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  • Bishop -- Not the best for NCIS!

    Always loved to watch was great and I was initially sorry she left, but when Ziva came aboard the NCIS team, it completed the team in a magnificent way! I really wish Ziva would come back to is just not the same without her. And truthfully, Bishop just annoys the heck out of me and I'm not sure I'm going to continue watching without Ziva. Ziva was fantastic and I miss her dearly. Please, please bring Ziva back!!!
  • Love NCIS, do not like Bishop!

    Loved NCiS from the beginning. When Kate was killed, I was upset!! Loved Kate!! Ziva came on and from the first show loved her!! Been watching Bishop every week and I can't wrap my head around her character.. She is a third wheel.. Does not fit in the group.. Every week it gets worse! CBS you need to hear the fans! If NCIS New Orleans is gonna be a new show, send Bishop there! And get Ziva back! Please!!
  • Please Fix the show!

    With the departure of the character, Ziva, the show has lost its edgy, smart, and clever story lines. The great chemistry between the 'family' characters has been changed for being now 'uninteresting' and I find myself not interested in watching. Now the 'Bishop' character (not the actress) is not at all working. Sure it will do. But not the over the top that we as fans are use to seeing each week. Please ask Cote if she'll reconsider! That's a huge part of the group dynamics missing.
  • ncis bring ziva back

    Bring ziva back don't care for the new girl bishop.. Ziva is so missed
  • Where did NCIS go?

    I have watched NCIS from the beginning and I cannot tell you how upset I am since bringing bishop to the cast. Its not Bishop's fault, I am sure she could be great in another type of program, but she is terrible in this one; and again, maybe its the writers because the content of their shows since Bishop came aboard has been pathetic. I just watched a few reruns prior to Bishop and the story content was fantastic and suspenseful. Its not that Ziva is gone, its that the story lines have been drafted to accommodate Bishop who represents a college co-ed, supposedly with a brain. You cannot replace a strong, force full, capable woman with a bimbo. Please replace Bishop with another strong woman, able to hold her own in any situation. If you can't replace her then rename the show, because the name no longer fits. I want the old Gibbs back, I want the incredible story lines back. I want a female character that is a match for the male characters, that has their back. You might want to find another casting director, because this one completely screwed up. Bring back the NCIS I know and love. Don't make me leave. I have 10 yrs invested in this show.

    3-28-14 Another week and still no change. This past week show was even worse. Gibbs choosing Bishop to go to New Orleans - the writing is now truly sucky. The story line has been reduced to pathetic while trying to make bishop fit. There are no strong characters any more - they are all being reduced to jokes - If you are going to kill off the show, do it with dignity. The thrill is gone!!!
  • Bishop is great! Do keep and develop her character.

    Bishop is the best addition NCIS had for years and I have become even more attached to the show, which I have been watching from day 1. The reasons for Bishop's significant contribution are simple: She is the only candidate of the team that can stand up to Gibbs with her intelligence and competence. All the others are scared of Gibbs, Ziva having been no exception. Both Ziva and Abby have been Gibbs' competent, clever and obedient daughters. Bishop brought in a new atmosphere of somebody saying to Gibbs: "No boss, your idea sucks; here is a better This role has immense potential. The actress chosen is just perfect: she is very pretty (even more cute than pretty), looks shy yet when the problem at hand demands it the most forthcoming of all the team. It is also likely that she will be the only one to become a real pal of Dr. Mallard (even perhaps accompanying him to the opera) because of her great knowledge in all sorts of things and her ability to learn things very quickly. Abby is very knowledgeable, but she is too little-girlish. Dr. Mallard needs more of a European type intellectual as a pal: Bishop is just the right type. As a professional scientist and member of the US National Academy of Sciences, I have actually met young women very much like Bishop and they are great fun to interact with.

