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  • Rest in Peace, NCIS

    As a forever fan my tears are for the loss of NCIS. Poor writing, loss of interesting characters and the addition of the fatal acting and character development of Bishop have killed the show. Other fans have beautifully detailed the demise reasons so I can only add to the sadness. Never would I have believed that the addition of the character of Bishop could do so much fatal damage to a beloved show.
  • GG takes the credit

    Producer GG is patting himself on the back for the "wonderful" last episode with DiNozo. GG is especially proud of the idea to have a Tiva offspring show up. And, true to form, he is forgetting the many fans who first came up with the idea. For over a year now fans on this and other blogs have suggested that the last meeting between TD and ZD had resulted in a child, and sure enough GG latched on to the story. Too bad he doesn't have the strength of character to acknowledge that fact.
  • what a let down

    The finale was crap. Dinozzo's character was no where near being a single father. To believe that all of a sudden he changed his focus is ludicrous. Killing off of Ziva was insulting. Certainly they could have created a more plausible ending even if Toni and Ziva did not live "happily ever after". The blonde remains a bone of contention among a lot of viewers myself included. So now we are suppose to embrace the MI6 guy and the other agent who has appeared out of no where. Is she supposed to take over Toni's sarcastic personality? The British guy as others have commented is VERY hard to understand. We have to use closed captions and turn the volume way up just to understand what he is saying. I haven't decided about watching next season. It just won't be the same without Dinozzo.
  • No Dinozzo , Oh No

    No more Dinozzo is like Jethro without a bottle in the basement. Abby without her computers. I'm in distress. And yes I still like & continue to watch, for I need my Jethro shot. I want another season!!!
  • ncis finle years

    Tony will find ziva in a op that Gibbs is covering for ducky aka man from uncle Gibbs and bishop will have a may Dec fine romance for Gibbs with a child ala tony all things will end great thanx bandit
  • ncis death = entertainment

    It is about entertainment... isn't it. And just maybe, entertainment could mean a happy ending devoid of DEATH!

    Was it too much to ask for Tony and Zeva to have their cake and eat it too? Guess so!!!

    MW carried the lighthearted balance the show needed, and with no "happy ending", it will only exacerbate the loss of his character. Plus, none of the new characters have connected in any meaningful way or have a real hope of doing so in the future. Looks like NCIS is doomed to die a slow death... which just so happens to be thier definition of entertainment !!!
  • Family First

    Everyone stop moaning about Ziva. The writers asked her to return for the the finale and SHE said no.
  • Pure Glasberg

    Ever since GG lost CDP and he hired the Bishop, the show's ratings have declined every year. In an act of revenge, he decided to kill off Ziva and thereby thumb his nose at all those fans complaining about the show under his direction. When "the kid" appeared in this final episode, I changed the channel. What a sop***ric move.

    So in three years, Glasberg has lost two of his top characters as well as a large share of viewers. The addition of "the Brit" is odd. This guy is so non-British mumbling his lines and sounding like he has a mouth full of marbles.

    Wonder who will leave next. My money is on Ducky

    Glasberg has failed to gain share in the coveted 18-49 age group and has lost over 3 million viewers despite his addition of the "qwerky, twenty something" girl agent.

    The show is now just a cash cow for the network.
  • END of NCIS.

    Very Disappointed with the finale. I was thinking NCIS story writers were the best. But after watching S13 Finale (I hate to say this) this is the worst episode of NCIS. BTW this will be my last episode too. This is where I stop watching NCIS. GOOD LUCK to entire Team. Good Memories (except the finale).
  • Aging NCIS...

    Never like to see an original character leave a show but MW gave us plenty of notice so I was prepared for the emotion. What wasn't very satisfying was the writing that took him out. Doing a 4 part episode (almost unheard of) was absolutely the way to go except that it was decidedly UN-DINOZZO CENTRIC. This season closing story-line focused more on FORNELL and his daughter than Tony. The first three episodes had TD passing in and out but not in any way the focus of any part of the search for the rogue MI6/Trent Cort assassin. Last night's finale brought him in but only because of the Ziva connection. All in all it seemed, to me, a weak way to end the season and even weaker way to end MW's time on the show.

