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  • Demo #'s are horrible

    The Bishop character was supposed to appeal to younger viewers, the ole fresh face schtick. Isn't happening. NCIS is losing total viewers and demo numbers so its skewing even older as it loses ratings,


    We have been all over Gary Glasberg and the writers, but what about Mark Harmon? Does he like what his character has morphed into? I would think as a "biggie" he would have a lot of say and pull. The dynamics between all the characters have changed so much since they added Bishop. Just not good. Easy to miss the new glued to the "oldies"!!

    Watching "Truth of Consequences" on USA, a perfect example of the NCIS I loved. Where the characters were the characters that made the series #1.

    I don't think its just Ziva being gone (but a BIG part of it), or Bishop not fitting in (a HUGE part of it), but they have changed the character of the whole team. Gibbs isn't Gibbs, Tony not Tony, Tim not Tim. All of them are not the same. The new personalities just don't do it for me.

    @Get over it already:

    Excuse me. But my personal hatred for the Bishop character has NOTHING to do with Ziva's absence. While I would love to have her back, I don't expect she WILL be. This is about BISHOP. The character sucks. Period. And don't get me started on the actress.

    I'm certain, if you read through this thread would would disagree with you.


    @NCIS's smart evolution -

    Here's the thing, though. It is true that todays NCIS and NSA is, as you say, "increasingly filled with younger, intelligent tech minded women". What you're not seeing is that Bishop might be young, but she is not a tech minded student. She has done nothing but suck up the oxygen from the other characters by being "better" than them. A tech-minded young woman would not be memorizing autopsy manuals, and giving her opinion on a wound that was the cause of death in one case. In McGee, they HAVE the tech-minded young person. He is, in fact, the anti-DiNozzo. I've said this before, I'll say it again. They need to give Bishop her own niche and let her develop it. She has been created to be the nicest, sweetest of them (too nice and sweet for an agent). Let her be the group's diplomat. There are often situations where a softer touch is needed than what even McGee could muster.


    @Everyone: Does anyone know how to find stats on acceptance of "Bishop". I ask because I also joined another board but it's a fan board run by the show I think and it drives me nuts that they won't tolerate any negativity about Bishop and keep saying things like most have accepted her and stuff. I'm not buying it. I'm also looking for a regular NCIS board where I can express my views without being chastised for bashing an actress when all I'm doing is complaining about the crappy character. Thanks for any suggestions you might have.

    @Stoppedwatching: Don't give up on the show, please. Most of us still love it, even if we can't stand the new character. We certainly don't want to see it cancelled.

    @idelphi: I totally agree. One fine example of the sustainability of a show is Law & Order... the original, as well as it's SVU spinoff. Law & Order went on for 20 years I think. In the end it had only one of the original characters left. It held strong with tons of cast changes because the succeeding characters were strong in and of themselves and fit in well. Bishop just doesn't.

    That said, can you provide some guidance on how to follow her approval as you do? I'm not doubting you one bit, but I would like to keep up on my own.

    @AnnMueller39: Man am I glad you said it. The actress playing Bishop is, in my opinion as well, not good at all. I'm on another board and the moderator keeps saying most people like her. I'm not sure I buy it, but I have no way to gauge it.

    @ Teelee: I do get your point. However, your reality is not what they are selling. They are showing what New Orleans is KNOWN by most for. Food, music & the French Quarter. NOLA also has swamps, alligators, horribly poor neighborhoods and the like. They're not going to go there.


    Look, I'm sorry. I don't want to see anyone on the unemployment line, but Bishop has to go. Period. Yes, I miss Ziva terribly and hold out hope that Cote de Pablo will see her way clear to returning, but this isn't what this is about.

