to see their new story lines, can't wait .

  • Ziva we hardly knew ye

    Sure I'm sorry to see Ziva go, but she gave us one of the most memorable characters in TV history. No actress/character could possibly fill her shoes. NCIS was a good show before she joined and has the potential to remain a top show - even without her it's much better than the moderately successful NCIS LA. Criticizing Wickersham/Bishop is fine, but who would be a better fit? The show's chemistry visualized by Don Bellisario is far more complex than most and it would obviously be much better if he was still at the helm to navigate this transition. But no matter who runs it, the foundation is so solid I can't imagine it going so far off the rails that I would stop watching.
  • Seriously????

    You guys are blaming the network because the actress decided to move on? She plainly stated that it was her decision and they pulled out all the stops trying to get her to stay. Give Bishop a chance many of us were not happy when Ziva replaced Kate either...
  • Lay off the new girl

    I have read so many comments on here about how terrible Bishop is. I agree Ziva was awesome. But she left and i think if ncis had tried to replace her like for like it would have been impossible. therefore they have replaced with someone very different. Alot of you are also saying your not gonna be watching anymore, well, it is your loss. This show is still as good as it has always been. That episode with gibbs/fornells ex wife was great, more humour than usual. But it measures the humour against serious action and once again they balance it perfectly. Ziva will undoubtedly come back one day so for now give Bishop and the show a chance. Like me, you may just embrace the change.

    The only day this show will fail is when gibbs leaves, every other character can be replaced. he is the show
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