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  • Takes 3 to replace 1 Anthony DiNozzo

    I watch NCIS faithfully every Tuesday night. I have binge watched all of the back episodes on Netflix and loved the heart of so many of the stories and especially the way that several of the characters played so well off of each other. Particularly the episodes involving DiNozzo, Ziva David and McGeek - and of course Gibbs. Abby Schitu always makes me smile as well. Just a great melding of a great cast. I started off watching NCIS regularly when Bishop was already a fixture on the show and wondered when I watched the older episodes why in the world they replaced such a dynamic character as Ziva David with such a quiet, mousy character (whose eyebrows are so dark that they are distracting) as Ellie Bishop. I have tried to like her but she is almost like a non-entity. She is quiet, blends into the background - I just don't get the point of her or what she brings to the table. At first she was really pretty with her long hair and her kind of quirky ways. That has all fallen by the wayside and all that is left is a dull and rather boring Ellie Bishop. Then Tony leaves the show. Sure, he has his own show now - Bull - which I have tried to watch. I am sure it is good but every time I watch it I just see Anthony DiNozzo. His leaving has left such a big hole in the NCIS storyline that it seems to take 3 new people to fill in the gap. The only thing is that none of these three even begin to fill the gap! Jennifer Esposito was great on Spin City but I don't get her as an NCIS agent. Wilmer Valderamo was great on That 70's Show and has turned into a good looking guy but again, he is not the caliber of a Tony DiNozzo. It is such a weak gang of agents now - not one stands out as a real leader. It would be hard to replace Michael Wetherly, I get it,but this group that is on at the moment is going to be the undoing of NCIS as we all know it. The story lines are weak, they have little to no heart and seem like weak attempts at trying to get anywhere close to what the old story lines were several years ago. As long as DiNozzo was on, you had smart repartee between he and McGee and they were really good at it! It was fun and made you smile. There is not smart dialogue now amongst any characters. McGee has lost a ton of weight. I am sure it was hard to do but he now looks gaunt and the muscles in his face stand out so much that he almost looks unrecognizable. I think he looked better with a little bit more meat on his bones. Even so, if he was more of the story line that would be great. He just seems to come and go from his desk trying to give witty musings to the newbies. It just seems like the writers are spinning so many story lines out in so many different directions hoping that one of them will stick. Guess what? Not sticking yet. My husband doesn't even want to watch it anymore. That's sad cause it was a great show. Take a hint - dump the dead weight (starting with Ellie Bishop who could be replaced with a big table lamp) and get stories that make sense and have heart in them as well. Otherwise, this show will not around too much longer. For all of us who have loved NCIS for all of these years, please do something in a good way! It's getting harder and harder to watch this shell of a show where a mighty show once stood!!
  • P C Chick Flic

    I have watch every NCIS show. I have purchased the first 12 seasons. It makes me sad to see a great TV series go down the tubes. The females are the only smart agents and the men are bumbling idiots. Bishop is almost in tears for the poor terrorist in Gitmo, and now she is dating a Muslim. So very PC. I think the female writers are changing the series. The liberals lost the election but they have won NCIS. I won't be watching anymore.
  • MORE MI6

    Miss Tony terribly, Clayton Reeves is the only bright spot, Alex Quinn needs to go immed. not a good fit, Torres would be great as an occasional guest. That last episode???? Bishop's brothers??? worst episode in the history of the show! just plain stupid. Have the writers given up? and Gibbs has on so much make-up he looks like he has been embalmed. How about letting Abby grow a bit? Goth in the dungeon, move forward already. And sorry Tim, but you are not a lead actor, at least not on this show, him and Bishop have to move into the background as tech support. We need someone who has chemisty with Reeves brought in before it's too late. At least we still have Ducky. I sure hope they can fix this show, it's almost too late. NEVER thought I would say that. Almost forgot, more Vance! we hardly see him anymore
  • NCIS sucks now

    I am sooo disappointed with NCIS season 14. First, I totally agree with phenders2001, when DID NCIS become so politically correct? I mean, come on. Second, no. The writers will NEVER be able to replace Tony or Ziva, and they will NEVER EVER get the chemistry of Tiva in any other characters. It's an insult to tiva that they are trying to get that right. They're trying to have agent Quin and agent Torres have a tiva relationship. AHEM! Not going to cut it.

