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  • Please get rid of Bishop

    I have actually stopped watching this show because of her, she just does not fit in with the others. I've started watching the re-runs when Ziva was on there. Please take her off!!!!!
  • A lackluster Bishop!

    I was so disappointed with Zivas departure, but I felt hopeful, considering the seamless transition from Agent 'Kate' to Mousad agent Ziva David. WHAT IS GOING ON???? The casting for new new agent Bishop is completely rediculous and a Very POOR FIT for the rest of the cast. Here's why

    1a. When Kate left the whole team suffered the loss. People grieved, every member of the team was shown in their sense of loss. Ziva leaves, unexpectedly, abruptly, no one has closure and within 2 episodes it's like Ziva WAS NEVER THERE! There was no "exploring" people's feelings. JUST BECAUSE SHE DIDNT DIE DIDNT MEAN THERE WAS NO SENSE OF LOSS OR ABANDONMENT, especially in regards to Tony. He certainly shelved her in a hurry. Stupid considering the obvious feeling between them!

    1. Bishop looks like she's 12. watching is difficult as her the poorly groomed, almost black eyebrows framed against blond hair look idiotic and always scream for attention.

    2. For a woman whose supposed to be married, the references to Bishops husband are All but non existent. No realism there at all. All the unmarried field agents always commented on relational issues, yet Biahop has nothing to say. (Perhaps I haven't watched enough episodes)

    3. The chemistry between DiNozzo, McGee and Daved was perfect really well written. The current chemistry between ALL the agents and Bishop (and visa versa). Falls completely flat. Also the writing for these personal interactions is extremely poor, making me think there are new writers on board. Lackluster, no personality, boring boring boring Bishop!!!! WRITERS, why are you tampering with what Has been proven as a recipe for success???????
  • Ziva, Come Back

    I have watched NCIS from the first show and still watch but its far from the greatest show it was with Ziva. PLEASE BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Somebody pay the electric bill!

    I don't think all the dark rooms and shady places enhance the stories or cover for some of the juvenile or broken plot lines. put natural lights back in there. Whoever the producer or director that started this needs to stop it!

  • Just love the BS in these type of shows.

    NCIS is staffed by Navy personnel. It is not made up from ex cops, ex CIA ers, people with computer expertise who just walk in off the street. God, shows like this are so full of crap. And what is worse people who have no idea how the military works see this crap and actually believe that this is the way it is. Another BS show was JAG. Which actually gave me quite a few laughs. Unbelievable.
  • Season 13 - My Wish List - Ziva Returns!!!

    July 14, 2015

    I've read twice in the past two months that Mark Harmon has NOT signed a contract for Season 13. In the Season 12 Finale, Gibbs is laying on the ground, shot twice, in danger of dying. Mark did a series of interviews for the season finale. He said more than once that "any character" is replaceable on the show, including himself. I suspect that, after 12 long years, Mark is tired. This past year he took on Executive Producer duties for NCIS and NCIS New Orleans, and he's front burner each week on NCIS. The guy must be working 20-hour days. Mark Harmon has got to be exhausted.

    Since Cote left two years ago, the show has gone flat. I loved to watch Ziva and Tony go toe to toe, or rather nose to nose, with each other. Ziva went nose to nose with everyone and she took no prisoners! Cote raised the energy on the show. She has sparkling chemistry with everyone, and the entire NCIS crew loves Ziva. Since she left, the joy has gone. Everything is blah. It's turned into the kind of show I dread, a procedural. I love the show because it's about a wonderfully loving, close, bickering, hilarious, often dysfunctional, but totally professional family, headed by pater Gibbs. All the characters seem grim now. Tony's jokes fall flat, McGee hunkers down at his computer, Bishop is busy looking at everything on the floor, Gibbs seems like he's phoning it in. The Season Finale for Season 11, when Cote left, drew an audience of 22 million people. The season finale this year, when Gibbs was shot, dropped to 15 million people, a 33% drop from two years ago.

    CBS, Listen up! Here's how NCIS can recapture the magic:

    1. Gibbs doesn't die but he's on the verge of death. He's airlifted back to Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington DC.

    2. Tony is put in charge of the NCIS team. People are in shock and grief, angry, furious over Gibbs.

    3. Ziva hears of Gibbs' grave injuries. She suddenly appears at his bedside, sitting vigil and gently willing him back to life again. She's there when he finally opens his eyes. Tony silently slips in behind her. He's flooded with all kinds of emotions at seeing Ziva again.

