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  • Sad Episode!

    Review for 5/19/2015 Episode. NCIS has been my favorite show for a long long time but after this last episode, I will not watch it again.
  • NCIS: Bishop, the early episodes.

    REVIEW FOR 5/12/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Neverland. This episode starts with Agent Dorneget's mother (Joanna), a CIA agent, questioning one of the young terrorists that are recruiting children in America. She is trying to find the location of the leader. She makes contact with Gibbs, wanting to help find her son's killer. Reluctantly, Gibbs and Vance agree. Then a scene with more Bishop bla-bla-bla. Luke, one of the youth recruits, finds out his parents were murdered and seems to want to help find the killers. Gibbs questions on of the terrorists leaders that they captured. His smug attitude leads to nothing but a hint of the next attack. Too late though. All through these 3 episodes, images of Mike Franks appears, urging Gibbs to take the tuff road. The final scenes have Gibbs, Tony, and Joanna in Afghanistan. Gibbs sees Luke; the final shot shows Luke shooting Gibbs twice. Fade out. To be continues with next season. REVIEW FOR 5/5/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Lost Boys. Part 2. Chasing an international terror group recruiting children to perform terror acts. McGee and Dorneget are sent to Cairo in search of the terror leader. Unfortunately, Dorneget is killed in a bomb attack. A real loss for the show. Mean while a young boy turns up in the bombers hid out and plays the silent game, fearing for his mother. The bomber has 6 bombs planted, with the search ongoing. NCIS does morn Dorneget's loss. To be continues REVIEW FOR 4/28/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Troll. A navy woman is murdered and the team can't find out what she is doing. Come to find Bishop's husband, working for the TSA, in involved in this case. In a chase, we see Bishop with a gun stopping the runner. Now picture Ziva or Kate in the same situation. Doing the stop instead of acting like you are doing the stop. Side notes. For 2 years, the producers have tried to portray Bishop as a dependable agent. Someone you could depend on. So far, they have failed. This is part 1 of 2 parts. REVIEW FOR 4/14/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Lost in Translation. Some people can play shake spear, some people can't. Some people can play NCIS female agents and be realistic, some people can't. There have been 2 people who did play female agents with realism: Cote de Pablo as Ziva and Sasha Alexander as Kate. Some people can't: Emily Wickersham as Bishop. This episode tried and failed to present Bishop as a tuff agent who could be depended on in a crisis situation. Afghanistan: Saving a captured Marine. The only truth in this episode was Bishop stating she was an analyst, not an agent. Even the scene where we had a shootout, her actions were vague at best. THE TRUTH BE KNOWN, THE PRODUCERS MADE A LARGE MISTAKE CASTING BISHOP'S CHARACTER AND NOW THEY DON'T HAVE THE BACK BONES TO CORRECT THE SITUATION. Just keep forcing Bishop on the viewers. REVIEW FOR 4/7/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE" No Good Deeds. The key high lights were the interaction between Tony and his dad. Took up 20% of the show. Just shows how the real action is dying in the show. Some people are really getting over paid with low grade production. REVIEW FOR 3/31/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Patience. Missed the first 5 minutes. Didn't miss anything especially Bishop. Very soft episode with little chat chat, Bishop smart mouth and the 3 member crew going through their duties with no real enthusiasm. It is getting hard to follow these episodes with all the interplay with new dad, girl friend and very little action. Thank god for re-runs on USA network. REVIEW FOR 3/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Status Upgrade. NOTE: Viewers need Jimmy to grow up and do, in theory, what he is getting paid for. If you wanted a child on the show, you now have one with this new father's giggles and dada's. Either grow up or get another job. NOTE: The Show will continue to be a soft production as long as the Bishop character is in the episodes. One key way to bring the show back to where it should be is to move Agent Brody from NCIS New Orleans to the big city. The heart of this episode was the childish like comments by Dinozzo and Bishop. And then, when there was real NCIS action, guess who slumbered over and picked up the suspects gun. And she didn't even have to flop on the floor to do it. Other than that, this episode did nothing to keep me interested. REVIEW FOR 3/10/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Artful