    QUESTION: Does anyone out there believe that Ziva's alive? I'm starting to have suspicions. Plus, NCIS may just have to bring back Micheal Weatherly and Cote de Pablo, bc the ratings SUCK. If they bring them back, then I won't go into hysterics over Ziva.

    I think that if they even bring back one of them, (preferably Cote) than the show will get a lot of good ratings. If they bring back both, it will make for an AMAZING story line and a particularly entertaining Tuesday night.

    First bad choice: Writers not writing good scripts for Ziva. If they did, none of this would have happened, and Tony and Ziva would be here, making everyone happy.

    Second bad choice: Trying to replace ZIva with Bishop. Emily Wickersham isn't right for NCIS. DOn't get me wrong, she's a good actress, but Ziva was a HUGE part of NCIS, and Bishop isn't even close to Ziva's standards. Replacing Kate with Ziva was a great move, because both of them have the same relationship with other characters, except, as all now know, Ziva's relationship with Tony has grown into more. When Bishop came to the show, I stopped watching. Emily is just a way of saying "Screw you" to Cote de pablo. Cote, your loved and missed. Wish you would come back to the show, we need you desperately.

    Third bad choice: "Killing off" Ziva. REALLY? REALLY? COME ON! You could have at least had Ziva live (She is alive, i will never stop believing that) and Tony come and get her or something like that. I believe that the reason for Tony's exit NCIS got correct, it had to be because of Ziva. But killing her? wow. Just WOW.

    4th bad choice: The new agents suck. They ARE NOT TONY AND ZIVA AND THEY NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, Sean murray is WAY too skinny. One more thing, McGee is NOT Tony. NO NO NO and NO. McGee will NEVER be Tony, no matter how much the writer's try. McGee should really go back to computer stuff
  • That was terrible.

    I'm disappointing that when Bishop went to gitmo. She said gitmo detainees were okay. That was stupid.
  • NCIS new characters

    NCIS needs to get rid of the 2 newbies and use Clayton as the next full time agent. Gibs needs to get tough again

    Bishop's knuckle head adult brothers (who act like they are 12) show up unannounced so she takes them to work with her at a "secure" military facility as one would. They go around the entire facility threatening people they think might be dating their, what, 35 year old sister. The story lines have gotten pretty sloppy but this was particularly silly. Then, NCIS finds evidence that supposedly clears an inmate at GITMO and he is released the same day. WHAT? You have to accept a degree of poetic license to watch most things on TV, but too much is just too much. This show has been really good and entertaining for many years, but I think it is time to call it quits and make a graceful departure. The entire franchise has gone to the dogs
  • I'm tired of this

    When did NCIS become so politically correct? It was the one show I could count on to have some guts; but now the writers are trying to make us feel guilty about deportation and apparently there are good guys stuck in Gitmo. Are you kidding me? There was a time when terrorists were holding the agents hostage and Gibbs had to shoot them in the head. I can't imagine that happening now.

    I find myself muting the show all the time now and barely paying attention. The last two episodes I barely watched but I knew early on who the bad guys were: The rich dude (or his son, in this case) and the white religious dude. What a shock.

    I am really sick and tired of this political correctness. Maybe if the new actors were any good I could bear it, but I never warmed up to Bishop and I haven't even bothered learning the names of the two new ones. The only half decent new one is the British MI-6 agent Reeves.

    Gibbs is barely around anymore, he just pops in now and then. Fornell should be on more, he's good. And of course I miss the DiNozzo character. I watch Bull, but it's not the same thing.