    4. Gibbs has a long, difficult convalescence, spread out over several episodes. He has great difficulty walking. Ziva and Tony are often at his bedside. Gibbs expresses his deep anger at her for suddenly leaving everyone, who felt abandoned by her. Ziva emotionally explains to Gibbs, just as she had explained to Tony two years earlier, that she had to leave NCIS to discover herself and to create a new life, after her father's death. Gibbs gradually softens and then hugs her.

    5. Gibbs finally decides to retire from NCIS. He's burned out. His mission is over.

    6. Tony and Ziva have been emotionally avoiding each other. Now, finally, they confront and explore their true feelings for each other.

    7. Ziva must decide if she ever wants to return to NCIS. And to Tony.



    Tony and Ziva - A New Beginning

    November 4, 2014

    I understand why Cote left NCIS after eight years. She's a gifted actress who first came to the show at a very young 25. Clearly it was the opportunity of a lifetime to be on a huge hit TV series at 25. But eight years later at 33, Cote knows that she needs to take advantage NOW of the many opportunities being offered to her to work in many diverse roles. Cote may have asked for a one year contract, or a contract which would give her the flexibility to do other projects if they were offered to her. Mostly likely this request was denied, so she had to leave the show in order to have a career.

    I was fascinated by the 10-28-2014 NCIS episode when Abby and Tony discussed Ziva. As far as I can recall, that's the first time the NCIS characters have expressed their real feelings about Ziva's absence. And I suspect that each character's dialogue reflects how the actor feels about Ziva's departure. Abby said, "But Tony, she LEFT us," with sadness and anger. Tony replied very wistfully, ";I know, but I miss her. I miss my

    Clearly, Tony loves Ziva and he's not ready to move on.

    I suspect that when Cote didn't re-sign her contract, the cast was angry and hurt. But Michael has remained gracious, kind and complimentary in his public comments, interviews and Tweets about Cote. He has repeatedly said that he misses her and wishes that she could return. He wishes her well. He recognizes that she's a very talented actress who will be offered great roles. When her new mini-series role in "The Dovekeepers" was announced earlier in 2014, Michael tweeted congratulations and best wishes to Cote. Thank you, Michael. I love Cote and you together. I know how much you miss her because you two ARE a dynamite duo.

    Tony's been forever changed by his love for Ziva. There was Tony before Ziva, Tony and Ziva, and Tony after Ziva. I'm grateful that the show has not successfully pushed someone new on us over the past year. Notice how they married off Bishop? Suddenly she's married. When the heck did that happen? So glad to see it. She's a nice kid, but she's clearly not in Tony's league.

    Now we have this new babe whom we are told knew Tony way back in his cop days in Baltimore. She's brash, overtly sexy (skin tight clothes, boobs hanging out), smart-ass mouthy, kick-ass pushy. So this is Ziva's replacement? Ziva is light years different from this new person. Ziva does NOT dress in a sexy fashion. On the contrary, most of the time she dresses like a combat trooper. She dresses for the job. Ziva NEVER trades on her sexuality (unless she's on an undercover assignment, when she's using her sexuality to catch the bad guys. Ziva is incredibly INTELLIGENT, street smart, powerful, cunning, a survivor, a warrior, always in charge, on a spiritual mission to save Israel and to catch the bad guys. I have to laugh if people think Ziva dumbed down Tony. On the contrary, she smartened him up!!! Tony ALWAYS scrambled to keep up with Ziva!!! She was always one or two steps ahead of him in the figuring out department, which is one of the many reasons why he loves her. She challenges him and he can NEVER get the best of her. I love watching Tony trying to catch up.

    NCIS, you can bring back Ziva as a recurring guest star for three or four episodes per year. She didn't die. She's alive and well. She embarked upon a solitary spiritual mission to redefine her purpose in life. The death of her father destroyed everything she had believed in. She's on a quest to create an entirely new life. It may or may not include working at NCIS.

    Tony and Ziva are not over. They're really just beginning.


    Tony and Ziva FINALLY unite - in the NCIS series final episodes!!!