    Bishop is a horrible character. My main complaint is that, until now, each character had their individual strengths, from Ducky to Gibbs. All I've seen from Bishop is a display that puts her above the rest. She'd memorized an autopsy manual, she knew better strategy than Gibbs in finding someone, and seems to rival McGee's computer skills. Finally, she seems to be better at making outside connections than all of them. The only one I haven't seen her outdo is Abby, unless I've forgotten something, but I expect she'd show Abby up, as well. All of this wrapped up in a child-like package. It simply doesn't work. You know who I thought might have worked, that woman we saw that was like a female DiNozzo. I can't recall the episode right now but it was one of the early ones this season.

    I'm afraid for the future of the show. I really am. I think Bishop will kill it if they don't act fast. As someone below me said, I'm losing interest in the show and it's all on this character.

    Anyway, does anyone have a direct email to the producers that I can vent to?


    @fromtop: Just read your post (I'm slow) "A possible new episode, Maybe" ... It was brilliant. BTW, Mike Franks is another character they never should have gotten rid of. He was terrific as a recurring / reappearing friend of Gibbs'. He was a wonderful mentor for Gibbs. Their chemistry was off the charts. I loved the episode where Gibbs called on him to help protect his father. Getting rid of him was a crying shame. What is WITH these people.
  • many have replaced long time characters successfully

    I am hanging in although I have not watched every episode and have fast forwarded through some Bishop appearances or I would have had to turn off the whole show. Ziva followed Kate, Vance followed the well-loved Director Jenny Shepherd, there have been several SecNavs and the only one that bugs me is the present one but she may improve. In other series, POI, Detective Carter wss replaced by Shaw - a little hard to take but she grews on me and now I really like her. What is consistent about Bishop is she is not growing on people, she is lower and lower and in one poll has dropped from 78% positive to 53% positive. Apparantly you can not vote in this poll more than once so it has somd value. So keep speaking out. Our old show is improving and if we can replace Bishop with a strong agent like Kate or Brody, we will have a first class show again.
  • The series has gotten worse much worse, and the characters boring

    The series has gotten worse much worse, Previously there was a tension in the series that does not exist now. And the characters are now boring. Tony was the team clown, he has now become serious. Do not think he has been hit in the head at all this season. McGee seems to not know what he should do. Bishop is a female version of McGee, who does McGee's previous job. Gibbs has become a softy, he has not beaten Tony in the head this season. The old Gibbs had not accepted the Bishop's behavior. All that Bishop adds is a new face. The team needs a strong, physical woman who can kick some ass. Not some young immature schoolgirl. I do not know about the changes in the characters are a way to cope with the loss of Ziva, and that the latter returns to normal. Or if the loss of Ziva has shaken the characters in depth. As the series is now, it is not worth watching. Still manages to draw a lot of viewers, which I think is strange.

    The series is bad is not just about Bishop. okay, she does not fit. I agree with that. There is too much Bishop Show. Every time they are looking for a suspect turns Gibbs to Bishop. Bishop find him or Bishop trace him. Gibbs should turn to the team as he always did. The chemistry is gone the writing is bad. And the characters are changed. Gibbs is no longer Gibbs, Tony is not Tony anymore. What made the series so successful and popular is gone. I'm moving on.

  • Used to have a Great Team BUT now NOT with 'bishop'

    HEARTBREAK - they have a new 'failure - bishop' - The Show WOULD BE SOOOOO MUCH BETTER WITHOUT her.. YES, we miss Ziva - BUT the Show is Still SOOOO MUCH Better WITHOUT bishop!

    We don't have to have Ziva back but NCIS does need to Get RID of bishop - Gibb's Team would be so much better without bishop.

    I used to look forward to Tuesday nights & watching Gibb's Team - but no longer. Now I want to Throw Up.

    I am glad that they covered sexual assaults in the military - this should never happen anywhere and it is always disgusting to hear of this happening in our military.


  • NCIS, where are you?