    Second issue which only occurred to me last night is WHAT is it with NCIS and KILLING MAIN CHARACTERS ??? OK so you couldn't talk Cote de Pablo into reprising her role for a single episode, how does that lead to killing her off ? I had been surprisingly correct in my speculation that there would be a little Dinozzo in this episode but couldn't imagine she'd be minus her Mom. When they announced that ZD was killed my first impulse was to turn off the TV because I'm really not up for killing beloved characters for no apparent reason. I stuck around because I was hoping against hope that this was simply a Mossad ploy to protect her and that we would find out later that she, TD and their daughter would be spending their lives together in some secluded spot. Not to be. This show holds the all time record in prime time TV for killing beloved main characters. Someone should tell the writers there are other ways to end a characters time in a series. This is getting really old.
  • New Guy

    As sad as I am to see Dinozzo go (sadder than when Ziva left and I LOVED Ziva) the new British guy is interesting. He's funny and smart but in a different way than Dinozzo so it doesn't feel like we're being given a Tony replacement. I think he would be a good fit for the team and would love to see how his character fits in when we're not on a emotional rollercoaster from Tony leaving.
  • NCIS New vs Original

    NCIS is a great show and started with a great cast - each actor and their character were alive to us from their first moment on screen. Gibbs, Tony, Ducky won our hearts in their first minutes on screen. Kate was an alive character and her replacement, Ziva brought life and presence and personality to the team. When McGee was added, he also brought an aliveness and strength of personality in is own way; and Jimmy was a winner from his first episode.. The show is so good about picking wonderful actors for the original cast, and guest starring roles, why is it that they have so seriously missed the boat when choosing actors for the new characters they are trying to bring to the show. Emily is sweet and okay on lighter scenes, but lacks the power to truly handle heavy or emotional scenes. Should keep her involvement in a lighter vein. The two new characters sounded great and interesting in description, but I felt that they came off "flat" (FBI), "superficial" (MI6) in actual performance. Not sure if it was a problem with the actors or how they were directed --No sense of "real" or interest about them. I'm open to new characters if you would please work as hard at hiring actors for new team members as you do for finding the great actors you've used in guest starring role--actors who know how to really bring a character alive. I'm a fan of the show always -- just don't want it to fail when you bring in actors who don't bring the same life and energy and strength to their characters as original cast members and guest stars bring to their roles. Please respect your audience this time and don't keep characters in the mix who don't truly add genuine life and energy to the show. You need new actors/characters who can activate lively team relationships that you lost in part when Ziva left and now with Tony leaving.
  • NCIS and NCIS New Orleans

    First, NCIS. For some reason fan reviews on Emily Wickersham do not matter. When she first appeared I thought that they found a new person with the heart-shaped face of Ziva, dark brows, and blond hair to change it up. As time went on I agreed with someone on this website that said she is like someone's pesky little sister. She speaks too softly and needs voice lessons before she moves to another show. I have to turn my TV volume way up when I watch this show. On the two new characters: The female seemed okay, but I am not familiar with her work to judge. I know they are trying to find a comic character like Tony was when younger, but this accent is too much --again half the things said can't be heard or processed. We just don't need a British liaison.

    Now NCIS New Orleans. I live in New Orleans and I appreciate all the efforts to be accurate in the culture of this unique city. I think sometimes that Scott Bakula is a little too dramatic and in one scene when he was with a militia I had to turn it off because the makeup was so awful. Sometimes I watch the show and sometimes I don't and if I DVR I rarely go back and watch it. I like it and want it to stay around because there is no other city on earth like New Orleans.

    It seems each week we get one of the NCIS programs that is good and the other is medium and they change back and forth.
  • Wickersham and background volume

    2 important points in all these reviews. Nobody likes Wickersham. That's unanimous. The backup music is way too loud. It's almost like the people who run this show don't think they can make a mistake and have no intention of listening to viewer's complaints. They kill off way too many popular players. An aging Mark Harmon cannot carry this show. I doubt if they can go very long without the DiNozzo character before people tune it out altogether. . The show has gone downhill faster than any I have ever seen.
  • The new Dinozzo replacements

    The new replacements have no wit! It seems like they are trying, need someone different.
  • The New Guy!

    Watched with eagerness to see the new characters. I was not impressed by either. The new guy is supposed to be witty BUT, witty is only good if you can understand that is being said. The English accent and the speed of his voice made if very difficult to understand what he was saying. My preference would be that neither stay.