    September 27, 2014

    Here's my dream ending for the NCIS Series -- In the last four or five episodes of the series, Tony and Ziva reunite on a secret mission and totally surrender to their passionate love for each other, over and over and over and over, lol! Making up for a little lost time, like about ten years!! I loved watching them for eight years. They always had extraordinary chemistry and were often hilarious together, like Nick and Nora. After her father's violent murder, they became emotionally closer. Tony finally began to reveal his true feelings, becoming very vulnerable as his love for Ziva deepened. He cared about her and he worried for her emotional health and well being. That special scene, in the car, we were witnessing the very moment when Ziva was ready to begin to let Tony know how she felt, and then BAM, the car crash. And next thing we know, Cote is leaving the show and WE get totally cheated out of the love story we'd patiently waited eight years to see. That entire season had been building to a real love story between the two characters. What a drag. I have to say, my heart's not in the show anymore. I watch, but it's not the same. I feel sorry for Cote's replacement. Because NOBODY can replace Cote and we don't want to see anyone replace her. I don't want to see anyone else with Tony. You never know. It took JAG 11 long years to finally unit Harm and Mac in marriage. Donald Bellesario sure takes his sweet time! Cote has sparkling chemistry with everyone on NCIS, not just Michael Weatherley. She was hilariously witty, always misusing slang, gorgeous, sparkling, HOT, always in charge and a very powerful character. Her character's back story is fascinating. Ziva was on a very powerful spiritual mission, which always made her character compelling and fascinating to watch. She wasn't just solving crimes, she was righting wrongs in the world. I miss Cote deeply.

    I still watch. Sorta. But my heart's not in it anymore.

  • Getting frustrated with Bishop!

    I have been a fan of NCIS for as long as I remember. I have loved all the episodes and all the characters. Please someone tell me Bishop is going soon. She is probably a nice person however she is making NCIS too painful to watch.

    Can she have a joint assignment somewhere else please!!!!
  • Really can't stand the new chick at all. She just doesn't fit, maybe put her in NCIS Canada or something...

    (BTW, no disrespect to Canada intended)

    Liked Kate, liked Ziva, can't stand the new whoever (Bishop, I guess). She absolutely does not fit (I know that was the idea - it was a really BAD idea). Can't exactly put my finger on it and not going to waste my time trying to, I just know that she's wrong. This series worked for 10+ seasons, must be a reason - please go back to what worked. I've seen every episode many times, rating is overall 9ish, dropping to 3ish for now. Please fix the problem or cancel the show before it ruins itself and its reputation.
  • All Episodes

    I have been unable to watch (believe me I tried) NCIS since Bishop joined the team. It is actually painful, as she is such a horrible actress. She needs to put us out of our misery and ask to be released from her contract. SHE CAN'T ACT!! NCIS was a "never miss" for I just search for reruns. It's not that no one can replace liked Kate, too. It's that all the chemistry in this show is has single handedly ruined the show.
  • NCIS - still going - but some changes are needed.

    I've recently gone back to the beginning and rewatched the entire series. NCIS has always been entertaining TV with interesting main characters in Gibbs and DeNozzo. I don't name any other main characters because there are none.

    McGee is the 'Probie' that screws up so often he's a hindrance. He's inflicted with numerous fears, phobias and allergies and his main function is kicking bag for DeNozzo. He's hopeless as a boy scout - vomits on every boat he gets onto, has been responsible for injuries inflicted on Gibbs and DeNozzo and has killed another officer. It's amazing that he hasn't been fired since his only saving grace is computer skills which lately seem woefully, completely out of date. His whining over his many woes is also grating.

    Female lead characters are too regularly replaced. Bishop is the latest - and worst - in a string of female leads and is so wrong for the part everyone but the producers can see it. Delicate little girls don't make believable field agents and no one in their right mind believes she can tackle men twice her size to the ground without the training that Ziva had no matter how many brothers she has.

    This series has lasted 12 years thanks to Gibbs and DeNozzo. or thanks to the writing that heavily favours those two characters over all others and before I hear the wails of protest - Gibbs and Denozzo have been shot, kidnapped, attacked, blown up, hospitalised, etc dozens of times each. Never have they shot a fellow officer or injured their own team. McGee has injured DeNozzo -( broken nose) and Gibbs (broken arm), and killed another officer. His serious injury count is about five all the way up to season 11 - including getting kicked in the #$%^ by Kate, and a dislocated shoulder that was his own fault. Glass in the gut was a stitch or two job, and he's been knocked out once or twice. That's it. Overall he's done more damage than good and he's only around so that DeNozzo can kick someone. That's why I say the writers strongly focus on making Denozzo and Gibbs look fab and all other characters are support only.

    It's good to see a series where the characters actually grow and develop - at least in DeNozzo's case. He's grown more mature in this last season - thankfully. Gibbs has become somewhat colder and less approachable than he used to be. Abby still wears pigtails and that is becoming slightly cringeworthy at her age. I think perhaps a mix up in the team with Bishop and McGee being replaced might make this series last longer. I have to admit that McGee has grown a little less gullible over the last few years but his overall incompetence in EVERY other area including his computing skills make him highly replaceable. I still enjoy Ducky as a character and Palmer as his assistant. Abby needs growing up big time. Gibbs needs a MAJOR change in his personal life to soften him up a tad. Noone can be that shut down for that long without deteriorating.