    Where are the head slaps? Where is Abby's Caf Pow!!, where are DiNozzo's movie references, where is Ducky? - what happened to Gibb's dark side? - Where is the interaction (not always favorable) between Gibbs and Leon? - Why didn't DiNozzo's father acknowledge Ziva's absence - why doesn't anyone acknowledge Ziva's absence for that matter - seems like she never existed!! - we can't blame the new agent for all of this mess - she's only an actress playing the part that was written for her!! - the blame is on the writers (do they really know the cast members?) - and producers and casting directors! Please come back, NCIS, we miss you!!!!
  • Something needs to change

    If a 2.3 demo and 15.66 viewers won't make them understand that something needs to change quickly, I don't know what will. And don't tell me that for the other TvShows is the same because it's a lie and you know it (take a look at NCIS LA). Sure, there are shows going down, just like other years, and that's valid for people going out because of the spring/summer and global warming too. So, stop making excuse, and please, do something to save NCIS
  • No sympathy here for Ms. Bishop

    I used to love "NCIS,' but that is no longer the case. Bishop is, quite simply, the most unbelievable character in all of television, other than Kim Kardashian's face (joke).

    And quirky? This is ridiculous. She is like a ferret the way she climbs atop file cabinets and cubicle dividers and perches there like a hawk ready to take out an unsuspecting field mouse.

    And she should just 'get over herself' when it comes to how smart she is, how good she is with a gun, her fighting skills, etc.

    And what in God's name has happened to Gibbs? Has he suddenly been stricken with Alsheimer's? He puts up with things from Bishop that would have earned Tony a whack in the head.

    Please, Gibbs, get your act together. If ever a 'probie' needed a whack in the head, believe me when I say that probie is BISHOP!

    I don't know how long I will be able to endure watching the dreck that NCIS has become. FIX IT! NOW!
  • Three Musketeers are now Two and a Half

    Loyal fan from the start. Rolled with all of the character changes. Bishop is an embarrassment to the show and the franchise. She doesn't sell being a genius OR a federal agent. The show became Take Your Daughter To Work Day. A new ruler has to be invented to include how bad she is as a character. She is bringing down an entire cast of incredible actors.
  • this cast and fans deserve better this season

    I think the writing has been off this entire season, and that the talents of all the actors on the show have been diminished by it. Lifelong fans of the series have been compromised me, bringing back the well loved characters of the past in an attempt to appease us has only served to remind me how much better the writing was back then. Mike Franks, two examples of the strong minded, strong willed, never apologetic characters that won our hearts. Where is that kind of creativity now? It is seeming more and more each week that the characters of Gibbs, Tony, McGee, even Abby have become one-dimentional, stunted, no longer growing, evolving. Frankly, they are just not interesting anymore. And the new female team member is equally as unimpressive. Sorry, but you gave us the character of Ziva who intrigued us right from the start, made the team and viewers sit up and take notice is a lot to live up to, but if you can't do it please just end the show, move on to New Orleans, and leave our oh so fond memories untarnished

    New review on 4/11/14 and above still applies. The writing has been HORRIBLE! There is no fun anymore, Gibbs has become a silent shadow of who he was before, Barrett is a dull, horrible too much to watch anymore. Are present writers watching the USA marathons??? It would remind them of the humor, comraderie, character development this new season is completely devoid of.
  • Stopped Watching

    I was once a fan to NCIS but this season turned me off. I don't know who hired the actress who's playing Bishop but a cut out copy of Ziva is more lifelike than her. Plus the brotherly banter of Tony and McGee is gone. For the first time I believe that NCIS is in danger of ending unless a major shakeup is done.
  • The "new" NCIS is like the new Coke-it sucks!