Dodger. This series involves Tony's dad, a painting and a mystery. The murder of a naval officer in his boss's office is never explained. The down hearted father and his relationship add confusion to the case. The useless motions of Bishop seem to be the only constant in the episode. The conclusions are that the painting had a bug planted in it months ago by a mysterious Arab group and they wanted it bake. Tony's dad lost is betrothed and lost his way. The one key downer was the idiotic actions of Jimmy. We know he is a new father, but grow up. You have a job and a wife to be the mother. Overall, this episode is rated a 5 at best. REVIEW FOR 2/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Blast From The Past. Starts with McGee in his smart phone kick. Trying to upgrade Gibbs. We know that won't work. Then their McGee and Bishop in the field checking out a cabin. For Bishop, it's all babble, babble and more babble. Then the marriage foot note. Who cares? Their are 2 key points about this season's NCIS episodes. They have become real soft when it comes to the theme of each episode. The actions are subdued and rarely involve Bishop. And for a good reason, her character is soft and doesn't display what we are used to. The Bishop character is more like a 18 year girl and an adult would. She speaks but contributes little to the mission of the team. The last 2 seasons of NCIS have really decayed the previous 10 seasons. Maybe the producers are moving the series toward retirement. Thank god USA network carries many of the old re-runs. Now their you can see the real NCIS teams. REVIEW FOR 12/16/2014 EPISODE: Yah 4 Ziva and 1 Kate sightings. Boo A Bishop sighting. Boo Boo - More Bishop Sightings. The show was all about Gibbs rules as told by Tim. The key point was Rile 45, someone to save you. In the real world of TV's NCIS, there are only agents to trust with Rule 45. Yes 3. Gibbs, Tony and Tim. Overall show rating "B-"brought down with Bishop, but back up with Ziva and Kate. It is apparent that producers don't care about the quality of NCIS any more. Just the $$$. And, one certain character is certainly over paid! REVIEW FOR 11/25/2014 EPISODE: We start with the first view of Bishop's husband. He does nothing for the show. Both he and Bishop are alike. Trying to be tooooo lovey dovey. Then we are off to the snowed in airport, which means Tony will be on his own if a problem comes up. Too much Bishop/husband play on I tell you what I do, in theory, and you tell me nothing. The episode involves a dead man and the who done it search. Viewers should not be fooled with Bishops expertise around the dead man. Then came the big scene when the bad man is cornered and shot. Notice Bishops pose, but, again Tony is taking the action and the bad man down. Then what happens. Bishop and husband are off on vacation. Hopefully, she will stay there. Another proof that a 3 person NCIS team is better than a 3 person NCIS team with Bishop. REVIEW FOR 11/18/2014 EPISODE: The show scenes appear to be moving back to the ones presented in past seasons prior to last season. Good action with realistic emotions and sense of duty. But, when Bishop's character is present, the scenes revert to soft child like mellow drama. Bishop is getting nosy, butting into personal lives to should concern her. The relationship Abby now has is no concern of Bishop. And, bringing the married aspect into her sphere does nothing to improve her scheme in the series. One only has to remember an episode a couple seasons ago when Giggs, Ziva and a pregnant Marine were stranded is a closed service station with several bad characters after them. Ziva held them off, defending Giggs while the baby was delivered. NO WAY COULD BISHOPS CHARACTER DO THE DEFENDINT. NO WAY. REVIEW FOR 10/28/2014 EPISODE: The telecast lasted almost 58 minutes of which 32 minutes plus was quality NCIS actions expected by fans. Then their was 14 minutes plus commercials and 11minutes plus of dead time. Their was one point during the dead time when Bishop tried to kick in a door with NO success until she was reminded she had the hotel key card in her back pocket. A failed attempt to present her as a vital member of the team. "B" for effort, "E" for execution. I guess the producer had to bring in some comic relief.
  • It's a long way to the bottom

    Especially for a show that was once so popular. But let's face it, the plunge started way before CDP left -- it was typified by the multi-episode story lines that got so boring before they were done. Such as the port-to-port killer, the Harper Dearing yawn, and the DoD investigation of Gibbs. Then it continued in the after-Ziva era with the Parsa debacle. A sure sign of writer's block and poor producer judgment is the story lines that go on forever.