    The problem with a series going on this long is that things become more predictable: In the last eps: Dorneget has been killed and Gibbs has been shot. Next year Gibbs will recover - the bad guys will eventually get caught and things will go back to normal. Time for some changes - esp with Bishop and McGee.

    For next season I'd like to see Gibbs soften up. If there was a threat to DeNozzo - his Minnie-me surrogate son then I think Gibbs would change for the better - if Gibbs could save him - or Abby or Ducky. A threat to McGee - whom Gibbs doesn't really understand or like - would barely make the guy blink - ditto for Bishop.

    I do like imperfect characters but I'm never going to agree with murder being justifiable in our law enforcement people so thank God this is only a TV series. A return to intruiging story lines and interesting and exciting character development would be most welcome.

  • Checkmate for Bishop

    Fans do NOT like the Bishop character. Give us a freakin' break and ditch her and return this series to the status that it deserves. Please please let this series go out on a high note.

  • Save the NCIS Gibbs team Please!

    First and foremost, Get better writing and scripts. The writing has become stale and the characters are wooden and lifeless. Second and almost as important, write Bishop off the show! DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! Make the Bishop character a spy, a plant. She's been everything else, why not??? Put some emotion back into the team. Give them some tension from within and without. That was what was going on in the earlier years of the show. The Gibbs of the earlier shows had some passion and love in his life. He's wooden now, no emotion and no smiles. His wife and daughter angle worked but now its time for some growth. He's an

    older man and needs some other interest, NOT boats Please! Tony HAS to grow. It's time, he needs to be more rounded and the girlfriend was a weak attempt. I didn't see any chemistry there. MaGee is a cool guy, but give hime something else. Shouldn't he be able to lead more geeks? Did I say this before? Get Bishop off the show! DO IT! Abby is good, Pauly is a complex person and could bring much more to her Abby than what we've seen the last 2 seasons. Did I say this before? Get Bishop off the show! DO IT! I'm sorry that there have been so many attempts to make the Bishop character fit the program. The obviuos attempts to convince the viewer that she has LOTS of experience in the Middle East FAILED! Did I say this before? Save the NCIS Gibbs team and get Bishop off the show! DO IT!
  • Let's help make the show better

    Millions of former NCIS fans are sorely disappointed with the way the show has fallen apart. There is a tendency to blame the actors, I've done it myself. But it is really the producers, directors and writers that are to blame. Even before Ziva left there were obvious problems -- especially the multi-episode stories. So boring. So let's help the show by providing new stories that really work. Here is one.

    The perfect story line:

    Gibbs is dead. Of course, he's been dead for a couple years, but this time they will actually bury him. Tony is devastated and returns to Israel to find his true love Ziva. There he discovers he has a one-year-old son, the product of his brief reunion with Ziva in October, 2013. Ziva named their son Anthony DiNozzo III, but did not tell Tony because she was unsure he was mature enough to be a good father. But they return together to Washington DC where Tony rejoins the team, and is content to find that Abigail Boren is the new team leader. Ziva also rejoins NCIS, but this time as a special assistant for international affairs to the director. This gives her more time in the office, and does not put her in so much danger as when a field agent. Fortunately, NCIS has a child care center, where Tony III can be close to his parents.

    Bishop is exposed as a Russian mole, sent to the US to destroy NCIS and she almost accomplished it. She is hung.

    And we all live happily ever after. (Cpywrt July 1, 2015)
  • Season 11 and 12

    The show has lost at least 1.0M viewers since Ziva left. Gibbs is a strong lead and a special character, but the character, Ziva, was special too. It's a family. Please just pay her and bring her back. Develop the characters and relationships further. NCIS agents with spouses, having kids. Gibbs is the oldest now. No dad or Frank. Develop how his role changes in the family. Help him have to deal with death and the past. The family hasn't been whole in the last couple of seasons. The addition is fine but get past the male pride/ego thing and get those viewers back. Ziva made a great hero for women, and Tony won't ever really get over her. They together/ that relationship was unique. NCIS could still go so far. Just get rid of the mentality that anyone in the core family is replaceable. Remember Friends? Learn and grow!
  • Needs To Get Back To Basic

    I found this show really late, series 8 but I loved it straight off, and was watching series 1 and 5 at the same time, for a while the only unsettling thing was no McGee in 1st series, but then Bishop... I am sure she is acting as per script and is a really good actress, but she dose not fit this show.