    If the writers could just go back to the way the show was a few years ago it would be entertaining again. If I wanted political correctness I could watch every other show on television!
  • Writers believed the polls

    Devoted fan for 13 seasons except not liking so many unrealistic comedic situations

    > the assistant in morgue

    > Abby over the top but cute

    >Weatherly cast as male "duffus" subject to the usual male put-downs

    But the latter reflects writers' liberal agenda that is prevalent now in most television programs and advertisements.

    Have not cared a lot for Bishop (what did the casters to find a woman whose brows matched Ziva's?). She actually did one of her better acting jobs this last episode which was the liberal slant (what else) on Gitmo (spelling?).

    Sad about Weatherly leaving but tired of the writers putting McGee in some sort of superior position and Weatherly not getting the respect he should have been accorded at this point in his NCIS career and his seniority.

    The new characters are a terrible fit and why so many?

    >Torres getting better.

    >Jennifer Esposito has so many out of place/strange facial contortions. When she was aghast about Gibbs "saying the ellipsis " about 1 episode ago she produced this completely over-acted expression. Loser!!

    >I have no idea why they added the black guy other than forcing diversity on the main cast which is probably why that added three actors = 1 hispanic, 1woman, and 1 black man .

    The writing has gone so am sure it was partially in anticipation that the new administration was guaranteed to be headed up by a certain woman. This is also true in other shows I have been watching. An example is "Designated Survivor" which has every left wing topic thrown in except the left side of the kitchen sink! Very disappointed in that show.. BTW, I did not realize Keifer was such a physically tiny man. Was he standing on boxes and ramps in "24"? The writers have him cast as "sensitive", "fumbling", "uncertain and with his "strong-principled-woman" wife being the one who calms him and who gives him the proper "left"-leaning outlook", etc. If fly-over country has any impact on ratings, I don't think it will last. I loved the show's concept but hope they get back to a more middle of the road approach. But with the current political environment, the Hollywood writers and producers' crusade will only get worse in shows and advertisements.

    Sorry about the to NCIS.

    I think the show is close to its end. Apparently someone lost the "writers' guidelines and NCIS philosophy" handbook that served the show so well for so long. I guess a key is that in the past I never left a recorded NCIS show unfinished. It was an addiction. Now things are so politically correct and/or unrealistic I will often start a show and not finish it and hit the "erase" command. Sweet dreams dearly departed NCIS.

  • All over

    So sad to see the end of a brilliant show drag on. Tonight's show was horrible. The brothers? Gibbs letting them in NCIS to sit on Bishop's desk? Accosting the agents? Insulting to the viewers intelligence. Needs to end before it is cancelled.
  • NCIS stinks

    This show has gone to hell in a hand basket. There is no suspense, and has turned into a very corny boring waste. The new cast additions are low grade actors that put you to sleep. They took a once great show and destroyed it. Time to throw it in the trash can.
  • A BIG Disappointment

    I have watched NCIS since the very though I was not liking Gibbs in the crossover JAG episode (I LOVED JAG!) and I have to say that this season should be its last. It has outlived its usefulness. Too many changes have occurred. I was never a lover of Bishop and she could never replace Ziva. I liked how McGee's character was being developed, however, he does not have the attitude for being a senior agent. As for Esposito (Quinn), she was better in Blue Bloods and that's not saying much. Michael Weatherly is sorely missed. I'm still not sure that BULL is the right vehicle for him either. NCIS: New Orleans has become way more interesting for me.
  • Please Save NCIS Before It is To Late

    The 2 NEW Cast Members need to die tragically. Then bring in that actor who played the son of the Character killed guarding Shannon & Kelly. He would become "New He & Gibbs already have a History. Return McGee to being McGee. Hurry, or NCIS will likely end this Season.