    NCIS is on its last legs. But. unlike its predecessor JAG, NCIS is going out with a whimper. It's imploding with poor scripts, poor acting and poor judgment.
  • Is there any point in Season 13

    I've always keenly awaited the latest episode or the start of the next series and I still enjoy watching re- runs of all the earlier series but with the exception of Gibbs shooting was there any highlights in Series 12.

    Bishop has taken all the flack but she is only playing the part that was created for her by the writers who must take the blame for the decline of this classic TV show.

    If the writers have decided that they can't create any exciting new plots or interesting new characters then its time to leave Gibbs where he's laying.
  • Miss ziva

    I love ncis, but I can't get use to bishop, lovely actress, but don't think she fits, I loved the fact that ziva could kick butt and that it made the rest of the men a little nervous, she also was a little unpredictable when annoyed and that worked well with Gibbs,but you also seen a soft side to her with dinozzo. I think that they needed to get someone similar to that character. bishop is to soft. Gibbs is carrying the show. I miss the banter and the teasing they would do to ziva. They need her back give her more money. You had mc gee, lovable nerd, dinozzo ( joker/ player) ziva ( kind but deadly) Gibbs ( would die for family and a strong figure) the rest of the team all fit great together, the seriousness of threats but with banter etc, I feel it lacks that at the min.
  • NCIS You might still be the best!

    I just watched Tuesdays show, and I thought it was brilliant. I really think the writers are running out of ideas... I mean, they have been doing the show for 12 years!! I really do miss ziva and I hope she returns. I thought that ziva and tony's relationship was going somewhere! The writers should give Mcgee some spotlight, as I do love his character. I hope Bishop is off the show her character doesn't fit in!! The ratings have gone down since ziva has left.... But it was her choice to leave the show... I hope Cote does return and I hope her character does get involved again. Sorry but Bishop isn't the right fit; nothing against Emily! I hope the NCIS cast get still ,make the show great without ziva as they have for seasons 1 and 2... I think they are doing fine!
  • Keep Gibbs!

    Take a cue from Criminal Minds and the havoc that followed them writing off AJ COOK - They had to bring her back to save the show!! if you kill off GIBBS you may as well hang it up.

    The entire NCIS plot is centered on Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is the cornerstone of the entire show. The last two seasons have been sucking air but we stay with it because of Gibb's character. HE IS NOT REPLACEABLE. Get your head out of the clouds and stop playing Peter Pan or Pied Piper and get back to the investigative crime drama!
  • Grinning kids with guns? Really?

    I'm not a fan of many, many, many, many (a couple more manys) part shows. Make a movie, for heaven sake! Also, all it takes to weaponize any children is to give them free music and a computer game? Sorry guys, but if this is true then we're all doomed, so I'll watch something fun instead. Now, after 12 seasons Gibbs has become so stupid that anyone can pull the wool over his eyes by just looking pathetic? Have the writers all lost their collective minds, or do they just think they can run out any old crap and we (the fans) will just eat it with a spoon? I think NCIS has just outlived its own hype. I love you Polly, and Ducky you're the best, but if you kill off Gibbs then please just put the show out of our misery ... please!

    Oh, by the way, FRANKS IS DEAD! This isn't ghost whisperers. Deal with it.
  • Neverland

    I didn't like the season finale, to leave viewers hanging as to whether Mark Harmon dies in this episode. If Gibbs is killed off the show, then the show will not survice, I personally won't watch it. I think it is time to bring Ziva back, and calm Tony down some, Gibbs makes the show, so to remove him would be a huge mistake. score a 7.0 too much flashback with a ghost.
  • ziva bishop gibbs

    I`m not alone here, but if Gibbs goes we all is something NBC knows so they won`t go there, will they?? SInce Game of Thrones and The Good Wife suddenly kill off one after the other the thought is with me every hour in front of the tv :-/ .

