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  • Love/Hate

    I have enjoyed NCIS throughout the years. I never minded any of the many personnel changes until Maria Bello. I cannot stand her her character and maybe she plays it so well that I cannot stand the actress either. Or she is just obnoxious. It has become hard to watch when she is on the screen.
  • Really really bad characters

    Why is that MI 6 agent even there? He's terrible, the profiler lady doesn't add anything, McGee needs to step up and be an agent. The show lacks good story telling, too much PC crap. No longer real... if a sailor or marine screws up or dies off base, the local law enforcement takes care of it.. NCIS takes care about what happens on base or a military facility. Just cancel the damn show.
  • Season 15 - alternative viewing

    It was 8:29pm and NCIS was about to come on in 60 seconds. I quickly went to the toilet. I sat down and took a dump. I could hear that NCIS had started with Gibbs saying 'previously on NCIS' ... so I rushed out of the toilet and looked at the tv. First thing I saw was Bishop. I went back to the toilet and stared into the bowl for the remaining 59 minutes .... then the ending music started playing. Best episode in a long time .... I think it was called 'waving, not drowning' ..... i gave it 9/10 ... though something didn't smell right ...... yep - that's how bad NCIS has become, that even Mr Hankey is more entertaining....
  • Season 15

    Having watched ncis since its inception I was disappointed with the last season particularly after Tony's departure. We were then introduced to too many new characters including the dreadful Jennifer Esposito who, thankfully has now departed. Still not sure about Clayton with his clipped, enunciated generic English accent. Bishop still falls short on the feistier and funnier Ziva and Kate. That said I really enjoyed episodes 7 and 8 of the new season with their clever twists. And now back to reality with a bump as up comes episode 9 where we see an MI5 legend confront an international terrorist whom they have been chasing for years and he doesn't hold a gun on him and is shot quite easily. How he gained his reputation who knows or how he managed to survive so long without being killed is a mystery. The team are discussing spending yet another Thanksgiving together. Seriously have none of them friends and family. And please can Sloane please stop telling Gibbs how good he is. Enough already. Delilah goes into labour and Tim meets security guard, Morgan at the hospital. Soon they are best buddies, seriously, and even as I watch it now I can feel Tim wanting to call his baby, Morgan. And yes he does it. Boring and predictable. Jury still out. Disappointed but ever hopeful
  • DIsappointed

    Have watched this show since season 1 and loved it. Lately, however, the quality of writing has dropped dramatically, the direction seems to be completely missing and the characters are absolutely flat. The Maria Bello character is way too "pop psych"cheap psychoanalysis found in pulp self-help books. The plots are unintelligible and formulaic. Slow slide into mediocrity.
  • English language

    "What do you got" vs "What do you have" - PLEASE stop using poor English.
  • To personel

    Wish would go back to solving crimes and not always having a personal stake in it . Seems like they know all the victims or it's a friend of thieirs or a relative .
  • Once wonderful show turned into politically correct nightmare.

    Why not have a show where all the present NCIS agents meet in Gibbs basement and secretly join the ACLU & several LGBT organizations. After that we could show Abby & Tim at a Black Lives Matter demonstration. A once masculine and likable cast have been turned into feminized sock puppets. The show is now an atrocity.
  • Bishop is god awful!!

    She has ruined the show.. Poor acting skills, un- believing. Take her off

    No wonder the show has gone DOWN HILL
  • An all time low on NCIS

    Any more episodes like that, and one of my favourite shows of all time is finished as far as I'm concerned. Seriously, McGee is like 12 yrs old. Agonising over baby names? Asking dumb questions about the baby coming early? Bringing an old man security guard in on the action? Real NCIS agents watching this junk must be horrified. The dialogue is seriously infantile. It's bad enough that Deaks in . takes the stupid roll (along with the two cartoon characters Nell and Eric). The only real NCIS left is New Orleans. Very disappointing for what used to be one of the best series on TV.
  • 11/21/17 Episode - Worst One Yet