    The negative reviews about Bishop greatly saddened me, because it might discourage the script writers about the character. The viewers who commented negatively on the character clearly do not recognise what Bishop stands for: she is like none of the characters NCIS has ever had before. The MIT graduate McGee is too nerdish and insecure; Abby is too girly and stuck in her lab. Bishop, by contrast, is the intellect in the field and in the office.

    Since she has joined the team, I watch NCIS with renewed interest (my great love for the series in part stems from the fact that I too, like Gibbs, have a military history that I greatly value; I see in Gibbs some of my superior officers that I very greatly respected).

    For Heaven's sake keep Bishop (Wickersham is a fresh breath of air also because she is so attractive) and DEVELOP THE CHARACTER as brains+action+Gibb's girl+Dr. Mallard's intellectual pal.

    A. M. C. Sengor, Professor of Geology at Istanbul Technical University

  • Bring back Ziva please!

    Sorry, I am slowly getting put off watching what used to my favorite show NCIS. Bishop in,t upto the role and showsare getting tooserious and boring due to her role. Their is no funny side to the personalities anymore. Please change it to the way it was for the last 10 years.
  • Bishop Ruined the best cast on TV

    I can't even watch NCIS anymore me and my mom used to get so excited for a brand new NCIS every tuesday. i have watched NCIS since it started when i was 4, i never understood it but i was in love with it, i have seen every episode until Ziva left. Bishop is such a plain character all she does is eat food and sit on top of everything. But what really got me mad is when CBS said that the new character would be her OWN character meaning nothing like Kate or Ziva. But they lied because Bishop can draw really good just like kate, and fights like Ziva (But not as good) The team had such a great bond with Ziva , they were like a big happy family. They used to all tease each other when one of them had a date and now Bishop is MARRIED and McGee is getting really serious with Delilah (who is another boring character) Also CBS said that the new character and McGee were gonna like each other like "Tiva" which isn't gonna happen(Thank god) because Bishop is married. I also hate how she's a computer geek. We already have McGeek for that! She absolutely ruined the best show on tv and now i can't even watch my favorite show. THE NEED TO KILL BISHOP OFF PLEASE AND HAVE ZIVA COME BACK I NEVER WANT TO SEE OR HEAR BISHOP AGAIN.
  • OMG please bring Ziva back

    I hate Bishop she seems boring and her relationship with the others is stupid, unlike her Ziva who was very interesting and had a great romance going on with Tony was more interesting, No offence to the actress I am sure she is very good at her job, please CBS get rid of Bishop and get Ziva back on the show. Since she came on I have not watched the series, I use to watch it every Tuesday night wondering when Tony and Ziva would finally hook up.
  • this cast and fans deserve better this season

    I think the writing has been off this entire season, and that the talents of all the actors on the show have been diminished by it. Lifelong fans of the series have been compromised me, bringing back the well loved characters of the past in an attempt to appease us has only served to remind me how much better the writing was back then. Mike Franks, two examples of the strong minded, strong willed, never apologetic characters that won our hearts. Where is that kind of creativity now? It is seeming more and more each week that the characters of Gibbs, Tony, McGee, even Abby have become one-dimentional, stunted, no longer growing, evolving. Frankly, they are just not interesting anymore. And the new female team member is equally as unimpressive. Sorry, but you gave us the character of Ziva who intrigued us right from the start, made the team and viewers sit up and take notice is a lot to live up to, but if you can't do it please just end the show, move on to New Orleans, and leave our oh so fond memories untarnished

    New review on 4/11/14 and above still applies. The writing has been HORRIBLE! There is no fun anymore, Gibbs has become a silent shadow of who he was before, Barrett is a dull, horrible too much to watch anymore. Are present writers watching the USA marathons??? It would remind them of the humor, comraderie, character development this new season is completely devoid of.
  • Can't Watch NCIS anymore