    Ziva: I miss Ziva, but that is something that is over. I think Bishop is ok, she is no Ziva, but I think she can hold her own and she fits with the family :) I kind of got a hope that she`d be the one swooping in to save maybe getting rid off Luke? the team have to see the rotten world theye stepped into-kids used as killers and act accordingly. Iliked the episode, but the bad people in this arc has been some of the most irritating bad people in a long time...
  • Ziva and Bushop

    We like Bishop. We almost decided not to watch anymore but we decided to give Bishop a chance. We like her now more than Ziva. Ziva left on her own the way she wanted to. She is gone. You guys need to accept that fact. The last I saw (last night), there are other actors on NCIS. She was not alone. We don't care if Ziva returns now or not. Bishop is doing great!
  • Going - Going - Gone....

    Going... Zeva

    Going - Gibbs?

    Gone - ME!

    Thanks for the 12 year run, but now they have turned NCIS into another 2 1/2 Men debacle!

    I am out of here!
  • How about this?

    Gibbs gunned down in a Middle East terrorist country Shot on the street by someone he was trying to save. Mike Frank's question of "Who will save you probie?" still unanswered.

    I can hear the chant begin to build softly at first growing louder each day Ziva Ziva Ziva Ziva Z
  • Sucks without Ziva! And get rid of the horrible Bishop!

    Show used to be great. But CBS had to screw it up. First, they hired an incompetent show runner. Once GG was fully at the helm, the show's quality started to go down. But it was still okay, especially because we had great scenes between CDP and MW. Then CBS decided to play lowball with regard to Cote DePablo's contract and were surprised when she stood up to them and refused to accept the horrid offer. Instead of giving her a decent send off, they gave her the least amount of screen time as possible with a very poor exit. And then, instead of appeasing the great many fans that missed her, they instead angered them by first pretending the character didn't exist and then making it seem like her character totally abandoned her "family". The show got extremely boring once Cote was gone. But then CBS made a bad situation worse and hired an incompetent actress to play a crappy character and refuse to get rid of her despite the fact that the majority of fans do not like her and want her gone! CBS needs to wake up and admit they screwed up by letting Cote go and hiring the horrid EW. Fans want the show they fell in love with, not GG's new NCIS. Ditch EW and GG and get CDP back before you lose the long term fans permanently!
  • Please fix the show

    Oh dear god, I despise Bishop so much. The day I found out Ziva had left, I stopped watching the show. All I want is for Ziva to come back, I don't even care about what happens to Bishop. I WANT TO SEE THE FAMILY BACK TOGETHER.
  • God, please let her go!

    I am hoping this story arc ends with Bishop resigning as she realizes her true calling is as an analyst not an agent. Then a real character like Ned Dorneget can be created and everyone can enjoy the show again. I liked Ned. He was the best of the humour which the show has sadly lacked recently. I watched reruns some with Kate, some with Ziva and some with Kate. They all make Wickersham look one dimensional, and that she is and will always be.
  • NCIS: Bishop character

    I can't believe that they killed of the Ned Dorneget character! He had more personality and character interest than Bishop. It's too bad that they didnt send Bishop to Egypt. All I can say is please change the Bishop character. She is dragging the show down. Dorneget had innocence and humour.... Personality that the viewers loved. Even as a minor character... Captured the interest of the viewers. Unlike Bishop who just annoys and destroys the chemistry of the main characters and stories of NCIS.
  • Storyline Idea

    How about we find out that Bishop is really from the dark side and a covert terrorist (which would explain why most fans hate her so much), and have Ziva come back and uncover Bishop's secrets and kill her. Just an idea from a long time fan. . .
  • Please Fix the show!

    With the departure of the character, Ziva, the show has lost its edgy, smart, and clever story lines. The great chemistry between the 'family' characters has been changed for being now 'uninteresting' and I find myself not interested in watching. Now the 'Bishop' character (not the actress) is not at all working. Sure it will do. But not the over the top that we as fans are use to seeing each week. Please ask Cote if she'll reconsider! That's a huge part of the group dynamics missing.
  • Kill off Bishop

    I have stopped watching the show, so thank you for the updates. If Bishop has been kidnapped, apparently now is the chance to kill off the character! I would to watch again next season.
  • You know there is trouble when the ratings go UP for NCIS LA when it follows NCIS....