    It's bad enough Gibbs is no longer a Marine, what with his grandpa haircut, Tony - a man's man - is gone, whereas Ducky has been all-but replaced by the clueless big kid Jimmy. Now though, McGee has been effeminated to previously unseen levels. He was always a dork but his artisan facial hair and touchy-feely demeanor ramp it up to new heights (or, more accurately, lows). The liberal media's march to "cyckify" the men on the our screens continues relentlessly. That's one. Then came the Thanksgiving '17 episode. Good gods, it was beyond abominable. McGee notices a suspect, the suspect tries to make a getaway, shoots a security guard in the process, but McGee (fully armed, mind you), fails to neutralize the suspect and instead engages in a Mexican standoff, which he - naturally - loses. Cue 40 minutes of exasperatingly bad dialog, atrocious acting, and mind-numingly tedious cliches. The quick-witted (without the wit) Delilah's repartees, the which-wire-do-we-cut eye-roller from the Torres and the Brit duo, the juxtaposition of tweezing out a bullet with yanking out Delilah's twins... - urgh! It was a hybrid of the Gilmore Girls, Lethal Weapon, and Dr. Phil. . Here's some pro-tips for the writers: Lose the arriviste headshrinker whose name I don't even know, get McGee to man up, turn Gibbs into a high-and-tight Marine again, more Ducky and less Jimmy, and confine Abby to scenes of her discovering things in her lab. I still remember Sasha Alexander more than a decade on; most of the newcomers I forget even before the closing credit finish. What does that tell ya!
  • Babies

    Please explain to me that if Delilah is paralyzed and has no use of her body below the mid-line, how on earth does she feel labor pains? Was not a fan of the 11/21/17 episode as it was not up to their usual high standard of writing and production/director.
  • Hey Tim get a new writer

    11/21/17 Special agent Tim is looking like a complete idiot. Calls HQ to tell them he has seen the criminal that is on the loose. But before he tells Gibbs he has to tell this retired forest ranger working security at the hospital what is going on so he gets this ranger involved in the capture of a dangerous criminal. Well it goes bad, criminal gets hostage, ranger gets shot.. stupid writing, and enough with the damn pregnancy.. the only thing left to do is hit the delete button. And maybe not use the record button next week?
  • Latest episode airing 11/21 is horrible

    Bad script, bad directing, bad acting. What have you done to NCIS?
  • New episode of NCIS airing 11-21

    The newest episode of NCIS is far below par
  • 11/21/17 Episode

    Terrible writing. Really unbelievable plot. Totally lacks technical reality.
  • Maria Bello is TOTALLY RUINING IT

    She is terrible. She cannot act and is awful and I agree if sher role does not fade i will stop watching it. Been a fan from the beginning but if she stays then I go.


    I have never missed an episode. Loved Kate, hated Ziva - never saw the "chemistry" between Tony and her. Didn't like the addition of J. Esposito, glad she left the show. Sad to hear Abbey is leaving.

    McGee HAS TO SHAVE. It's not attractive. What's with hairy men?!? Don't they know all that horrid facial hair make them look older? Is it an "I'm a macho man" thing?
  • Maria Bello is ruining this show

    Wow, they didn't just bring in this awful actress to do a bit part, they've got her in practically every scene! I'll give it a few more episodes to see if her role fades into the background, if not then I'll quit watching. Her part is so unnecessary and annoying, I can't imagine why they even created it.

    Yes it's a sad story but the once great series is now a sad trip to the hairdressers all chat and gossip with a touch of plastic surgery, goodbye to a once truly great show
  • NCIS is going downhill

    Oct 24 2017 show was disappointing. The writing / scripts is not very good these days. The show is supposed to be about solving the crimes. However, it seems they are mostly interested in what each other is into outside of their job. Why? I don't care about their personal issues unless it interferes with the crime solving. I don't want to see any touchy / feely crap. And then there is another new addition to the cast.... come on!!!!! All these people are unnecessary. I don't think anything is going to save this show. With Abby (Pauley) leaving, there isn't going to be anything left. RIP NCIS.

    I have watched this program since the beginning. I didn't think I would like the program as much after Kate was killed off. But along came Ziva. She was great! She fit in wonderfully. I like the characters during this period the best. I have not liked Bishop since the beginning. Sitting on the floor in a government office to do your work... Really???? How unprofessional. Would they really let her do that? The show could have done without her altogether. As for the last add-ons ... Oh Please, stop. There was no need to add all those non-essential characters. What's with Gibbs going all soft and gooey? Poor move. Gibbs is the rock that holds the group together. And what's with Timmy's facial hair, please shave.
  • Old and Tired

    I am devistated to say, NCIS is on its last legs :(
  • NCIS new cast

    I don't think more people are needed on NCIS. Ellie is doing a super job; Sean Murray is alwys good; Ducky and Jimmy are great; I like Wilmer but I think he needs more of a role. Jethro and Rocky Carroll are always good. Pauley will be missed but oh, well. The new woman, Maria Bello, is not necessary, in my opinion. Just build around the ones I have mentioned and the show will go on.
  • Tonight's episode looked promising (11/17/15)