    Additionally, Bishop's character needs to "step I find her dull and predictable.
  • NCIS Michelle Obama

    I wont be watching my favorite show NCIS as Michelle Obama is one of the cast for the show. The president and his wife should not be on TV weather movies or late night shows. What about dealing the our country's issues. They are not famous. The Obama's should be focus on vital issues and wait until they are out of the white house before going into shows or sitcoms... No other President has done the type of things these two have done. Stop spending out money...
  • Time to get over it

    Ziva is my all time favorite female character on TV. When she left, I was as disappointed as anyone. Probably more upset then most. I hated Bishop and wanted her of the show. But I thought about my favorite show before NCIS, that was Law & Order. They made changes more often then any show I have ever watched. However, when they replaced Stone, with McCoy, I was livid. But after 5 seasons, McCoy became one of my all time favorites. I am not saying that will happen with Bishop. But guys, it is time to shut up and stop bitching. So really, everyone please grow up, and accept what is, or move on. Bishop is here and she is staying. To keep complaining, is to piss into the wind.
  • Why Is Bishop Still Around

    I can't be live Bishop is still around, and has been on the show longer than Kate was. I stopped watching a few shows after she started, then try every now and again in the hope she has gone or its better somehow it's worse.

    Can't they replace her with the other Abbey , Bourin . She fits the team so well and instantly, great character and works in NCIS New Orleans too, but we are stuck with boring bishop.

    The fact that she has a rate it on here of only 5, shows how much we all dislike her, no other NCIS actor I looked at was so low.

  • Boring

    I just watched the 5/2 show and this is boring. The humor is gone, the pace is slow and the cast has lost the edginess it used to have.
  • Ziva David

    If Cote de Pablo plays in anything again I refuse to watch it.

  • Bishop has to go

    As someone previously said: nothing personal, but please - Bishop has to go. Are the views and opinions of the fans important to the producers at all? Surely something should have clicked by now?! What is it with the audible exhaling of breath at the end of sentences, the pouting, the quasi lisps, the blurring of words with lips that barely move etc... which art schools teach their potential actors to "act" like this? Nobody talks like that in real life, so why do they do it in shows? It is highly irritating - good actors and big names like Harmon, Weatherly, Pitt, Jolie, Theron, Foster, Hanks, Damon, di Caprio... never ever do that. Please learn from them! The lack of energy and confidence, the ever-present gloomy/depressed/unhappy vibe and even self consciousness all contribute to the fact that Wickersham is not the right choice for this show. (Maybe the actors read the reviews, maybe not - if they do, please don't take this personally). She could be successful in another role as a soft-hearted, kind and slightly naive person. But not in NCIS. Very large shoes to fill, yes certainly. Find her - find the Cinderella whose feet fit the shoes, please! And please add some romantic tension like Tony and Ziva's - it gives flavor and creates expectation.
  • the blonde bimbo that wrecked season 11 of ncis or the attack of the black EYEBROW

    we just bought ncis 11 ,looking forward to sitting back and watching a few hours of a great show,got through the first few disc,s and then the blonde bimbo opened it,s mouth,well that was it watched 1 more disc and then turned it of and put it up for auction on ebay,,nerver before have i seen a show go from really good to complete crap so fast if season 12 ever comes out i will wait before i pre order it again if it was,nt for the first 2 disc,s it would,nt get a rateing,i hope the bimbo feels great about stuffing something GREAT,i guess that till the money from sales of ncis stop comeing in,that we will have to keep raging the bimbo,i thought that the customer [ or in this case the viewer] is always right,so maybe it going to take people changeing the channel to watch something else,i have and from what i hear season 12 aint any better,really how about getting a chimp added to the show,its has already begun to look like a circus might as well go all the way, i think i have found the perfect role for the ditzy bimbo, a ZOMBIE on walking dead,aT LEAST THERE IT WONT HAVE TO TALK JUST STAGER AROUND LIKE A DRUNK,,,SHOULD,NT HAVE TO CHANGE HER LOOKS TO MUCH,JUST DREES UP IN SOME RAGS AND BADA BING ZOMBIE THAT WAY SHE CAR,NT WRECK ANOTHER GREAT SHOW