    I heard Cote wanted to move on - fine. I would miss her but was excited to see a new character. Bishop is such a BIG disappointment! She didn't fit in from the start. Gibbs handed the team over to a newbie. What a laugh! Tony and Tim became shadows of themselves. Then, Abby asked for her help! Oh, my! Bishop sits on floor, gathering germs, then sits on their desks!! Oh, and eats junk food. Great role model I tried to watch but it only hurts. I heard that Tim is now giving his keys to his home to Delilah? Are they crazy! I loved to see who Tim would hook-up with next and how Tony watched over him and helped him get girl friends. And, Delilah is another BORING character, she's a paper pusher! Tim needs that game girl! No interest in Tim if, he gets hitched. Tony has become a non entity. Fire the writers and start over, please. I don't even tape it anymore. No interest in this new season. So, sad.


    Watching "Truth of Consequences" on USA, a perfect example of the NCIS I loved. Where the characters were the characters that made the series #1.

    I don't think its just Ziva being gone (but a BIG part of it), or Bishop not fitting in (a HUGE part of it), but they have changed the character of the whole team. Gibbs isn't Gibbs, Tony not Tony, Tim not Tim. All of them are not the same. The new personalities just don't do it for me.
  • still hope for Cote..

    I still hope cote come back for the final at least for a appropriate TIVA ending and I hope this time Gary Glasberg to ve better on his writing because many viewers didn't piss off only with CBS' lies for cotes'Departure that it was "her decision" (my answer in this is :P :P :P)but also how TIVA ended in PPF ( personally I didn't rate or comment this episode because in my opinion wasn't worthing any of these)

    My answer to many many 'fans' of viewers of NCIS that "it's ok I didn't like Ziva anyway" I ask them why then for eight years on every single episode of NCIS said "She was Amazing" .. In addition The show after sasha's departure moved on because it was 2 years and there was no Tate or father/daughter bond like Gibbs with Ziva... There were two Ziva centric season during the 8 years. Season 7 Ziva's recovery after Somalia and season 10 a ziva centric emotional season which was also a TIVA season at the same time...

    The show can't move on from cote and ziva ... We have seen this during this season bring COTE back . one last request for billionth time...




  • Stopped Watching

    I was once a fan to NCIS but this season turned me off. I don't know who hired the actress who's playing Bishop but a cut out copy of Ziva is more lifelike than her. Plus the brotherly banter of Tony and McGee is gone. For the first time I believe that NCIS is in danger of ending unless a major shakeup is done.

    I watched an interview with Paulie Perrette on the Talk. She said that she and Michael Weatherly decided from the beginning of NCIS to make the show fun. I have been watching NCIS since Sasha Alexander stepped off Airforce One to join Gibbs at NCIS. I do not like the blonde. She adds nothing to the show. Who cast her? I love this show and still watch about 20 minutes of it to see if it's interesting or fun and then I change the channel.
  • Love NCIS

    Please get rid of Bishop and get Ziva back if possible. Thanks

    Your episodes now are different, why the changes.

  • Check the Bishop

    @idelphi: I totally agree. One fine example of the sustainability of a show is Law & Order... the original, as well as it's SVU spinoff. Law & Order went on for 20 years I think. In the end it had only one of the original characters left. It held strong with tons of cast changes because the succeeding characters were strong in and of themselves and fit in well. Bishop just doesn't.

    That said, can you provide some guidance on how to follow her approval as you do? I'm not doubting you one bit, but I would like to keep up on my own.

    @AnnMueller39: Man am I glad you said it. The actress playing Bishop is, in my opinion as well, not good at all. I'm on another board and the moderator keeps saying most people like her. I'm not sure I buy it, but I have no way to gauge it.

    @ Teelee: I do get your point. However, your reality is not what they are selling. They are showing what New Orleans is KNOWN by most for. Food, music & the French Quarter. NOLA also has swamps, alligators, horribly poor neighborhoods and the like. They're not going to go there.