    NCIS used to be my favorite show. Now it is banned in my presence. I watched occasionally when it started, but got hooked after the addition of the character of Ziva. From Season 3 on, I faithfully watched. The cast fit together perfectly and the team seemed like a family. But then CBS decided to play hardball with CDP's contract and walked away from negotiations when she wouldn't cave. And it was quite obvious from the limited screen time given to her in the episode that was supposed to be about her character's exit and having the team act as if her character never existed that CBS was punishing Cote for standing her ground. CBS should be ashamed of their behavior. And then to top it off, after promising NOT to replace the character, they did exactly that. Unfortunately for them, the character they added was horrendous. Not even an exceptionally adept actress could redeem this character and EW is at best mediocre. And the writing has been so bad, I am starting to wonder if all the decent writers left with Cote! The show has gone from being the most watched program to the most wrecked program. The ratings are finally starting to reflect actual viewership and it isn't pretty. I no longer watch and everyone I know has stopped watching as well. I don't know how this current mess got approved for another season. If TPTB don't wake up and realize their mistakes, I wouldn't be surprised if the show was cancelled mid season in season 12. They need to get rid of EW and beg CDP to come back or soon there will be no NCIS! And get rid of GG while you are at it. It is quite obvious he either has no clue what fans want or just doesn't care. He actually called season 11 stellar! Judging by social media, recent ratings/reviews by fans and the dropping ratings, I'd say season 11 is far from stellar!
  • Where did NCIS go?

    I have watched NCIS from the beginning and I cannot tell you how upset I am since bringing bishop to the cast. Its not Bishop's fault, I am sure she could be great in another type of program, but she is terrible in this one; and again, maybe its the writers because the content of their shows since Bishop came aboard has been pathetic. I just watched a few reruns prior to Bishop and the story content was fantastic and suspenseful. Its not that Ziva is gone, its that the story lines have been drafted to accommodate Bishop who represents a college co-ed, supposedly with a brain. You cannot replace a strong, force full, capable woman with a bimbo. Please replace Bishop with another strong woman, able to hold her own in any situation. If you can't replace her then rename the show, because the name no longer fits. I want the old Gibbs back, I want the incredible story lines back. I want a female character that is a match for the male characters, that has their back. You might want to find another casting director, because this one completely screwed up. Bring back the NCIS I know and love. Don't make me leave. I have 10 yrs invested in this show.

    3-28-14 Another week and still no change. This past week show was even worse. Gibbs choosing Bishop to go to New Orleans - the writing is now truly sucky. The story line has been reduced to pathetic while trying to make bishop fit. There are no strong characters any more - they are all being reduced to jokes - If you are going to kill off the show, do it with dignity. The thrill is gone!!!
  • WTF should be the name of the season, not the first episode!

    This has been the absolutely worst season of NCIS to date. What are TPTB smoking at CBS!? First, they play hardball with CDP regarding the length of her contract and foolishly let her go. Then, they write the lamest exit for her character (one that was so out of character you wonder if the writer even knew anything about Ziva) and give her very little screen time considering it was the "farewell to Ziva episodes. Then, they have the other characters with the exception of Tony acting as if her character never existed. Then they create a very unlikable character and hire a mediocre actress to play the part, making her a regular before seeing how the audience felt about her (which was very stupid, considering how many fans have voiced displeasure of almost every character GG has created). Then, they have all the other characters accept this horrible character immediately (which is so out of character for them, especially Gibbs and Abby). Then they basically force this character down our throats, basically pushing the main characters aside. They then have the other characters act like lame ducks. Most of the story lines this season have been boring and sometimes just plain stupid! And despite a large percentage of people declaring their dislike of the character of Bishop (at least 85%), CBS stubbornly won't get rid of her! Most of the fans don't want Luna Lovegood or Barbie. And despite CBS's claims, many fans want Ziva back. CBS needs to wake up and get rid of EW and give CDP whatever she wants to come back. Otherwise the show will continue to go down the toilet and will lose people who have been fans for years! For those who agree, leave feedback at CBS, sign the petition to get CDP back, join Operation Bring back Cote and best of all STOP WATCHING!
  • still hope for Cote..