    On a Side Note, "Bull" is totally wrong for Weatherly. Come On CBS. Fans/Viewers deserve much better! Change before it's to late.
  • ncis goes blonde

    Get rid of blondie, she could not make it on Blue Blood. The new guy is a whimp. Timmy is not Tony. The show has lost its edge. Bishop is better than the new crew. The show should be called Pee Wee Hermin

    meets the 3 Stooges.
  • It's Getting Worse

    The producers of NCIS should just stop the show because now everybody is hating it. It is no longer interesting and now to get people's attention is by indirectly including Tony by making Senior sell the house. Also I did not like the fact that the show made Agent Quinn have a sex dream about Gibbs. It was just too awkward and disturbing and I felt very uncomforatble watching it. McGee is no longer acting like McGee, he is trying to slowly become the next Tony. Please make him go back to hacking and the computer stuff. The show was only good when Tony and Ziva was on it together because they had good chemistry. Since Ziva left it just got worse and when Tony left it was diasterous.
  • Quinn, what the hell are you doing?

    Agent Quinn, come on, you really need to do much much better than that. The act is very boring and over played.

    Too much unnecessary comedy and tasteless jokes. This does not fit in the position she is playing.

    Its really looks like children act.

    Please Dinozo, cut you vacation in Paris short, it started to be boring
  • still angry

    I am still very angry at Ziva's death. That didn't have to be done. She could have just been injured andTony could have gone to Israel, found out about his daughter and stay with Ziva and Talia..

    TPTB were so angry at Cote for quitting, they didn't want to give her a possible way back if the fans demanded it.

    Never liked Kate, she was always pulling the gender card. Got tired of her complaining.

    Ziva had kahones, didn't have to prove a thing

    Trying to give the new agents a chance. Not enjoying the show at all.

    And, what the hell is wrong with Gibb's eyebrows. Looks like makeup penciled them in too much.
  • Ncis season 14

    New agents are a big disappointment. I also wonder about Abby. She has become stagnant. Goth is so gone. Don't people grow and mature? She has not. Tired of the dog collar.
  • When is Abby going to grow up?

    I have been watching this show since day one and even back then I thought that Abby was childish for her years and intelligence. Abby is allowed to bully people into doing things and if things don't go her way she goes into her little funks. Also, what employer in their right mind would let someone come into work dressed as Abby dresses. I think it is about time that Abby starting acting her age and stop being a child.
  • Wilmer Valderrama? Ew...

    There are so many people to choose from. Who decided that was a good idea!??? And why? Not appealing at all, and a terrible fit. Everyone knows this type of show works because of the character relationships. Why go out of your way to change that? You got it right when you switched from Kate to Ziva because the characters were similar in their relationships to the other characters. No one is going to fault you for replacing Tony's character with someone of similar style and personality, even if it's an unlikely scenario in real life. Fans want and expect a continuation of what made them love the show in the first place. I like Jennifer Esposito as an actress and the addition of her character shouldn't be a problem for the show since it's an addition rather than a replacement. And McGee looks great to me! He's much more handsome now that he's outgrown his baby fat. When people eat healthy and exercise they tend to lose weight.
  • I'd Rather Read a Book

    NCIS has consistently been our favorite show -- until now. For the first time when watching the show, I've actually picked up a book to read and turned the TV off. The two new characters just don't seem to fit in. Hopefully, the show will take an upswing turn -- for the sake of Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast. It would be nice for the show when it ends to go out on top!!!
  • NCIS Sinking

    I've been a fan since the beginning, until this season. The writing is bad and the changes in characters worse. The new Gibbs--softer, understanding--leaves a lot to be desired. Trying to turn McGee into a clone of Tony is a disaster. Give him back his former personality and put him back at his computer. It was those skills that provided the team with information quickly. The character of Eleanor isn't believable. Taking an analyst and putting her into the field doesn't make sense even in the world of fiction where usually anything goes. I like the character, but put her where she can utilize the skills she possess. Her analytical skills teamed with McGee's computer skills could make them a powerful force. The newest characters, Alex and Nick, just don't fit. His character would be good in a recurring role doing undercover assignments for them or providing information they need working a current case related to an assignment he's on. I do like the MI6 character, Clayton Reeves and hope he stays. NCIS working with MI6 could make for some interesting episodes and this might also be when Nick's character could be brought in. Mostly, NCIS needs to bring back Ziva and Tony. I like Michael Weatherly and I've watched his new show. It's good, but there isn't enough of a variety--each episode is basically the same. Ziva and Tony were an integral part of NCIS and think of the storylines, good writers could create for them in and out of the office. Ziva and Eleanor tag teaming McGee and Tony or vice versa. Ziva and Tony raising a child together and even better watching Tony learn to be a father and interacting with his child--funny and touching. Right now, NCIS is a sinking ship going down fast.
  • Time to go