    It just seems wrong and I can't watch her shows, all the other characters are changed with her around.

    The writers really need to sort this, make her strong with navy seals training in the off season maybe ,as she may realise she is a liability to the team, or get a new female agent in the Ziva /Kate vain.
  • the blonde bimbo that wrecked season 11 of ncis

    we just bought ncis 11 ,looking forward to sitting back and watching a few hours of a great show,got through the first few disc,s and then the blonde bimbo opened it,s mouth,well that was it watched 1 more disc and then turned it of and put it up for auction on ebay,,nerver before have i seen a show go from really good to complete crap so fast if season 12 ever comes out i will wait before i pre order it again if it was,nt for the first 2 disc,s it would,nt get a rateing,i hope the bimbo feels great about stuffing something GREAT,i guess that till the money from sales of ncis stop comeing in,that we will have to keep raging the bimbo,i thought that the customer [ or in this case the viewer] is always right,so maybe it going to take people changeing the channel to watch something else,i have and from what i hear season 12 aint any better,really how about getting a chimp added to the show,its has already begun to look like a circus might as well go all the way, i think i have found the perfect role for the ditzy bimbo, a ZOMBIE on walking dead,aT LEAST THERE IT WONT HAVE TO TALK JUST STAGER AROUND LIKE A DRUNK,,,SHOULD,NT HAVE TO CHANGE HER LOOKS TO MUCH,JUST DREES UP IN SOME RAGS AND BADA BING ZOMBIE THAT WAY SHE CAR,NT WRECK ANOTHER GREAT SHOW

    I really do feel sorry for the rest of the NCIS team who have worked so hard to make this a really great show,i was watching a rerun the other night ,as I was watching the specials on the disc 1 of the producers was saying that they go out of there way to keep the show interesting ,what happened to that line of thinking,has wickersham got something over the producers of this show,i can not understand how wickersham is still there,if they are trying to get this show dropped from tv they are going the wright way of destroying this once great show,we stopped watching at the start of season 11 ,I bought watched maybe 4or 5 shows but as soon wickersham opened its mputh I pulled the disc from the player and put it up for sale on ebay,and have not watched ncis since then ,but we do watch seasons 1 to 10 only I do miss watching new shows but I guess all good things do come to an end,i hope wickersham feels bad about stuffing up a once great show

    really wickersham how much longer are you going to keep dragging ncis down you no once it hits the bottom the damage will be done and wont be able to be revived ,,,,,,,

    BUGGER I think the damage has been done and ncis is dieing a painfull death just shoot in the head if the bishop clown stays................................... ...............................

  • Find another Ziva soon

    I am a big NCIS fan, but I am wondering what the producers were thinking when they chose the new girl to replace Ziva. All the characters on the show have an endearing quality to them, except this girl. I have watched the whole season and barely remember her name. Ziva drew you in almost immediately and Kate was a strong partner to the team. The new girl is a waste of time and is disappointing to many of the fans. This character is weak and nondescript. There is nothing about her that is memorable. She is more annoying and a waste of time on the show. The way she jets her lower jaw out when she talks is really annoying and seems immature as an agent. She is not believable as an NCIS agent and I think that is the what is the most disappointing. Her character does not come across as intelligent enough to come up the the intimate psychological analysis she uncovers with people. It is ridiculous for the makers of this show to think that the fans would believe that this character would have the intelligence to do the things she does. It brings the show down and makes it seem more fake. Part of good TV with a show like NCIS is to make the viewer believe, if just for the hour they watch the show. She makes it very hard to do. Abby is such different character and not what you would expect, but she is somehow very believable not to mention lovable. This is not the case with the new girl. FIND SOMEONE ELSE or bring ZIVA back
  • Shark is Jumped and it's Time to say Adios

    Gibbs has become even more of a constipated mute and Bishop is like somebody's annoying little sister who is a royal pain in the butt. At this point I have battle fatigue with the show. 5-7 years is a good run. 12-13 years is a milk run. I'm done. I will watch some of the earlier reruns but as far as any new shows fuggedaboutit.