    I really do feel sorry for the rest of the NCIS team who have worked so hard to make this a really great show,i was watching a rerun the other night ,as I was watching the specials on the disc 1 of the producers was saying that they go out of there way to keep the show interesting ,what happened to that line of thinking,has wickersham got something over the producers of this show,i can not understand how wickersham is still there,if they are trying to get this show dropped from tv they are going the wright way of destroying this once great show,we stopped watching at the start of season 11 ,I bought watched maybe 4or 5 shows but as soon wickersham opened its mputh I pulled the disc from the player and put it up for sale on ebay,and have not watched ncis since then ,but we do watch seasons 1 to 10 only I do miss watching new shows but I guess all good things do come to an end,i hope wickersham feels bad about stuffing up a once great show

    really wickersham how much longer are you going to keep dragging ncis down you no once it hits the bottom the damage will be done and wont be able to be revived ,,,,,,,

    BUGGER I think the damage has been done and ncis is dieing a painfull death just shoot in the head if the bishop clown NCIS.................... ...............................

  • !

    This wonderful series is self-destructing. Re-runs for me.
  • Trial

    So two new actors are added to the cast. If they work out they MIGHT be back next season.

    Why on earth was the Twit not given a "trial run"? She gets worse with every episode. Bless her heart.

    Send her to the Weather Channel.
  • get Michael Weatherly back when he is through playing Dr. Phil.

    get michael weatherly back after he is through playing Dr. Phil, UGH. Did he really give up NCIS for that. I want Ziva back too. I kind of gave up watching all the episodes for the second time when the blonde came on. I agree with all the other comments as well. Whoever's girlfriend she is doesn't cut it. I watch on Netflix. I haven't watched network tv for 35 years. I want to watch when I want to watch. Hope to get more seasons on Netflix even if it will end with Tony walking out. Love Tony Senior too. Of course I am not in the correct age group. 75 doesn't cut it either, NCIS got me through a long illness. Gibbs, don't you leave. That would be the final disaster. My husband got me all the seasons to watch in the nursing home I was in. I recovered and now I am back fighting for my favorite shows. Thanks. Keep this series going anyway.
  • WOW we all have the same opinion !!!!


    I have not been following NCIS - formerly my favorite show - but I can't stand Bishop so stopped being loyal. I still tape the shows and tonight decided to catch up on the last 5 episodes. I used to run home t see it but not interested any more. I signed on and read some of the reviews and am shocked that we all have the same opinion. The show is aimless. Bishop continues to make the show ridiculous with her poor acting skills. They are trying to make her "tougher" but it is just not working. The plots ar eterrible the characters are terrible. I grieve for the NCIS I knew. I refused last weekend to watch the NCIS marathon because it was the "Ellie" marathon.

    So sa. It is time to close up show.


    I have very little interest in waching the show now. I actually missed this season so far. Was watching reruns today but this eveing the reruns have Bishop in them so I stopped watching.

    So sad............


    Bishop is winey, cares what your issues are !!!!!

    Bring back the show that always caught my attention that I watch over and over and over again. Even now if there is a repeat with Bishop I d not watch !!!!

    We want the NCIS we know and love.


    I know I keep on saying the same thing but I cannot stand it. The show is off kilter. It is torture to watch it.


    Not sure how much we have to beg to get this girl off the show. I am definitely losing interest. I do not run home to watch the show anymore. I do not even watch it on the DVR right away. I do not have interest.

    Please revamp my formerly favorite show.


    Get that blonde of the show. She does not add anything to this series. As others have said the entire chemistry is gone even with the regulars. If they keep her on it will be their Achilles Heel and end the show.


    Get rid of Bishop and bring back the NCIS that I am addicted to. I do not even watch the new shows for weeks later. It is embarrassing to watch the show now. I know every episode and have been through all the changes that worked successfully right from the start. Bishop does not work.

    What martians came down and took the Gibbs we know and love? The one that would not accept this Bishop on his team.

    Does the cast really want the show to fail? Have they decided being #1 for so long is over?

    Get her off the floor and off the show !!!!!!
  • The oscar winning eyebrows must go.

    Cannot stand Emily Wickersham. I used to think "poor little thing, having to speak Ellie Bishop's awful lines". But after 2 years, I think she is just a plain bad actress. Her frown and sour face are a big turnoff. However her jiggling black eyebrows must have won a gold medal - somewhere - as they are brilliant, I cannot take my eyes off them, they dominate every scene she's in.