    Look, I'm sorry. I don't want to see anyone on the unemployment line, but Bishop has to go. Period. Yes, I miss Ziva terribly and hold out hope that Cote de Pablo will see her way clear to returning, but this isn't what this is about.

    Bishop is a horrible character. My main complaint is that, until now, each character had their individual strengths, from Ducky to Gibbs. All I've seen from Bishop is a display that puts her above the rest. She'd memorized an autopsy manual, she knew better strategy than Gibbs in finding someone, and seems to rival McGee's computer skills. Finally, she seems to be better at making outside connections than all of them. The only one I haven't seen her outdo is Abby, unless I've forgotten something, but I expect she'd show Abby up, as well. All of this wrapped up in a child-like package. It simply doesn't work. You know who I thought might have worked, that woman we saw that was like a female DiNozzo. I can't recall the episode right now but it was one of the early ones this season.

    I'm afraid for the future of the show. I really am. I think Bishop will kill it if they don't act fast. As someone below me said, I'm losing interest in the show and it's all on this character.

    Anyway, does anyone have a direct email to the producers that I can vent to?


    @fromtop: Just read your post (I'm slow) "A possible new episode, Maybe" ... It was brilliant. BTW, Mike Franks is another character they never should have gotten rid of. He was terrific as a recurring / reappearing friend of Gibbs'. He was a wonderful mentor for Gibbs. Their chemistry was off the charts. I loved the episode where Gibbs called on him to help protect his father. Getting rid of him was a crying shame. What is WITH these people.
  • many have replaced long time characters successfully

    I am hanging in although I have not watched every episode and have fast forwarded through some Bishop appearances or I would have had to turn off the whole show. Ziva followed Kate, Vance followed the well-loved Director Jenny Shepherd, there have been several SecNavs and the only one that bugs me is the present one but she may improve. In other series, POI, Detective Carter wss replaced by Shaw - a little hard to take but she grews on me and now I really like her. What is consistent about Bishop is she is not growing on people, she is lower and lower and in one poll has dropped from 78% positive to 53% positive. Apparantly you can not vote in this poll more than once so it has somd value. So keep speaking out. Our old show is improving and if we can replace Bishop with a strong agent like Kate or Brody, we will have a first class show again.
  • Fan to the end

    I must admit I am not a great fan of the new character but I also do not envy the task that Emily Wickersham has in trying to create a new character this late in the game. Making something or "someone" out of nothing must be difficult. And to make that character fit in with the characters that have been developed over several seasons must be difficult as well. With that in mind I will continue to watch NCIS to see how everything plays out. Like a true fan of a sports team, you cheer on that team in the winning seasons and the losing seasons. So here's a cheer to NCIS - keep up the good work!!!!!!
  • Bishop is simply a pawn

    The Bishop character simply is not working. There is no "there" there. No character development and her big "thing" was that she sat either on the desk or sat on the floor. What an interesting quirk!!! The old characters don't seem to have the same chemistry with each other. You can tell that the writers and producers have gotten the message about Bishop---she was hardly in last week's episode. Everyone seems to be walking on egg shells now. The Ziva character was so strong that I really think they should pull a "second Darin" on the show. Get a woman to play ZIva but maybe with a harder edge from her year in the Mideast. Bishop always looks like she is a high school senior doing a book report on NCIS. The show stinks with Bishop!!!
  • not a very good actress

    Ever since Ziva was replaced with the airhead Bishop the show stinks. No cohesion with cast members and she is stiff as a board. PLEASE for the sake of the show bring back Ziva. Writers get a clue, you are wrecking a once great show.
  • The writers are the biggest problem

    The writers have lost it. No fun anymore and Bishop doesn't help. My husband and I were faithful watchers. Not anymore.
  • No Bishop, no Glasberg, or no NCIS

    1. Bishop is a total fubar of a fit, even Delilah is a much better fit.

    2. The writing/directing really sucks this year - also say goodbye to Glasberg, please.

    3. Mark, as someone who was at UCLA when you were - fix the boat before is sinks through the bottom of your basement - LOL

    4. I remember when you were an All American at UCLA and you were asked if you thought you would be drafted by the NFL, not being 6' 3" tall and all. You said more or less: "It doesn't matter, I plan on becoming an actor:)
  • Ellie Bishop rocks!

    Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is the best addition to the show since Kate Todd (Sasha Alexander) left. Cote De Pablo left the show because she wanted to, GET OVER IT please. If you guys are actual fans of the show, instead of wasting your efforts on bashing the newcomer, you should use those efforts to support the other members of the cast of this fine show you're still watching. Mark Harmon, Michael Wheaterly, Pauley Perrette, David Mc Callum, Sean Murray, they all work their asses off to please us. Learn to appreciate it and keep watching. Or find another show to watch and leave us alone. Thank you.
  • Saints Preserve us! Cos Bishop wont

    Faithfully watched all episodes of NCIS since its inception, and now I cannot stand to watch. Suddenly it has become the Bishop bonanza, with everyone subordinate to this insipid character. She is such a weak replacement for Ziva. She has no personality, lacks charisma and controls all conversations with the rest of the team acting as grovelling support for her operational and technical brilliance. Have the writers changed or become fanatical feminists? All of the male members now seem to occupy lesser roles and be overly in touch with their female sides. No testosterone left, they are girly cheer leaders for Bishop. Great shame, I loved the old NCIS.
  • I'm on the bandwagon

    Please get rid of Bishop. She has no charisma, she fades into the background. She does not fit this show. I am missing episodes and really don't care. If Ziva is not coming back you need to get a fiery redhead, long curly hair and a take no prisoners attitude. Someone to clash with Gibbs but that he and the fans can't help but like. However if my vote counts GET ZIVA BACK
  • Is CBS listening??

    NCIS is not working because of Bishop. Do you hear the fans? The ratings are down. Do any of you who run NCIS care? Don't ruin the show with poor replacements.
  • Bin the Bishop

    Oh dear, what bright spark decided to bring in such an insipid character as Bishop, played by an equally insipid Emily Wickersham who comes across as simpering schoolgirl and brings absolutely nothing to this once great series. Ms Wickersham has no charisma whatsoever and the so-called 'rapport' between her and the other actors is zero.

    In my candid experience NCIS ratings are going to go down faster than the Titanic unless they write Bishop out ASAP, over to you guys/girls.
  • The Show needs bigtime help! Writers need to focus on Bishop

    Brody is awesome. I love her charachter, Why didn't Brody get the job as newest member of Gibbs team? I may have start watching NCIS New Orleans instead of NCIS. The new New Orleans team is good. NCIS is lost. I think NCIS is going to CONTINUE to lose audience share if it isn't fixed soon. What happened to Jimmy? Where is Ducky? Who the hell is Bishop? And why is she even on the team? Does Gibbs like her because she reminds him of his daughter...

    Bishop is confusing. Is she a brilliant member of the team or a ditzy blond bobble head? The writers need to figure it out, because the character doesn't fit. Its hard to believe that an immature college sophomore (how Bishop acts) knows more than Gibbs. Just can't buy an NCIS investigator is so ditzy and juvenile.

    On another note, please ask Bishop to slow down her delivery and enunciate. My God she mumbles half her lines. Thank goodness for replay/rewind so I can figure out what she said.

  • New writers?

    I do not know what is going on with the show, but something is off.

    It drags and makes no sense. Are there new writers, are they getting tired, or is this the end of the show?

    I was thinking when Gibbs sent Bishop out to the garage BY HERSELF with the killer loose, that would be the end of her but I was wrong. WHY WOULD GIBBS SEND HER BY HERSELF????? Also, why would they not call McGee and warn him. Seriously flawed writers. They must be writing for the ignorant masses without brains.
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