    Also the other NCIS shows, LA and NO, are loozers in my opinion. Unbelievble scripts and I mean not to be believed at all, coupled with poor acting. The characters have no chemistry and are not very good in their roles. That one guy, Deeks, on LA, looks like he needs to be deloused. The lady on NO needs to lose the high heels. Yeah that's believable that a field agent is wearing heels. Sure. Anyone ready to buy a bridge?
  • Bishop is a drag on the show

    McGee gets on my nerves sometimes with his almost constant wooziness, but he is coming along. Bishop on the other hand looks like a little teenie bopper with the skin tight pants that would not likely be tolerated in a real government law enforcement agency. She constantly grates on the nerves and adds little to the show. If Ziva scores a 10+ and Kate a 9 or 10, Bishop is a 1 or 2. Roma Maffia, who played a retiring agent in one episode would have made a better Ziva replacement than Bishop. Some times watching NCIS now is like a perverted episode of "Saved by the Bell".

  • Used to be good

    The 2015 season finale was depressing. Seriously, I watch TV for entertainment. If I want to get depressed, I watch the news. I'm done with the show. They've gone too far with the killings.
  • Need to edit better

    On agent afloat episode, USS Seahawk was identified as #65 which is the Enterprise. Other views of the same carrier had #74 on deck and tower.
  • great show that needs a tune up

    Hate to cost anyone their job but Bishop is hurting the show. You have had some awesome lady guests on there like the lady with the coast guard, and the lady colonel and the lady that was colonel Bells attorney and lord knows how many great actresses walking around that could get close to filling the bill that Kate and Ziva had. This show has got another good 5 or 6 years with lots of great revenue coming in on No# 1 show. I have all the dvds and I can find the good and the bad quick. The writers need to go back and look at some of the great shows and put their minds to work, there is a lot of material out there with all the terrible things going on in the world. But if you are trying end the show, just end it and let the viewers look for something else. The other 2 NCIS shows are not going to fill the gap. I know Mark Harmon was hoping they would so he slow down but they are going to have a tough time hanging on.
  • hopefully never!

    Those who pick at the so called been there done it, well wrong they've never been here and that's what shocked. NO season finale has had this kind of possible painful loss except for 9, but we knew Davi McC had resigned, and 3 when Gibbs quit ,but we knew he was alive. We saw Gibbs definitely off his game, taunting and not too helpful Mike, and sad betrayal by a child who Gibbs obviously felt for. If you look at all the previous season finales, this is how I see them, 1and 2) Ari and his Gibbs obsession, 3), we find out a terrible truth about Agent Gibbs that runs through the show for yrs, to come and he quits, 4) Tony and Jenny's dubious obsessive hunt comes to a bad conclusion, but the real shock doesn't happen til 5/1, could you have imagined what that summer would have been like if Tony's car blew up in 4/24? 5 )Jenny and an old Gibbs op the chickens come home to roost 6) Ziva love trauma ending with her leaving them,7) Gibbs past catching up 8) Vance and the Sec nav's past catching up 9) A really pissed off dad takes it out on the team and NCIS in general 10) The team and Gibbs career on the line followed by WTF, and a really butchered start to 11 because someone leaves 11) no cliffhanger just a loss and a real slap down of a slimy villain named Alejandro Rivera, 12) Don't see anything in the past that reaches this fearful climax, Gibbs hasn't been shot that many times in 282 eps, like 3 times, and actors do get written out occasionally but then MH isn't a thorn in EP's sides unlike another actor in another show we all know. Gonna be a hard summer
  • Sad Episode!

    Review for 5/19/2015 Episode. NCIS has been my favorite show for a long long time but after this last episode, I will not watch it again.
  • NCIS: Bishop, the early episodes.