    I thought with Bishop going back to her folks in Oklahoma after Jake's cheating that she would finally be leaving the show. But then next week's episode preview shows that Gibbs goes after her. Sigh. What can we do to register our disappointment and dissatisfaction with Bishop's character, acting, and addition to the show? She doesn't belong. It's not a good fit for her or for the show. Please find another place for her and find someone else for NCIS. (And please ask Gibbs to cut his hair--he looks sloppy, and careless, not
  • Skeleton Crew (Season 15 Episode 4) is Just BAD writing

    My husband and self LOVE NCIS (s), all of them. But go over the basics of writing script, novella or short story: you need a beginning a middle and end that should TIE together. AND the characters have to have a PURPOSE. In the case of Gates McFadden (who I love to watch normally, whether it be Star Trek, Labyrinth, or any other place including Comic Com), the character of the mom was just plain "what?" Okay mom comes in complains about her missing daughter, willing to pay the ransom, big rich baron the last comment is? We are rich, we'll pay for it. And never seen again. If you have a gun over the fireplace, the gun better have a purpose in being there! What was the purpose? The mom wasn't key to the story, wasn't key to the kidnapping or killing, and certainly wasn't followed up on once they found her daughter. AND the point I'll bite about the forensic psychologist being brought in arriving at Gibb's door, but we've done this several times with NCIS, (or does anyone else remember this fact) AND he knows who she is AND she is the last to know in the elevator that he had already 'figured' it out; if you hand a stranger your house keys, I think something needed to be said somewhere before shutting down the elevator as to the purpose of "knowing who she was". Everything has to fit when writing a short story, a novella or a script. Gibbs needs to be 'Gibbs' with his character development well defined by Season 15, of course Gibbs would figure it out. But my question is how a forensic psychologist NOT figure this out, This is why she supposedly had been called in! The Mc Guffin of the bully didn't make sense, nor did the bank manager (simply NOT ENOUGH STORY HERE). In the end, the woman is dead, her mom never notified, the storm passed without any further ado, though it was the reason for the 'skeleton crew' which is the TITLE of the show, should've had a bigger factor in the show's development, or have factored in more prominently, rather than a $300,000 theft.

    So NCIS, I know you are loosing crew. I know you are probably tired, but get writers who can tie the story together and not seem idiotic in the writing.

    Maybe it was a bad night for me, but I've seen better by the writers of this show.
  • when the background is where the interesting show is happening...

    I agree 100% with joykiller. Bishop is a huge drag and I am amazed she's still on. She's too old to act like a millennial but.... Bring Tony back! Did he leave because of Bishop? lol This how boring the show has gotten - I am noticing that the extras they use in the back ground at the office are like zombies. All walk slllooooowww - to stay in the shot longer - with an unopened folder. They are far more interesting than the NCIS shows since Tony left, since Bishop arrived. Oh well, there's always the Blacklist. Goose egg 0
  • NCIS is failing

    Tony, irl has moved on. We all miss Tony & Ziva, the best years of NCIS. That doesn't mean there aren't other interesting characters they could develop and bring back the old vibe which is sorely missed.

    I loved this show, but with Wilmer and the new girl it's so random & not working. I was very surprised at these choices as neither add anything.

    It's on it's last legs if they don't find someone charismatic fast, and ditch the two new characters above. I like the Brit though- he's a cool guy with some mystery. Bishop was quirky & smart the first few episodes but I never did understand her casting, & they've let her flail since. She and the other new characters above r just soo boring as r the storylines~

    monotone much?

    Why using Palmer less makes zero sense? I loved him in every episode... even "Ducky" has less screen time? Gibbs heart isn't in this group or the writing - he's just going through the motions. Another show I love Law $ Order SVU has kept its characters' storylines in tact so it's still a fun realistic, for tv, current ADA is the best actor they've had in the role which has changed often.

    The NCIS writers could learn lessons from the writers of SVU.

    Every new character has fit, & they opened with a bang by killing off a main character. So it's still possible to care about their growth, and the show~
  • FLOOR TIME, omg rather then Campfire

    It's bad enough that Bishop is even part of the show. Her character makes me want to change the channel & then the storyline makes her the boss?! Horrible. And then in her intellectual wisdom requires everyone to sit on the floor to discuss the case cuz that's how her quirky cute self works stuff out. Ridiculous. Have they run out of ideas? So far it's a disappointment.
  • WHAT??????????

    Bishop as the boss??? Never did I think that the writers would disrespect the show in such a horrible manner!
  • Violent Season Opener

    Hated the Season Opener of NCIS. Torture and violence is not enjoyable viewing. Didn't like the Direction either - when Tim finally comes back to his pregnant wife, she has no real reaction. What? and Gibbs being tortured? No thank you. I hope NCIS isn't caving to violence like other shows. It never needed to do so before. It had a formula that worked well. I always looked forward to Tuesdays nights, but if this is the direction the show is going, count me out.