    I still hope cote come back for the final at least for a appropriate TIVA ending and I hope this time Gary Glasberg to ve better on his writing because many viewers didn't piss off only with CBS' lies for cotes'Departure that it was "her decision" (my answer in this is :P :P :P)but also how TIVA ended in PPF ( personally I didn't rate or comment this episode because in my opinion wasn't worthing any of these)

    My answer to many many 'fans' of viewers of NCIS that "it's ok I didn't like Ziva anyway" I ask them why then for eight years on every single episode of NCIS said "She was Amazing" .. In addition The show after sasha's departure moved on because it was 2 years and there was no Tate or father/daughter bond like Gibbs with Ziva... There were two Ziva centric season during the 8 years. Season 7 Ziva's recovery after Somalia and season 10 a ziva centric emotional season which was also a TIVA season at the same time...

    The show can't move on from cote and ziva ... We have seen this during this season bring COTE back . one last request for billionth time...




  • getting the sharktank ready

    one of the worst ncis shows i have ever seen dull boring trying to force this new person on us . gibbs looked liked he had been neutered letting this person walk all over him
  • Dumbed down season

    Up until this season, I've watched every episode . I can't bear it anymore. The new character, Bishop, is an excellent example of miscasting - I now refer to NCIS as "dumbed down". Ziva was a complex adult, and together with the rest of the excellent cast, gave NCIS substance, and an edge. Now we have this little girl who adds nothing, and manages to bring everyone else down to her level.

    PLEASE, before it's too late - do something!
  • No Bishop, no Glasberg, or no NCIS

    1. Bishop is a total fubar of a fit, even Delilah is a much better fit.

    2. The writing/directing really sucks this year - also say goodbye to Glasberg, please.

    3. Mark, as someone who was at UCLA when you were - fix the boat before is sinks through the bottom of your basement - LOL

    4. I remember when you were an All American at UCLA and you were asked if you thought you would be drafted by the NFL, not being 6' 3" tall and all. You said more or less: "It doesn't matter, I plan on becoming an actor:)
  • Not liking Bishop

    I thought I would give her a chance and I did and I do not understand WHY they invented that particular character at all. It's not her fault, it's the writers. She has absolutely NO skills as an NCIS agent yet they hand her gun? She always looks confused, only to come up brilliant in the end. Are you kidding me?

    She reminds me of a monkey hopping up on things or sitting on the floor, I was waiting for her to make a nest high up in a tree to sleep in. She's not believable and there is no chemistry between her and the NCIS team at all. I've actually stopped watching this show since it began. I understand that Cote left and I wish her well but they really should have replaced her with someone who's like Ziva not this Bishop. They REALLY got this all wrong and I think the show will suffer terribly because of the Bishop character. (side note and nothing major but something that bugs me is that her eyebrows are black and her hair is blonde)

  • Where oh where is my NCIS????????????????

    Get rid of Bishop and bring back the NCIS that I am addicted to. I do not even watch the new shows for weeks later. It is embarrassing to watch the show now. I know every episode and have been through all the changes that worked successfully right from the start. Bishop does not work.

    What martians came down and took the Gibbs we know and love? The one that would not accept this Bishop on his team.

    Does the cast really want the show to fail? Have they decided being #1 for so long is over?

    Get her off the floor and off the show !!!!!!
  • Sinking ship!!!

    How does losing one character in a top rated show for years tear it apart?? Losing Ziva has taken the very core from the show.. It is not the same, characters are all different , I feel like I am watching a complete disaster .. I have watched NCIS for years.. One of the few decent shows left, but now... I hope Ziva will come back before NCIS sinks.. And I really don't want that to happen. Ok it's 3 weeks later and with all the lowest of low rating, apparently CBS IS NOT LISTENING!!!!! This show has been rated high for years.. CBS , is this what you want??? You are losing viewers every day! NCIS is like watching a reality show where everybody got a different script... This season has been an insult to the NCIS characters that we all loved. I just cannot stand to endure another episode .. It seems the writers are just as lost without Ziva... Jus saying.....
  • Harmon and the team deserve better