    I've been hanging on for a good while hoping this series was going to get better, but it's just getting worse. My main gripe over the past few years was the use of studios rather than real streets (they didn't look anywhere close to convincing), but I wish that was my only concern now. I've just started watching the first episode of the new series and stopped after 5 minutes to write this. Sean Murray is looking emaciated again and what's with Mark Harmon's eyebrows? It was bad enough when his hair was coloured in the last series, but now his eyebrows, seriously? It actually makes him look pale and ill (is he actually ill? I hope not). I haven't even come to the new cast members, but looking at other comments on here I don't think I want to. I've just caught up with 5 episodes of the new series of NCIS LA and there's a world of difference. It's filmed in real places, the acting is superb and so are the stories. Tuning into NCIS afterwards is like falling into a deep dark hole. I used to love this show so much and it's sad to see what it's become.
  • So Sad!

    After 14 years of NCIS, I actually stopped watching an episode in the middle of it and deleted it off my DVR. When Emily Wickersham joined the show, I thought she was a bad choice, but I dealt with it. She is by far my least favorite female character on this show and she does not compare to any of her previous leading ladies. Any episodes that revolved around her I barely watched and I probably played Words with Friends the whole time. I was excited to see what season 14 would bring, even though Michael Weatherly left the show. I was happy for him and his new show, Bull. I feel horrible for saying this, but the two new actors they brought on have completely and utterly ruined the show. Their acting is so bad it makes me cringe. And then all of a sudden making McGee a tough and gun toting agent from his normal nerdy one is ridiculous and completely unbelievable. What happened ? Whoever did the casting for this show should be fired. 14 years of a wonderful show down the tubes in a few episodes. At least I still have NCIS, New Orleans! Episode 311, by the way, was the episode I quit watching. I am sorry, but that was like watching a really bad high school production. The acting was atrocious.
  • Disappointed in NCIS season 14

    I love NCIS, but I can't stand the 2 new agents who replaced Tony. The guy isn't too bad, but the woman is not fitting into the show at all. I hope the producers will do something fast to change these 2 agents, because, it is not fun to watch anymore.
  • What Happened?

    To many people and none are good. The show will tank if this keeps up. They needed a replacement for Tony but I can't seem to get a grip with all the new additions. Face it this week the show was terrible. My favorite show has gone down the tubes. I could barely watch this week. Bring back the old format or the show is lost.
  • Awful new lady

    I can hardly stomach watching the new lady on NCIS. I have to fast forward every time she is on. She is awful. Get rid of her quickly! Only rating her. Wish Tony was back
  • Losing their touch

    I have loved this show for years but the last 3 people added have been less than constant to much crap on their end the show is losing the credibility not like it was. Come on mark hit some more heads in the writers directors and get some actors that can act. Thanks for listening.

  • Bottom of the Barrel

    New additions to cast not cutting it. That hispanic guy ----way too thick an accent, sometimes hard to understand, yet done on purpose by show execs to appeal to that race for more viewership Ziva and now Tony gone, that ship has sunk. No spark, no persona anymore, what a shame. It had a good run.
  • NCIS lover lost

    Don't like the new cast for the show. Loved it when Ziva and Dinozo were on the show but Bishop, Torres, and Quinn are awful. They do not fit. Have stopped watching the show. I want the old show back
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