    I did read on a - since deleted - review, a couple of years ago, that Emily Wickersham is reportedly GG's niece, who is reportedly a close friend of MH, if that is the case then that might account for her continuing on this show. I am sure that is not the case, and that the casting of this weak milksop of an actress, with the comic eyebrows, was a well thought out considered recruitment and brings exactly what the casting director wanted ie. comic relief.

  • Consistent - can I have an explanation

    Watching a season from start to finish was a pleasure, now it is disruptive, why tune in? Is it to combat set boxes or more logically they don't care if they lose some of there fans, blind arrogance.

    2016 each word represents a week. Since the 5th Jan to 22nd March a whole 8 episodes, some actually not that good so maybe that is why the breaks so we get desperate for any NCIS:)

    Episode - Break-Break - Episode -Break-Break-Break-- Episode-Episode-Episode-Episode (OMG)- -Break-- Break

    So 14 weeks and 8 Episodes, 6 weeks not a all superbowl so why (PS its all NCIS shows they do this too) Is this an experiment from some over educated socialoligist working for CBS. Yet Netflix and others winning by releasing all at once, who will survive the network wars..
  • 2-Part NCIS Season 13 Finale - An awards ceremony, an engagement party, new beginnings, and a poignant farewell

    FADE IN:

    Anthony DiNozzo, Jr. is honored for his service to NCIS in a large public ceremony. Gibbs organized this event to recognize Tony's outstanding 15+ years of service in NCIS. After a lot of thought, Tony has accepted a new assignment, to head his own NCIS team. In the audience, DiNozzo Senior is one very proud father who knows that he's going to deeply miss his son. After a lifetime of estrangement and misunderstandings, they've finally grown to love each other.

    McGee and Delilah throw a huge engagement party at a beautiful hotel venue, attended by EVERYONE!! As the event winds down, Gibbs sits by himself at the bar, sipping a beer. He looks up to see a vision of loveliness across the bar. He gazes at her for a while. She finally looks his way and smiles at him. He smiles back at her. He gets up and walks over to join her. They have a relaxed, wonderful conversation, getting to know each other. "May I call you sometime?" Gibbs asks. "I'd love that," she replies. For the first time in a long time, Gibbs feels relaxed and happy.

    Tony's NCIS family throws a farewell party for him. Amidst great food, drinks and LOTS of laughter, everyone tells him how much they love him and how deeply they will miss him. All share funny, serious and poignant stories of their 15+ years together (lots of flashbacks!!) Inconsolable, Abby threatens to chain Tony to his desk and never let him leave!

    Anthony DiNozzo, Senior finds his calling amidst the departure of his beloved son for a new assignment. He volunteers to work with homeless veterans. After a lifetime as a selfish vagabond, Anthony Senior finally discovers his true purpose in life helping others. In the process, he's growing emotionally closer to Gibbs, who secretly enjoys Senior's company, but of course will never tell him.

    As the departure day grows closer, Gibbs begins to emotionally feel Tony's loss. He's losing his finest agent, his best friend, his partner in crime, the brother he never had. Gibbs talks with Ducky, his trusted emotional confidant. Ducky urges Gibbs to tell Tony how he feels, how much their friendship has meant to him, and how much he will miss Tony. Tell him you love him. Gibbs silently processes the suggestion. "Thanks, Ducky," and he leaves the room.

    Gibbs dials. "Tony? You busy tonight? How about steaks and beer, at my place? See you at 8, Gibbs hangs up the phone and smiles to himself. It's about time. Try way past time!

    Finally, it's the moment of Tony's departure. The office gathers around him. There are hugs, kisses, handshakes, tears, laughter, joy, sorrow, wistfulness, and that's just TONY! As he gets ready to walk to his car, he gets a text message. Its's from Ziva. "Congratulations! Have a wonderful life, Tony. I miss you. Come to Israel?" Tony smiles a HUGE grin, gathers up his belongings and heads towards the door, whispering softly to himself, "I'm on my way, Ziva!! Nothing's going to stop me now!"

    Gibbs, busy orienting his new NCIS agents, wistfully stops to watch Tony leave the NCIS office for the last time. "I'm REALLY going to miss you, Tony," he mutters softly to himself. No one hears him. At that moment, Tony turns around to look back at Gibbs. The two men silently wave an emotional farewell to each other.

    For Gibbs, it's back to work again with this new crew of NCIS agents, who are frankly driving him crazy at the moment. Then one last, lingering look. Tony's left the building.


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