    Sometimes it's better to just say goodbye. There is no sizzle in NCIS right now- a lot of stale plots, not much in the way of interesting guests (not counting Robert Wagner, of course- but even this last appearance was a bit of a let down), and too many bland or one-note characters. The lead characters have all stagnated- and yes, that includes DiNozzo- nobody is buying this reformed stuff (note the patronizing way he talks to Zoe, and her placid acceptance of it). The resident straightman, McGee, has nothing to play off, and the addition of a second straightman (Bishop) only accentuates that. There is very little spark left in most of the characters. I suspect this comes down to the showrunner and writers. In the last episode Gibbs says to Bishop 'you're better than that'. Sadly, I don't think he is right- and it goes for the show as well.
  • Bishop

    NCIS was once must-see TV. Now I still watch but if I miss an episode, so what, at least I missed Bishop.
  • The New beginning of NCIS

    Sadly Bishop, her hubby and Jimmy were taken hostage. No one knows and maybe never know where they are. Another great episode is the resignation of Bishop, and that Jimmy is a traitor and has disappeared back to his homeland. Better yet, Bishop is the true traitor and Jimmy is shot, in a coma, trying to expose Bishop. Hopefully someone will catch on how terrible the characters of Bishop and Jimmy are. Jimmy is irritating and Bishop dull and drab. Take 2 Bishop at night and you will sleep, take 2 Jimmys,( wait don't punish yourself you get the picture. We need Ziva or someone like Kate to life back into the show. Let's fix the problems..
  • ncis how long will it last?

    This is my favorite show. It has been so long, but I still love it. In fact, it is getting better (my opinion, I know). I guess it continues forever (sorry, that is another show that I love). I am a guy so I guess I should say I really like the show instead of 'love' since that is a 'girl' thing? Am I wrong?
  • No Bishop

    I do not enjoy watching Bishop on the show. I think the chemistry between the actors and characters is no longer there. I would have preferred that they didn't add Bishop to the show. It would have been better. I have been watching this show since it spin off JAG. Now I don't want to watch it anymore... I liked Kate and Ziva but I do not like Bishop. Bishop doesn't fit in. I'm sorry but this character doesn't do it

  • They should have stopped NCIS

    at the end of Season 10. Now they give us a girl sitting on the floor and can't fire a gun, a terrible love interest, and have altered many of the main characters. Haters of NCIS: New Orleans can sin on the floor with Bishop. I have not seen any other TV show where a Federal Agent sits on the freaking floor!
  • has it govt sponsorship?

    the shows reeks cheap patriotism!! am i the only one to feel it?

    i dont know if Gibbs would woohaa his army in real life ;)
  • Season 6 was the last really great season

    Season 6 was the last really great 'season' in my personal opinion. When I re-watch my S6 DVD, the mysteries still seem fresh and new each and every time I view them. I don't know what on earth happened with Season 7 and onward, it just got flat out horrid . I stopped watching after S7 Ep2 Reunion, tried again for a few episodes during S8 and then again during S10. I hated that they killed off Mike Franks- I liked him. Laura Macy, too. Don't get me wrong, I adore NCIS Los Angeles but NCIS has been off- for both a few seasons now and my TV screen.
  • I should not listen to this?

    Disappointed in last show! There has always been a charge that hollywierd is influenced by government operatives. And now,,,,,,,,, where is the morality or legality of bombing foreigners in foreign countries without trial or declared war? By whose authority could the state department choose to kill someone in Colombia, a sovereign nation? We are asked to become accustomed to this un American, immorality displayed on our TV screens and not question it? Yes,,, I realize that it is only TV,,, it is still dangerous president.
  • Tell me again how Bishop adds to the team?

    Hit/tied/came close to series low last year, came close again this week. will definitely be below 2.0 this year. Bishop/writing/stories/acting all going to crap this year
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