    REVIEW FOR 5/12/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Neverland. This episode starts with Agent Dorneget's mother (Joanna), a CIA agent, questioning one of the young terrorists that are recruiting children in America. She is trying to find the location of the leader. She makes contact with Gibbs, wanting to help find her son's killer. Reluctantly, Gibbs and Vance agree. Then a scene with more Bishop bla-bla-bla. Luke, one of the youth recruits, finds out his parents were murdered and seems to want to help find the killers. Gibbs questions on of the terrorists leaders that they captured. His smug attitude leads to nothing but a hint of the next attack. Too late though. All through these 3 episodes, images of Mike Franks appears, urging Gibbs to take the tuff road. The final scenes have Gibbs, Tony, and Joanna in Afghanistan. Gibbs sees Luke; the final shot shows Luke shooting Gibbs twice. Fade out. To be continues with next season. REVIEW FOR 5/5/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Lost Boys. Part 2. Chasing an international terror group recruiting children to perform terror acts. McGee and Dorneget are sent to Cairo in search of the terror leader. Unfortunately, Dorneget is killed in a bomb attack. A real loss for the show. Mean while a young boy turns up in the bombers hid out and plays the silent game, fearing for his mother. The bomber has 6 bombs planted, with the search ongoing. NCIS does morn Dorneget's loss. To be continues REVIEW FOR 4/28/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Troll. A navy woman is murdered and the team can't find out what she is doing. Come to find Bishop's husband, working for the TSA, in involved in this case. In a chase, we see Bishop with a gun stopping the runner. Now picture Ziva or Kate in the same situation. Doing the stop instead of acting like you are doing the stop. Side notes. For 2 years, the producers have tried to portray Bishop as a dependable agent. Someone you could depend on. So far, they have failed. This is part 1 of 2 parts. REVIEW FOR 4/14/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Lost in Translation. Some people can play shake spear, some people can't. Some people can play NCIS female agents and be realistic, some people can't. There have been 2 people who did play female agents with realism: Cote de Pablo as Ziva and Sasha Alexander as Kate. Some people can't: Emily Wickersham as Bishop. This episode tried and failed to present Bishop as a tuff agent who could be depended on in a crisis situation. Afghanistan: Saving a captured Marine. The only truth in this episode was Bishop stating she was an analyst, not an agent. Even the scene where we had a shootout, her actions were vague at best. THE TRUTH BE KNOWN, THE PRODUCERS MADE A LARGE MISTAKE CASTING BISHOP'S CHARACTER AND NOW THEY DON'T HAVE THE BACK BONES TO CORRECT THE SITUATION. Just keep forcing Bishop on the viewers. REVIEW FOR 4/7/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE" No Good Deeds. The key high lights were the interaction between Tony and his dad. Took up 20% of the show. Just shows how the real action is dying in the show. Some people are really getting over paid with low grade production. REVIEW FOR 3/31/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Patience. Missed the first 5 minutes. Didn't miss anything especially Bishop. Very soft episode with little chat chat, Bishop smart mouth and the 3 member crew going through their duties with no real enthusiasm. It is getting hard to follow these episodes with all the interplay with new dad, girl friend and very little action. Thank god for re-runs on USA network. REVIEW FOR 3/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Status Upgrade. NOTE: Viewers need Jimmy to grow up and do, in theory, what he is getting paid for. If you wanted a child on the show, you now have one with this new father's giggles and dada's. Either grow up or get another job. NOTE: The Show will continue to be a soft production as long as the Bishop character is in the episodes. One key way to bring the show back to where it should be is to move Agent Brody from NCIS New Orleans to the big city. The heart of this episode was the childish like comments by Dinozzo and Bishop. And then, when there was real NCIS action, guess who slumbered over and picked up the suspects gun. And she didn't even have to flop on the floor to do it. Other than that, this episode did nothing to keep me interested. REVIEW FOR 3/10/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: The Artful Dodger. This series involves Tony's dad, a painting and a mystery. The murder of a naval officer in his boss's office is never explained. The down hearted father and his relationship add confusion to the case. The useless motions of Bishop seem to be the only constant in the episode. The conclusions are that the painting had a bug planted in it months ago by a mysterious Arab group and they wanted it bake. Tony's dad lost is betrothed and lost his way. The one key downer was the idiotic actions of Jimmy. We know he is a new father, but grow up. You have a job and a wife to be the mother. Overall, this episode is rated a 5 at best. REVIEW FOR 2/24/2015 EPISODE: EPISODE: Blast From The Past. Starts with McGee in his smart phone kick. Trying to upgrade Gibbs. We know that won't work. Then their McGee and Bishop in the field checking out a cabin. For Bishop, it's all babble, babble and more babble. Then the marriage foot note. Who cares? Their are 2 key points about this season's NCIS episodes. They have become real soft when it comes to the theme of each episode. The actions are subdued and rarely involve Bishop. And for a good reason, her character is soft and doesn't display what we are used to. The Bishop character is more like a 18 year girl and an adult would. She speaks but contributes little to the mission of the team. The last 2 seasons of NCIS have really decayed the previous 10 seasons. Maybe the producers are moving the series toward retirement. Thank god USA network carries many of the old re-runs. Now their you can see the real NCIS teams. REVIEW FOR 12/16/2014 EPISODE: Yah 4 Ziva and 1 Kate sightings. Boo A Bishop sighting. Boo Boo - More Bishop Sightings. The show was all about Gibbs rules as told by Tim. The key point was Rile 45, someone to save you. In the real world of TV's NCIS, there are only agents to trust with Rule 45. Yes 3. Gibbs, Tony and Tim. Overall show rating "B-"brought down with Bishop, but back up with Ziva and Kate. It is apparent that producers don't care about the quality of NCIS any more. Just the $$$. And, one certain character is certainly over paid! REVIEW FOR 11/25/2014 EPISODE: We start with the first view of Bishop's husband. He does nothing for the show. Both he and Bishop are alike. Trying to be tooooo lovey dovey. Then we are off to the snowed in airport, which means Tony will be on his own if a problem comes up. Too much Bishop/husband play on I tell you what I do, in theory, and you tell me nothing. The episode involves a dead man and the who done it search. Viewers should not be fooled with Bishops expertise around the dead man. Then came the big scene when the bad man is cornered and shot. Notice Bishops pose, but, again Tony is taking the action and the bad man down. Then what happens. Bishop and husband are off on vacation. Hopefully, she will stay there. Another proof that a 3 person NCIS team is better than a 3 person NCIS team with Bishop. REVIEW FOR 11/18/2014 EPISODE: The show scenes appear to be moving back to the ones presented in past seasons prior to last season. Good action with realistic emotions and sense of duty. But, when Bishop's character is present, the scenes revert to soft child like mellow drama. Bishop is getting nosy, butting into personal lives to should concern her. The relationship Abby now has is no concern of Bishop. And, bringing the married aspect into her sphere does nothing to improve her scheme in the series. One only has to remember an episode a couple seasons ago when Giggs, Ziva and a pregnant Marine were stranded is a closed service station with several bad characters after them. Ziva held them off, defending Giggs while the baby was delivered. NO WAY COULD BISHOPS CHARACTER DO THE DEFENDINT. NO WAY. REVIEW FOR 10/28/2014 EPISODE: The telecast lasted almost 58 minutes of which 32 minutes plus was quality NCIS actions expected by fans. Then their was 14 minutes plus commercials and 11minutes plus of dead time. Their was one point during the dead time when Bishop tried to kick in a door with NO success until she was reminded she had the hotel key card in her back pocket. A failed attempt to present her as a vital member of the team. "B" for effort, "E" for execution. I guess the producer had to bring in some comic relief.
  • Is there any point in Season 13