    I have watched every episode of NCIS many times over (thanks to USA) and love, love, love Gibbs but also love the show and the actors because everything clicks. All the actors are well cast and play their parts perfectly. The plots are believable. Then along come new writers (???) and for the entire season, the actors don't seem to have their hearts in the show any more. There is no spirit and spunk. As if the writing isn't bad enough, they throw in this new actress to replace Ziva and everything bombs. I'll watch anything with Mark Harmon in it but feel sorry for him and the other professionals on the show because it's NOT the same quality show it used to be. This new girl unrealistically makes everybody else look stupid. Give her a show of her own but get her off NCIS!! Also, enough with ex-wife #2. She's annoying. Her fast talking shrill voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard! And no more precocious 13 year old kids who show up at somebody's house while her parents think she's at the mall. Does she take a cab? She isn't old enough to drive. Come on. Sober up the worthless writers and give these great actors some respect and give us fans our quality entertainment again!!!!! Also, where the heck is Director Vance? Haven't seen him this season. The rating I'm giving is for the old shows. Oh, I also do not like the new SECNAV. We know why these writers wrote her in but it's stupid in so many ways. Please don't mess around and fail these great actors! They deserve better!
  • What were TPTB thinking!

    I loved seasons 3-10, mostly because the character of Ziva intrigued me. The show without her just plain stinks! It was quite obvious Cote had no intention of leaving just yet, so I can only conclude she needed time off or just fewer working hours to deal with a personal issue and TPTB said no way! I can bet if one of her male colleagues wanted what she did, he would have gotten it (CBS is known to treat male actors better than female ones-look at the Criminal Minds debacle when 2 female actors were fired to save money to fund the soon to be flopped spinoff even though at least one male costar had less seniority on the show). CBS wake up! Give Cote what she wants and get her back ASAP! I will no longer watch now that her character has gone and many of my friends no longer watch for the same reason. I suspect that even fewer will watch once Ziva's replacement starts, since GG is noted for creating characters fans loathe! Update: I was right-Bishop stinks. Why do TPTB insist on keeping a character (and having her front and center) that the majority (87%) of fans hate? Its almost as if they are trying to sink the show!
  • Do a Kate exit on Bishop

    Between trying to make Gibbs into a more sensitive, caring puke, Dinutzo back into the juvenile twit he used to be in earlier years, Bishop is like an ice water en_ma, does nothing but leave me cold.

  • Bishop not mature enough!

    Bishop just does not work. No chemistry. She is not mature enough. Where is Cote?
  • First there was NCIS then NCIS LA now NCIS Bishop

    How can this happen? the best show on TV reduced to the Bishop Dog and Pony show!! she has been forced down our throats, Gibs has been neutered (he should just tell her where to get off) she is not a good fit, can't act, she has the charisma of a wet sponge, are TPTB hoping that we will just accept poor quality (I suppose if Obama can get away with fooling the nation they think she can be forced on us).

    I just hope they start to listen to the devoted fans! = "the people who make this show worth the advertising fee's they can charge" or do they actually want this show to fail? seems we have seen this before with so many good shows where TPTB think we don't matter and can just produce crap and we will to continue to watch, well think again "Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it" , I just pray that WE THE PEOPLE still have some power ? but then again!!!

  • NCIS is losing ground !

    Looks like the writers are running amok ! Bishop DOES NOT FIT IN, and the other team members don't seem to be operating as a "unit" any more. I hate this ! Where's our old NCIS team spirit, fun, unity ! I won't be watching much longer if this keeps up. ( Miss Ziva SO much !)
  • NCIS going down

    Bishop is quickly ruining one of the best shows on tv. I know of several people including my family that no longer can watch any episode with her in it. She absolutely can not act, and her facial expressions are god awful. And what were the writers thinking. They started her off actually giving orders and her opinions were given priority. So much for being a probie.. They filled Zivas space in haste and now Bishop is a waste.

  • The writers are the biggest problem

    The writers have lost it. No fun anymore and Bishop doesn't help. My husband and I were faithful watchers. Not anymore.
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