    I've always keenly awaited the latest episode or the start of the next series and I still enjoy watching re- runs of all the earlier series but with the exception of Gibbs shooting was there any highlights in Series 12.

    Bishop has taken all the flack but she is only playing the part that was created for her by the writers who must take the blame for the decline of this classic TV show.

    If the writers have decided that they can't create any exciting new plots or interesting new characters then its time to leave Gibbs where he's laying.
  • Miss ziva

    I love ncis, but I can't get use to bishop, lovely actress, but don't think she fits, I loved the fact that ziva could kick butt and that it made the rest of the men a little nervous, she also was a little unpredictable when annoyed and that worked well with Gibbs,but you also seen a soft side to her with dinozzo. I think that they needed to get someone similar to that character. bishop is to soft. Gibbs is carrying the show. I miss the banter and the teasing they would do to ziva. They need her back give her more money. You had mc gee, lovable nerd, dinozzo ( joker/ player) ziva ( kind but deadly) Gibbs ( would die for family and a strong figure) the rest of the team all fit great together, the seriousness of threats but with banter etc, I feel it lacks that at the min.
  • NCIS You might still be the best!

    I just watched Tuesdays show, and I thought it was brilliant. I really think the writers are running out of ideas... I mean, they have been doing the show for 12 years!! I really do miss ziva and I hope she returns. I thought that ziva and tony's relationship was going somewhere! The writers should give Mcgee some spotlight, as I do love his character. I hope Bishop is off the show her character doesn't fit in!! The ratings have gone down since ziva has left.... But it was her choice to leave the show... I hope Cote does return and I hope her character does get involved again. Sorry but Bishop isn't the right fit; nothing against Emily! I hope the NCIS cast get still ,make the show great without ziva as they have for seasons 1 and 2... I think they are doing fine!
  • Keep Gibbs!

    Take a cue from Criminal Minds and the havoc that followed them writing off AJ COOK - They had to bring her back to save the show!! if you kill off GIBBS you may as well hang it up.

    The entire NCIS plot is centered on Leroy Jethro Gibbs. He is the cornerstone of the entire show. The last two seasons have been sucking air but we stay with it because of Gibb's character. HE IS NOT REPLACEABLE. Get your head out of the clouds and stop playing Peter Pan or Pied Piper and get back to the investigative crime drama!
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